[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Cowboy Romance, M/M/F, werewolves, HEA]
Jayel has hunted the werewolves of Shay Falls since the night a pack killed her parents and turned her brother into one of them. Now a power-hungry alpha has turned the tables, capturing her and holding her hostage on a ranch while the allied packs decide whether to use her in their fight against a returning enemy, or simply to kill her.
When Jerrod, a sexy ranch hand, stumbles over her in chains, he wants to do more than rescue her—but just her luck, her white-hat hero is a werewolf, too. And one of her annoyingly sexy captors, David, has an erotic, seductive nature that stirs unsettling urges at the worst time imaginable. One of them can’t claim her fast enough. The other will fight the potent and primal instinct to make a werewolf killer his mate. 
With enemies on all sides, Jayel will face unforeseen consequences of her quest for vengeance, and the results could end all hope of happiness with the two wolves who can no longer live without her.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Disarming Cowboys (MMF)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
An excellent end to the series well thought out and full of action. A very enjoyable read.




The wolf lunged for her, rage burning his gold eyes into a reddish-orange as he grabbed hold of her forearm and opened his mouth. Long, curved fangs descended into place.

“No, Jack, don’t!” yelled one of the men, but it was too late. He bit down on her arm.

She tried to yank away, but the gold-eyed demon held her arm fast between his teeth. The bite that would have cursed her if not for her protective gear clamped down with fury, and, on sheer survival instinct, she swiveled her gun on him and fired. A loud pop exploded through her eardrums as the werewolf’s eyes widened and then went dull. He let go and hit the ground, his chest smoking.

“Jack!” yelled one of the men behind Solomon, and she was barely aware of a blur of motion as someone detached himself from the group and landed beside the fallen body.

“Jayel!” exclaimed Jayson. “Jesus, he bit you.”

She peered intently at the tooth marks that had been dug into the tough leather of her bracer. “I’m okay. The bite didn’t go deep enough to break the skin.” Adrenaline-fed relief quivered in her voice. The arm guard had saved her from a fate worse than death.

“Murdering bitch,” Solomon called, and the rest headed for her.

Jayson tried to free himself to intervene. “He bit her! That son of a bitch tried to turn my sister.”

One of the others came at her, but her gun swinging around halted the advance.

“Stop,” she said. “Unless you all want to take a silver nap with your friend.”

The man holding vigil over the body at her feet rose in a sleek, predatory motion, placing him far too close to her.

“Back the hell off unless you want to join him,” she snapped.

Solomon’s eyes were blazing with more than the yellow gleam of his wolf side. “You can’t get us all before we get to you.”

She smiled coldly. “But I can get you.” She shifted her aim. “And judging by your alpha attitude, I’m betting nobody here wants that.”

To her surprise, he smiled right back. “David, have Adam and Darryl bring in our cooperation insurance.”

Jayel frowned. “Your what?”

Solomon wasn’t listening. He was frowning at the man nearest her. “David.

Her focus shifted to this “David,” who wasn’t paying the slightest attention to his alpha. He was standing stiff as a fireplace log, staring at Jayel like she was a long-lost relative—or worse, a girlfriend. Either way, he was gaping at her like an altogether different type of meal than the rest of the werewolves. He was better looking, too, and, considering how much bare skin she was being forced to endure, she could make that judgment from head to foot. Tall, brown-gold eyes fixated on her. He had thick hair she couldn’t quite name the color of, sort of a mixture of auburn and blond, but yet not the strawberry shade of her brother’s. His build came off as athletic-meets-steroids. Other parts of him she refused to catalogue, but they registered in her mind as impressively male. David would be quite the lady killer if not for the utterly ridiculous wolf-in-the-headlights expression he currently wore.

“David!” Solomon snapped.

The man’s head whipped around to the alpha, who was glaring at him.

“Thank you for joining us,” Solomon said. “Care to get your ass outside and have the others bring in our guest?”

With another glance in Jayel’s direction, the man turned and left. She didn’t want to, but she monitored his retreat by focusing on his ass.

“What the hell is all this?” Jayson shot off. “Have you lost your damn mind?”

“I had a theory you were lying to the packs when you said you didn’t know where your sister’s been holed up,” Solomon said. He glanced around. “Now I know I was right.”

“I wasn’t lyin’,” Jayson said. “We agreed to meet here. I have no idea where she’s stayin’.”


“And so what if I did know? Don’t we have bigger problems right now? She ain’t the enemy.”

“You’re short a few brain cells if that’s what you think. Didn’t you just watch her shoot one of our own in cold blood?”

“It was self-defense,” Jayson said. “The bastard bit her. Was turning her the plan all along?”

Solomon eyed him evenly. “I’ll admit the idea of ensuring her permanent cooperation was discussed.” He looked at her with a curled lip, and she shivered. “But that idea was vetoed as impractical.”

“Obviously not all of your pack got that memo,” Jayson said.

“He wasn’t trying to kill her,” Solomon replied. “Her punishment far exceeded his crime.”

“Don’t kid yourself,” Jayel said, raising the gun higher. “He planned a far worse fate for me than what he got in return. And you’ll find I don’t take kindly to werewolves who bust into my house and hold me against my will. Call it a sore spot. So if you don’t stand the hell down, you’ll be the next one to leave feet first.”

“Not unless you want to break your poor brother’s heart,” Solomon said.

She didn’t get a chance to ask before David and two others came in, holding a man between them that she recognized. His long, native black hair hung in his face, but the dangerous glower of golden eyes still showed through. He wore nothing but snug jeans with the fly flapped open.

“Zane,” Jayson said, his eyes widening. He redoubled his efforts to get free of the dark-haired minion hanging on to him, but one of the others left Solomon’s side and helped subdue him.

“Found this one sniffing around outside,” Solomon said. “Anything happens to me or another of mine and your brother will die—after he’s forced to watch his mate go first.”

The gun wavered, but she kept it aimed at the bastard and his smug grin.

“Jayel,” Jayson pleaded. “Do what he says.”




Jerrod worked his way down until he was pulling on her hiking boots. David cradled her on his lap and kissed her deep while Jerrod peeled off her jeans. She was naked then, her dark pink nipples and red pussy curls exposed to two rabid stares. Need radiated like heat in the damp cave, flushing her cheeks and emboldening her to kiss David harder, dragging her fingers through his hair. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her back, and she arched to press her breasts up into his seeking hands.

Jerrod’s clothes had come off by the time he parted her thighs, and his cock was red and hard as it stood out over her mound. She expected him to use it on her as soon as he had her legs spread, but, instead, he leaned down to give her damp pussy a wet, hot tongue bath.

She stiffened in David’s arms. “Oh,” she said, her pleasure soaring high along the top of the cave. “God yes, Jerrod.”

His tongue plunged inside her while David pinched her nipples, and she squirmed in his lap, crying out until her surrender to pure lust echoed all around the walls. Sex with one werewolf had shown her that lovemaking wasn’t the distasteful prospect she’d always imagined it to be. Sex with two made her never want to do anything else.

David’s hands molded her breasts, kneading them while he sucked on her tongue. She pulled him in with all her senses, tasting his sweet tongue, inhaling his musky, heavenly spiced masculinity, listening to his groans and the sounds of his breathing. David’s body transformed her perspective, warping her mind like a drug that could instantly addict with just one sample. Oh, she’d wanted him before, yes, and she’d enjoyed his sleek body and hard dick. But with Jerrod in the mix, their joining fused with a sense of purpose. They were made for this. Jerrod and David could reach a core of her existence she hadn’t thought anyone could uncover, not even herself.

Jerrod raised up and put his cock up against her entrance. “Say you want me,” he said, rubbing the tip of his dick along her wet slot until she wiggled against him in frustration. “That you know this is what fate intended.”

She’d have admitted to anything to get that cock where it belonged. “Yes, Jerrod. I want you.”

“Lay down.”

She frowned at that. “I already am.”

But he was talking to David. He lay back, pulling her with him so she was on her back on top of him. His cock pressed against her ass, pulsing in a way she very much remembered.

“You first,” David said.

Jerrod rose up on his knees between both their spread thighs, aimed his cock where she was dying to feel it, and took what he wanted. He drove into her with a grunt that she mirrored. She’d thought his rod sliding in would ease the ache in her pussy, or maybe that it would hurt her because she was inexperienced and the lack of pain with David had been a fluke. However, his plunge into her body possessed her in a way even David’s had not. She’d been in charge with David, sinking onto him rather than the other way around. Jerrod entered her with a mission beyond orgasm.

He stopped, every muscle corded and tense, when he was fully immersed.

“Oh, yeah,” she heard David say. “I can feel it.”

Jerrod closed his eyes with a smile, leaving Jayel to ponder this latest sensation. Maybe she didn’t dare think too much more about how perfectly they fit together. It was a dangerous fantasy envisioning that they were meant to stay locked together this way forever.

“Jerrod,” she murmured. “Please.”

She hoped he would fuck her hard and fast, get things over with before she lost any more of herself to them, but he pulled halfway out and lifted her hips.

“What are you doing?” she asked, feeling her shoulder blades dig into David’s chest as Jerrod raised her lower half.

“We’re doing you,” David whispered, “in case you hadn’t noticed.” He was reaching between them to grab his cock. “A little higher, Jerrod.”

Her bottom came down to find his dick prodding her other hole. She tensed immediately. “You can’t be serious.”

“This involves both of us at once,” he purred into her ear. “You’re about to find out what that means.”

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