High and Tight (MM)

Cedar Falls 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,878
24 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Welcome to Cedar Falls, a small North Carolina town nestled amongst the Smokey Mountains, where the people are friendly and the men are hot.
Kit Cahill has run from one abusive monster who enjoyed belittling him, right into the clutches of his aunt who delights in letting Kit know what a failure he is. So when he is rescued by a couple of friends and literally handed his own hair salon, Kit is sure they are playing a joke on him.
Angelo Brunetti sees the most exquisite man in need sitting alone. The emotional pain Kit has suffered shines brightly in the man’s eyes only to be stuffed down with food. Angelo knows he could provide a better way of dealing with that pain, while helping to build Kit’s self-esteem, but first he has to get Kit to give him a chance.
A Siren Erotic Romance
High and Tight (MM)
24 Ratings (4.8)

High and Tight (MM)

Cedar Falls 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,878
24 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Kit needs a hero, and that hero is Angelo. All his life Kit has had to listen to others tell him that he wasn't worth something and had turned to food as his reason for living. In steps Zane, Ethan, Jesse and all the others of Cedar Falls to tell him otherwise. Angelo fell for him the first time he steps in Kit's hair salon High and Tight. He knew right away what Kit's issue was and gave him something else to concentrate on, him. But, will that be enough?




Angelo considered going after Kit when he watched the man enter Sweet Buns through the front window. As much as he wanted to teach Kit a better way to deal with his emotions, Angelo knew he needed to deal with his own problems first. He wasn’t going to be any good to Kit until he could proudly tell the world that he was claiming the man.

“What did you do to Kit?” Jesse yelled as he slammed the door open. Unfortunately, after too long of not being maintained, the door didn’t stop until it hit the window along the front of the shop. Glass rained down as both the door and the front window smashed. Jesse stopped to look at the mess. “You know you really should fix that.”

Angelo blinked.

As if nothing had happened, Jesse slammed his fists onto his hips. “Now what did you do to Kit to make him eat half of Sweet Buns.”

Sighing, Angelo wished he could go after Kit. “I kissed him.”

This time it was Jesse who blinked. “Oh.” The man waved his hand around. “Well, then I guess you have the job. How fast can you get this place up and running?”

With the mayor still trying to change things and pissing his men off in the process, Angelo couldn’t afford to move any of his crew to work on Kit’s salon. That didn’t mean he couldn’t do it himself at night.

Ryder said he would help pull all the permits that were needed, which would save Angelo a lot of time. But with all the rewiring that would need to be done, it would still take time, especially if he was the only one working on the place. “When I talked to Ryder, he mentioned if I needed help there were plenty of volunteers.”

The absolute glee on Jesse’s face scared Angelo a bit, but he ignored the twinge of fear when the man nodded enthusiastically. “Everyone volunteered, although most of them will have to help after work.”

“Perfect. With the mayor running my crew ragged with his never-ending changes, I’ll have to do this myself at night.” He probably shouldn’t complain about Mayor Murphy, but the latest request to add a sauna had Angelo seeing red.

Thankfully Jesse didn’t seem at all fazed by his remarks. “Considering the man has a wife, a mistress, and two girlfriends, it’s no surprise he can’t make up his mind.”

Angelo nearly choked on nothing but air at that bit of news. “He what?”

Jesse tossed his long dark hair over his shoulder. “Tell me about it. I will never understand women. I know the man is the mayor and has been for like a hundred years but…ewww.” Jesse scrunched up his nose in disgust.

Not wanting to talk about the mayor any more than he had to, Angelo had Jesse write down the list of permits Ryder would need to obtain. “Tell Ryder to give me a call as soon as he gets them so I can get started.”

Jesse nodded as he kept writing. Not sure he should trust Jesse to take care of things, considering he’d heard the man was a bit…eccentric, Angelo made a mental note to shoot Ryder an e-mail when he got home.

They were at the door ready to leave when Jesse poked him in the shoulder. Angelo looked at Jesse to find the man giving his best impression of a tough guy. “Just so we’re clear, if you hurt Kit, you’ll have me to deal with.” The man’s sharp pink fingernail jabbed into Angelo again. “And you can ask Parker… You don’t want to deal with me.”

With that Jesse flounced—actually flounced, which Angelo didn’t know anyone could do—out the door and down the sidewalk.

Shaking his head at the odd man, Angelo pulled out his phone to make a call. He smiled when the line picked up. “It’s about time you called. I was beginning to wonder if you forgot how to dial.”

He laughed at the playful recrimination. “I’m sorry, I’ve been busy with the city hall project, but I was wondering if it would be okay if I came over for dinner tonight. I have something important to tell you.”

“Of course you can come over, Angelo. You know you don’t have to ask. Dinner will be ready in twenty minutes. You better hurry, or you’re not going to make it.”

Like he had to worry. He knew she’d hold dinner until he got there. “Thanks, Mom.”

Angelo hung up, his heart already feeling lighter, knowing he was finally going to own up to who he was.




A finger pushed his chin up, closing his mouth. “You might want to wipe the drool, honey,” Jesse whispered before turning to the mystery man. “Angelo, so glad you could make it.” Jesse pointed to Kit. “This is Kit, and he’s going to open a hair salon.”

Too stunned to move, Kit continued to stare at the man Jesse introduced as Angelo. When Angelo took a step toward him, panic filled him. He hadn’t even been on a date since he’d run—over three years ago—from Atlanta. How was he supposed to talk to someone as gorgeous as Angelo?

Flirting had never been Kit’s thing. Who was he kidding? Dating had never been his thing. Kit had always been too fat to get anyone’s attention, until Theodore. The memory of that time spurred Kit into action. Like the man was a poisonous snake, Kit scrambled to back up as far away from Angelo as he could.

As much as his body wanted the man before him, his ass clenched just thinking about this man fucking him, Kit had been there, done that. He even bought the T-shirt. No way was he getting involved with someone like Angelo. He may not look anything like Theodore, but Kit recognized a man who expected to be in charge, and he wasn’t going to be under anyone’s thumb ever again. It was just his heart that yearned to do exactly that.

Yet even as Kit moved back, Angelo kept coming closer. “Guys, can you give us a few minutes to discuss…things.”

Oh hell. Even the man’s voice was perfect. Husky and deep, it sank right to Kit’s balls, wrapping around them, squeezing. A whimper of need fell from his lips, eliciting a responding growl from Angelo.

Kit’s back hit the brick of the wall. With nowhere left to go, he watched as Angelo continued to stalk closer. All too soon, miles of defined muscles were right there, mere inches separated them. Arms pressed against the wall on either side of Kit, boxing him in.

Angelo leaned in, his face nuzzling against Kit’s, his smell of sweat and musk, intoxicating, as it sank into Kit. “It’s okay, sugar. I’ll keep you safe.”

The undeniable need to believe, if only for a moment, was too strong to ignore. Overwhelmed, Kit didn’t know how to handle the emotions that battered around him like an oncoming storm. He wanted nothing more than to push the feelings away, but Angelo refused to budge, even when Kit feebly pushed against his chest.

The man stared down at him, demanding Kit’s focus. Helpless but to do as Angelo silently commanded, Kit found himself leaning into the man. He needed to get away, to run before he found himself under Angelo’s control, but Kit didn’t know how.

“It’s okay, sugar. I’m not going to hurt you.” Angelo leaned closer, his lips brushing lightly against Kit’s.

He heard Angelo groan when the man’s strong arms encircled Kit. Large hands grabbed the cheeks of his ass as Angelo pressed their bodies together until nothing but their clothes separated them. The hard ridge of Angelo’s cock rubbed deliciously against his own.

Then his mouth was covered. Angelo claimed him, consuming him with a kiss that left Kit holding on to Angelo as if he were a drowning man and Angelo, his savior.

Never had Kit been kissed like this, like he was the center of someone’s world, yet that’s what Angelo made him feel. The man’s tongue traced his top lip, then his bottom. When Kit’s mouth parted on a sigh, Angelo slid the appendage deep into the recesses of Kit’s mouth.

His mind spun out of control as Angelo mapped every inch before drawing Kit’s tongue into a dance that left him breathless. He felt each stroke of Angelo’s tongue against his own as if the man were stroking Kit’s dick.

Slowly, Angelo pulled away as if reluctant to do so. They were both panting, their gazes clinging to each other. Then Angelo smiled. “Oh, sugar, you are going to be worth coming out of the closet for.”

It was like cold water had been dumped over his head. Without a word Kit took off running, not stopping until he was sitting at a table at Sweet Buns with a cinnamon roll, a bear claw, a lemon bar, and a frozen caramel macchiato in front of him.

It wasn’t until he’d eaten more than half the food that Kit even realized what he was eating. As his mind registered what he was doing that feeling of failure once more took him down into a depression so deep, Kit wondered if he’d ever find his way out. Without thinking, Kit stuffed the rest of the food down, forcing his thoughts down along with it.

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