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Bonded (MF)

Warriors of Light

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 24,790
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In the war between good and evil, a new breed of warrior has emerged. Strong and proud, they will band together to challenge an evil incarnate that threatens to tip the balance between the dark and the light.

Gaius Julius Alexander has learned a number of things over his many years. The bad guys are extremely impolite and their timing sucks. And the best laid plans will always go sideways at the least opportune time. For centuries he’s protected the innocent and fought for what’s right. Solid. Solitary. Dominant—and secretly afraid of turning into the monsters that he hunts. Until a routine assignment changed the game and gave him something worth living for.

Emily Duncan has spent her life trying to do the right thing. Between running her own shop and using her psychic ability to help the police track down cold-blooded killers, she didn’t think her life could get much crazier. Until a tall, dark stranger showed up and claimed that her life was in danger and insisted she go with him if she wanted to stay alive.

Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, anal play

This is a previously published work. It has been revised and edited for Evernight Publishing.

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Shaking off the last vestiges of the dream that held him in its grasp, Gaius Alexander rubbed his hands to his face. He sat on the side of the bed, then ran his fingers through his short, ink-black hair and stood. Padding on silent feet to the large French doors, he tossed them open and walked naked onto the marble balcony that faced the rear of his property. Hands braced on the balustrade, he surveyed the land that he owned, the small piece of paradise that he had earned through sweat, hard work, and blood.
Even with all that he had endured and survived, the nightmares still wouldn’t leave him alone and plagued him night after night. Lifting his face to the moon, he looked over the perfectly manicured grounds with the pristine white marble busts of the original vestal virgins. All were women who were far more than what they seemed on the surface. Goddesses, as his people had seen them, one and all. He smirked, wondering just what history would think if he told them the truth of matters.
Before he blew his cover, or at least the cover that he was sane, and called up the History Channel to offer an in-depth interview with none other than Caligula, he was saved by the ringing of his phone.
“What.” It wasn’t a question, and it wasn’t a statement. It was more of a snarled command. The demand of a man that had led others in battle and come out the victor. It was the voice of a man that dared any to screw him around.
“Where?” he asked. When he was told, he growled, “I got it.” His words were low and almost menacing as he shut down the call.
Walking to his closet, Gaius pulled out his clothing. Specially treated leathers went on first. He shrugged into a silk shirt, tucked it in, then opened the second closet door. Looking over the cache of weapons, he chose ones that would fit inside of the particularly made holders on his pants, ones that no one would be the wiser of unless they were running their hands over him very intimately. Which, since he was not in the mood for play, wasn’t happening. After he strapped the weapons onto his body, he pulled out his cell phone and scanned the full workup that Helen and Mercury had created for the woman.
Then Gaius stepped into his shit-kicker boots, complete with steel toes and switchblades that he could trigger with a simple movement. Grabbing his long sword, he put it into the holder on the back of his leather jacket and was off, long strides taking him through his darkened home. A click of a remote had his weapons closet closing and locking with ease.
In the garage, he looked at the available vehicles and decided to go for speed and protection. As much as he would love to take his bike, he knew that, in this instance, an actual car would be necessary. He had been riding a horse since the day he had been born, but Gaius found that he definitely enjoyed vehicles. The European ones were his favorite for speed, but this had to be more than that. He climbed into the heavily armored SUV and started toward the destination—the shop of the little human who seemed to be on the radar of far too many people.
Once he got started on the road, Gaius began to think about the woman he was going to retrieve. There was something about her that called to him. Even now, he found himself pulling out his iPhone and staring at an image of the beauty. There was something ethereal about her.
His thumb stroked over her ebony locks, and he found himself wanting to lose himself in her expressive, brown eyes.
He stopped the SUV. He looked at her again and let out a breath. If he didn’t know better, he would swear that she was his. He had seen it happen before. Had seen some of his brethren falling to the charms of their vestal virgins, and now he worried that would be him. Gaius enjoyed being single. He enjoyed being able to sleep with who he wanted, when he wanted.
Gaius began to think of the other warriors that he had known who had found their other halves, their mates. He groaned. Son of a bitch, I’m mooning over a woman I’ve never met.
He felt his cock harden at just the thought of sliding into her silken pussy. There was no way she was his. He knew he would never be so blessed by the fates and that no woman would ever be so cursed.

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