Do It by Hand (MM)

Cedar Falls 24

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,341
20 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Romance, M/M, HEA]
Welcome to Cedar Falls, a small North Carolina town nestled amongst the Smokey Mountains. Where the people are friendly and the men are hot.
Tobias Walker grew up hearing about white knights and princes riding in on a white horse to save the day. That was until his father died and he was forced to live in the basement of his stepmother’s home. Then he was forced to face the harsh reality of life—fairy tales didn’t exist.
Finch Jarsdel had recently retired from England’s infamous SAS. Had he known he’d sit in his flat all day binge watching the telly, he might never have left his special forces unit, even if his heart had no longer been in it. When he received a phone call to chase down Bigfoot, he thought the guy was touched in the head. But with nothing else to do, Finch headed to a small town in North Carolina called Cedar Falls.
Warning: Buckle up for the ride of your life as Jesse celebrates the New Year as Mayor, Finch and Tobias fall in love, and Bigfoot takes out the gunmen intent on terrorizing the town.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Do It by Hand (MM)
20 Ratings (4.6)

Do It by Hand (MM)

Cedar Falls 24

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,341
20 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Just finished Do It By Hand and once again I'm in love with Cedar Falls and all the wonderful people who find their way there. Toby and Finch are so good together. And I can't wait for the stories of Finch's new business partners finding their own fairy tales. It's another sweet, feisty and hot book written by Shea Balik.




The bell above the door chimed, jerking Finch’s attention to the two men who’d just walked in. Finch found himself dumbstruck at the sight before him.

He was sure he had to be seeing things for there was no way he was witnessing a man dressed like a sexy Scottish elf. He wasn’t sure that had been the man’s intention but that’s what he looked like in his bright Christmas red platform boots, red and green kilt with a form-fitting green long-sleeved shirt that read in letters that matched the boots, Dear Santa, I’ve been good this year. Why are you laughing? Never mind, I’ll get my own gifts.

They were in a small American Southern town. Didn’t they normally shoot a guy dressed like that? But as outrageous as the man’s outfit was, he hadn’t been the one to capture Finch’s interest. The stiff, impeccably dressed man next to him did.

Dark brown hair, with enough product in it to ensure not one strand would move out of place, had Finch’s fingers itching to mess it up just so he could see what the man would do. Actually, he found himself wanting to take the cute, stuffy man in his arms and kiss him until his rigid posture was melted and relaxed.

If he did it right, maybe Finch would even manage to put a few creases in the guy’s perfectly pressed shirt and slacks. It was all Finch could do not to stride over to the cutie and do exactly that.

But it was what came out of those firm lips that had Finch’s jaw dropping to the floor. “Mr. Mayor, if I could…”

Finch couldn’t believe it. Those words were directed at the flamboyantly dressed man. When Finch had agreed to come to Cedar Falls, he’d done some research, but clearly not enough. He’d made assumptions about a small town like this not being tolerant and he’d just been proven wrong.

He’d feared he’d come there for nothing when he’d first arrived to find it smaller than he’d imagined. Finch refused to live in the closet. Not that he necessarily advertised his sexuality, but he also didn’t want to have worry about being jumped by a bunch of rednecks with their small-minded bigotry.

“Tobias, I already told you, three times, to call me Jesse, not Mr. Mayor.” Jesse sounded more than a little annoyed with Tobias.

Tobias shook his head even as he argued, “But you’re the mayor. As such, you deserve the respect the position entails and that means being called Mr. Mayor.”

Jesse ignored Tobias and smiled a little too brightly to the woman behind the counter. “Brenda, thank God you’re here. I need an extra shot of espresso in my macchiato today.”

“Jesse, you know I’m not allowed to give you an extra shot of espresso.” Brenda was giving Jesse a hard stare. “After last week, you’re lucky I’m allowed to serve you at all.”

Intrigued, Finch didn’t even bother to pretend he wasn’t listening to the exchange. Jesse was who he was there to meet, but if he were honest, it was Tobias he couldn’t take his eyes off of.

One shiny red boot slammed onto the hard wood flooring as Jesse threw up his hands in exasperation. “You know that wasn’t my fault.” The look Brenda was giving Jesse said she knew no such thing.

Clearly seeing she didn’t believe him, Jesse placed his hands on his hips. “It wasn’t. How was I supposed to know Zane was going to bring those boxes through the front of the store?” Jesse pointed to the back room where Finch assumed was the kitchen. “He usually goes out the back for deliveries.”

Brenda didn’t seem moved by his excuse. “You damn well know with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, people pick up their own orders just about every day because we can’t keep up on that many deliveries.”

“But not on a Wednesday,” Jesse insisted. “Who has a party on a Wednesday, anyway?”

A man in a white baker’s outfit walked out of the backroom and cocked his hip as he said, “Bible Study at the church, which, if memory serves, you attended.”

Jesse tossed his hands back up in the air like he was in some sort of dramatic scene of a movie. “You were there, Zane Dempsey, which was why I assumed you’d take them out back to your own car to deliver them. Plus, if you think about it, this was all your fault for having Christmas music playing. You know when Mariah comes on with ‘All I Want For Christmas is You,’ I can’t help but dance and sing along.”

Finch was stumped. He had never liked the holidays, so he hadn’t heard the song. The few Christmas songs he had been forced to listen to over the years weren’t exactly danceable.

“I can hardly be blamed for doing what comes naturally, can I?” Zane opened his mouth to obviously refute Jesse’s claim, but Jesse kept right on talking. “It wasn’t my fault you came barreling out of the back room with so many cartons stacked up you couldn’t see where you were going. If anything, you ran into me, causing the boxes to go flying and pastries to scatter everywhere.”

“And if you hadn’t insisted on that second macchiato before Bible Study you wouldn’t have been so jittery that you felt the need to dance,” Zane shot back.

Jesse cocked his head to the side and stared at Zane as if he’d lost his damn mind. “Since when do I need coffee to dance? I mean, it’s like you don’t even know me. You’re supposed to be my best friend, yet we might as well be strangers.”




The growl in Finch’s voice had Tobias’ cock taking interest. The man was sexy when he sounded all gruff with indignation. It didn’t hurt that it was in defense of Tobias.

“Yeah, they do.” There was no point in denying the obvious. His stepfamily had made his life a living hell. “But despite them, I’ve managed to start my own business and live in my own apartment.” His cheeks hurt from how big he was smiling. It felt good to say it out loud. That he had found a way to make it even though his stepfamily had done their best to keep him down.

“Since I started working for Jesse during his campaign, I’ve felt like I was living in some sort of fairytale. I’ve made a lot of friends, opened my own business, have my own place to live and now…” His eyes met Finch’s and hope bloomed at the love and pride he saw shining in those blue eyes. “Now, I have you.”

Finch grinned at him, his arms tightening around Tobias and pulling him closer so their lips were just touching. “You definitely have me, Toby.”

In the next breath, they were kissing. It started out soft and tender. An exploration as their lips melded together. But then one of them moaned. Tobias was fairly sure he’d been the one to make the noise, and like a match to dry kindling, the kiss ignited into tongues tangling and hands grabbing at clothing as they desperately tried to get to skin.

Tobias wasn’t sure when it happened but he found himself lying on his back. The weight of the Finch’s big body pinning him to the cushions felt heavenly. He didn’t even care when he heard material ripping. He couldn’t exactly afford to have his clothes ruined, but if it meant getting skin to skin with Finch, Tobias was willing to make the sacrifice.

His own hands tore at the buttons of Finch’s shirt. He faintly heard a button ping against the table as it flew off but Tobias managed to get the others free without ripping them.

Then Finch’s body lowered to his once more and Tobias let out a groan as the heat of Finch’s bare skin touched him. It was like being next to an oven, Finch was so damn hot. He warmed Tobias from the inside out, igniting a maelstrom of need inside him that Tobias feared would never be satisfied.

Now that he’d had a taste of what life could be like with someone he loved, Tobias was greedy for more. He’d been deprived for too long and found himself wanting to crawl inside Finch because there was no close enough.

A growl rumbled around him and Tobias’ cock jumped in excitement. “Wrap your legs around me,” Finch commanded.

Quick to obey, Tobias did as ordered.

Finch stood up, with his hands cupping Tobias’ ass as he strode out of the living room and into the bedroom, never stopping the intense kiss that had Tobias’ toes curling. The ease with which Finch carried him made it seem as if Tobias were light as a feather. Considering the muscles that flexed each time Tobias touched him, Finch was quite strong.

Moments later, Tobias was on his back once more with Finch pressing him into the mattress. He was about to have sex. Him. Tobias Walker. God he hoped he didn’t pass out before he got to the good part. It wasn’t out of the question considering how excited he was at the moment.

He moaned as Finch started a trail of kisses along his jaw, then nipped and licked a path down Tobias’ neck. His cock jerked when Finch found a sensitive spot. Finch zeroed in on that inch of skin, sucking and biting until Tobias was writhing beneath him.

He was about to come. There was little Tobias was going to be able to do to stop it. Everything Finch did sent his body soaring higher and Tobias had never known the touch of another man. It was all too much.

He wanted to warn Finch but all that came out of his mouth was, “Ungh.” That was when one of Finch’s fingernails flicked across Tobias’ nipple.

Another strangled sound erupted from Tobias just as his cock unloaded to fill the space between them. Heat instantly filled Tobias’ neck and body. He wanted to crawl under the covers and hide at having come without even a hand touching his dick.

“Bugger me,” Finch swore softly. “That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

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