Beef Cake 2 (MF)

Beef Cake 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,811
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Fantasy Romance, HEA]
After a drunken night of passion with Seth Keller, her worst enemy, Sonya Ortega needs a hot, sexy date for a friend’s wedding to put the embarrassing episode behind her. She borrows her roommate’s magical cookbook to whip up the man of her dreams. Problem is, Sonya’s a terrible cook and Seth's not willing to let her go. Their undeniable chemistry threatens to ruin Sonya’s plans to find the perfect man.
Seth has lusted after Sonya for years. She’s competitive, tough-talking, and dates loser after loser. When he wakes up in bed next to her, however, he realizes he might have a chance to win her over. His dream girl is within his grasp, and he’s determined to win her affections. Seth must compete with the power of his grandmother’s magical cookbook, an almost impossible challenge. But Seth is driven to prove to Sonya he’s the real man of her dreams.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Beef Cake 2 (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Beef Cake 2 (MF)

Beef Cake 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,811
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Sonya fumed. Why did Seth have to show up and spoil her night? She was trying to drink away the fact that he was the best man. Although she could show up with a conjured date for the reception, she’d still have to walk down the aisle with him. He’d probably trip her up, make her look the fool. Who knew what kind of shenanigans he’d pull Friday night at the dress rehearsal?

She bit her lip. As usual, Seth looked sharp in a suit sans tie, but his dirty blond hair was ruffled rather than carefully styled. He smirked, a dimple flashing in his cheek. She broke eye contact with him. His stare held a weight tonight that made her uncomfortable. She shook it off. Probably was the alcohol doing strange things to her mind. She’d already downed one drink and was finishing up her second when Seth had walked through the door.

But now that he’d made the challenge, she’d prove to him she was no lightweight. Sure, she really preferred the ‘girly drinks’ like chocolate martinis and white wine spritzers, but she could manage several shots of whiskey or tequila just to prove to Seth she could do it. Beyond those few shots, she really hadn’t processed how much straight liquor she could handle.

Seth held up a twenty-dollar bill and slapped it on the bar. “I’ll buy the first two rounds. Four tequila shots.” His back was to her, and she noted how tall he was, how broad his shoulders. He outweighed her by at least seventy pounds, if not more.

She swallowed. This was a huge mistake. But her pride and stubbornness stepped in, pushing away any ideas of begging off the contest. She wasn’t about to back down. Mind over matter, right?

Seth turned, two shots in each hand. Amber liquid sloshed out. He carried them to a small table in the corner. Most of the people in the bar, including Joe, were still getting their fill of buffalo wings before Happy Hour ended at seven. This was going to be a very personal contest. The two of them, sitting in a dark corner, drinking shots.

Sonya hesitated. Seth had that air of superiority about him. As if he knew best. As if he had control of everything in his life, and she didn’t. She dressed too sexy, drove the wrong car, had the wrong job. Nothing was good enough for him. She took a deep breath and sat at the table.

Before he could say a word, she grabbed a shot glass and downed the tequila. It burned down her throat. She coughed. Where was her so-sweet-you-couldn’t-even-taste-the-alcohol Fuzzy Navel she’d been sipping? Tears welled up in her eyes. She did her best to control her reaction, knowing Seth would have some response at the ready.

Seth cleared his throat. “Okay then, guess it’s my turn.” He licked the back of his hand, picked up a salt shaker, and coated the moist skin with salt. A plate of cut limes sat in the middle of the table. “Hope you don’t mind if I do it this way...”

Sonya could’ve died right there. She’d been so nervous to prove herself to him, she’d failed to begin with the salt and end with the lime to cut the burn of the alcohol.

Seth gave her a lopsided grin. She could’ve slapped him.

Keeping his gaze on her, his tongue darted out, licking his hand quickly. To avoid his eyes, she focused a little too closely on his tongue and his mouth. She shifted in her chair. He followed the salt with the shot, then grabbed a lime and popped it between his teeth, forcing out the juice.

He turned his shot glass over and set it on the table with a thunk. “One down, one more to go. Then it’s your turn to buy a couple.”

The tequila burned in her stomach and a warmth spread out to her fingers and toes. She tried not to think about more shots, just the one in front of her on the table. “That’s it? Just four shots a piece? You going soft on me, Keller?” The words had a slight slur even to her own ears. She scooped up the salt, sprinkled some on her hand, then licked, drank, and sucked a lime. Shot number two, done.

When she smiled and tucked her short hair behind her ears Seth stared at her. Even though his tie was gone, he still seemed as wound up as a top. As if he carried the stresses from the office with him to the bar.

The second shot relaxed her. Her thoughts were less clear now. Without thinking, she leaned across the table, her elbows square in the middle. “You need to loosen up. Why do you always have to have a stick up your ass?” He froze. She reached out and unbuttoned two of his shirt buttons. His breath stirred her hair.

He grabbed her wrists, his grip tight, and pushed her back into her seat. “Enough,” he growled.

She giggled. God, he despised her. It was so obvious. He couldn’t even stand to be in the same room with her. This game to humiliate her didn’t seem to be working out as he had planned. She was glad for that. She’d show him.

The lights above the bar suddenly were a little bit brighter than she remembered. The pressure of the last week spilled over. Between her job, dealing with Naomi’s new live-in boyfriend, and the responsibilities of her role as maid of honor, she just couldn’t take it anymore. Something had to give. She opened her purse and whipped out two tens. “Another couple rounds?”

Seth leaned back in his chair, his mouth a tight line. “What are you trying to prove, Sonya?”




Joe swept up behind her and scooped her off her feet. “Need some help, miss?” His Boston accent was harsh to her ears, but the rippling muscles under his open fireman’s jacket were enough to make up for it.

The rope was still secured around her middle, but Dustin no longer needed to pull to move her forward. Joe carried her with ease into her bedroom. Zeb followed close behind, grinding and thrusting to the music that blared.

Joe laid her on the bed and reached for the tie on her bathrobe. She’d been so busy baking cakes, she hadn’t had time to dress. Thank God she’d showered, although she’d skipped shaving her legs. Not exactly her sexiest moment.

These three men were complete strangers to her, yet she felt comfortable in their presence. Probably because she knew it was temporary. They wouldn’t be calling her on her cell phone tomorrow or waiting for her outside the gym after work. They would disappear and no one would ever have to know anything. She gave in to her carnal desires and relaxed into the pillows.

Joe untied her robe. She was naked underneath. He ran his hands down her arms, his fireman’s jacket brushing across her breasts. Her nipples became erect and hard in a moment. She ached for one of the men to touch her, kiss her, fuck her.

“Roll over, beautiful.”

Where was this going? She imagined the sex positions she’d tried before. Maybe doggy style? Oh, yeah. That was a great position. Something about the deeper thrusts really worked for her. She flipped onto her stomach and got up on her hands and knees.

“Not quite.” Joe pressed on her back.

She lay flat on the bed. This was a new one.

Joe encircled a wrist and lifted it above her head. Dustin took that cue and secured her wrist with rope to the headboard. They repeated the process for her other wrist.

Sonya had never been tied up during sex, much less facedown on the bed. She knew these were her fantasy men. She’d never done anal. The idea of it scared her some. Didn’t they need to prepare her first? Butt plugs and some lubrication. Right? They wouldn’t be too rough with her, would they?

She turned her head to one side so that she could see what was happening.

Joe shrugged off his fireman’s jacket. His chest was ripped. She could see his erection pressing against his pants. Another cock that had to go somewhere. Or would they take turns? She didn’t know if she could manage that. Was she allowed to give some direction in this situation? So many questions. Naomi had not prepared her well. Crap.

Someone’s hand rubbed across her naked ass. “Let’s see how ready you are.” It was Zeb. He slipped a hand between her thighs and gently eased her legs apart.

“Are you going to tie my legs?” The feel of his hand so close to her pussy was intoxicating. She knew she was getting wet, but lying so flat on the bed, she knew that was not his goal.

“Not this time.”

Sonya breathed a sigh of relief. She was about to call this all off if they completely tied her up. That was going a little too far. Leaving her legs free gave her some security. “I’ve never done this kind of thing before…”

Zeb rubbed circles on her ass. “I know baby. I know this is your first time. Don’t worry. We’ll take care of you.” He massaged her glutes and then spread her cheeks apart. Dustin took hold of one of her legs and exposed her further.

Sonya clenched her groin in expectation of what was to come. “I’m not so sure…”

Joe stepped in. “Hold on, hold on. I want to try something first. I’ll be right back.”

Dustin relaxed his grip. “I almost forgot.”

A moment later, someone slipped a blindfold down over her eyes. Interesting how the lack of vision focused her thoughts on physical touch.

Zeb moved his massage from her ass down each leg. Dustin’s hands joined the massage-fest starting up at her shoulders.

Sonya could smell a strong vanilla scent. They’d found her massage oil in her the top drawer of her nightstand. The last time she’d used that, she’d been with her boyfriend, Russ. He hadn’t been the most attentive lover. He’d maybe used the massage oil once, pouring it all over her, staining her sheets, turning her body into an oil slick. It had been a mess. At least Dustin knew what to do with it.

Although the sensation of more than one set of hands touching her body was odd to her and slightly embarrassing, Sonya tried to relax. She deserved this. Her love life was in the crapper. She’d made shitty choice after shitty choice. Her shameful lusty display with Seth in the closet at the church had been the last straw. Why not just give in to this sexual side of herself without guilt? And without the commitment of a regular relationship? She fucked up plenty of those already.

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