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Bomb Voyage

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Bomb Voyage

Blown Away

Decadent Publishing Company

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 45,000
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Bomb voyage!

Captain Jayson Rivers, owner of a commercial mining scoop, likes the simple life. He appreciates order, making money, and reaping the rewards of a hard day’s work.
What he doesn’t like is getting dragged into galactic politics, or into the crosshairs of his ex-wife, a ruthless bomber, who has already tried to take him out once. He doesn’t need complications, like the sexy red-headed mechanic who’s walked her sweet ass onto his vessel, bringing with her a shitload of trouble and turning his world upside down.

From expensive and illegal boiler parts that break the bank, to homicidal in-laws and a shotgun wedding he’d better be able to get an annulment from, his life can’t get much more complicated.

Until he ends up knocked out, bound naked with his bride, on a one-way trip to a hostile world with a bomb hooked to the control panel of his shuttle.

Yeah, the universe is a crazy place, but Jayson’s simple life has gone past complicated. He’s sliced off a bit of that insanity pie, and things might never go back to normal, if he can even remember what that is.

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“Baby, ooooh babbbbbeeee…oooooooooo babeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy.”
Didn’t she ever lose her voice? Jayson cringed as the last high note shot up his spine; pretty damn sure it hit about five octaves too high on the musical scale. At least, if he remembered his songs correctly, it did—but he could be wrong.
Jayson tipped his head side-to-side, cracking his neck. Before the tall red-head arrived on his ship, he didn’t think anyone could sing that bad, the kind of awful which cracked glass, made dogs howl and small children cry.
“Come over hereeeeeeeeee! Woooo, woooo hooooo.”
And then he met her. “Gods damn it, Rose! Enough.”
“Oooo, oooo, ooooo, oh.”
But she didn’t seem to hear him, or maybe she’d rendered herself deaf? Jayson looked down. Her boots poked out from under the heating system and her toes tapped in cadence with whatever song she butchered and he tried his hardest to ignore. Attached to the boots was a pair of incredible long legs and a body which shouldn’t belong to a grease monkey. Ever since he saw those stilts, all he could think about is how they’d feel wrapped around him while he pounded into her.
“Did you want something sir?” That sweet voice again. Yeah, she’d heard him alright.
“Work faster.” He shifted on his feet, trying to focus on something other than the bane of his existence, and forbidden fruit. A captain didn’t touch his subordinates. He didn’t dream about them night and day, no matter how bad they sang, and he sure as hell didn’t get hard every time they passed him in the corridor and gave him a smile.
“Do you want me to work faster, or do you want it done right, sir?”
“I want to get into the cleansing unit sometime this week, and since this is the end of the week, today.”