Finding Love (MF)

Learning to Love 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 66,717
2 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Abbey felt like her life was torn upside down when she discovered her husband cheated on her and filed for divorce. After a year long pity party, her friends think she needs to get her life back in order, so she decides it's time for some changes and that includes finding a job.
She is so proud of her son, Brian, for starting his first summer job as a camp coach for the local Parks and Rec department. Summer is going well until her ex-husband flips because Brian doesn’t want to see him. Luckily for her she has met Seth, former soldier and owner of S&C Security. He is gorgeous with a tall, muscular build and bright green eyes, but Abbey fears he will not accept her son.
Will Seth stick around and protect Abbey and Brian or will he run when he realizes just how crazy Abbey’s ex really is?
Note: This book is written in one point of view.
Note: This book is written in first-person point of view.
Note: This book is not stand-alone. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Finding Love (MF)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Finding Love (MF)

Learning to Love 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 66,717
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




I am about to point out a cute guy to Sarah, when I realize who I am looking at.

“Oh, my God, oh, my God! It is him!”

“It is who?” Sarah asks.

“The guy from outside the store the other day.”

She responds with a, “No way!”

I tell her to scope his eyes. They are the most perfect green eyes I have ever seen.

Tracey sees who we are talking about and says, “Damn, girl! He is hot!”

He must feel me staring at him because he turns right to me, and I instantly turn around, embarrassed to be caught. He starts over to our table with a sense of purpose, and I am mortified, and beet red in the face. Tracey is hitting my arm and telling me to pull it together because he is almost here. I suddenly hear, “Hey, ladies.” I close my eyes. What a sexy-ass voice! I can smell his cologne, and it is heavenly.

I turn around and say, “Hey.”

“What are you ladies up to tonight?” his sexy voice asks us.

Tracey responds with, “Oh, you know, just a girls’ night out, a few drinks, and some dancing.”

He looks right at me and says, “Nice. Maybe I can get a dance, later?”

“Sure,” I respond back with a smile.

Then I realize my panties are soaked, and it reminds me of just how long it has been since I have had sex. I am not even referring to good sex, just sex in general. I don’t dare tell the girls that, but excuse myself, and go to the ladies’ room. When I return, there is another round of drinks at the table, and the music has gotten a little louder. I grab my seat, and enjoy my next drink. I catch myself scanning the bar looking for him, and realize he didn’t even tell me his name. I probably won’t even see him again tonight. I mean, if he really wanted to dance, he would have introduced himself, right?

Sarah must realize I am thinking too much, because she grabs my hand and pulls me on the dance floor. “Dark Horse,” by Katy Perry is playing. There are not a lot of people out here, but that never bothered us; we are known for getting the dance floor started.

I tell her that I feel like someone is watching me, and she responds with, “That’s because he is watching you.”

“Are you serious?”

She smiles and nods at me, and I just start laughing like she told me a funny joke. We dance another song together, and Tracey joins us, filling us in that Melissa is going to hang out at the table, as usual. I see him head over to the table, and the feelings I have are not good. I am feeling a bit angry as I watch him talk to Melissa. Did I misread the situation? How could he have looked right at me, and asked me to dance, yet he is talking to Melissa? Still watching the scene unfold at our table, Melissa notices, and as soon as he walks away she gives me a thumbs-up to let me know they were probably talking about me. I instantly regret getting angry, and will myself to gain some control. I don’t even know his damn name!

I shake him out of my head, and start dancing again. Sarah taps me on the arm, and points to our table. He has bought us a round of drinks, and I realize I am not sure how I feel about this. Coming on a bit strong, no? I decide to head back to the table, and of course Sarah and Tracey follow.

As we arrive, he turns around and says, “This round is on me.”

I say, “Thanks,” with an attitude.

Sarah looks at me like, What the fuck? and I shrug my shoulders.

He walks off with a slightly hurt look in his eyes, and I instantly feel bad. What is my problem? It is just a round of drinks! Why am I mad? I knew coming out was a bad idea. After a few sips of my drink from Mr. Hottie, I decide I need to hit the ladies’ room so I can try to change my mood. I leave the table walking with my head down because my mind is reeling, until I smack right into what feels like a brick wall. I look up to apologize, and it is Mr. Hottie himself. I roll my eyes at my clumsiness and apologize. He looks me dead in the eyes and says, “Maybe I should be apologizing. It seems I’ve upset you,” as he takes his hand and removes a piece of my hair from my face. His touch sends a wave of shock through my body, and I break out in goose bumps.

“No, you didn’t upset me. Thank you for the drinks. It’s just that…I …um… It’s complicated.”

“Like you have a man complicated?” And I want to laugh and tell him I was once married, but he was no man.

“Ex complicated.”

He smiles and says, “Ex complicated is way better than man complicated.”

This time I do laugh. I hold out my hand and say, “Abbey,” by way of introduction. He returns the shake and says, “Seth.”

“It is nice to formally meet you, Seth!”

“Trust me, the pleasure is all mine.” I realize I am no longer in need of the ladies’ room, and I invite him to join us. He declines but tells me he will be around for the dance I promised him. I smile and say, “Great, see you soon.” When I get back to the table my friends all have their mouths hanging open, and they beg for details. I fill them in on his name and our conversation and how he has promised to stop back over for a dance, and I realize I haven’t stopped smiling.




Seth has started the movie. I am snuggling against him on the couch. Nuzzling against his chest I take in his musky scent. He looks down into my eyes, and slowly lowers his lips to mine. We start to kiss and it quickly turns into a much deeper kiss. A minute later, I find myself beneath him on my couch with his hand sliding up my leg to my ass. He stops kissing me and squeezes it. “You have an incredible ass,” he says while smiling down at me. Leaning back down he claims my mouth while his hand works its way up under my shirt lifting it up to palm my breast. He pops it out of its cup and looks down in appreciation. “God, woman, you fit perfectly in my hand.” His head lowers to take my nipple in his mouth, and I can no longer lie still. I am squirming as I fear I’m going to orgasm just from his assault on my nipple. I swear I have never felt so hot and bothered in all my life. I notice his erection pressing against my leg, as his amazing lips move back to my neck, then to my lips. He pauses a minute to gain some control, and his beautiful green eyes look into mine. “We should slow down,” he says as we both pant.

“Or we should move to my room,” I say with a smile as I bite my lip.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to rush you.”

I reach up to kiss him and rub my hips against his erection as an answer, and he pulls away to sit up. “You keep rubbing on me like that I am not going to make it upstairs.”

I laugh as I stand and grab him by the hand to lead him to my room, closing the door behind us. He pulls my shirt over my head and removes my bra. His lips are instantly back on mine kissing me hard and deep. His hand is in my hair pulling it slightly while his other hand is slipping into my pants to squeeze my ass.

I pull away panting as I yank his shirt off and toss it to the floor. As soon as I do he pushes me back on the bed, and I laugh at his playfulness. He is instantly on top of me kissing me just behind my ear and kissing and licking his way down my neck. He takes one nipple in his mouth and sucks it hard as he rolls the other with his fingers. His hand leaves my nipple to make its way down my stomach and into my leggings where he discovers just how ready I am for him. He starts kissing his way down my stomach until he reaches the top of my pants. He uses his muscular arm to lift me off the bed so his other hand can pull my panties and leggings down at one time.

I am so hot for him at this point I am soaked, but he’s not done as he kisses his way up my legs and buries his face in my pussy. He assaults my clit like he can’t live without it, and I am so worked up I can already feel my orgasm building, and I think he knows it because he pulls away and blows on me gently. “I have never tasted anything so sweet.” He says before he blows on me one more time.

“Please, Seth.” I beg for release. He inserts one finger, then another.

“God, baby, you are so tight I can’t wait to be buried balls-deep inside you.”

He uses his magical tongue once again, while he is using his fingers to stretch me, and within a second my orgasm is tearing me apart. He climbs back up my body and pauses for a second before he leans down to kiss me, and he tastes of Seth and my orgasm. I can say it is the first time I have allowed someone to kiss me after that and with him I don’t mind it. He looks me in the eye and says, “I was expecting a night of snuggling on the couch, so I am not really—”

I cut him off. “I am on the pill and completely clean. I have been with no one since my ex, and I got tested as soon as I found out he cheated on me.”

“Good girl! Sorry this was not how I expected this conversation to happen. I swear I am clean too.” Thank god because there is no way I can stop now.

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