[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA]
When Javan tells his Alpha he can never claim his mate, he doesn't imagine that Henry would hear his words and run from Capulet. Desperate to find his little man and explain, Javan asks the only man he knows could help find Henry. 
Onyx is Trill: part hawk, part lizard, and part man. Being second in command of his flock, he knows what dangers the Magic Lands hold, He never thought he would ever have one mate let alone two, and now, one is lost in the midst of those lands.
Onyx's blood runs cold when Henry suddenly returns to Capulet on the tail of a Baliz, telling them how Lorkin, leader of the savage creatures, is coming for Henry.
Can Javan fix his mistake with Henry? Can Onyx figure out a way to claim his mates in his current form? They better find the answers quickly, or Henry will pay the ultimate price...death.
A Siren Erotic Romance
A Trilling Moment (MMM)
11 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Henry wanted to laugh but a sad whimpering sound came out instead. “My mate doesn’t want me, Noah. I heard him myself, and as for Onyx, even he doesn’t know if he’s my mate or not.”

Noah took Henry by the hand and indicated for him to sit on the settee. Once situated, Noah knelt and looked at him. “Henry, I know what you heard Javan say. However, you didn’t hear everything and you didn’t stick around long enough to let him explain his words. A good mate listens and understands.”

Henry was confused at Noah’s words. “But I heard him say he has no intention of claiming me.”

“Henry there are things you need to discuss with Javan. As for Onyx, well, his protectiveness of you and his reaction to others touching Javan…and the things I learned writing the log books. I really think he is Javan’s and your mate,” Noah replied softly.

Henry looked away and then back at Noah. “You know, sometimes I think I should have stayed in West Capulet.”

Noah stood and then sat quickly next to Henry, clasping his hands and saying, “No, Henry! Being there was dangerous. There was no one there to protect you if danger came and if you remember it did come.”

Henry snorted and wiped at his watery eyes. Standing, Henry walked to the window to look out. “Noah, I really like you. You, Seth, Damien, and Shet… You guys are the closest to friends I ever had.”

Noah went to Henry, replying, “Henry, we are friends.”

Shrugging, Henry said, “Maybe, but Noah, even when my pack was there, no one knew I even existed. No one talked to me or asked me to dinner. Heck everyone left West Capulet and no one even thought to come to me and tell me what was going on.”

“Oh, Henry,” Noah whispered sadly.

Henry wiped the tears as they fell, rasping, “When I went to go to the general store for supplies, I realized everyone was gone.” Turning, Henry continued. “Do you know how scary it was knowing I had no pack? Everyone left. Why did they do that to me? I just want to know what it is about me that makes people turn away.”

Noah wiped at his own tears, whispering, “Henry, I have always been lucky enough to have Damien and Seth, but I remember how I felt when the people that were supposed to give me unconditional love were the very ones hurting me. I remember wondering why the adults around me ignored the bruises.”

Giving Noah a sad smile, Henry said, “But you always had Damien and Seth. I’ve never had anyone. My Alpha, Betas, enforcers, neighbors….all of them just left and no one ever looked back. What does that say about me that no one even thought to come and get me?”

“It says nothing about you Henry. It says that I was right to hand over Alpha to Asher. It says that we did not do as a pack should. We didn’t keep you safe. What happened was never your fault, it was mine,” Asa said sadly from the door neither man ever heard open.

Henry immediately looked to the floor, but Asa approached, saying, “No, Henry. Please don’t fear me. I know I didn’t do things right by you. I made huge mistakes, but please never think that I would hurt you.”

Noah shook his head. “Asa, you guys really just left him in a ghost town?”

Asa sighed. “We thought he didn’t want to come here. We thought he had chosen to stay behind. Nathan, Jair, and Cain would make regular trips to West Capulet to check on him. I had a couple guards watch over him, waiting for a sign that he might join us.”

Henry’s eyes flew up in shock. “You did?”

Asa nodded slowly. “Of course we did. You were one of my pack.”

Henry swallowed hard then asked, “Then… Then why do you say you didn’t do right by me?”

“Because I didn’t stop your father. I didn’t keep you safe. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t making a huge mistake and instead I made the biggest. Instead of worrying how I would look if I was wrong, I should have come and taken you from that home and made sure you were safe. For that, I will always be regretful and guilty,” Asa replied.

Henry didn’t know what to say when Seth came from behind Asa. “Hey, Asher is getting worried. He wants to know what the holdup is.”

Noah walked with Henry to Asher’s office. Asa stopped at the closed door, softly saying, “There are ten men in the room. Most are very tall men, however, no one in there is going to harm you, Henry. If at any point things start becoming too much for you, you let me know and I will take you to your quarters.”

Henry nodded then asked, “C–can Noah come with me?”

Asa nodded as Noah huffed. “No one could keep me out of there, Henry. I told you, we’re friends and friends stick together.”

Smiling, Henry nodded. “Thank you.”

Walking in a room filled with mostly soldiers was one of the hardest things Henry had ever forced himself to do. Seeing Terrin sitting in a chair and Lika next to him, holding that book, made Henry feel better for some reason. Looking to the other side, he saw Javan and Onyx standing there looking at him and if Henry wasn’t reading them wrong, they were looking at him with hope.




Onyx hurt in places he didn’t know he could hurt, but his fear of losing this one opportunity was not something he was willing to risk.

Henry laid on his side, next to Onyx, and he watched as Javan walked to Henry’s side of the bed.

Placing his own leg over the little man’s head, Javan layed in the sixty-nine position and turned slightly sideways.

Lining his hard cock up and lowering it to Henry’s opening mouth, Javan then brought his moist orifice to Onyx’s hard shaft and took him straight down to the back of his throat.

Both Onyx and Javan moaned at the same time. Onyx couldn’t seem to stay still as his hips lifted to bring Javan’s retreating mouth back to cover his cock, over and over again.

Only the sounds of moans, breathing, and wet suction sounds could be heard. Onyx didn’t think this could get any better, and never once did he hear the clicking of the lube being opened, but he sure didn’t miss when that cool moist finger touched his quivering hole.

Feeling Javan lightly circle his channel entrance was one thing. Feeling that first digit slipping into his warm hole was something else altogether.

Hearing Henry’s indrawn breath, Onyx turned and forced his eyes open, watching as Henry spread his legs wider and lifted his ass as Javan stroked their mate, as he slowly moved his hips up and down.

Suddenly Javan lifted his mouth, jumped up, and hissed, “Henry, scoot down here with your knees to your ears. Onyx, bend those knees for me as well.”

Both men did as instructed. Onyx watched as Javan put more lube on his fingers and then brought one hand to each mate’s ass and slowly pushed in, groaning, “I wish you could see how my finger slides in so smoothly. I can’t wait to find out if my cock in your asses is going to look as good.”

Henry moaned and Onyx groaned, both pushing into the finger that entered and exited their holes, stretching them for what was going to come.

Javan added the second finger, whispering, “Touch each other.”

Onyx brought his hand to Henry’s hard cock as Henry did the same to him. They both began to stroke each other as Javan crooked his finger resulting in both his and Henry's sounds of pleasure.

Javan added a third finger as he brought his head down and over Onyx’s cock and took him to his throat once more.

Just as Onyx felt he was about to shoot his load, Javan released his shaft from his mouth and went to Henry and gave him the same treatment.

Onyx would have complained about the teasing Javan was giving him, had it not been for the blissful look and beautiful sounds that came from their little mate.

Henry gasped and pleaded as his hand squeezed Onyx’s cock even harder and slid up then down in jerking movements.

Javan pulled back and whispered, “Don’t stop jerking Onyx, Henry, or I will stop sucking.”

Henry didn’t say anything as he continued to stroke Onyx and nod his head furiously.

Javan lowered his head once more and continued stretching Onyx and Henry’s ass. He would scissor then push and scissor again. It felt so fucking good. His own pre-cum lubed his dick for Henry’s hand as Henry’s pre-cum lubed Onyx’s hand for each stroke he gave him.

Onyx knew he was getting close to spewing his seed and began chanting, “I’m close…so close…I’m close…so fucking close.”

Henry increased his up and down movements as Javan crooked his finger once more, hitting his love spot like an arrow hitting a bull’s-eye. Onyx arched his back and grunted his pleasure as seed poured out his tip. Seconds later Henry shrieked low and almost sounded as if he was in pain until the scent of his seed and the moisture of Henry's essence coated his hand.

Javan drank down what Henry had to offer then quickly pulled his wet fingers from Onyx’s hole, growling. “Henry, get on Onyx.”

Henry sat up and straddled Onyx’s waist. Onyx grasped Henry’s side as Javan took Onyx’s still hard shaft in hand, lubing his cock as well as helping to line Henry up, ordering, “Lower yourself, Henry.”

Henry did as Javan told him, and Onyx felt his mate’s tight channel covering his hard moist shaft slowly until their balls met.

Without saying a word, Javan touched Onyx’s hole with the tip of his weeping hard, well-lubed dick and began to push in.

Onyx hissed at the slight burn and pressure as Javan went further and further in. His mate didn’t stop, even as the muscles in Onyx's ass tightened around Javan's hard cock. Onyx hissed even louder. The pain was not unbearable, but it was unexpected.

Javan panted, “Push out, baby. I promise it will feel so good, just push out.”

However, Javan's words didn't make any sense to Onyx, at the moment.

Onyx had never had another cock in his ass before. He had played with himself from time to time, but this was very different than fingers.

The wide, bulbous head of Javan caused a pressure and the burn… Oh by the Gods. Just as Onyx was about to beg his mate to stop, Javan did, and Henry leaned over Onyx. With understanding he wiped at a lone tear that had fallen from Onyx’s cheek, whispering, “It’s going to be alright, mate. Just push out a bit and breathe.”

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