[Siren Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifter, time travel, HEA]
Flint has been a butterfly enjoying the tasty nectars that only his new home could provide. However, since being brought to Capulet, Flint has discovered something else even more succulent than his food. Their names are Lucas and Cutter. The problem is they are mates, and he is a butterfly. Flint can't bear the pain of seeing them come together and not being a part of their lives. Feeling that he has nothing to lose, Flint sets off to save his world, even at the cost of his own life.
Lucas and Cutter knew the moment Flint said goodbye that they had lost a part of their very soul. Rushing to locate Flint, they are told he entered a mysterious tunnel to get the next log book.  
No one expected to walk into a world exactly one hundred years ahead of their own. Can they do all they need to before Cier discovers their location and kills them all?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
His Fluttering Hearts (MMM)
7 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This is the 6th book in Capulet Series. The characters are written in a way that complete each other even with all their crazy. Flint is small and jump one point to another with in the same sentence. When Flint meets Lucas he is draw to him and then Cutter comes along. When Flint see them and after everyone tells him to go away. He see the two of them happy and can not stand to be around them. Can Lucas and Cutter get to their mate in time before he is hurt or worst? Love to see Noah up to noisy self and other of the pack. Highly Recommend this book and series
virginia lee




Lucas and Cutter growled low.

Damien jumped off Asher’s lap and smacked the Alpha’s shoulder hard. “Why are you such an ass lately, Asher? I can’t believe you said that. Flint is our friend and if he needs our help we will provide it.”

Standing, Lucas snarled. “Alpha or not, if you continue to disrespect Flint, you won’t have to worry about Avery and his challenge plan, because I will do so myself.”

Asa stood, claws extended. “Do not threaten my mate.”

“Then tell your mate not to be so disrespectful to ours!” Cutter hissed.

“What!” Everyone in the room yelled at once.

When Lucas and Cutter didn’t say anything, Pete sighed, saying, “Why don’t we all just calm down. This is getting us nowhere.”

Shet’s hooves clacked on the tile as he made his way closer to Lucas and Cutter. “I was at Dahlia Falls trying to see if there was something in what Noah had found. Flint showed up, and for once, he wasn’t talking. He was just sitting on one of the flowers, but he wasn’t eating, either. It was as if he didn’t even see me. I knew something wasn’t right, I mean, the only thing Flint likes to do more than talk is eat.”

Damien looked at Shet. “Kindred spirit, Shet?”

“Kiss my horn, Damien,” Shet said with sass.

Lucas pursed his lips, as Asher and Asa growled.

Shet quickly said, “I like the guy. That wasn’t meant as disrespect, it’s just the truth. Anyway, I asked him what was wrong and he said that he was all alone. He said his kaleidoscope didn’t want him, he had no friends here because he annoys everyone, and now that you and Cutter found each other, you didn’t need him hanging around. He talked about how good you looked together and how he wished he could be a part of your mating. I mean, he honestly sounded like a shifter that lost his mates. He sounded so lonely and lost.”

Cutter placed his head on Lucas’ shoulder as a tear fell from his eye and ran down his chest. To think that Flint was hurting had his wolf howling in pain.

“So, he what? Felt so lonely he wanted to end it all and flew into the falls?” Asher asked.

“Asher!” Damien and Asa exclaimed.

Looking confused, Asher said, “I wasn’t trying to be an ass. I’m just trying to understand the situation.”

Shet huffed. “He wasn’t trying to kill himself. Flicka showed up.”

Shet went on to tell them what she had said to Flint.

Lucas stopped the manicorn from continuing. “Wait a minute, please. I need to try and catch up here. Are you saying that Flint is a prince to the dragon kingdom?”

“That’s what she said, and when she finished, Flint started quoting something from one of the passages to Noah’s book. He said he knew what he had to do, that he was the one the book spoke of saving the pack,” Shet replied.

“What passage did he quote, Shet?” Noah asked anxiously.

Shet shook his head, saying, “I don’t remember it word for word, but it was something about seeing what no one could. Having hope, but know it’s not true, and that’s where he can find the book.”

Lucas was in shock. It was the passage Noah had read the other morning. The very day he had met Flint for the first time.

“In Sacrifice comes rebirth, and the dead will live once more,” Noah said aloud, confirming Lucas’ thoughts.

Nodding, Shet became excited. “Yeah, that’s it. That’s what he said. He took off and I yelled for him to come back so we could get you guys, but he ignored me and then disappeared behind the falls.”

Cutter jumped to his feet. “We need to go get him. He could die in there.”

Asher looked at Cutter and then Lucas. “Why would you think Flint is your mate?”

“How did you know Damien was your mate?” Lucas asked quietly.

Shrugging, Asher replied, “His scent.”

Shaking his head, Lucas asked, “Besides his scent, what told you that Damien and Asa were yours?”

Eyes wide, Asher gasped. “My wolf recognized them for who they were.”

Nodding, Lucas said, “My wolf has been giving me that very message since Flint came through that window. The problem is, I didn’t recognize it for what it was. I mean, how can a person be mated to a butterfly? It wasn’t until Flint saw Cutter and I mark each other, then heard us talking about him, that I knew for sure.”

“What did you say about Flint?” Lika interjected angrily.

Lucas looked down in shame when Cutter mumbled, “We had just marked each other and Lucas suggested we clean up before Flint came back with Nekoda and Kemp.”

“I then joked that was only if he didn’t forget the task I gave him,” Lucas muttered.

Cutter sat and took Lucas’s hand. “I was the one that laughed about how distracted he gets.”

Lucas brought his sad eyes to his mate’s. “It was because I said he was as flighty as his wings that he was hurt so deeply.”

“Actually, he said he felt like his heart stopped and then ripped out of his chest when you guys said that there would never be anyone else, and that you promised to love no one but each other,” Shet replied in a mater-of-fact tone.

Lucas felt tears come to his eyes and begin to fall. “We didn’t know and now he is out there and could die because of our stupidity.”




Pete came racing up behind Noah, grabbing his man and growling. “Noah, damn it! How many times have I told you not to interfere in a mating?”

Noah blinked innocent eyes at Pete. “From all the noise, I thought they were under attack.”

Pete pursed his lips. “You thought no such thing. I should have known you didn’t forget something important. Now get back downstairs, your pizza is getting cold.”

Noah pulled out a bottle of lube, waved it at Pete saying, “I did come up here to get something important. I thought we might keep this close in case of an emergency.”

Pete grabbed the lube and shoved it in his pocket, closing the door, muttering, “Congratulations on your mating, and sorry for the intrusion.”

Once the door shut, Lucas started laughing and Cutter soon followed. Flint looked at them not understanding what had just happened. “Why would Noah think we were in danger? Is that what we sound like together?”

Lucas shook his head and brought Flint down so he could kiss him. Flint really liked these kisses.

“No, baby. Noah just enjoys interrupting where he shouldn’t. I can’t tell you how many times he has walked in on Jair and his mates,” Lucas said, still laughing.

Flint scrunched his brows. “That isn’t nice. I don’t like that he saw us in such a position.”

Cutter moved off the bed, picking up Flint and carrying his little mate toward the shower. “No baby, it isn’t nice. Now let’s get cleaned up. I can hear your tummy growling.”

Lucas walked in behind them. Flint sighed, snuggling into Cutter, saying, “I don’t know what I like better, the kisses or the cuddles.”

Cutter brought his mate closer, whispering, “Let’s find out.”

Once Cutter’s lips touched Flint, all thoughts fled. He knew he was supposed to be thinking about something, but honestly, he couldn’t remember what. Lucas’ kisses were really good, and Cutter’s were really good, too. He sure hoped it wasn’t supposed to be which kissed better, because there was no way he could decide that.

Seconds later, Cutter released his lips and Flint was shocked to find he was already in the shower being placed on his feet. “Turn around and grab the bench, baby.”

Flint wasn’t sure what was happening, but before he could do as he was told, Flint watched Cutter lean back into Lucas’ chest. The scene was too hot to look away from. Lucas wrapped his arms around Cutter, one hand on his chest the other around Cutter’s really hard cock as Cutter brought his arm up and around Lucas’ neck, moaning as they began to kiss.

“Oh wow, that’s hot,” Flint murmured.

Lucas took his lips from Cutter, rasping, “Would you like to see something even hotter?”

All Flint could do was nod.

Lucas didn’t stop his hand motion on Cutter’s shaft as he handed Flint a bottle and asked, “Can you open this for me?”

Flint popped the lid off the bottle and then put some of the goop onto Lucas’ extended finger.

Cutter leaned forward and held onto the bar as Lucas played with his hole entrance, and then slowly pushed in. Cutter’s breathing increased as he began to push into Lucas’ ministrations. Lucas smiled. “You like that, Cutter? You like what I’m doing?”

Cutter grunted. “Uh huh.”

“How about now?” Lucas asked, as he added a second finger and started scissoring Cutter’s hole.

Cutter hissed and arched his back. The water rained down on them. Flint could see droplets running down Lucas and dripping down his hard shaft. Not able to resist the urge, Flint dropped to his knees and gently gripped Lucas’s cock in his hand and wrapped his lips around the tip, drawing his mouth just over the head.

“Oh, Fuck!” Lucas yelled out.

Flint almost stopped, but when Lucas followed those words with a groan, Flint was encouraged to continue. Sliding his mouth farther down, Flint felt Lucas’ tip hit the back of his throat and he started to gag.

Lucas panted. “Take the base in your hand, baby.”

Doing as Lucas suggested, Flint was able to suckle Lucas’s cock and it not be a problem. The taste was better than any nectar he had ever tasted as a butterfly, causing him to hum.

“Oh, shit!” Lucas rasped.

Cutter was making sexy sounds as Lucas stretched his hole, and this only encouraged Flint to do his best to make Lucas make those same noises. Gently, Flint slid his teeth up Lucas’ hard shaft and ran his tongue under the head. When Flint heard Lucas making the same sound as his other mate, he became excited. He was pleasing his mate!

Lucas panted. “Flint, baby, you have to stop. I’m too close, and I want us to all be joined before that happens. Go to the bench and grab it like Cutter asked earlier.”

Reluctantly, Flint did as Lucas instructed, with a pout.

Cutter murmured, “I believe our little mate is not happy with your request.”

Lucas’s sexy deep voice had Flint shivering. “Then I think we might need to show him the reason that request is not something to regret.”

Any disappointment he may have had was immediately canceled out when Cutter pushed two of his large, lubed finger into his already stretched hole.

“I think our baby might be coming around,” Cutter said quietly, then hissed himself.

Lucas let out a light laugh. “Let’s bring him completely around to our way of thinking, Cutter. I don’t know how much longer I can wait to plunge my dick into this beautiful pucker.”

Flint began panting once again as Cutter added a third finger into his hole. “I’m with Lucas. Show me! Show me!”

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