Displaced Cowboys (MMF)

Lone Wolves of Shay Falls 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 60,369
7 Ratings (4.0)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, voyeurism, light consensual BDSM, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Terra Benson is having a serious crisis of judgment. First, she inexplicably runs away from her twenty-first birthday party. Next, she not only picks up a sexy, hitchhiking cowboy, but she rescues another one found near the road after a strange wolf attack. On top of all that, while suffering from a mysterious fever that has her experiencing all-new meanings of the word “hot,” she takes Connor Darach and Nash Walden to a motel room. There, the most shocking secret she learns is not that her cowboy strangers are werewolves. They are werewolves with a lust for being bound.

Terra discovers that the biggest freedom of all is in being tied, but she must deal with fallout from her past before she can step into the future. And when the threesome’s passion is threatened by a huntress set on revenge, Terra and her werewolf heroes must fight for survival in order to fulfill their desire to be bound.

Note: This book is written in one point of view.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Displaced Cowboys (MMF)
7 Ratings (4.0)

Displaced Cowboys (MMF)

Lone Wolves of Shay Falls 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 60,369
7 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Connor strode down the sidewalk, toward the end of the long, one-story row of motel rooms. Her eyes fell to the way his ass twitched with a hot swagger, and then she launched herself after him.

“Where are we going?”

“We have to hunt before he wakes up.” She sped up, and Connor shot her a sideways glance. “And when I say ‘we,’ I mean me.”

“Hunting? I don’t know how to hunt. Wouldn’t it be better if I stayed in the room? Nash might need something.”

“Oh, he’ll need somethin’, but he ain’t gettin’ it from you. You’re safer with me.”

“The man’s sleeping and hardly in any shape to try anything. Besides, you don’t even have any weapons.” Except for the extremely lethal one she’d groped beneath his belt.

“That nap Nash is takin’ won’t last much longer. He’ll wake when the night comes, and matters will be much worse than what you saw by the roadside.”

“You really have an issue with nighttime, don’t you? Are you afraid of the dark?”

They rounded the end of the building, and Connor strode with purpose toward the woods behind the motel.

“What happens at nightfall?” she persisted.

“Full moon.”

She crunched through rocks and dirt, half running to keep up with his long strides until he stopped suddenly just outside a line of pine trees. “So?”

He sighed. “If you insist on stayin’ here for this, you may as well understand right now what you’re dealin’ with.”

For the second time that day, Connor peeled his shirt over his head, and she felt the moisture in her mouth evaporate.

“Okay,” she said with more of a dry croak than she’d have liked. “What am I dealing with?” Besides a hormone invasion that could take down a high school gym.

He shot her a grim smile. “I’m not what you’d call your average cowboy. Nash is about to join the club. There’s no easy way to tell you this, Terra. I have to show you.”

Her thoughts toggled between pornographic and medical possibilities for what he was about to reveal. How bad could it be, really? True, he certainly couldn’t be accused of being “average.” Ruggedly movie-star beautiful, maybe. Bizarre and puzzling, definitely. But average? Hell, no.

She clutched herself around the middle. “So, hit me with it already. Give up your mystery.”

He eyed her. “One condition first. If you’re gonna run, do not run to the room.”

She snorted. “You may have noticed I don’t jump and run easy, either.”

“Yeah. I’m gettin’ that.” His eyes failed to reflect the humor she was trying to inject. “I’m serious, though. That’s not where you wanna be.”

An odd, faraway expression crossed his features. “You didn’t find me by accident, Terra. You’re special, too, in your own way. You were meant to be a part of this secret and to keep it. Don’t be scared of me. I won’t hurt you.”

“I’m not scared.” Which was probably one of the crazier admissions she’d made today.

Still, something in the way he said the words prompted her to step back and hug herself tighter around the middle. She could run, if it came to that. Maybe not as fast these days, but her car was close by, and the keys were in her pocket.

Connor’s eyes began to shimmer with that odd, golden flame again. She cocked her head and stared at the mesmerizing golden gleam, unable to drag her eyes away. A low growl came from his throat, and a strange aura came alive just around the sides of his face. It gave his skin a crawling, rippling appearance. Then, gray hair began sprouting on his face and body. His growl deepened as somehow, impossibly, his whole face began to droop. It looked like his jaw had come unhinged and was sliding down toward his chest. Her breath caught when he leaned forward, and with a gruff barking sound, his body began to shrink.

He hit the ground on all fours, and she jumped back with a shriek. She shut her eyes to will the hallucination away. She’d had them before, of course. Those delusions had been courtesy of some rather powerful IV meds, though. What was her excuse this time? Maybe the bizarre fever she was suffering had her seeing things.

She opened her eyes to see a gray-brown wolf sitting on its haunches in front of Connor’s clothes. The animal stared up at her with fiery, gold eyes as it lowered its body until it was lying on the ground.

“Jesus,” she whispered. “This isn’t happening.”




Her heart fluttered at the sight of his pain, his need for something to drive it away. She glanced around for something that would distract him from the torment of having a bullet cut out with no better anesthesia than a couple drags of booze.

A memory flickered of the day they met, and she leaned close to him. “Remember when you asked if I’d ever been so driven by animal passion that suffering and pleasure blurs into one and the same thing?” she whispered.

He gave her a questioning look that quickly devolved into agony as Nash got to work. Terra acted quickly. She reached down and pulled her nightshirt all the way up over her head, exposing herself to him completely.

Nash swore and gaped at her. “Holy Christ.”

Her cheeks flamed under his scrutiny, especially when his blazing eyes dropped to her newly shaven pussy, but she slapped at Nash’s arm. “Hurry up and finish before the shock value wears off.”

“That ain’t never gonna happen,” he said in awe, but he bent back over Connor’s leg.

Connor, too, stared at her with the hunger of a starving man at a free buffet, but his head shot back with a barely stifled yell when Nash began rooting inside the wound with her tweezers. Instead of pressing her hand to his mouth, she covered it with her lips and pulled his free hand to her breast. She felt his body go rigid beneath her, not in passion, but no doubt in sheer agony over Nash’s ministrations.

The muffled scream grew louder, and she pulled back long enough to cover it with one hand, grab the whiskey with the other, and pour some into her mouth. She returned to their kiss with the burning alcohol still on her tongue, which she thrust into his mouth. The swallow of whiskey that they shared brought a light sensation to her stomach. Then she took his hand and slid it all the way down her body this time, right to her sensitive, naked cunt.

Whiskey dribbled from both of their mouths as they devoured one another, and somewhere within his stifled cry, something more animal and needful emerged. His hot fingers slid over her pussy lips, sending throbs of longing through her. She bucked her hips against his hand and groaned in pleasure. This time, he pulled away to take another mouthful of liquid burn, then went back to her lips and let the whiskey flow between them. The drink went down easier this time, heating her stomach almost as much as the feel of his tongue diving around hers and his fingers sliding down her wet slit to find her cunt opening.

A single finger slipped inside her, and she cried out against his lips. She tried to push her pelvis off the back of the passenger seat to get him in deeper, but she was bent in an awkward crouch. Her knee throbbed, but she didn’t give half a damn. His touch brought the rest of her body alive. The need to claim womanhood roared deep inside, hardening her nipples into tingling nubs and sending her head into a dizzying spin. Maybe the alcohol helped that along, but what she was really getting drunk on was Connor’s moans, his feverishly swirling tongue, and the possessive fingers seeking to claim her.

Connor wedged the bottle of Jack between his hip and the backseat and dragged her hand down to his briefs. The erection waiting there was huge, throbbing and long enough for the head to stick out through the waistband. She grabbed hold of his shaft and milked it hard, but when his hips thrust upward in response, Nash gave an unpleasant grunt.

“Will the two of you keep still so I can do this? You make me slip with these tweezers and I’ll end up yankin’ out one of your nuts.”

“Sorry,” Terra breathed against Connor’s lips. “You told me to distract him.”

“You’re distractin’ me, which ain’t exactly what I was goin’ for.”

Connor just growled and pressed her hand tighter against his pulsing cock, thrusting his tongue deeper into her mouth. Her cunt juices increased, sliding over his probing finger. “If all you’re offerin’ is a quick distraction,” he said hoarsely, “you’d best stop right now. Cuz I ain’t plannin’ to stop once that bullet’s out.”

“Who said I was planning on stopping?”


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