Binding Contracts (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 88,173
2 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Consensual BDSM Romance, M/F, spanking, sex toys, HEA] 
Successful business consultant Spencer Marshall is blown away at the beauty and brains of Denise Montgomery, a fashion designer with a growing company. When they sign a contract to take Denise’s company to the next level, little do they know they are chatting online with each other about starting a BDSM relationship!
When they discover each other’s identity, Spencer’s aversion to emotional commitment forces Denise to propose a wager--that Spencer will fall for her before Denise falls for him. With each equally certain of victory, they are floored by the passion of their sessions. But that very passion makes them worry about their growing feelings for each other, so they devise strategies to manipulate the other and win the bet.
When their schemes backfire and a session goes horribly wrong, their relationship ends. Miserable, both Spencer and Denise try recapture the majesty and beauty of what they had. Can Denise’s bold (and highly erotic) plan bring them back together? 
Binding Contracts (MF)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Binding Contracts (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 88,173
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
An excellent read! I feel like this book offers a lot -
not only does it dive deeply into the minds and emotions of the main
characters, it offers a fairly strong heat level, great
sex scenes, and twists and turns that made me wonder how
this was going to end. Denise and Spencer have great
interpersonal interaction, and they sound like real
people, which you don't always get in these kinds of
books. It also offers a realistic look at a BDSM relationship,
which I found refreshing.
Jamie Sterling




After a few minutes of this give-and-take, Spencer excused himself and found another gathering with whom he could mingle. The process repeated itself several times with little variation. Evenings like these could be tedious affairs, but he recognized the benefits, so he made sure that he appeared fascinated by every conversation.

Following his rounds, Spencer gave himself a quick breather and sampled some of the finger foods. The quality was unimpressive, but he selected a few of the more-tolerable morsels when he saw Ken Bright approaching. The owner of Bright Cadillac/Buick/GMC, Ken turned on his thousand-watt smile as he approached. Following him was a young lady whose name he did not know.


Spencer gawked, far too impressed with her appearance to care about introductions. He stared into her piercing, royal-blue eyes, enchanted by the way she looked right back at him with an intensity matching his own. Clearly, his look did not intimidate her. Quite the contrary, she almost dared him to look away. Golden hair framed her high cheeks and pale skin with soft, undulating waves. Her makeup was minimal. She probably knew that, with her complexion, she didn’t need much. Standing out in stark contrast to her alabaster skin, she sported a pair of soft, rich red lips that seemed impossibly full. Her appearance could be described as both adorable and sensual, and Spencer found the juxtaposition titillating.

She wore a plain but elegant butter-cream blouse and a dark pencil skirt, both fitting her body perfectly. Despite being tucked away behind demure clothing choices, he could easily discern her ample breasts, which appeared immune to the laws of gravity. Her heels were very sensible but still managed to accentuate her finely muscled lower legs. Spencer normally avoided hyperbole, but right now he could not help but think she might be the most attractive woman he had ever seen.

"Spencer, my man, it's good to see you!" Ken said a bit too loudly, reclaiming Spencer’s attention. A consummate salesman, he did everything a bit too loudly.

"Likewise! Things are going good for you?"

"Of course, thanks to you!"

"Well, I see your commercials during hockey games, the six o'clock news, Friends reruns, Divorce Court, you name it. Good thing you started doing those." Spencer had been the one to convince Ken that television was the best way to grow his business. He never came right out and reminded Ken that he had needed a crowbar to pry the money from his clenched fists, but he never let him forget it either.

"Even better, I'm working on a thirty-minute infomercial! It'll be out next month, and it's going after the late-night crowd. And I'll give you two guesses who the star is!"

"But I'll only need one, right?"

"Absolutely!" He turned toward the woman now standing behind him. "But where are my manners? This," he said with a sweeping gesture, "is Denise Montgomery. She is the founder and owner of Sunflower Designs, Inc.”

"The clothing company? I've heard of it," Spencer said, turning his full attention to her. "It's nice to meet you, Miss Montgomery."

She shook his hand. "And you as well. That was an excellent speech, Mr. Marshall. You really touched on several salient points. And please," she continued, "call me Denise.”

“Of course, Denise. Call me Spencer. I didn’t realize that Sunflower had been founded locally.”

“Yes, it was. I started it right next door, in Richboro, a little over four years ago.”

“Wow, a very short time frame," Spencer noted with admiration in his voice. “How are you lucky enough to be acquainted with my good friend Ken?"

"It turns out his wife and I attend the same gym, and he sold me my Cadillac last summer."

“Great car, isn't it?” Ken said, his face lighting up in unfeigned excitement. “Spencer won't even take an Escalade for a test drive!”

Spencer smiled. “Ken, you know if you did get me to buy it, you'd have to give me such a huge discount that you wouldn't make any money.”

“True. In any case, Sunflower is a serious up-and-comer, but Denise tells me she’s struggling with the logistics. Since that sounds like it’s right up your alley, I thought you and Denise should chat for a few moments. If you'll excuse me…” With a nod, he headed over to another group of attendees.

“Why,” Spencer suggested to Denise, “don't we get something to drink and sit down to talk?”

“Great idea,” she replied. Within a few moments, they each had a soft drink and were sitting at a small table that was private enough for a preliminary business discussion.




Denise felt the brute power behind the next strike and marveled at how it filled her with lust. Her pussy ran like a stream, and she could imagine her juices escaping her body and puddling beneath her spread legs.

Denise wanted to be fucked. Needed to be. Every nerve ending between her legs was begging to feel that massive cock slide between her soft, wet cunt, but when Spencer adjusted her restraints and pushed her down into a squatting position with her arms still pulled up over her head, she knew she had to wait a little bit more. She had trouble keeping her balance as he stepped away, but when he returned he grabbed the back of her head and steadied her. She barely noticed. He no longer wore his pants, allowing her to gawk at the size of his semi-erect shaft less than a foot from her face.

“Denise,” she heard. “You’ll worship my cock now in gratitude for your paddling. You’ll do it softly and gently, and I do not want to feel your teeth. I expect you to thank me for the honor of doing so.” He tilted her head so that she had to look directly into his crisp eyes, which were clouded with outright arousal but still clear enough to demonstrate his authority. “Do I make myself clear?”

Exasperation and irritation replaced the lust coursing through Denise’s body upon hearing his orders. Even though she’d thoroughly enjoyed it, being required to fellate him as thanks for the paddling was galling. It was demeaning and humiliating and degrading, and that in itself ignited a blast of white-hot pleasure in her cunt unlike any she had ever felt.

His hand tightened in her hair as he awaited her response. “I’m waiting.”

Still, Denise would not answer him. She couldn’t. She resented Spencer’s presumption of authority and felt no desire to comply. Despite his earlier warning, she locked her eyes to his and told him clearly that she would do no such thing, that he could go to hell, that he would put nothing in her mouth—all without a single word.

He gripped her cheeks with his free hand, much like he had earlier, but further back on her jaw, maintaining their eye contact. He did not squeeze too hard but applied just enough pressure to make it clear that he could. “One way or another,” he told her, his voice somber and serious, “you’re going to politely ask to suck me and thank me for the pleasure of getting that permission, and you’re going to look me in the eyes when you do.” He tightened his grip just a bit, not giving his submissive the option of looking away despite the way she twisted her head.

Denise knew he could force her mouth open. He was entirely too powerful to resist. Even if he weren’t, her bondage prevented any meaningful resistance, and that meant she would lose this battle of wills. She had no options except those that Spencer allowed her. As much as that vexed her, it also captivated her entire being with a frenzied lust. She had to capitulate.

How does it make me angry and excited at the same time?

“Yes, Sir,” she responded. Spencer released his grip and Denise took a quick, deep breath.

“Sir, will you permit me to please your cock with my mouth as thanks for paddling my ass?” The hint of a smug, satisfied grin appeared on Spencer’s face, and his cock swelled into her field of view as view as he enjoyed her submission.

“I feel that you owe me more because of your disobedience. Don’t you?” The slight tremble in his breath belied exactly how much his excitement was growing. He stared at her, gauging her reaction, his expressive eyes almost daring her to resist again.

Denise suppressed her instinctive response. “What do you want, Sir?” She avoided responding to his question, wondering if he would notice and, if he did, how he would react.

Spencer smiled as if he knew what she was going to say before she even said it. “Pardon me,” he intoned, “but I don’t think you answered my question.”

Shit. “I’m sorry, I do think I owe you more. What would you like, Sir?”

“That’s better.” Satisfaction oozed from his voice, and the head of his shaft twitched as if desperate to find a way between her soft lips. His body language showed just how much he enjoyed forcing Denise to defer to his will. He took his time responding to her question, rubbing his chin pensively. Denise didn’t buy his act for one second. He wasn’t thinking things over—he was making her wait simply because he could.

“Since you are so good at showing me when you are irritated, I want to see some enthusiastic obedience.” Denise furrowed her brow, unsure of what he meant. “Therefore, prior to sucking my cock, you will kiss and lick the length of it. However, you’ll need to impress me with your, shall we say, zeal for the task.”

“I’m not sure I understand, Sir.”

“Oh, I think you do. Prove to me that caressing my cock with your lips and tongue is your greatest desire. Make me believe that there is nothing you would rather do than pleasure me while restrained, even though you don’t get even the small benefit of having it in your mouth.” He chuckled at the sight of Denise’s lips curling in resentment to the order. “Problem?”

Bastard! It was like making a child joyously request green beans for dessert. “No, Sir.”

“Very good. My assessment of your enthusiasm starts with your request to begin.” He crossed his arms over his muscled chest to await her entreaty.

She so wanted to curse him, but then her thoughts became clouded. Her instincts drove her to fight him, but deep arousal was conquering her body and compelling her to obey. Her nipples swelled with the desire to be sucked and bitten, and her clit cried out in longing at having been ignored for so long. Both loudly ordered her to capitulate to Spencer’s will, and she could not ignore them, no matter how hard she tried.

I won’t give him the satisfaction, dammit! I won’t!

Her words sounded good to her, but they weren’t enough. Crushed under the erotic onslaught, her resistance crumbled. There was nothing else except the hedonistic needs of her body, and to satisfy them she knew she had to please him. More importantly, even while she raged silently at him, she wanted to please him and earn his approval. She glanced back down at the cock in front of her face and could consider nothing except how she could worship it.

“Yes, Sir,” she moaned. “Please, PLEASE let me lick and kiss your cock. I won’t disappoint you!”

“I should hope not,” he replied, pushing his hips forward until the swollen head nearly touched her chin. “You may begin.”

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