Butterfly Effection (MMM)

Capulet 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,080
12 Ratings (4.7)
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Lika feels he has bitten off more than he can chew, when Damien, Noah, and Seth talk him into taking them into Cantatis Saltus without their mates.  They want to prove they are not weak, pathetic humans by obtaining the next log book... but at what price?
When Jair and Terrin drop from the sky claiming Lika is their mate and that he needs to stop the foolishness and return with them, Lika gets pissed... and that is never a good thing. 
Learning the most powerful Magician, Cier, is in Cantatis Saltus, Jair and Terrin know that this task has just passed dangerous and entered into life threatening.  
Can the three men find common ground, work together and find the book before Cier turns up and kills them for even attempting to obtain something she deems as hers and hers alone.  Will Lika accept his mates help, or will this little man do what he always does... go it alone and risk everything?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Butterfly Effection (MMM)
12 Ratings (4.7)

Butterfly Effection (MMM)

Capulet 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,080
12 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Lika rushed quickly, but quietly, to Damien. Once they reached Noah and Seth, Damien informed them on what he and Lika had overheard.

“They must not know that the Elder has been captured,” Noah said thoughtfully.

Damien started pacing. “Not yet, no. The thing is they are planning to grab the log book once we get our hands on it.”

Lika bit his bottom lip. “More than that. Malaki and Gaige are not planning on just letting us go, like Vihaan ordered. They have every intention of killing us the moment their hands touch that book.”

“I knew this idea was stupid. I knew we should have just stayed in the cabin, but nooooo you guys want to prove to our mates how self-sufficient we are,” Noah said as he tossed his hands in the air and paced rapidly.

Seth stepped in his mate’s path, saying, “Noah, coming here was as much your idea as ours.”

Noah lifted a brow, tapped his foot, and placed his hands on his hips. “Seth, as my mate, it is your duty to make me feel better. That is not making me feel better.”

Seth gave a sexy smile, wiggled his eyebrows, and said, “Noah, I have no problem making you feel better.”

Lika sighed loudly. “Look, it’s too late to change our plan. We have to get to the Dramir. He will hopefully help us find the salvia plant we’re looking for. Maybe he can help us with the guys following us.”

Damien nodded. “Noah, you know we have to do this. If we fail, our mates will never see us as equals in our relationships.”

Noah dropped his head in resignation. “Fine, but I swear if we die trying to get that log book, I will never forgive you.”

Lika was baffled by that statement, and as he went to start toward the Alpha’s land, said, “Noah, you are a very strange man.”

They walked for another ten minutes in silence, and then Damien looked up and asked, “What the hell is that?”

Lika looked up and gasped, “It looks like a Baliz!”

“I thought all the Baliz were supposed to be transformed by Ira?” Noah questioned.

Seth’s nervousness came out in his voice. “Maybe Kahn and his men didn’t get there in time.”

As the Baliz began to descend, Lika felt a hole in the pit of his stomach. “He’s getting closer to us. We need to hide.”

Damien tilted his head to the side thoughtfully, “Is there someone with him?”

Lika squinted his eyes, trying to take a better look, then gasped, “Wait, it’s Terrin!”

“Terrin? What the hell is Terrin doing here?” Damien said in surprise.

Terrin landed and Jair jumped down, stalking to the four men. “You four are in big trouble.”

Lika stepped behind Noah, fearful of what was about to happen. Jair then gave Lika a sharp look and, pointing to his foot, ordered, “Lika, get over here.”

As Lika was about to move around Noah, Damien stepped in front of him, looked Jair in the eyes, and snapped, “Leave Lika alone. If you have a problem, then bring it to me.”

Jair’s eyes snapped back to Damien, “A problem? What problem could we possibly have Damien. You bring one of my mates to the middle of nowhere, to face who knows what dangers, all to prove a point.”

“One of your mates?” Noah asked looking at Seth and Damien.

Damien, Seth, and Noah turned to Lika and he looked back at them, “I have no idea what the heck he’s talking about.”

Terrin stood next to Jair. “It’s true, Lika. I scented you just before you left the Trill nest and when Jair and I were coming to find you, we felt the mating touch.”

“That’s a myth,” Lika whispered.

Noah tapped Lika’s shoulder, asking, “What’s a mating touch.”

“It’s said that one touch and you feel this electrical current go through you from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.” Lika explained and then looked at Jair and Terrin. “But it’s a myth.”

Letting out a breath, Jair said, “I have no idea if it’s a myth or not. What I know is I will not take the chance that one of my mates will get hurt or killed trying to get one of those books.”

“Excuse me?” Lika growled.

Jair’s features turned harsh, as he said, “Look at you. You’re small and fuzzy and… The point is you all are coming back to Capulet with Terrin and me.”

Lika felt an anger building from deep within.

“Holy crap! Smoke’s coming out of his ears,” Noah hissed.

Marching up to Jair, Lika shoved him so hard he flew into a tree and slid to his ass. Lika made his way to him and looked down, eyes red, smoke coming out of his ears, and pissed beyond belief. “You think of me as weak, Jair?”

Jair looked up at Lika shocked, stammering, “I-I di-didn’t say that.”

“Don’t fucking lie to me! You said small, fuzzy, and then started to say weak. You may not have finished it, but it was there. Well let me inform you of something. I have lived in Cantatis Saltus for centuries without you or Terrin. In my world I’m not small and I damn sure am not weak,” Lika yelled.

Turning away, Lika took a few breaths. Feeling his anger dissipate, replaced by sadness, he rasped, “You and Terrin say we might be mates. I hope with everything in me that you’re wrong.”

“Lika!” Terrin gasped.

Turning his sad eyes to Terrin, Lika said in a hushed tone, “I have helped so many people from the magic lands, as the seer, I would hope that fate wouldn’t be so cruel as to put me with two men that think so little of me.”

Lika walked past Terrin. “Come on, Damien, we have a book to find.”




Terrin could hear someone calling his name and slowly opened his eyes. Jair was leaning over him, with concern and then relief. “Oh thank the Gods.”

Slowly sitting up, Terrin’s voice was gravelly when he said, “What happened?”

Lika moaned next to him, causing Terrin to forget his own confusion and focus on his little mate. “Lika, are you all right?”

Lika opened his beautiful lavender eyes and rasped, “You are beautiful.”

Terrin gave a short uncomfortable laugh. “What?”

“What Lika is saying is that your Baliz is magnificent in its own right, but your human form is absolutely amazing,” Jair said breathily.

Terrin felt heat rise from his neck and up his face then his eyes met Lika’s once more and he said, “The first time you were transformed I was amazed at your beauty. Oh I knew inside you were awe-inspiring. I mean you are so damn sweet and kind and so willing to help anyone. When you came to me to hang with…”

“I was under a separation spell,” Lika said softly.

Terrin sighed. “But you chose me to be with Lika. Asher and Asa didn’t choose Damien.”

Jair replied, “I remember when you were transformed. I thought you were the most handsome man I had ever seen. Then you laughed. I had to go for a run just to get my dick under control.”

Lika laughed along with Terrin then said, “That is a picture I would have loved to have seen.”

“Well you can if you think you’re up for it,” Jair replied in a lust-filled voice.

That moment Terrin felt Jair’s chest hairs touching his arm and turned to see a very naked Jair.

“What happened to your clothes?” Terrin said

Jair began to look unsure of himself, as he stammered, “I…I th–thought we…we were going to mate?”

Terrin and Lika both sat up quickly, and yelled in unison, “We are.”

Jair laughed and then Terrin about passed out when Jair leaned in and kissed him for the first time.

The kiss started soft but Jair began to deepen it more and more. Terrin felt his heart rate increase and tingles started from his toes, working up to his head, making him dizzy and feeling needy of more.

“That is so hot,” Lika whispered.

Both men pulled apart and looked directly at Lika and then turned their attention to him.

Terrin began to kiss one side of Lika’s throat as Jair kissed the other, bringing Lika down to the ground.

Terrin popped up quickly. “We don’t have any lube! We can’t do this without lube!”

Jair smiled wide, holding up a small clear jar, wiggling it. “Ira left this for us, before he and his mates left.”

“Speaking of, where the hell is Dramir? I mean he isn’t going to pop in like a sick voyeur is he?” Terrin asked, looking around as if Dramir was going to pop up and yell boo.

Jair sat up and gave Terrin a quick peck on the lips. “Relax, baby. Dramir went to the Alpha pack to talk with Kel. He’s letting them know we’re here and to expect us soon.”

“Uh…hello…I don’t know about you guys, but I would like to mate with my two men, if you don’t mind,” Lika grumbled as he started stroking his hard, purple-headed cock.

Terrin swallowed hard, as he watched Lika, and noticed Jair was having just as many lust-filled thoughts as he was.

Terrin started kissing Lika’s neck once more and then slowly began to descend down his mate’s chest. He licked and nipped at Lika’s nipples, enjoying feeling them peak and harden on the tip of his tongue and small bumps form on Lika’s arms and body.

Feeling soft lips on his shoulder and lowering down his back made Terrin shiver and form goose bumps of his own.

“Are you going to be okay with this, Terrin?” Jair rasped in his ear.

Terrin moaned as Jair put his palm on Terrin’s ass cheek, lightly rubbing one and then the other.

Turning his head, looking at Jair seductively, “I have never been more sure of anything than I am at this very moment. I couldn’t be more okay with feeling you inside me, making love as we become one with each other.”

Jair kissed Terrin’s lower back and began to spread his cheeks. “Lika is waiting.”

Terrin whipped back around and Lika was looking at him dreamily stroking his hard shaft as he pinched his own nipple and bit his lip.

Smiling wide, Terrin lowered his head once more and brought his hot, moist mouth over Lika’s weeping shaft and took in his mate’s taste for the first time.

The sweet and salty mixture along with the musky scent from Lika had Terrin eagerly wanting more.

Lika pulled at Terrin’s hair as Terrin took his tongue under the head of Lika’s shaft and then sucked the tip slowly back into his mouth and slid slowly down, barely able to hold back his own gasp as he felt his own cheeks pulled apart and Jair’s warm tongue ran from his balls to the top of his ass.

“I want to hear you too, Terrin,” Jair said in a husky voice.

With his mouth filled with Lika’s hard shaft, Terrin moaned loud and almost bit down when Jair’s tongue began to stab in and out of his hole, wetting and loosening the muscles for what he knew would be a glorious union.

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