[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, werewolves, sex in partially shifted form, HEA]

As the newest headliner at Hot Pink, Brandi Lyn Cherry gets paid well to dance, though not enough to enjoy it. When sexy cowboy Marcus Talbot arrives, however, she’s hot and ready to give him her best private show. He doesn't want to pay her to dance, though. He wants to pay her to stop.

His possessiveness is almost as intriguing as his other love interest, Seth Barnum—a cowboy who’s as sexy and male as Marcus himself. Their allure is unavoidable, and discovering that both are werewolves from Shay Falls’s most infamous pack drags her into a world far darker and more erotic than the one she left. But when their alpha, Kade, comes for Brandi to exact a price on the wolves for disobeying his prime command, all three of them are in danger of losing far more than their secrets—and their hearts.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Disgraced Cowboys (MMF)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
A very good read.
Brilliant and oh so hot. I am lovin this series.
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Conversation ceased, and all the men looked at one another. The distant cry of a lone wolf pierced the silent pause, and four heads whipped around in alarm.

“It’s him,” Caleb said. “I’m leavin’. Best you all do the same.”

Brandi thought her befuddlement over the bizarre discussion couldn’t get any worse. When the man claiming he was about to leave peeled his T-shirt over his head and unzipped his pants, however, her confusion sharpened. What the hell was going on?

The man began to quiver with an odd vibration that didn’t quite seem explainable by the cool mountain air. While she stared in amazement, hair shot out over his body, and he hunched over unnaturally. Impossibly. With the pop of resettling joints, the man-shape contorted and dropped down on all fours. Within moments, a pile of clothing on the ground was all that remained of the cowboy. A grayish-brown wolf stood in his place.

She barely managed to stifle the gasp that followed but fell backward and hit the dirt square on her ass. The wolf’s head snapped around at the sound of the muffled thud, sniffing the air.

It saw her.

The wolf snarled and crept toward her, its head lowered and eyes glowing menacingly. Those eyes! They were lit by the same golden fire shared by all the men who were now sweeping the area behind the Dumpster.

“Shit,” the short one said. “Got ourselves a fuckin’ eavesdropper.”

“Oh, God,” she murmured, unable to get to her feet. The wolf was closing distance rapidly. She scooted back on her hands and ass, feeling pebbles dig painfully into her skin. Why had she come out here? So much for trusting her instincts.

“Leave her alone,” Marcus said with an authoritative air. The wolf paused but bared its fangs at her.

“But she saw,” the short man said, sneering at her almost as angrily as the wolf in front of her.

Marcus stepped forward until he was beside the animal. “It’s all right. She’s with me.”

He leaned down to offer her his hand, and after a moment, she took it.

“You mean she’s…” the squatter man started, trailing off when Seth shot him a warning look.

Marcus’s hand was blessedly warm, as was he when he drew her tightly beside him and turned to face the others. Nevertheless, a chill swept over her at what she’d just seen.

“Oh, Jesus,” she whispered, shaking harder.

Marcus must have felt her shiver, because he looked down at the skimpy bikini the other men—and a wolf—were all openly staring at and swore under his breath. He let go of her and began unbuttoning his shirt. Her eyes opened wide in question when he tugged it off to reveal a mouth-watering chest. He settled his shirt, which was toasty with his body heat, around her shoulders.

“Thanks,” she managed, holding the fabric closed in front of her. She was used to men staring at her, of course—that was what she got paid for. Still, these eyes were too damn unsettling.

“You okay?” he asked.

She shook her head. “Not even a little okay. What just happened?”

“Isn’t it obvious, darlin’?” His eyes were glowing brighter now than the moon overhead. “We’re werewolves.”

She would have laughed, if not for the animal three feet away. “Werewolves. As in ‘of London.’”

He made a face. “More like shape-shifters than shaggy men with bad teeth, but you get the idea.”

“‘We’ are?” She glanced around at their searing and oh-so-similar stares. “So that’s how you’re related. How do you even exist?”

“I hate to interrupt this touchin’ moment,” the short man said, “but we need to get the fuck up on out of here before Kade shows. But I have my concerns about leavin’ the filly here with our secret.”

“I told you, she’s with me,” Marcus shot back, and something about the way he said “with” shifted some glances back and forth. No doubt he was giving them all the wrong impression about their relationship. Still, she could give a shit what he claimed was between them, if that meant the wolf-things would leave her alone.

Meanwhile, Seth’s eyes were everywhere on her, and she kept tossing nervous glances at him. She had to admit he was damn handsome, though in a different way than Marcus. Why the gorgeous ones were always gay was beyond her understanding. Then again, the way he and Marcus looked at her was anything but platonic. Her head was beginning to hurt just trying to make sense of everything.

Without another word, the squat cowboy tugged off boots and shirt. She knew what was coming, tensed for it, but still gasped when his body began to ripple and contort. His wolf was a darker brown than Caleb’s, and not surprisingly, more compact. After one final look at her and each other, the two wolves picked up their cowboy hats with their teeth and sprinted away, disappearing into the line of trees along the edge of the alley.

That left her alone with Marcus and Seth, one of whom was rubbing a large hand along her arm while the other devoured every inch of her with a hungry yet oddly conflicted look. A man with that much restrained lust would be worth a hundred bucks inside the club, easy. Yet the glimmer of yellow in his eyes whispered to her that he wasn’t a man, not in the strictest sense. She was in the presence of supernatural beings. Creatures of night. And maybe he wasn’t lusting after her. Maybe he just hadn’t eaten yet.




Marcus’s long, callused hands slid to her breasts, and where Seth’s touch had been maddeningly light and teasing, his was fevered and bold. He hefted the weight of her mounds in his palms while his tongue thrust deep in her mouth, and she shivered against him. Seth, not to be forgotten, got on his knees and did for Brandi and Marcus what she’d imagined doing to the men just moments before. His tongue went to work on the cock poking against her pubic hair, while his fingers drove in along the wet cleft between her thighs. He dragged them over her slippery, bare cunt lips while Marcus kneaded her breasts and went to work on her nipples. He circled each one with his thumbs, tracing circles over the brown areola until she thought she’d go insane with need. Her nipples ached for his touch, and she pressed her torso closer to try and rub them against his chest. His grip on her mounds held her just barely away from his skin, however, even when she circled his upper back with her hands to pull him nearer.

She let out what was becoming a familiar whimper of frustration. What was it with werewolves wanting to tease her until she, too, became a wild animal?

Marcus’s mouth finally left Brandi’s to explore the sensitive zones behind her ear and along her neck. She let her head fall back, giving him better access, and shivered when his tongue found the delicate hollow at the base of her throat. Her shudder had much to do with the fact that she was chilling rapidly from being so far from the fire pit now, but there was no way she was going to say so and interrupt the unthinkable pleasure of two men’s hands on her body.

Seth’s hand left her even as she had the thought, however, and he roughly grabbed Marcus’s hips to twist him away from her crotch. This gave Seth a better angle to suck that long, heavily veined cock, and his mouth drew it in hungrily. His slurping noises were palpable to Brandi as a heated twinge low in her stomach. Jesus, she never would have guessed that the sight of two men together would be such a turn-on, but Seth looked so fucking hot with his lips sliding over the thick, ridged dick, which was growing harder and more purpled by the minute.

Marcus let out a loud gasp as Seth’s mouth sank over his shaft, and she could see from the way he tossed his head back and uttered a string of grunts interspersed with profanity that he was rapidly losing control. She wanted him to lose control, and she very much wanted to be the cause of it.

Brandi wriggled out of his grasp on her tits and went to her knees beside Seth. He was so preoccupied that he didn’t notice her silent request to join him, but a firm drag of her nails over his ass stiffened his spine, and he pulled away to look at her. His smoldering stare and erotic smile welcomed her in, and she licked her lips before moving close to sample Marcus’s bobbing erection.

She might not have been a fan of receiving oral sex—until Seth, that is—but giving it was another matter. Using her lips, tongue, and throat to take utter control of a man was a thrill that in the past had almost been enough to break through the relentless lack of sensation she experienced during sex. Lord knew she’d experimented enough with it in hopes of finally putting an end to her frigidity.

She flicked her tongue over his cock’s swollen tip, and Seth moaned at the sight before leaning in to do the same. They laved his shiny cock head together, then took turns drawing just the tip into their mouths and letting it go with a slight pop.

“Jesus, yes,” Marcus swore loudly, and he put a hand on each of their heads to urge them on.

Seth turned her toward him enough so he could again stimulate her clit with his fingers. She reached for him and found his cock so stiff that it seemed ready to burst. After sliding her fingers delicately along the length to indulge the feel of the velvety yet hard flesh, she closed her fist around his thick girth and worked the shaft firmly up and down.

“Fuck, darlin’,” he said with a rasp against Marcus’s cock, and he kissed her over the top of it. “Your hand feels incredible, jackin’ me like that. You make me want to come just touchin’ me.”

That increased her efforts, and she sped up her hand job with her free hand alternating nail strokes up the insides of his thighs and cupping the balls that hung large and swollen between his legs. His actions on Marcus’s cock became erratic and jerky now, and they each took one side of that long shaft and ran their tongues and lips from the base to the end, pausing at the tip for a deep, feral kiss.


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