Interspecies Public Relations Officer (MMM)

Milson Valley 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,583
17 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Wizard Tudor Masters was working toward leaving his old coven when he had the misfortune of overhearing a Senator conspiring against the Council. Going into hiding, he ends up at the Armstrong coven, where he runs into a gorgeous wolf who denies they’re mates, and a fae prince who saves Tudor from vampires.
Caspar Morgan is scouting locations to relocate his fae guild. What he finds is a gorgeous wolf shifter who, instead of happily claiming Cas, bolts in the other direction and denies that Cas (and a smart wizard in danger from three different factions) are his mates.
While Luka, a very uniquely gifted wolf, flirts and keeps his distance emotionally, Tudor remains quiet and watchful and smells like cinnamon and ice cream. Cas will protect his mates, wait them out, lust after both, and put up with Luka’s numerous friends and family members who feel it necessary to stick their noses in and cause more chaos than help.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Interspecies Public Relations Officer (MMM)
17 Ratings (4.6)

Interspecies Public Relations Officer (MMM)

Milson Valley 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,583
17 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Such a fun series! I didn't buy this particular book at first but it turned out to be as great as the rest of them. We also get to visit with past characters which made it worth it alone! If you like this series the "Reality" series by Sophie Martin is a bit like it and also awesomely good.

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“Holy Goddess and stars! Did you find your mate, Luka?”

“Ugh, no!” Luka paced, hands running through his now disheveled hair. “This is for a friend. Yeah, a friend. Laurie!” He snapped at the wizard. “A potion!”

Gods, the need to mate and claim was clawing at him with sharp, pointy claws! Soon he would be panting and his wolf needing to hunt down his mate, fuck and claim. He should have had some time. It shouldn’t be this way.

Nope, wolves could wait a while, so why was he feeling like this?

Ugh, of course! With Luka, everything was just a bit more extreme, which meant he didn’t have longer to claim a mate. Fortunately, he had a wizard for a best friend…or really, a wizard in training who often blew things up and messed up spells. Still, better than nothing!

“No, no, no, Luka! I’m not messing with that. If you’ve found your mate, you need to go and deal with the creature.”

Luka pounced on his friend, grabbing Laurie by his shirt and shaking the frigging wizard. “Give. Me. That. Potion.”

“You’re going crazy.” Laurie exclaimed. “Everything is extreme with you, Luka because of the type of wolf you are. You’ve got the clawing need right now and over the next twenty-four hours if you don’t control it, you’ll go feral—” 

“I know that! I’m too panicked to think! Look, Laurie.” Luka smoothed his friend’s silk top, then gripped it again as another wave of clawing need hit him. “Potion. Now.”

Laurie protested, saying it was a stupid idea. Why would Luka want to stop from being able to scent and react to his mate? Then, like a light bulb, Laurie understood and shook his head.

“You’re just prolonging the inevitable, my friend. You can’t hold off a mate forever, not even with potions and magic.”

“Laurie, you know me. I can’t do the monogamy thing. I’m not wired that way. Dad and Drax don’t get it. I may end up claiming a mate but I’m going to be scenting and wanting to fuck anyone who smells good. My wolf just doesn’t…” Luka threw his hands in the air. “You know what happens when a creature betrays a mating bond.”

Laurie paled, nodding his head vigorously. “But you don’t know what it’s like once you’re actually mated, Luka. They say it’s like nothing else in the world. Creatures just aren’t attracted to anyone else, can’t even get it up for them. You need to trust in the mate bond.”

Luka sadly shook his head. “I can’t risk it. I need time to figure this out. I would disgrace my family and mate and I won’t do that, friend.  What I know is, I still want to fuck half the creatures I see and am getting a hard on thinking about that hot little redhead from the airplane ride five hours ago.”

Or maybe it was the picture of his fae mate in his head.

Laurie winced. “Right, okay, but you need to trust the mate bond. I’m going to put some magic in a medallion also, extra strength, to stop you from having sex in the meantime.”

“What? No way, I just want a potion—”

“Luka, non-negotiable. You would dishonor your mate. Who is the poor creature anyway?”

Luka blinked. “Poor creature?”

“Yeah, you would not be easy to wrangle. Aside from the whole ‘I don’t want to be tied down to one creature’ thing, you’re a flirt, incorrigible, lazy, and pretty much cause shit where ever you go.”

“Well thanks, friend,” Luka drawled.

“Just saying.” Laurie smirked. “Now stay over there until I need some of your blood.”

Again, Luka blinked. “Blood?”

“Just shut up. Do you know how much trouble I can get into for doing this?” Laurie was flicking through a huge old book resting on an elaborate stand of some sort. “We’re not meant to mess with mate bonds, they’re sacred. If my coven finds out about this I am in deep doo-doo—”

“Deep doo-doo?” Luka snorted. “What are you, four?”

“Oh, shut up. I’m helping you here, not because I want to, not because I think you get a free pass on mateship just because you’re a frigging slut, but because I like and respect your father and am terrified of Drax.”

“Everyone in their right mind is cautious of Drax. Those who are sensible are terrified.” Luka smiled. “Thanks for this, Laurie.”

“You’re welcome. Like I said though, the mate bond is to be trusted and is sacred. This potion will wear off in a week, nothing lasts forever unless it’s one of the higher levels spells or potions that I can’t do yet. Besides, this is just to give you some time to think. I’ll give you an injection to sooth the clawing need also. So, who is the poor creature?”

Luka had to think up another plan. He couldn’t be left hanging in a week.

“A fae, don’t know anything more. I spotted him and high tailed it out of there. Don’t tell anyone about this, Laurie.”

“Are you nuts? I’ll get my head handed to me for this.”

Luka felt bad for his friend, but there wasn’t anything else he could do. This was a lose/lose situation if ever there was one.

“So what’s been happening around here?”

Laurie studied Luka a moment before thankfully allowing the change in topic.

“Keeley caused a few problems, of course, when he was here a few days ago and accidently blew up Mason’s potion room. Drake did some fast talking to calm that situation down.” Laurie smiled, mixing ingredients into a tall glass jar.

Luka grinned. “Prince Drake is hot.”

Laurie shook his head and waved Luka over. “Take off your shirt.”

“Oh, Laurie, darlin’, are you propositioning me?”

“You are such a dweeb.”




“Ooh, sexy.” Luka pushed Tudor’s legs as far apart as they would go, wet his finger and rubbed it along Tudor’s ass crack.

“Very sexy.” Caspar reached between them and stroked Tudor’s red cock. “Long and hard. Perfect. Wet him for us, gorgeous.”

Oh yeah, Luka was all for that. Wiggling back so his knees were on the carpeted floor and he was pressed against Tudor’s torso, this was not the most comfortable way to get at his mate’s lush body, he took a few moments to nuzzle Tudor’s sac, tasting, sucking, getting so heated he may explode. Opening his mouth, he took that long cock in deep and sucked it right down, tongue pressing against the head and tasted pre-cum, reveling in it.

He could suck his mates off for hours, both tasted so good he couldn’t get enough of them. When he felt Tudor’s slender hands grip his waist, Luka rumbled his approval.

“My turn.” Caspar growled low.

Luka had a few more sucks, licked the top as he released, then eased back to touch and watch the show. Man, he couldn’t wait to see Tudor come and it wouldn’t take much, Luka knew from experience of being on the receiving end of one of Caspar’s hand jobs. The man was extremely talented. Probably all those thousands of years of experience.

Tudor cried out as his cock was gripped in Caspar’s big hand.

“You like that, mate? You like Luka’s hot mouth fucking your cock? My hand on you?”

Luka leaned around and nuzzled Tudor’s neck, scraping his canines across softly while his fingers trailed over Tudor’s slender chest.

“Y-yes…oh, no, we shouldn’t, I –”

“Shh, relax, this is just a little playing. You need some attention and affection.” Luka snagged Tudor’s hands and lifted them over his mate’s head and held both in one wrist. “But if you really don’t want to…”

He loosened his hold on Tudor’s hands and leaned back a little. Caspar watched, quirking a brow then released Tudor also. Luka wanted the wizard to actually say what he wanted. So far he’d heard a lot of stuff about being wanted for himself and not just because they were mates, which didn’t make any sense because mates were fated and meant just for each other, were perfect for one another. And then the wizard wasn’t showing any affection. Luka could understand this was all a big change and happening fast, but if he could get with the mateship, then he figured Tudor needed to make up his mind to also, or let them know now.

With a little whimper and wide blue eyes looking startled and a bit lost, Tudor nodded. “P-please, I want both of y-you.”

“And we want you, Tudor,” Caspar assured.

Luka clasped his hand around Tudor’s wrists and proceeded to touch and lick every delectable inch of creamy skin he could reach while Cas ever so slowly drove Tudor to the brink. Tudor tugged his hands, groaning. Luka smiled and took his mate’s lips, so wanting to kiss again, to feel and taste him. He traced the lower lip with his tongue, learning the feel, the taste, then slid inside and lapped as he covered Tudor’s mouth fully with his own.

All resistance ended. Tudor was a mindless creature in the throes of passion. He arched and thrusted his cock into Caspar’s hand. Luka kissed him and ran his other hand over their wizard, learning all his responses, how incredibly sensitive his nipples were, and that Tudor whimpered when Luka pulled back from his lips.

You should always provide what your mate needed. Luka took those soft tasty lips again. Tudor opened completely, giving his entire body for their keeping.

“Ahh, yes, yes, mates…” Tudor cried breathless, body jerking.

Luka gave a quick kiss and moved back. He was rewarded with the beautiful sight of Tudor’s orgasm, his cries soft and uninhibited. Caspar pumped until Tudor was empty, though did not release Tudor’s cock from his firm grip.

“You’re ours, Tudor.” Caspar staked his claim.

“So ours.” Luka dipped his hand in the warm streams of come over Tudor’s stomach and chest then licked it off his fingers. “Oh fuck, that’s good! Cinnamon and ice cream.”

“Feed me, gorgeous.” Caspar growled.

Luka dipped his fingers again and held them out to Caspar. The big fae sucked the come off and licked Luka’s fingers.

“So damn good.” He smiled and released Tudor’s now softening cock.

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