Destined (MM)

The Unrequited Trilogy 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,359
2 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Several months have passed since Tristan and Joshua's relationship was pushed to its limit, in the worst of ways, yet they've managed to overcome the lies and deceit. Their relationship is now stronger than it’s ever been, however, a single phone call may be about to change all of that. As Tristan discovers something that could irrevocably destroy everything they have built, Joshua has a life altering decision to make.
In this final installment of the Unrequited Trilogy, Tristan and Joshua’s relationship is faced with yet another complication, neither of them could have ever seen coming. With the arrival of a new man in Tristan’s life, will Joshua make his lover’s fear a reality, or will he prove that their love is indeed destined?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Destined (MM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Destined (MM)

The Unrequited Trilogy 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,359
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“To think you’d do something like that for a man shocks me. Damn, no matter how nice I asked in the past, you always told me to fuck off and deal with it. Don’t tell me our little Skye is in love?”

Skye blushed furiously as she jumped up out of her seat. “Your schedule is pretty empty today, boss man. I suggest we eat lunch in and go over some of those quarterly repair reports. The annual report is due soon.”

“Okay, I’ll give you the topic change, but just this once.” With a smirk, he grabbed his cell phone off of the pile of papers he had been working on. “Good idea on lunch. I’ll message Joshua and see if he wants to join us. I’m sure he’ll be itching to hear all about Mr. Indie-author Carson.”

Skye gasped playfully. “Shit, I can see it now. The Spanish Inquisition will have nothing on Josh. He keeps warning me about payback.” Smiling softly, she turned back toward the door. “I’ll go get the reports and some menus. You call Hottie, and no carrying stories while my back is turned, or else!”

Tristan hit speed dial on his cell as he watched Skye flounce from the room. He’d have sworn he seen sparkles and butterflies floating around her head a few seconds ago. She was that high on love. A scary image indeed. Chuckling, Tristan turned in his seat to glance out of the large windows lining one side of his office. It was a beautiful day. The sun was high in the cloudless sky, illuminating the newly planted flowerbeds below. He loved this time of year and enjoyed watching the trees grow lush and green as colorful blossoms lined their thick trunks.

“Hello, handsome. What can I do for you?” Tristan smiled at the sound of his man’s voice. He loved that southern accent. Husky and deep. Alluring. “Tristan?”

“Oh, um, sorry, baby. I got lost in one of those Joshua daydreams.” Joshua laughed out loud, and the sound delighted Tristan. “Are you free for lunch today? Skye is in schoolmistress mode and is making me play catch-up with my reports. We’re eating in. Join us, please.”

“I’d love to. I’m free until two, and then I have a shopping date with Cal. He’s being all top secret about the location, so I’ve no idea what’s going on. He also mentioned something about a ring. Damn, I should never have asked him out.”

Tristan frowned as he continued to listen to his man talk. It wouldn’t be unusual for Callum to want to go ring shopping for Kari. Their two-year anniversary was drawing near after all. Speaking of which, his and Joshua’s one-year anniversary wasn’t that far away either. “I’m sure you’ll have a great time dealing with him, baby. Just stop by the office any time. Can’t wait to see you.”

“Will do, handsome. Be there soon. I love you.”

Tristan smiled as those sweet words resonated within him. He loved hearing them whispered from his lover’s lips.

“I love you too. See you soon.”

Without another word, Tristan disconnected the call just as Skye came marching back through the double doors of his office. “Now then, let’s do this, boss man!”

Twenty minutes, and a shitload of paperwork, later, Joshua strolled through Tristan’s office door, a beautiful smile in place.

“Hello, you sexy fuckers, where are my kisses?”

Skye squealed in delight, pretending to faint in a total fangirl move as Joshua swooped in to lay a chaste kiss on her lips.

“Yeah, baby. That’s what I’m talking about.” With that lopsided grin of his, Joshua then moved around the huge leather chair Skye was laying in to make his way toward Tristan. “Now it’s your turn, handsome.”

Tristan arched a brow, feigning indifference as he watched his man with rapt eyes. He loved this playful side of him. It got him hotter than when Joshua went caveman on his ass. “I have no idea what you mean, sir, but you will not find any kisses here.” The mischievously hot expression that crossed his lover’s features just screamed that Joshua would get his kiss, and more. Yet before he could voice as much, he was attacked from behind.

“I’ll take his kiss. Forget him. Gimme!” Skye pounced on Joshua, making all three of them laugh, just as there was a sharp knock at the door. “Shit! Saved by the lunch bell, Mr. Malone. For now.”

As Skye skipped off to sort lunch, Joshua turned back to him, brows frowned. “So, what’s going on with our girl? I never thought I’d see the day when she lost all that doom and gloom makeup of hers.” Her unladylike grunt indicated that she’d heard what was being said, but it didn’t deter Joshua. “She is a looker, not that she wasn’t always, but damn. I’m going to get in trouble one of these days. I just know it.”

Skye glanced over her shoulder from her spot at the table, a questioning look in her eyes. “What is that supposed to mean?”

Joshua grunted at her in return, twining his fingers through Tristan’s as he headed toward the table his assistant was laying out for them. “It means if anyone so much as looks at you funny I will have to spank them. Hard.”

When Skye only rolled her eyes, Tristan had to fight off a chuckle. Joshua was being serious. He thought of the girl as a sister, and if anyone hurt her, then they would surely feel Joshua’s wrath. Feeling the need to reassure his man, Tristan wrapped an arm about Joshua’s waist, pulling him in for a quick kiss.

“It’s okay, baby. We’ve had this discussion already. I’ve got the guy’s name and number. If there is anything off about him, then we’ll be able to deal with it quickly and save our girl’s virtue.”

This time Skye was the one to laugh. “Virtue? Sure, guys, you have fun trying to find that shit, never mind saving it. Now, enough about my love life. Food is ready.”

Taking a seat, Tristan glanced at the buffet laid out before him. It looked more like a wedding brunch menu than something three friends would enjoy on any other normal day of the week. The table was covered with a sheet of crisp white linen, and the centerpiece was made up of the most beautiful yellow sunflowers he had seen so far this season. There was a selection of hors d’œuvres, from crab and avocado toast to glazed salmon, smoked shrimp, and warm olives. All of which were a mix of his and Joshua’s favorites. These were accompanied with a selection of fresh sandwiches, stuffed potato skins, pasta, soups, and sliced vegetables for dipping. A bottle of champagne was chilling in an ice bucket next to a glass bottle of orange juice and several other bottled sodas. And a Meissen porcelain teapot was steaming next to a tray full of pastries, cupcakes, and fresh fruit. As usual, Skye had outdone herself.

“Bon appétit, mes coeurs.”

Joshua growled low in Skye’s direction, putting on his best French accent as he began to tease her once more. Their combined laughter was music to Tristan’s ears. Taking a plate each, they tucked into one the best lunches Tristan had had in a long time. There was a lot to be said for spending time with your loved ones.




Propping his intoxicated man against the sink basin, Josh reached into the stall and switched on the double-headed shower. Once satisfied with the temperature, he slowly eased Tristan into the warm flow before going to close the door.

“No! Come with me, baby. What if I fall over?” Pouting like a sulky kid, Tristan stared through the glass door, his eyes heavy lidded with sleep yet full of heat. “I’ll make it worth your while.” Licking his plump, dusky-colored lips, Tristan arched, his hips undulating as he stroked his bare chest. “Don’t make me beg.”

On a groan, Josh pushed his boxers off, exposing the powerful erection beneath, before rushing toward his lover. Panting hard, they met in the middle, all else forgotten as their mouths came together in a wet, sloppy kiss. Tristan swallowed Josh’s low groan as he flattened himself flush against Josh’s solid chest, deepening their kiss, tongues caressing and teeth lightly nipping. “…love…you…” Moving away, Tristan kissed a path downward until he was on his knees.

“T, wai—”

His words were cut short as his lover wasted no time fisting Josh’s throbbing shaft and easing the blunt head into his welcoming mouth.

“Fuck!” Swinging his hips, he sank balls deep into the warm cavern of Tristan’s throat, humming in delight as his man took everything he had to give. “That’s so damn good. Always, fuck.” Tristan moved forward, changing the angle of his strokes as his head bobbed back and forth along Josh’s now slick shaft. The rhythm and suction making his sac draw up tight as he shuddered in delight. “Dammit!”

With a wet plop, Tristan released Josh’s cock, glancing up at him from under hooded eyes as he continued to stroke him off. The steam from the shower cloaking him in an ethereal mist. He was so damn beautiful. Those piercing gray eyes of his, lined with such dark lashes, burned fiercely with both love and lust.

“I adore that face. Seeing the pleasure I make you feel. Knowing that I’m the only one who can do that to you.” Tristan’s voice was husky, the deep tone making Josh’s cock twitch. “That’s right, baby.” With an attentive tongue, he flicked the tip of Josh’s ruddy, bulbous head. Suckling on it lightly he teased every ridge and groove tortuously.

“If you keep that up, I’m going to come. Hard.”

Squeezing the base of Josh’s throbbing shaft, Tristan smirked before doubling his efforts. On a grunt, Josh threaded his hands into his lover’s dark, lush locks as he continued to thrust shallowly, gasping and groaning as his man took him over the edge with his mouth alone.

“Don’t. Shit!”

Josh came on a surge, his cock kicking and pulsing as Tristan sucked him dry. His man was amazing and as per usual Tristan took great pride in cleaning Josh up, igniting a white-hot fire deep within his gut. It increased his passion and excitement to almost unbearable levels.

“I need you. Take me, T, now!”

On a grunt, Tristan tugged hard on Josh’s hand, bringing him down onto his knees so they were face to face. “Turn around.”

Doing as he was told, Josh turned to place his palms on the cool tiled wall, thrusting his ass back against his man’s hot, throbbing shaft. “Fuck, I need you too, baby.”

Panting hard, Tristan rubbed the bulbous head of his cock against the tight entrance of Josh’s hole as he reached overhead for the shower gel. Josh watched raptly as his lover lathered his fingers with the cold liquid, teasing and preparing Josh for his intrusion. “I can’t…hell—”

Growling low in his throat, Tristan began to thrust against Josh harder and harder, the tip of his cock pushing inside inch by inch until he was buried to the root.

“Hurry, T. I’m about to fucking die here.”

Tristan chuckled, his hot breath fanning Josh’s throat as he leaned forward to place chaste kisses to his jaw. “Hold on tight.”

He didn’t give Josh time to brace himself, however. On another deep growl, Tristan straightened up on his knees and began a hard punishing rhythm as he pounded into Josh from behind. The force of each perfectly angled thrust had both their breaths leaving them on harsh puffs.

“So. Damn. Good. Fuck!”

Josh nodded in agreement because words failed him. He could barely breathe, never mind talk. His jaw was too busy clenching down hard in pleasure to allow for anything else. He was so fucking close to losing it.

“Tristan. Please.” White-hot heat suffused his entire body, the blood rushing to his ears and drowning out all other sounds in the room. “Please.” His cock throbbed deliciously. “Please.” His balls grew up tight, and his lower back tingled as he met Tristan’s thrust for thrust. “Please! I’m going to” Just as Josh was about to find his release, Tristan reached around to grip the base of his shaft, stilling them both as he leaned in close.

“Never forget this moment, baby. Never forget that only I can do this for you. That nobody else will ever know you, or your body, this well. That only I can ever love you this much.” Josh cried out unintelligibly as he tried to thrust into his lover’s tight fist. “Tell me you understand. Tell me you love me as much as I do you, Joshua.”

Popping his eyelids open, Josh turned his head to the side, his forehead meeting Tristan’s as they fought for breath. Why was Tristan saying this stuff? He knew what he meant to Josh, and vice versa. But right now Josh’s body was too eager for release to fixate on anything else.

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