Burning Ice (MF)

Caston Springs 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 63,896
2 Ratings (3.5)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romantic Suspense, HEA]
 As the town playboy, Chase Hayes is used to woman falling for his charms. So when he literally falls at the feet of Elle Warner, he’s intrigued by the mysterious brunette. Her icy demeanor stuns him but he can’t help wanting to know more about her. She’s hiding something and as he gets to know the feisty woman, Chase is determined to break down all her walls…and make her his.
The last place NYPD narcotics officer Elle Warner wants to be is middle-of-nowhere Caston Springs, Colorado. But after a drug bust goes bad, she is forced to leave New York if she wants to live. But has she gone from one dangerous situation to another? She can’t deny the pull she feels towards Chase but is the passion that sparks between them real, or fed by the danger that surrounds her? She’s in the fight for her life…and her heart.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Burning Ice (MF)
2 Ratings (3.5)

Burning Ice (MF)

Caston Springs 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 63,896
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Turning his head to see who had entered, Chase lost his balance on his chair and tipped backward.

“Ahh, fuck!” His arms flailed as he tried to catch himself but it was no use. The chair fell backward and he braced for the impact. A loud crack echoed through the office as the chair broke underneath him. Stunned, Chase lay on the cold floor and stared up at the ceiling, not able to process what he had just seen.

Before he could get his body to react, he heard melodic laughter coming closer and the most stunning face he had ever seen entered his view.

“I thought country boys were supposed to be smooth?”

His eyes hadn’t been playing tricks on him. A dark-haired angel stood above him. Her laughing but serious eyes assessed him as she leaned down.

“Don’t move. You hit your head pretty hard. Let me make sure you’re okay.” Her voice was pure sin. Words escaped him as he gasped for air, not sure if the fall or the beauty before him was the reason for his oxygen deficiency.

Her hands began poking his neck. Her touch was gentle, but his reaction to her was anything but. His body heated under her gaze and he could feel himself responding to her touch. Not wanting her to see how hard he was getting and scare her away, he grumbled out a response.

“I’m fine.”

Her hands hesitated. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” he said, pushing himself up into a sitting position. “I have a hard head, beautiful. It’s taken harder hits than this floor.”

She rolled her eyes at his compliment but let him get up. “If you’re sure.”

Slowly rolling over to the side, Chase tried to get to his feet and stumbled. Real smooth, he thought to himself. What a great first impression he was making. What was wrong with him? Where the hell had all his charm and swagger gone?

She reached out to help steady him. Again, as soon as her hand touched his skin, his cock twitched and hardened.

Standing to his full six-two height, he watched with untold satisfaction as her eyes roamed up his body. They widened, in shock or admiration he didn’t know, but when their eyes met again she was flushed. Chocolate-brown eyes stared back at him before she caught herself and gave him a nervous smile as she turned away.

With her attention averted, it was his turn to study her. Gleaming dark brown hair fell straight to her shoulders and made her snowy skin look even more luminous with the contrast. Dark circles under her eyes showed her exhaustion but didn’t take away from the rosy glow of her cheeks and the cute dusting of freckles across her nose. She wasn’t wearing any makeup, but she was beautiful. No, she was stunning, but in a unique way. It intrigued him on every level.

She was tall and lean, but from what he could make out from under her baggy clothes, she had curves that only added to her femininity.

The design on her T-shirt made him pause, a laugh breaking from his lips.

“Holy shit. What the hell kind of T-shirt is that?”

Her gaze quickly swung back to him, but this time there was anger in her eyes.

“What? I love Mexican food. And stop looking at my tits.”

Damn. This woman was something else.

He was stunned by the icy malice in her voice. The woman had fire, he liked that. But her shirt was ridiculous. It was bright pink and across her chest read: My Disney princess name is Taco Bella. Had he ever encountered a woman who unabashedly stated how much she loved food? Rabbit food, maybe. He’d met plenty of women who could talk about salads all day. The mere thought of cheese, carbs, and grease would have those women shuddering in fear. Not this mysterious woman in front of him. She was becoming more captivating by the second. The girl had guts, he’d give her that.

Opening his mouth to deliver another comment guaranteed to get a rise out of her—and maybe him, too, if his dick had any say—his words were cut off when his brother spoke up.

“Are you Noelle?”

She startled a bit, not seeing Mick standing right behind her. Her shoulders straightened as she nodded at Mick. “Most people call me Elle.”

Elle. The name fit her perfectly. Like her name, her beauty was as unique as a snowflake and her attitude was just as chilly. That didn’t turn him off. It got him hot. Her cold disdain toward him made Chase want to rile her up and see what kind of hot reaction he could get from her. Beneath all that snow-white skin, he could sense a fiery passion. She had sass and he knew he was just the person to bring it out of her.

It was only when she left his side and walked over to Mick’s desk that he had a strange feeling in his gut. He didn’t like that she was walking away from him.

“You’re Kommit’s friend, correct? The one he called me to help?” Mick asked her, directing her into a chair before making his way behind his desk. Grabbing the notebook and pen that sat beside his computer, Mick scanned his writing on one of the pages.

Oh fuck.

This was the girl he was supposed to watch? He didn’t know whether to cheer with joy or worry about his own safety. He bet if looks could kill, he’d already be dead in her eyes.

“Yup, that’s me. Walking disaster and death-threat receiver at your service.”




“I would love one,” she replied in a whisper.

Placing her half-eaten sandwich on the bedside table, she turned her full attention to Chase. He watched her as she slowly teased him, caressing her own body before grabbing the hem of the shirt she was wearing. Slowly seducing him, she played with the fabric as she brought it over her head then tossed it on the ground.

Naked before him, she got up on her knees and crawled to the middle of the bed. Giving him a full view of her ass and pussy. She felt so confident and sexy with him.

The firm slap to her ass had her shouting out. The sting shocked her, but the radiating heat that penetrated her core had her pussy clenched, wanting more.

“Oh, my girl likes to be spanked.”

Only with him. By him.

His hands dragged up her spine and pushed her down into the mattress. Her moan was muffled when she pressed her face into the cool sheets, giving her body over to Chase once more. His weight came down on her lower back. She snuggled deeper into the sheets, hiding her grin when she realized he was straddling her body with nothing more than a pair of boxers on.

For a moment, his weight lessened as he reached over her for something. A cold sensation on her shoulder blades shocked her for a moment before Chase’s warm hands began moving over her. His fingers were strong and sure as they worked her muscles. They dug in deep to help relax her, then soft and sure as they explored more of her exposed back.

She could feel his erection rub against her every time he leaned forward, reaching for her neck. Her body turned to jelly under his skillful hands, but her desire was slowly building with his teasing foreplay.

Her eyes popped open when his hands began to linger down her sides. His hands where circling her back, then making their way to her waist, grazing her breasts as he made his way down. At first she thought it was an accident, but by the third touch she knew he was trying to drive her wild.

Wanting to tease him back, she pushed up on her forearms and gave him a sultry smile over her shoulder. In this position, her breasts were fully exposed. Her hair had fallen out of its ponytail long ago, so her long brown locks fell dramatically down her face. His eyes widened at the site of her, encouraging her.

Staying under him, Elle slowly turned until she was lying on her back. Noting the bottle of moisturizer, she got a wicked idea. Empowered by his bold appraisal of her, she reached over for the bottle and pumped some on her hand. Not breaking eye contact with Chase, she played with the lubricant in her hands before slowly smoothing it on her chest.

She started off low on her stomach, creating small circles on her tight abdomen, then moving higher with each rotation. Chase’s tongue wet his lips as he watched her. His erection was fully laying against her now, its heat radiating on her skin. When her hands reached her breasts, she forgot about rubbing the moisturizer in and started playing with her hard nipples.

Her game backfired on her. What had started out as a way to torture Chase was now turning her on. Her body throbbed with pent-up need that she couldn’t satisfy herself. She needed Chase to finish her off. If he didn’t join in soon, she would go crazy.

A sharp pull on her hardened nipple had her gasping out. Chase dove for her lips. Capturing her cries of pleasure, his tongue twirled with hers. His hands were everywhere. Squeezing her breasts, caressing her waist, then finally, blessedly, they were circling her clit. Her hips thrust up, begging him to keep going.

Breaking their kiss, his blue eyes burned into hers as he reached behind her and came back with a condom. So desperate for him, she didn’t question where the condom had come from. She just needed him inside of her, pounding her to completion.

But unlike before, Chase took his time. Stroking himself, he looked down at her and something passed between them. Not able to put words to what she was feeling, Elle reached out for him and he came down gently in her arms.

“This time, Elle, I’m going to take you slowly. Build up your orgasm until you’re begging me to take you over the edge. You like to beg me, don’t you, baby?”

Her pussy clenched at his words. She needed to be filled by him, to feel complete.

Nodding into the kiss, she gave her body over to him. Trusting him with everything she had to give.

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