Happy Endings (MM)

Cedar Falls 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,772
18 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemorary Romance, M/M, HEA]
Welcome to Cedar Falls, a small North Carolina town nestled among the Smokey Mountains. Where the people are friendly and the men are hot.
Gabriel McCarthy came to Cedar Falls in an attempt to find his own way in this world. What he hadn’t expected was to find friends who would stand by each other no matter who tried to get in their way—or a man he could easily see spending the rest of his life with.
Lakyn Voss had just had the rug pulled out from under him when the mayor of Cedar Falls made it his mission to destroy Lakyn’s business. Determined not to fall victim to the man’s manipulations, he finds solace in Gabriel’s arms.
Warning: A battle of wits ensues in Cedar Falls as the tension rises and the date for the mayoral race comes closer.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Happy Endings (MM)
18 Ratings (4.7)

Happy Endings (MM)

Cedar Falls 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,772
18 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“What do you think of Jesse becoming mayor, Lakyn?” Vail asked.

At times, Lakyn might cringe at the thought of Jesse being mayor, but he knew, deep down – like way deep, deep down – that Jesse would make a great mayor. “So long as he doesn’t actually do half the crazy things he mentions, I’d vote for him.”

Ethan gave a harsh laugh. “Yeah, let’s just hope he doesn’t ban tea from downtown. I might prefer coffee most days but I have to admit to still liking a cup of hot tea on occasion.”

“Or erecting a Bigfoot statue,” Flynn added. “Sure it would be cool, but I also don’t believe the taxpayers should have to pay for that any more than they had to pay for that waterfall monstrosity Mayor Murphy had built.”

“I’d like a Bigfoot statue,” Vail insisted. “And it might add enough mystery to this town to get more people to visit.”

Lakyn would appreciate that. “I agree. Those weekends when the festivals do activities in the woods or on the lakes generate a lot of business for me. Zoey and I are usually booked solid as the men go off on their adventure while the wives stay and get massages.”

Zoey was Lakyn’s partner. They had both worked for Sierra Breeze, a holistic store in town, for about a year. But when the owners Sierra and Breeze said they needed more room for their products and would no longer be able to give Lakyn and Zoey room to give massages, they had decided to try to open their own massage parlor, Happy Endings.

It was tough going at first, but they have been building a steady clientele. They also set up massage chairs during the festivals that brought in really good money.

“See?” Vail said. “Building a Bigfoot statue and having a yearly event to search for him would bring in great revenue.” The smug expression on his face told Lakyn this wasn’t the first time they had argued about the topic.

“Excuse me?” A man in a suit that was way too formal for Cedar Falls approached their table.

Instantly Lakyn was put off by the man’s need to impress. Who did he think lived in Cedar Falls that a suit was needed? This was a small southern town, not some big city where the only morals people knew were the ones that were green and had numbers on them.

“I heard you gentlemen discussing the mayoral race and I was wondering if I may get your perspective on the candidates.” The man’s deep cultured voice sent a small shiver down Lakyn’s spine.

Lakyn tried to stop it, but he couldn’t seem to help himself. There was just something about the smooth voice that made him want to listen all day. Didn’t mean he would, just that he would like to. 

“I haven’t seen you around these parts and that suit clearly screams you aren’t from Cedar Falls, so why would you want to know about our mayoral race?” Ethan asked bluntly.

Compelled to look up at the man whose voice held his attention, Lakyn softly gasped as he stared into brown eyes swirled with amber. They were like the warm honey he drizzled on his toast. Enthralled, Lakyn found himself gazing up at the man, not caring that just seconds before he’d been put off by the stranger for wearing a suit.

“I’m here for an interview with Jesse Grant to be his campaign manager, but I was hoping to get a sense of the man first,” the stranger answered, not even seeming to notice that Lakyn was there. Then again, Lakyn hadn’t spoken so there was no reason for the man to notice him. Not that Lakyn wanted him to.

Ethan immediately stiffened and went on the defensive. “I don’t remember Jesse saying he had an appointment with anyone today.”

“That’s because I don’t have an appointment,” the stranger said. Then he stuck out his hand to Ethan. “Gabriel McCarthy. Nice to meet you.”

But Ethan, Flynn, and Vail just continued to eye Gabriel, silently demanding he explain further.

But Gabriel didn’t bend, which was impressive. If Lakyn’s friends had looked at him like that, he would have given up whatever secrets the three wanted. He probably would have even made up a few just to keep them happy.

Almost reluctantly, Flynn stuck his hand out and shook Gabriel’s. “I’m not sure we can trust you, but I am impressed. Flynn Rankin.”

Gabriel’s lips turned upward just slightly. “Thank you. I must say, it isn’t often I’ve faced anyone as intimidating as you three, and I’ve faced potential presidents.”

Lakyn wanted to leave. He might be attracted to the guy, but it was obvious by the reserved expression on Gabriel’s face that he was as fake as a three-dollar bill. Nothing turned Lakyn off more than those who couldn’t be genuine.

“Wait a minute,” Vail said. “If you’ve met people running for president, what in the hell are you doing in Cedar Falls to meet Jesse?”

Gabriel’s face fell for the first time since he approached the table. It only lasted seconds but it was the first time Gabriel had been real and damn if it didn’t draw Lakyn in.

A haughty note crept into Gabriel’s tone, as if he were trying to cover his mistake of dropping the mask he’d been wearing since approaching them. “Unfortunately, I may have met some of the leaders in this country, but due to my young age and inexperience, I was not given the opportunity to actually help on their campaigns as I had wished.”

Ethan tilted his head. “So, in other words, you want to use Jesse to give you experience of running a campaign to advance your career.”

Those liquid honey eyes hardened into amber. “Even though I wish to advance my career, I can assure you Jesse would benefit from the knowledge I possess in politics. I graduated from Harvard, after all.”

Ass. Yet, even though he thought that about Gabriel, Lakyn couldn’t deny he was attracted. If he had any hope of not falling for the guy, who clearly was used to playing a part instead of being himself, then Lakyn needed to get out of there. Fast.




Nipping and licking along Gabriel’s jaw, Lakyn made a path down his neck. He stopped when he got to Gabriel’s flat brown nipples. Sucking first one, then the other, into his mouth until they were both tight nubs. Then he continued down, leaving a trail of kisses across Gabriel’s taut abdomen.

When he reached Gabriel’s straining prick, Lakyn flicked his gaze to the amber glow of Gabriel’s eyes. Using the flat of his tongue, Lakyn swiped across the tip. Gabriel groaned low in his throat. His hips pushed up as he tried to get closer to Lakyn’s mouth.

Not one to disappoint, Lakyn opened his lips wide and placed them over the wide head. Gabriel’s hands instantly landed on Lakyn’s head, trying to get him in place as he thrust. But Lakyn wasn’t about to let him control this. Not yet anyway. Lakyn wanted to drive him crazy first.

With his hands on Gabriel’s hips, he forced Gabriel to remain still as he suckled on the tip.

“Damn, that’s so good,” Gabriel cried out even as he once more tried to move his hips. But Lakyn wasn’t letting him move, not until he was done.

He turned his head just enough that hair tumbled down the side of his face to caress Gabriel’s balls.

“Fuck,” Gabriel cried.

Lakyn smiled up at Gabriel, whose pupils had gotten larger. Then he slid further down until he had half of Gabriel’s dick in his mouth. As he pulled back, he made sure to tongue the thick vein along the underside.

Gabriel started babbling incoherently. Just what Lakyn had hoped for. As a reward, he took all of Gabriel into his mouth, until the head was lodged in his throat. Then he swallowed.

“Lakyn,” Gabriel shouted. His hands threaded into Lakyn’s hair tightly, as if he needed something to hold onto.

This time when Gabriel’s hips tried to rise, Lakyn let him. He also grabbed the lube he had tossed on the mattress earlier and slicked up his fingers. On Gabriel’s next thrust, Lakyn pushed two fingers deep.

That seemed to only inflame Gabriel further as he started both thrusting into his throat and pushing down onto Lakyn’s fingers. That was fine as far as Lakyn was concerned. He loved that he could give Gabriel so much pleasure. It wouldn’t be for long, though. He didn’t want Gabriel coming until Lakyn was buried as deep in his body as he could get. But that didn’t mean he wouldn’t bring Gabriel to the edge.

Gabriel thrust for a couple of minutes before Lakyn felt the dick in his mouth throb. Pulling off, he grinned when he heard Gabriel whine.

“Hands and knees,” he ordered as he reached for a condom

The moment Gabriel was in position and Lakyn was gloved up, he spread Gabriel’s cheeks wide and placed the tip of his cock at the hole that was winking at him, as if it were inviting him inside.

Not one to disappoint, Lakyn pushed against Gabriel’s guardian muscles until he felt them give. He sighed as Gabriel’s channel wrapped around his cock, squeezing him perfectly. It was heaven and hell. Heaven because he couldn’t imagine a more perfect moment. Hell because once in he had to remain still as Gabriel adjusted.

Clenching his teeth when those muscles contracted spasmodically around him, Lakyn fought for control he wasn’t sure he had at the moment.

Then he only knew bliss when he heard Gabriel shout, “Move, damn it.”

Not needing to be told twice, Lakyn grabbed Gabriel’s hips and thrust as deep as he could get before reversing direction. He set up a hard rhythm, needing to know Gabriel would feel him even tomorrow. It wasn’t something Lakyn normally thought about when having sex, yet, with Gabriel, it seemed imperative that this man not forget every moment they shared together.

Too soon Lakyn felt that telltale tingling in the base of his spine. He wasn’t going to last much longer. He took one hand off Gabriel’s hip and moved it around to his thick girth, stroking him in time with his own thrusts.

Sweet cries filled the air as Gabriel’s channel clamped down like a vise around Lakyn’s cock. Jets of warm fluid poured from Gabriel and onto Lakyn’s hand.

Lakyn pushed in deep and froze. His balls unloaded and his seed filled the condom. The hand still gripping Gabriel’s hip held on tighter, most likely leaving bruises, but Lakyn couldn’t help it. He felt as if he were soaring and he had to hold on or risk never coming back down.

Gabriel collapsed onto the mattress. Lakyn had just enough presence of mind to roll to his side so he wouldn’t land on him. He needed to clean them up, but first, Lakyn had to catch his breath.

“Damn,” Gabriel mumbled on a sigh. “I’m lying in the wet spot.”

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