[Siren Ménage Everlasting ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, public exhibition, sex toys]

It’s been eight years since Boston and Flynn loved and parted, but the pain of Flynn’s betrayal still has the power to bring Boston to his knees. Flynn doesn’t know why Boston pushed him away and disappeared, but he aims to find out. When he realizes they have a second mate, he couldn’t be happier. Too bad Boston is running scared from Malakai as well. Malakai was left alone and brokenhearted because Boston refused to accept their mating. When fate offers a second chance, he seizes it with both hands. He’s not willing to come between Flynn and Boston, but he hopes the two shifters have room in their hearts for him as well. When a coven leader petitions for a mating contract with Malakai, the only thing that can save him is a claiming bite from his mates. But first, they’ll have to accept him—fangs and all.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Gabrielle Evans is a Siren-exclusive author.

Endless Midnight (MMM)
74 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This book makes me smile. I love the new beginnings and second chances given in this story. I love Boston and his jaded heart, Flynn and his forgiving nature, and Malakai and his confusion. Endless Midnight is such a sweet story. I adore the healing that this story brings to the characters. This book is the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. The end of this book is the opening of a new series. I love that the world of the moonlighters continues to grow and change. It's an exciting adventure. Love it.
Crissy M
I just love this series. Boston is such a gentle and hurt person, then he meets his two mates. Hot is only one discription's I could use. This a good read. I highly recommend the series and this book to you.
Professional Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "Boston doesn’t want a mate, let alone two. He’s been betrayed by Flynn once before and he isn’t going to give the man any more power over him. As for Malakai, the only good vampire is a dead one. Book five of the Moonlight Breed series, Endless Midnight, reintroduces Boston and Malakai to the readers. When last we saw these two, Boston realized the small vampire was his mate but after the torture he suffered at the hands of other vampires, the young shifter denied Malakai, harshly. Once readers learn of the treatment Boston suffered as a young man, his actions will become more understandable. Once Flynn is introduced into the story Boston’s problems really begin. The author brings together three completely different men, each with issues they must overcome, and shakes them up even further by making them mates. Their journey isn’t always an easy one and, at times, I wondered if Boston would ever be able to put the past behind him. There are many twists and turns in their journey as all the men in the series are still plagued with problems caused by the rogue vampires and shifters. Just when it looks as if Boston, Flynn and Malakai will get together, and things are starting to calm down, the author throws in just one more curve ball that is sure to keep readers interest till the last page. Endless Midnight should not be missed." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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“Well, are ya comin’?” he asked Boston. “Or will ya be sittin’ this one out?”

Boston was out of his chair and stripping off his clothes before Flynn even had the words out of his mouth. Delighted with his lover’s eagerness, he spanked Boston on his gorgeous ass, hustling him out of the room and toward the stairs.

They didn’t make it any farther than the carpeted space behind the sofa, though, before Boston was on him, lifting Malakai out of his arms and depositing him on his feet. The feral glint in his mates’ eyes had Flynn swallowing hard and praying that he didn’t embarrass himself by coming in his jeans.

They didn’t just jump him, they attacked him, pulling him to the floor and ripping his clothes off, shredding his shirt and tearing his pants. When they had him naked, the primal grunts and animalistic growls of approval went straight to Flynn’s cock, making it flex against his lower belly as he sprawled on his back, completely at his men’s mercy.

Malakai crawled up his chest, straddling his hips, and moaning when their swollen cocks rubbed together. “Missed you,” Malakai groaned before slanting his mouth over Flynn’s and pillaging the warm depths of his mouth.

Oh, Lord, the man consumed him, inhaled him, and completely devoured him. The soft snick of a bottle cap drew his attention, but he wouldn’t give up his claim to Malakai’s mouth to investigate further. He didn’t know where the lube had come from, but he didn’t really question it. He couldn’t even count the tubes of KY and Astroglide he’d found stashed in every imaginable place around the house. With three sets of horny mates on the premises, he supposed it was only to be expected.

Malakai stiffened above him, moaning into his mouth, before his muscles relaxed, and he started rocking his groin against Flynn’s. “Yes, please. Yes, please,” he chanted, and the sound was so beautiful, Flynn’s cock swelled further and leaked against his abs.

Gripping Malakai’s hips in a bruising hold, he thrust up against his lover, grinding their dicks together.

“Almost,” Boston panted. “One more finger.”

He must have chosen that moment to insert that finger, because Malakai’s head fell back on his shoulders, and he cried out to the ceiling. Oh, sweet hell, was there anything more amazing than the sights and sounds of his men’s desires? If there was, Flynn had yet to witness it.

“Hurry, Boston. I’m needin’ to feel this sweet little arse wrapped around my cock.”

“Patience,” Boston threw his words from their first time back at him. Flynn could even hear the smirk in his lover’s voice.

He thought about arguing, but then those warm, slippery fingers turned their attention on his clenching pucker, and all thoughts fled. A deep growl rumbled in his chest, and his eyes rolled back in his head as Boston pumped two thick fingers into his needy hole.

“You have a gorgeous ass, baby,” Boston crooned. “It’s going to look so pretty wrapped around my cock. Gonna make you scream, Flynn.”

Malakai sat up to look into Flynn’s eyes, smiling mischievously. “Are you going to scream for us, Flynn? Are you going to come in my tight ass and mark me from the inside out?”

“Sweet Jesus.” Flynn moaned, dropping his head back to the carpet and arching his hips up when Boston inserted a third finger. The burn was minor, the pleasure overwhelming any discomfort almost immediately.

“Are you ready for me, love?”

Flynn grunted his agreement, rocking his hips back against Boston’s hand. Those long fingers slipped out of his ass, replaced by the blunt tip of Boston’s cock. “Tell me if it hurts, and I’ll stop.”

“Don’t stop,” Flynn begged when Boston began pushing into his ass. He wasn’t a virgin by any means, but it had been a long time since anyone had taken his ass. “So good.”

Inch by torturous inch, Boston fed his monster cock to Flynn’s channel, groaning when he finally bottomed out and his balls nestled against Flynn’s ass. He held still, seemingly to give Flynn a chance to adjust to his thick girth. Then he patted Malakai’s hip, urging him up. “Climb on, baby. This isn’t going to last long.”

Malakai wiggled forward until Flynn’s hard length slid along the crease of his firm bottom. Cool liquid dribbled down Flynn’s cock and over his balls. “Hold on, cowboy,” Malakai teased then lifted his hips up, positioning the weeping tip of Flynn’s crown against his slick hole.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Malakai dropped down in one quick movement, impaling himself on Flynn’s cock until his soft butt cheeks rubbed against the top of Flynn’s thighs.

A ghrá!” Flynn’s grasp tightened on Malakai’s waist, holding on for dear life as the man rode him hard and fast.

The tight, wet heat surrounding his throbbing shaft made his head spin, his balls churn, and own ass clench greedily around the invading length inside his dark depths. His knees were pushed to the sides and back toward his chest, opening him wider as Boston began an all-out assault, pounding into his body at a demanding tempo. He could feel every ridge and vein, each pulse of Boston’s heart against his inner walls.

Malakai planted his hands on Flynn’s chest, his face the most exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain as he jackhammered his hips, pushing Flynn closer to the edge with every plunge. Boston’s rhythm slowed, his hips rolling in waves that did deliciously sinful things to Flynn’s body.

“Close,” Boston grunted.

Malakai moaned his agreement. He bent forward, scraping his canines along the column of Flynn’s throat, then licking away the sting. “I want you to scream now, Flynn. I want you to come in my ass and scream so loud that you shake the windows. You are mine.”

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