Chiseled Wood (MM)

Cedar Falls 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,151
26 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, sex toys, spanking, M/M, HEA]
Welcome to Cedar Falls, a small North Carolina town nestled among the Smokey Mountains. Where the people are friendly and the men are hot.
Kyler Prince is determined to find his place in this world. But with only the sheltered commune he grew up in as experience, his hope of finding somewhere he can fit in seems impossible. That is, until he ends up in Cedar Falls.
Aaron Garnett has dark desires. After he meets Kyler, he fears the innocent man will run if Aaron ever shows him what he truly wants in a lover. But Aaron's just not sure he has the strength to stay away from Kyler.
Can Kyler convince Aaron that his desires run just as dark, or will Aaron feel the risk is too high to give him a chance?
Warning: Interference from well-meaning friends may lead to uncontrollable laughter, especially when a mini-Jesse is introduced.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Chiseled Wood (MM)
26 Ratings (4.8)

Chiseled Wood (MM)

Cedar Falls 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,151
26 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This book was so good. I love Jesse he just love's all his friends and the love he has for his niece. This book has it all
Nancy Henry
Loved it!!!




When a huge grin appeared on Parker’s face along with a radiant kind of happiness that only appeared when he was around his husband, Aaron knew Jesse had to be the one who had just caused the bell above the door to jingle as he entered.

“Angel,” Parker said, even as he got up from his seat and headed toward the front.

Not really wanting to see the pair kissing when Aaron’s own love life had been bleak as of late, he continued to eat his chili. He could greet Jesse when he joined them, as Aaron was fairly certain he would.

“Parker, I’d like to introduce you to the new manager of Nice ‘N Rosy,” Jesse said. “Kyler Prince, this sexy man is my husband, Parker.”

“Kyler,” Parker said. “I’m so glad to meet you. Would you both like to join us for lunch?”

Aaron silently groaned. They were in a booth. That meant Aaron would need to make room, which was a bit awkward. Using chainsaws, handsaws, and axes to chisel the logs he used to create his works of art, not to mention having to lift those heavy logs, had built Aaron’s muscles. It made it a tight fit to put another person on the bench with him.

“We’d love to, wouldn’t we Kyler?” Jesse asked without actually letting the man speak. Then again, when Jesse wanted something he rarely gave those with him a choice in the matter.

“Oh, uhm,” a soft voice Aaron assumed was Kyler, said. “Actually, I don’t have any money for lunch.”

But, as if the man hadn’t said a word, Jesse tugged him to where Aaron still sat. “Hey, Aaron,” Jesse said as he slid into the other side of the booth. “This is Kyler. He’s new to Cedar Falls.” There was a twinkle in Jesse’s dark eyes that instantly put Aaron on edge. “Maybe you could show him around. Help him find a place to stay. Even take him to the casino so he can see that Cedar Falls has some interesting night life.”

“Oh, but,” Kyler tried to interrupt, but Jesse, being Jesse, didn’t pay him any attention.

“How about it, Aaron? I hear there is a slot tournament at the casino and they are introducing the new chef at Bliss tonight with a special menu.” But instead of waiting for Aaron to answer, Jesse turned to his husband, who had slid into the booth next to him, leaving only Kyler still standing. “Shane claims this new chef is really good. How about we make a night of it? I could invite the gang to give Kyler a chance to get to know them.”

Parker hadn’t said a word when Jesse turned first to Kyler, then to Aaron and said, “Aren’t you going to scoot over and let Kyler sit down?”

“Sorry,” Aaron said as he moved over. It wasn’t until Kyler actually sat down that Aaron really looked at the man next to him.

Dull brown eyes stared at him through thick black rimmed glasses. Nothing about Kyler was anything but plain, ordinary. Even his dark hair seemed to just sit on his head as if it had no style. Then there was the obvious fact Kyler was as uncomfortable being there as Aaron was, especially since he had to be partially pressed up against a relative stranger because Aaron’s large body took up most of the seat.

Feeling for the guy, who clearly was out of his element, Aaron stuck out his hand. “Aaron Garnett. It’s nice to meet you Kyler.”

Kyler peered at his rough calloused hand as if it might just bite him, but eventually pressed his hand in Aaron’s. “Nice to meet you to,” he said.

“Good,” Jesse said as he pushed at Parker to get back up from his seat. “Now that you two are friends, Aaron, would you mind walking Kyler back to Nice ‘N Rosy while Parker and I make the rounds to our friends to coordinate tonight?”

Aaron opened his mouth to object. Not that he minded walking Kyler to work, but he had to get back to his own shop. But, in usual Jesse fashion, he wasn’t given the opportunity to say anything.

“Make sure to set up a time and place for you two to meet so you can take him to the casino tonight.” Jesse pulled Parker by the arm toward the door. “I’ll arrange dinner for six, which will give us plenty of time to gamble afterward.”

The door opened and Parker and Jesse headed out with a final wave. “See you both tonight.”

Then they were gone.

Aaron’s gaze went from the now empty doorway to Kyler. He’d seen Jesse do this in the past, but it was always to others, not him. Now what was he supposed to do?




“Anything you want,” Aaron said honestly. He wasn’t going to take sex off the table. He still believed it was best they waited but he also wasn’t going to deny Kyler if he asked. “I think I have something that would be perfect.”

The smile he received had Aaron’s heart racing as he got out of the truck and went around the front to Kyler’s door. He didn’t even hesitate to take Kyler into his arms and carry him into the house. It was what they both wanted. Where Kyler belonged.

When he set Kyler back on his feet, Aaron kept him close for a kiss. He made it brief as he was excited to get started. “Go take a shower and meet me in the living room naked.”

Kyler nodded. His eyes shone brightly as he said, “I won’t be long.” Then he was racing off to do Aaron’s bidding.

Damn but Aaron loved how responsive Kyler was.

Smiling, Aaron headed into his room to shower himself. Thoughts of getting to touch all that smooth flesh again had Aaron rushing. In no time he dressed, once more heading into the living to wait on his sweet boy.

The moment Kyler came toward him, completely nude, Aaron felt his body tighten. Aaron had been with a lot of men over the years, all experienced subs, yet never once did he remember wanting anyone as much as he wanted Kyler.

“You are so beautiful,” he murmured as Kyler stepped right into Aaron’s arms.

Not able to resist, Aaron captured Kyler’s mouth in a heated kiss that had him once more questioning his sanity for not just taking what Kyler was clearly offering. Before he lost what little control he had left, Aaron pulled back.

“You nearly make me forget myself,” he told Kyler.

Those sweet brown eyes, Aaron had once thought plain, blinked up at him. “Would that be so bad?”

No, it wouldn’t. Not that Aaron was going to tell Kyler that. “I think we should start the scene.” This time, he planned on giving Kyler a taste of the darker side of BDSM. Nothing too severe, but not as benign as having Kyler sit at his feet.

“What is your safeword, boy?” He started every scene this way, even when Kyler sat at his feet. To Aaron there was nothing more sacred, or important, as a safeword. It was the reason he insisted it be repeated each time.

“Dandelion,” Kyler told him.

“Good boy. Are you ready?” he asked.

Kyler’s voice was strong and clear as he answered. “Yes.”

Aaron felt his lips lift upward as pride filled him. Kyler was a true diamond in the rough. Anyone who thought otherwise was a fool. Sitting down on the couch, Aaron patted his thighs. “I want you to drape yourself, face down, across my lap.”

Those brown eyes looked into his for a full minute. Aaron could practically see Kyler’s mind spinning. He gave his little one the time he needed to make his decision. A smile that was as bright as the sun formed on those lush lips and, as if he suddenly realized he hadn’t moved yet, Kyler practically leaped onto the couch and did as Aaron had asked.

Aaron helped Kyler get into position, letting Kyler’s cock jut in between Aaron’s thighs. Satisfied his boy was comfortable, Aaron said. “I’m going to give you ten swats. I want you to count them out.”

He rubbed his hand across both pert cheeks for a moment before lifting his hand and swatting the right side. He smiled when Kyler let out a squeak of surprise. “You okay, boy?”

“Ye-yeah,” Kyler stuttered even as his dick grew harder between Aaron’s thighs.

“I didn’t hear you count,” he reminded Kyler.

“Oh. S-so-sorry. One,” Kyler managed to get out.

Aaron rubbed the cheek he’d just spanked, easing the sting. “Good boy.”

Then he lifted his hand and repeated the process on the left side. This time Kyler moaned, his ass lifting up as if begging for more. “Two.”

Aaron kept the slaps fairly light as this was Kyler’s first time, but he still made sure each one was felt. By the time he reached eight, Kyler’s dick was dripping with precum. The last two swats he made harder.

In response Kyler started pumping his hips, causing his prick to rub between Aaron’s thighs. Wanting Kyler’s first spanking to be as good as possible, Aaron allowed him to continue thrusting as his hand landed for the last time.

A groan that sounded as if it was ripped from deep within Kyler rose up. Aaron’s cock twitched at hearing the heavenly sound. He was hard as a rock with no real stimulation to his cock. Then Kyler’s body jerked, his hips thrusting down and heat sprayed Aaron’s legs as Kyler came apart in his arms.

Damn but that was hot.

Aaron leaned back and unzipped his pants. He took hold of his dick and gave himself a couple of strokes before ropes of pearly white seed shot out to coat Kyler’s back and side. The sight of marking Kyler’s body had Aaron’s balls unloading even more cum until he was completely empty.

He needed to take care of his sub, but Aaron couldn’t move after such an explosive orgasm. He just needed a minute, then he would move. Hopefully.

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