Answering His Song (MMM)

Caer Tarw 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,730
24 Ratings (4.5)
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
One day, Caer Tarw guest and sparrow shifter Merritt Lang finds himself in a bit of a predicament. Thinking he is alone, he hums a little tune. What he doesn’t know is that there are two Minotaurs nearby, and for inexplicable reasons, they’re drawn to his voice.
David Finley and Connor Monaghan are Minotaurs. They’re also best friends and sometimes lovers. Connor is surly and foul-tempered. David is the one who has to keep him grounded. When they hear Merritt’s song, however, the two of them find themselves mesmerized… and almost drown themselves in the process.
Merritt is distraught. Not only has this never happened before, but now he finds himself with the attention of David and Connor who want to get to the bottom of things, and who want him as their third. To make matters worse, unanswered questions pile up. Problems begin to occur. Caer Tarw is no longer safe.
How will the two Minotaurs answer Merritt’s song?
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Answering His Song (MMM)
24 Ratings (4.5)

Answering His Song (MMM)

Caer Tarw 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,730
24 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett
In Answering His Song, Frey Ortega's second installment of his CAER TARW series, we meet a sweet little birdie by the name of Merritt Lang and his two very large Minotaur mates, Connor and David. During a break from all that is going on during the Minotaur's Mating festivities, Merritt settles down at a soothing pond and decides to sing a song as he tries to absorb the relaxing nature around him. The consequences of that simple decision to sing to himself come to fruition by the end of this story and they have him being a very happy bird indeed. I had been eagerly awaiting this addition to the series and now it is time to do the same thing for the third. Frey - you did a good job on this one - love your adorkable Minotaurs :)
Laura A.S.




Merritt couldn’t believe that this was happening to him.

Just yesterday, he had no one.

Today, he’d managed to find himself not one, but two dates on the same evening.

The only catch was he was dating the pair of them at the same time.

Was this the meaning of the idiom, “when it rains, it pours?” Merritt definitely couldn’t believe that out of everyone in Caer Tarw, he was the one who attracted the attention of two incredibly attractive, well-built, and gargantuan Minotaurs.

Throughout their date, Merritt was kept on his toes. In spite of the fact that he’d never had dating experience before, becoming close to either David or Connor wasn’t a chore at all. They were both so different, and yet so alike in some ways. Both of them were stubborn, and both of them were passionate. But while Connor was hot-headed, David always kept his cool.

While Connor cursed like a sailor when he was annoyed, it seemed as though David liked a well-placed, sarcastic comment instead.

There were so many little nuances that Merritt observed between the two that he was a little bewildered by everything about them. Still, the only feeling he could really place within his heart was that he was happy. The two Minotaurs made him really happy. It was odd how comfortable he was around them after only a few hours.

Connor and David were headstrong. They were also prone to throwing themselves out there. Adventurous and brave, everything that Merritt wanted to be.

It was like they were giving him the courage to be that way.

The three of them were walking down the Minos Wing of the Caer. The moonlight shone brightly, casting its soft light over the stone corridor. The only sound he could hear, aside from the soft chatter of their voices, was the clacking of their shoes on the ground.

Peaceful, quiet, warm—it was a perfect night. Perhaps all the other lovers had retired to their rooms. All Merritt needed to think of was the Minotaurs flanking both of his sides.

If this was how a date was supposed to be, Merritt knew he wanted more in his future.

And he definitely wanted them to be with Connor and David.

Although one could argue that Merritt was probably doing it out of obligation, being able to date a pair of really handsome men wasn’t exactly a problem for anyone, let alone Merritt. He wanted to see where things could go next.

“And then Connor over here ran through the village and crashed into the wall, splintering the thing apart,” David said, an amused grin appearing on his face. Cutting through Merritt’s reverie, the sparrow shifter blinked as he turned to look at David, who was gazing at him with such tenderness, it made Merritt’s heart skip a beat. “It gives a whole new meaning to the word, bulldozed, I think.”

“Yeah, and I like to think it’s the reason why the Council finally relocated us here. That stupid little fenced in village wasn’t going to hold a herd of Minotaurs and those piss-buckets should have known better,” Connor said gruffly.

“So you haven’t been in Caer Tarw long?” Merritt asked.

“Fuck no. They should have given us the Caer long ago since it was originally a bloody Minotaur that built it. We only got the castle back about a year ago,” Connor explained. “Council got us in a real bind when they told us we were hosting a party with our potential mates. Or at least, potential partners for the mating season.”

Merritt blinked. His innocence was definitely showing, but he didn’t mind. If he didn’t ask now, when would he find out? “Is there a difference between the two of them?”

“Well, yeah,” David replied. “A mate is a mate. We all know what they are. Mates are the one we turn to forever. For those who don’t want to mate, or haven’t mated yet, they can find potential partners for that single mating season. Do sparrow shifters do it differently?”

Merritt shrugged. “I honestly don’t know. My parents never told me.”

David blinked. The two Minotaurs didn’t really say anything for a moment, before Connor spoke.

“Are you a virgin, then? Do you not have people around you telling you about these things? Teacher? Pastor?”

Merritt shook his head.

“I guess it’s up to us to make sure you’re informed about things like that, then,” Connor said, though he was mumbling his words. Merritt turned toward him, and the tattooed, angry-looking man’s face was light red, and his cheeks were slightly puffed.

It made Merritt smile.

“I guess it is,” David said, nodding. There was a cheeky smile on his face. The taller Minotaur slowly leaned down closer to Merritt’s face. Merritt was a little more than two feet shorter than David, making him have to lean down far just to get their faces in the same space as each other. “We should teach you the first thing potential partners do to each other.”

Merritt looked up into the man’s deep, coffee-colored eyes. “And just what would—Mmh!”

His heart thundered in his chest when David brooked the distance between them, and their lips touched for the very first time. Cut off from what he was about to say, it took a moment for Merritt to relax into the kiss.




“We want to hear you sing for us, Merritt,” David said softly, tongue darting out to gently tease at the tip of Merritt’s throbbing manhood. “Don’t cover your mouth.”

Having a mouth around his cock for the first time was like having a delicious vise-grip around his shaft, one that Merritt needed more of. When that warm tongue licked against his quivering length, all thoughts inside of the sparrow shifter’s head just ceased to be. There was only the feeling of succulent warmth wrapped around his cock, and the only thing he could do was moan and clench his fists around handfuls of the bedsheets.

Pre-cum collected at the tip of his cock. He started to gently thrust up and down. He wanted more. No, he needed more. The touch of the two Minotaurs was becoming as vital to him as breathing.

David only chuckled. The reverberation of sound within his cheeks was like gentle torture. Merritt bucked and gasped, letting out a soft moan. He swore his cock was going to explode right then and there.

“You like sucking our little sparrow off, eh, David?” Connor murmured heatedly, his voice becoming rough. When Merritt looked at Connor, he looked a lot more... bestial. That was the only way Merritt could describe it. Not that he had much brain power to spare, considering his thoughts were on that mouth audibly slurping around the mushroom tip of his cock. There was a rough edge to his dark brown eyes that made it look so much more dangerous. “He nice and big enough for you?”

“He’s absolutely perfect.” David practically purred in satisfaction, licking his lips and looking up at Connor with his emerald green-colored eyes glimmering in arousal. Connor’s nostrils flared as he breathed out. Merritt could’ve sworn he could see the beginnings of the man’s horns begin to erupt from his head.

Merritt didn’t think his cock was at all perfect. Having pleasured himself a good couple of times, he knew that his cock tilted and arched slightly to the left, and it certainly wasn’t as large as the cock he’d seen on Connor.

“Ah... Please, I...” Merritt said. Was that his voice? He sounded breathless, with his voice a much higher pitch than it was before. Yeah, he was definitely panting. Merritt barely recognized it. It was like the blood was flowing in a completely opposite direction than usual, and he blamed it all on the heated display of his two mates-to-be.

“Please, what?” Connor asked as he moved over behind the both of them, roughly tugging David’s trousers to the bed and almost ripping it off, revealing David’s naked form. He was just as large as Connor.

This was the moment that Merritt realized that the two men were definitely Minotaurs for a reason. They were hung like stallions, and were about as large as the bull-monsters of legend.

They weren’t even in shifted form.

Connor gently moved his head down toward David’s rear, gently biting one of the man’s ass cheeks, and causing the other Minotaur to wiggle his rear almost playfully.

David pulled free of Merritt. He was staring up so expectantly at Merritt that the sparrow shifter didn’t know what to do except stare back, still breathless. One of David’s hands gently took Merritt’s manhood in his hand, sliding his fist up and down languidly.

Merritt’s eyes almost rolled to the back of his head. For a moment, the only thing anyone could hear was the steady, slick sounds of thrusting that filled the air. Merritt’s cock was dripping with pre-cum and David’s saliva, and it only served to be a very lewd reminder of what David had been doing to him so far.

“We won’t know what to do unless you tell us, love,” David said. There was a playful tone to his voice. “Connor is about ready to ram into my ass just at the very sight of you coming undone.”

“Please... don’t stop,” Merritt said, almost begging. He didn’t even mind the pet names. Merritt figured that calling someone “love” was probably just a thing people did in the United Kingdoms.

Besides, his mind wasn’t exactly focusing on logical things at the moment.

“We’re not going to stop, babe,” Connor finally spoke after a few moments of quiet. “We’re right here.”

In a flurry of motion, Merritt found himself set on all fours, his ass in the air, and David right underneath him. Connor loomed right above the two of them. Or at least, he loomed right above Merritt.

He could feel Connor’s weight against his back, and the man’s gargantuan cock gently prodding at his entrance.

Just the mere feel of it was enough to make Merritt’s heart stop.

“David’s going to take care of you while I get you good and ready for me, babe,” Connor whispered softly, breathing harshly in excitement against Merritt’s ear. “Just trust us. You’ll love this.”

“I trust you,” Merritt said, nodding. He looked down, seeing David grin. His tongue lashed out to gently rub at the tip of Merritt’s dick, causing it to throb and twitch in response.

They just seemed to know all the right buttons to press.

“Who would have thought?” Connor said, chuckling. Merritt closed his eyes. He could feel Connor’s lips ghost down his back, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake.

David’s lips found themselves wrapped around Merritt’s cock once more. The sparrow shifter’s cock twitched appreciatively in response.

Fuck, Merritt thought, his lips parting in a silent whimper. Anymore of this, and he was going to blow. He was definitely surprised he’d lasted this long with everything both Connor and David were doing to him.

David started to slowly pump his head up and down. Within a matter of moments, the entirety of Merritt’s cock found its way inside of David’s mouth, right down to the base.

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