Incubus Broken (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,750
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Publishing Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, MM, HEA]

Gentle giant Daniel believes the world is normal and safe, until one night driving home with his children, his world collides with the shy and beautiful Ezekiel. Who turns out to be a demon.

Daniel assumes at first that Ezekiel is a homeless rent boy with a dark past.

Ezekiel doesn’t know what kindness is. Or kisses or hugs. Despite only ever knowing cruelty he is kind and sweet. Adoring and adored by the children. Daniel longs to help him, to drag him from his dark world, to his sunny one. But the journey is far harder and darker than Daniel could ever have imagined.

Daniel wonders if he is strong enough, if fairy tales are true and if love does conquer all.

There is real evil in Ezekiel’s life and it threatens them all, as Daniel discovers the real monster is not the demon.

Incubus Broken (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Incubus Broken (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,750
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Daniel started washing the dishes. Wordlessly Ezekiel grabbed a tea towel and started drying. A few moments passed in simple companionship, Daniel trying to drive images from those videos from his mind.

Ezekiel broke the silence. ‘What are you guilty about?’ he asked and Daniel glanced at him in surprise before turning his attention back to the foamy water. Whatever else his rational mind quashed, Ezekiel’s perception was fucking otherworldly.

Daniel grumbled something non-committal. Ezekiel said nothing, simply continued to dry the dishes Daniel handed to him. But Daniel felt the unrelenting weight of his question. He sighed. He was going to have to confess at some point.

‘I was looking for you, so I googled, for, um, boys of your profession.’ Ezekiel nodded as if it made sense. ‘, saw some videos of you.’ Ezekiel paused his drying, staring at Daniel with an unfathomable expression. Daniel held his gaze, hands paused too in the sink of soapy water, and the moment stretched.

‘Did you like them?’ Ezekiel asked eventually in a soft toneless voice. Daniel visibly recoiled in horror, causing foam and water to splash.

‘Hell no! It broke my heart seeing you like that.’ Ezekiel nodded thoughtfully, hands slowly resuming their drying, green eyes processing the information. He dropped his gaze and a beautiful pink flush spread over his neck and cheeks. He is embarrassed? thought Daniel, surprised. Did prostitutes get embarrassed?

And he immediately chided himself for such an unkind thought. He fucking knew making those videos hadn’t been fun. If he had ever been through something like that he sure as hell wouldn’t want to be standing next to someone who had watched. Knives of guilt stabbed his gut again. ‘I’m so sorry,’ he whispered heartfully, putting all his emotion into his words. ‘I’m so sorry that happened to you.’

Ezekiel nodded silently. Daniel looked at the plate he was washing for a moment and wordlessly handed it to Ezekiel and saw silent tears rolling down Ezekiel’s cheeks. Without thought he softly reached out to wipe one away but only succeeded in leaving a patch of foam on his soft cheek.

Ezekiel closed his eyes, tears still leaking out, and impulsively Daniel gently touched his chin, tilting his face up, leaned in and gave a soft gentle kiss. Ezekiel’s lips were soft and tasted of honey and the kiss caused a fire in his veins that ran straight to his cock. He wanted to kiss again, deeper, longer, but Ezekiel stepped away, two fingers pressed to his lips, green eyes wide with utter astonishment.

Daniel stared back in confusion. What was wrong? Had he overstepped the mark? It was only a gentle kiss, hardly more than a peck.

‘What was that?’ breathed Ezekiel in a trembling voice that tore at Daniel’s heart. ‘A kiss?’ he answered, questioningly, still confused. Ezekiel said nothing, just stared at him seeming utterly bewildered. ‘You know what a kiss is, right?’ started Daniel, thinking to begin at the lowest common denominator.

Ezekiel said nothing, didn’t move. He does know what a kiss is, right? Daniel questioned himself, suddenly doubting. ‘You’ve seen movies?’ Daniel clarified more to himself than a real question. Of course Ezekiel knew what a kiss was.

Slowly Ezekiel dropped his fingers from his lips ‘I didn’t think they were real,’ he exclaimed, sounding completely befuddled and almost angry.

The words sunk into Daniel’s soul. This wonderful young man who surrendered his body to such abuse had never been loved, never seen love. He lived in a world so dark and cruel he didn’t know kisses were real. Daniel’s heart completely shattered. It was the saddest, most terrible thing he had ever heard.

Sorrow and pity overwhelmed him and he watched as Ezekiel registered both in his eyes. Dazzling green eyes brimmed with fresh tears and Ezekiel turned and fled. The tea towel fluttered to the floor as the front door shut. Daniel blinked. Damn, he was fast. Then his brain caught up and he ran after.

The street was empty. ‘Ezekiel!’ he bellowed in terror. No, no, no, Ezekiel can’t disappear again. He ran around the side of the house and flung open the door of the shed. The comfy looking bed Ezekiel had made was there but empty.

An old, battered duvet with a faded floral print filled the floor of the small shed. A cushion from a once red sofa was in place of a pillow. There were lumps and bumps under the duvet, padding of some sort, newspapers or old clothes, Daniel couldn’t tell. A blue sleeping bag was rolled neatly at the foot.

The whole thing just clenched at Daniel’s heart and nearly overwhelmed him with sadness.

‘Ezekiel!’ he called again desperately, looking helplessly around the garden. ‘I’m sorry!’ he said, voice breaking. ‘I’m so sorry, I won’t kiss you again!’ he wailed to the open air, not caring what the neighbours might think and knowing that was not what Ezekiel was upset about, but it was far easier to say than, what, he was sorry he had pitied him? It was too complex for words.

‘Ezekiel!’ he called again forlornly and then he burst into tears. He stood there in the garden, head in his hands, helplessly sobbing.

‘What if I want you to?’ came a soft voice from nowhere. Daniel startled and looked to his right. Ezekiel stood there as if he had never been anywhere else.

Daniel reached out and pulled him into yet another tight embrace. Ezekiel was stiff as a board again and Daniel realized he probably didn’t know about hugs either. That thought made him cry even more and hold Ezekiel even tighter.

Ezekiel awkwardly patted him on the back and Daniel realised how completely ridiculous it was that Ezekiel was attempting to comfort him! He sniffed and determinedly pulled himself together. ‘Come on, let’s go back inside’




 Arousal was sudden and all consuming, like fire running through his veins. Ezekiel's lips were warm and he tasted of everything good and he tentatively followed Daniel's lead and when Daniel used his tongue he moaned and pressed his body closer, wrapping his arms around the back of Daniel's neck.

Encouraged Daniel took the kiss deeper and need and hunger exploded like a furnace. He pushed Ezekiel down onto the bed, ran his hand down Ezekiel’s side then slipped it under his tee shirt to run his hands against smooth warm skin. Ezekiel moaned again feverishly, kissing Daniel hungrily. Daniel broke the kiss and moved back reluctantly so he could strip Ezekiel’s tee shirt off.

Then he pounced, licking and kissing Ezekiel's neck, then kissing across his chest to one of his deliciously pink nipples and sucking and nibbling on it. Ezekiel moaned, threw his head back and arched his body. Daniel paid attention to his other nipple, hands caressing every inch of Ezekiel.

He pulled away to remove Ezekiel’s jeans and cursed himself for buying him tight ones. But he was so determined he managed to yank them off. He ran his hands over the now naked thighs, trailed fingers up to Ezekiel’s hard cock and gently wrapped them around it. Ezekiel bucked his hips and groaned.

Daniel played with his cock for a while, mesmerized by Ezekiel's reactions. When Ezekiel let out a particularly low sultry groan and Daniel nearly came then and there he realized he had to stop. He jumped to his feet. ‘Stay there,’ he pleaded and ran downstairs, returning less than a minute later with the bottle of coconut oil from the night they met. Ezekiel looked at it and smiled ruefully.

Daniel whipped off his own clothes and then he kissed Ezekiel again, pushing him back down onto the bed. Without stopping the needy kiss he dipped his fingers in the oil and ran his fingers between Ezekiel’s spread legs. Ezekiel gasped and Daniel nibbled his lip and began swirling an oiled finger around Ezekiel’s entrance. The noise Ezekiel made and the way he writhed nearly undid Daniel again.

Slowly gently he eased one finger in. Ezekiel clawed at his back, head thrown back in sheer abandon. The second finger had Ezekiel hissing, wrapping his arms tight around Daniel’s back and raising his head to bite Daniel’s shoulder. Daniel groaned and slipped a third finger into the delicious tight heat.

Ezekiel bucked his hips, grinding against Daniel’s fingers. Daniel could not wait any longer, he needed to be inside Ezekiel more than he had ever needed oxygen. He withdrew his fingers and moved back a little. Ezekiel took the opportunity to flip over onto his stomach. Okay then, thought Daniel breathlessly, presented with firm glorious buttocks. Daniel moved closer, ran the tip of his leaking cock along Ezekiel's crack and rested at his entrance. He was just about to start pushing into that tight glorious heat when Ezekiel whimpered. Not a sexy hungry whimper, a scared vulnerable whimper.

It was like a bucket of ice water on his arousal, his cock softened and he moved back. Ezekiel flipped back onto his back and scrambled up the bed away from Daniel, green eyes full of fear. ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’ he gasped desperately. ‘Hey,’ said Daniel, reaching out for him. ‘Don’t be sorry,’ he said and was relieved when Ezekiel let himself be pulled back down the bed.

Daniel lay beside him, on his side stroking his arm softly. ‘Do you want to stop?’ he asked. ‘No,’ breathed Ezekiel. ‘You’re as sexy as hell…and I’m hungry,’ he added truthfully. Daniel felt his chest swell in pride that Ezekiel thought he was sexy.

Ezekiel rolled over so they were lying face to face on the narrow bed. He reached down and caressed Daniel’s half hard cock, which sprung back to full life at his touch. ‘Argh,’ exclaimed Daniel. ‘You will have to stop that or this will all be over.’ Ezekiel gave him a truly wicked grin. ‘You think I can’t make you cum more than once?’ he teased.

Daniel’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and his hips bucked and Ezekiel very nearly had to prove his boast. He released Daniel’s cock and giggled dirtily at Daniel’s reaction. Daniel kissed him again, long and slow, and found Ezekiel was a quick learner. He pulled back and saw Ezekiel’s eyes were hazy. ‘Fuck me,’ he pleaded.

Daniel pushed him onto his back and positioned himself over Ezekiel who spread his legs wide in invitation. Daniel held his weight up with one hand whilst using his other to guide his cock. He held Ezekiel’s gaze as his tip touched his entrance. Pleasure danced through green eyes. Reassured, he very gently started to push in.

Ezekiel winced and Daniel froze. ‘Please don’t stop,’ breathed Ezekiel in frustration and need. ‘I’m sorry, I will be fine.’ Conflicted, but trusting Ezekiel’s word, he pushed in some more Ezekiel arched his back but he whimpered. ‘Don’t stop,’ he hissed through gritted teeth.

Daniel was pretty sure he should stop but he wasn’t an angel and the tip of his cock was just inside that wonderful heat and Ezekiel was saying yes, so he decided to believe what he wanted to believe and slid all the way in. The pleasure was intense, all consuming. Ezekiel made a noise that was part pleasure, part need and part fear but Daniel couldn’t stop himself from thrusting.

Ezekiel groaned and his hips rose up to meet him and then Daniel felt the demon drown all Ezekiel’s fear, all his shame, in its pure lust and hunger. Ezekiel became pure desire, pure pleasure. Moaning, writhing, taking Daniel’s cock eagerly, needily, taking every thrust he could give and demanding more.

Ezekiel clenched around Daniel’s leaking cock and the sensation caused Daniel to scream and he fucked Ezekiel harder and screamed again.

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