[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Cowboy Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, werewolves, HEA]

Rose Hartford is headed to her temporary nursing assignment when she swerves to avoid a wolf in the road and finds herself in the arms of a virile, naked man instead. She wakes up in the hospital with a concussion and her cowboy rescuer watching over her. Caleb is beyond gorgeous and stirs feelings she’s never known—until her equally magnificent doctor walks in and sends her vital signs soaring.

Stephen Williams and Caleb Green lead very different lives, yet they share a secret. Both are werewolves who recognize in the other their destined mate, and they want Rose in the middle of their erotic pack bond. When their offer involves a deeper commitment than she’s willing to give, she decides to leave town. To win her back, they must save her from more than her fear of surrender. An old enemy has returned to Shay Falls, seeking revenge.

Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Disobedient Cowboys (MMF)
9 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Good book. I liked how the characters were introduced & the shuffle to find the alpha & the disbelief of the girl. Liked it, glad I purchased it.



His thumb stroked the back of her hand, and the fireworks he touched off were impossible to drown out.

She gaped at him. “Are you asking me on a date?”

He smiled. “I suppose I am, in a manner of speaking.”

One man’s arm was draped around her seat while another one asked her out. She flicked wild glances back and forth between them. Caleb wore a casual, almost smug smile while Stephen made a play for her right in front of him—and right after Caleb had had his hand in her pants. Whatever rabbit hole she’d tumbled down, it was a deep one.

“You’re asking me this in front of Caleb,” she said, “whose arm you see around me. And that doesn’t bother you?”

His eyes shifted to Caleb. “Guess you didn’t tell her about me, did you?”

“Tell me what about you?” she asked.

Caleb shrugged. “It didn’t come up.”

The other man narrowed his blue-gold gaze. “‘It’ didn’t, or I didn’t?”

“Other things have been goin’ on.”

Stephen’s tone grew edgier. “Yeah, I’m aware of that. And yet what should have come up first wasn’t mentioned. That bothers me. A lot.”

She stared at him quizzically. Just when she thought she’d wrapped her head around the conversation, it drifted off into the unknown again.

Caleb made a clucking sound at Stephen. “See, that’s the difference between you city fellas and cowboys.” A shiver ran down her arm when he moved his hand from the couch to stroke her shoulder. “Ya’ll are in such a hurry. Cowboys, well, we like to take our time with things.”

“Except when those ‘things’ involve getting it on with a mate,” Stephen said. “Then you move right in for the kill.”

Heat flooded Rose’s cheeks.

“And by the way,” Stephen went on, “it just so happens that I am a cowboy. Was, anyway. I spent six years working a ranch right here in Shay Falls.”

Caleb laughed. “Is that so, Doc?”

“It was a while ago, I’ll admit. But it’s true.”

She stared at him. How old was he? Certainly not much more than thirty. How could he have been a cowhand for six years, graduated medical school, and practiced long enough to land a hospitalist position? Had he been four years old when he “worked” this ranch?

“Once a cowboy, always a cowboy,” Caleb said. “If you say it in the past tense, I ain’t sure you had the chops to call yourself one in the first place.”

Stephen gave Caleb a one-sided smile that tinged on dangerous. “So far as I can tell, I have the distinction of being the very first cowboy in this town to get that life yanked right out from under my boots because I got turned.”

Caleb’s smile vanished.

Rose’s brow furrowed. “Turned? Turned into what?”

Stephen’s gaze honed itself on Caleb like a blade on a whetstone. “You told her nothing at all? How could you be intimate with her without telling her the truth about yourself?”

Several things about that statement set off Rose’s internal alarms, and the first one she jumped on was the last one she should have been worried about. “Whoa, whoa. Why are you acting like it’s a given Caleb and I have been intimate when you know we barely met yesterday?”

His dangerous grin turned her direction. “Are you denying you’ve been with him?”

She bristled and shifted on the couch, pushing Caleb’s stroking fingers away with an irritated grunt. “It’s none of your business if I have or not. I just find it curious you’re assuming I throw myself around freely when the truth would probably surprise the hell out of you.”

“What truth, that you’re a virgin? That wasn’t the question I asked.”

Her eyes widened. “You, too? What is this? Don’t tell me that piece of information turned up during my medical exam.”

He ignored her tirade and focused on Caleb. “Why the hell didn’t you tell her the truth?”

Caleb’s eyes flashed, and he gave the front of his shirt a vicious tug. The snaps on his shirt gave way, baring his still-injured chest. “When you get shot at by silver bullets not just because of what you are, but who your pack was, then you can lecture me about my reluctance to share my darkest secrets.”

She gaped at him. “Would somebody please answer at least one of my questions? What darkest secrets?”

“Why don’t you ask Caleb what happened to the wolf you ran into with your car?” Stephen asked.

“The wolf?” She frowned. “What about it?”

“You mean this wolf?” Caleb snatched up the sketch pad from the coffee table and flipped to the drawing.

Stephen gazed at it with a question in his eyes.

“Rose drew this picture off of a dream she keeps havin’,” Caleb said. “Even though she ain’t never seen the falls.”

The other man nodded. “Not that there was any doubt who she is.”

A spark of irritation touched off in her chest. “‘She’ is sitting right here. And by all means, Caleb, go right ahead and show my private artwork to anyone you feel like.”

“Stephen ain’t just anyone, darlin’.” Caleb’s smoldering look heated her stomach. “And I think you know it.”

The buzz of questions shouting in her mind silenced when he scooted closer to her, invading every inch of her personal space. “You feel it, don’t you?” His voice was low and throaty. Mesmerizing. “There’s somethin’ about Stephen that you can’t explain. It’s irresistible. Strong enough to pull you right off your pretty feet. It’s the same feelin’ you have for me.”

He leaned closer to her with every sentence until his words surrounded her like a hypnotic cloud. She was leaning, too, unable to curb the urge to bridge the gap and taste his lips.

“You’re starting up with her again,” Stephen said, “and yet you still haven’t told her what needs to be said.”




She felt his cock pulse and swell, and Caleb gave her a tight, knowing smile while Stephen emptied himself inside her. Hot fluid gushed from her slit, and her eye contact with Caleb deepened, intensified. The intimacy between them was palpable, even though he wasn’t allowed to touch her. Stephen’s orgasm shook her deeply, too, and with his release came a wave of potent gratification. Her body had completed his to such great satisfaction, a thought that stirred her hunger until she was ready to attack Caleb with or without Stephen’s permission.

The notion barely had time to circulate in her thoughts before Stephen pulled out of her and pushed her legs off Caleb’s thighs so she was straddling his hips instead. Her sensitive, wet clit brushed the erection that pulsed stiffly between Caleb’s legs, and she let out a gasp.

“I find her most definitely compatible,” Stephen said to Caleb in between hoarse, ragged breaths, and he lifted her bottom and reached between her legs to grasp Caleb’s hard cock. “And you were quite obedient.”

Stephen guided Caleb against her cunt, and he pushed her hips down a little until the head of his cock shoved inside. She cried out, and Stephen moved his hand so she could fit Caleb in completely. She sat straight down on that throbbing shaft, and their still-clasped hands gripped each other’s hard enough to hurt when she took him all the way into her body.

“Oh, Rose,” Caleb said in a tone of disbelief. “Oh, God.”

The words required no explanation.

Her cunt clenched tightly around his dick, and she sat there, studying the way his glowing eyes and serious expression fluctuated in time to the throbbing and jerking between their legs. She expected Stephen to back away now and leave them to their time together, but that was far from what he did. He gripped her hips again, much the way he had while taking her from behind, and he moved her so that he was making her fuck Caleb’s cock. Up and down he slid her on that pulsing erection, her clit rubbing along his groin and belly with each motion. She got the idea quickly and took over, using her thigh muscles to drive herself down on Caleb, forcing him deeper inside. As long as his dick was, there was a sort of bottoming-out feel when she rode him this way, but she didn’t care. She wanted more and more of him inside her, wanted to take his entire being into hers and hold him there forever. Her clit had more primal and immediate needs, though, and she made a deliberate point of dragging her throbbing bud along his firm body as she rose up, and pushing it firmly to the base of his pelvis when she sat back down.

Stephen was still behind her, and he sharpened her pleasure by kissing his way up her spine until he was nuzzling her neck. Gooseflesh broke out everywhere, and her whimpers of desire turned to lusty, shameless moans. His hands circled around to grab her breasts, pulling on her nipples while she rode the rugged, sexy cowboy beneath her. Nothing in her life had ever been this good, and something in the back of her mind panicked, whispering for her to stop before she crossed a line she would never be able to venture back over.

But it was already too late.

Stephen pressed his body close, where she could feel his cock hard and ready against her ass. Part of her was so firmly entrenched in the experience of joining with Caleb that she could barely register anything else. The other part desperately wanted her to turn around and make love to Stephen face-to-face.

How wrong was it for her to feel this way about two men simultaneously? Neither of them seemed troubled by it, but it just didn’t seem reasonable. How could passion flow so readily for both when it had never even trickled for anyone else? Yet there was no denying it. If it were anatomically possible for her to fuck them at the same time, she’d sure as hell do it.

Then she felt the tip of Stephen’s cock against her tight asshole. Despite what she’d just been thinking, she froze in panic.

“Don’t,” she whispered over her shoulder. “It wouldn’t be right.”

“Everything we do together is right,” he murmured, though he stopped pushing himself against her. “Are you afraid of the pain?”

She nodded.

“Did it hurt when I took your virginity?”

“No.” And the realization surprised her. She hadn’t given much thought to the fact that it should.

“A werewolf’s mate won’t feel that pain with their partners,” Caleb said, his eyes filled with reassurance. “It’ll be okay, Rose. But it’s your choice.”

Stephen ran a hand over her ass cheek. “Let me be part of your pleasure while you’re claimed.”


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