Kata Sutra (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 58,757
26 Ratings (3.8)

[PolyAmour: Erotic Contemporary Multiple Partners Romance, M/F/M, with M/M play, sharing, interracial, light Consensual BDSM]

When dojo owner Evan Dakota gives sexy reporter Desiree Shores permission to train under him for an article on karate, it's all they can do to keep their minds off each other and on martial arts. Even more, Evan's hot assistant, Makoto Chinen, is all too eager to help dress Desiree for class and push himself between her thighs during warm ups.

Desiree is undone by the erotic charms of her gorgeous blond instructor and his impossibly sexy Japanese assistant. And when she walks in on the pair sparring after class for the right to woo her, her wildest fantasies are exceeded as she seduces them together right on the training mat.

Yet the power of their triple passion is threatened by secrets they each carry... secrets their love, the dojo, and even they themselves may not be able to survive.

"I took some karate, and while I have serious respect for the art, I couldn't help but notice its potent, sensual nature. Flexing, glistening muscles are hard to resist! I wondered "what if" a rocked, flexible martial arts master took a lover right in his studio. Where one master is good, two are better... so KATA SUTRA was born." ~ J. Rose ~ A Siren Erotic Romance

Kata Sutra (MFM)
26 Ratings (3.8)

Kata Sutra (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 58,757
26 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
An excellent read loved the characters
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recommendedread.png5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS, RECOMMENDED READ: "As a young preteen, I grew up with the famous, or infamous if you'd like, The Karate Kid movies, Bruce Lee and other martial artists, so when I saw this book, I just had to read it. I've always been fascinated by the martial arts and pretty much anything from the Far East. Ms. Allister has created a sizzling and action packed story with Kata Sutra. (Whenever I see this title, I cant help but smile, the pure genius to put together a karate term and an erotic term just tickles my fancy.) In this story, east meets west and for once the West is more experienced. Having Evan as the teacher and Makoto or Mak as the assistant was a switch but in the end Desiree gets the best of both worlds when she takes on both men as she learns martial arts. Without giving the plot away, I have to say the pure aggressiveness between Mak and Evan is sizzling hot and in the end Desiree is the one who ends up profiting from all that male testosterone. I do have to give Ms. Allister kudos for expertly navigating the turns and twists of this story and drawing this reviewer into the wonderful, but complex, world of Dakota's Dojo. In the end I cried, laughed, and rooted for these characters. All in all, this is one kick ass book, pardon my French. :D I give Kata Sutra Five Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read!" -- Dakota, Dark Diva Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "This story has a real mystery intertwined through it and all three of the main characters have secrets they are hiding. The way that the author weaves the story together with suspense and mystery, and how the whole thing comes together at the end, were surprising but ultimately satisfactory for this reader. I recommend this story to those who like the sex hot, and then even hotter. This one is a winner." -- Anthurium, Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews

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Evan and Mak were fighting.

A gasp escaped her at the sight. No protective pads or gear in this sparring match, just two skilled warriors lashing out in battle. Their spinning, blocking, and shouting fierce cries of “Kia!” made her eyes shoot wide open and sent her pulse pounding like hoof beats of a horse at full gallop. Muscles flexed and eyes sparked, the potent determination and mesmerizing form startling her into a heightened awareness of the male body and the effect it could have on a woman.

Swallowing, Desiree dropped her brush into the duffel and positioned herself right in the doorway to watch the phenomenon. “You're safe with me,” Evan had claimed, and so she would be with either of these men watching after her. Although he was the master, student was not much less skilled, and Mak more than held his own as he landed a back fist, then a spinning heel kick. Both men wore the glitter of a smile that showed they were enjoying the match, and yet…

“Think you're man enough to handle a woman like Desiree?” The words spat off Evan's lips. Desiree's own fell wide apart. “Why not leave her in more experienced hands?”

With that, he flashed out with a high front kick, and Mak dodged right just in time to catch the side of Evan's knife hand along the upper shoulder.

“Maybe younger is better for a woman who burns that hot, Sensei.”

In a blur of motion not unlike what he unleashed on Desiree just days before, Evan shot out with a sweep of his leg that parted Mak's feet from the ground. The man went down to the mat with a thunderous crash, and Evan half knelt over him, cocking back a fist in a show of setting up a finishing blow. “And maybe ayoung man like you has a few things to learn before earning his black belt, here or in Desiree's bed.”

“I've never had complaints about my moves, from you or a woman.”

Still on his back, Mak rolled and kicked out. Seconds later, his master was flat on the mat beside him.

Shaking herself loose from the grip of shock, Desiree launched herself into the room and inserted herself between the two men before either could make another move.

“Stop,” she said, taking on Evan's usual commanding tone. “Stop it, both of you.” Adrenaline fed her in gasps that matched the ragged breathing of the two winded opponents.

“Desiree.” Mak shook sweaty locks from widened eyes. “You're still here.”

She knelt between them, placing a hand on both their superheated, hardened chests to keep them in place. “What the hell is going on? First you're peeing over each other to see who can squirt a stream of sparring instructions the highest—all of which failed, in case you hadn't noticed. Now you're going Bruce Lee on each other to see who gets a shot at me?”

The two flicked accusing glances at the other, but other than forceful whooshes of breath, they kept silent. “Or is pretending to fight over a female standard practice in Upper Belt Sparring?”

Mak pulled his torso upward, but she pushed him back. “Uh-uh. Not until I get an answer.”

He complied with a sigh and folded his arms behind his head. “How about it, Desiree? I've seen the way you look at me. I felt a connection. Tell our teacher here that you and I have a date with Tiger Balm.”

Evan ignored her attempt to hold him on his back and pushed up to lean on one hand while shoving back a sheen of his dampened blond waves with the other. “And when you're letting him down easy, don't forget the part where you almost kissed me after the last class.”

Her eyes flew wide. “I almost kissed you?

“Don't deny it.” His voice, still breathless from the match, dropped to a low growl that shuddered through her. “Your nipples were so hard I thought they'd rip right through your top.” His eyes dipped. “Like they are right now.”

The parts in question tightened even harder. What the hell did he expect? She had her hands on two muscled, panting, gorgeous men. Men who wanted her.

“And I say it's because of our pre-class warm up.”

“Enough!” She tossed her head back, shaking hair from her face and trying to keep composure. “I'm not a wishbone, guys. You can't tear me in two and get what you want.”

The whole thing was unbelievable. What the hell should she do? Evan, godlike and powerful, yet intimidating. Mak, personable and charming, yet with a hint of danger of his own. She hadn't had a date in months, sex in even longer. Now two of the hottest guys she ever imagined inside of her were fighting over her like snarling wolves. Just like a dream—a truly wild, out-of-this-world fantasy. Sculpted bodies all hers for the taking. She merely had to choose which one.

A rush of pleasure flooded her abdomen through the thought of being so desired, along with the tingling contact of her palms against two hot, male bodies. How could she pick between them?

The answer snapped into place against this thought. Something she'd never dreamed, let alone considered possible outside a fairly wild fantasy life. Did she dare? She fought to keep her voice calm.


Before the logical side of her brain could convince the rest of her to chicken out, she reached down to peel her shirt up over her head, her hair spilling back out in long strands around full, bare breasts. Evan sucked in an audible gasp. She sought each men's gaze in turn, but both were drawn in rapture to her exposed flesh. She reached for the men again, Mak sitting halfway up to slide a hand behind her neck and pull her lips to his. When her hand found Evan's chest again, however, he grabbed hold of her wrist and squeezed until she veered off course for the other's lips and met his steel gaze.

“A dangerous game you're suggesting.” His voice was low, yet thundered inside her like a roiling storm over a mountaintop. “Are you certain you want to try to play it?”

She twisted her hand free and moved it lower. “Games. Play.” She found an appreciable stiff bulge in his pants and gripped it to elicit a small growl. “You say these words as if they're a bad thing.”

With that, Desiree squeezed his cock and Evan appeared to unhinge. His hands found her breasts just as Mak's lips found hers. With her other hand she sought the gap in Mak's gi top and slid it inside to stroke magnificent bare chest. Senses crashed over her in a tidal wave of lust and shock. She could hardly believe what was happening to her.

Two men. Together. She could have both.

“Mak,” Evan said through gritted teeth a moment later.

The other man froze, and Desiree jerked back from their kiss, her eyes flying to Evan's looking for a scowl and command to send the other man away. Perhaps he wasn't ready to play her game, after all.

Instead, steely gray had darkened to ebony fire that sent a tingle all the way down between her thighs. His gaze flicked to Mak. “Go lock the damned door.”

His number one student leapt up and half ran to do this bidding, lest any lost and needy karate souls stumble onto their triangle. Without missing a beat, Evan pulled Desiree around to lay her half on his lap and cradled her with one arm while the other lavished maddening feather-like strokes over her nipples. His erection was firm beneath her back, and he thrust his pelvis upward with a groan to grind it against her. His mouth finally, gratefully descended over hers, and a wave of pleasure jolted from his lips straight through to her clit. Wet heat spread between her thighs when those lips prodded hers apart, his hot tongue seeking sexual delights he found with practiced ease.

Mak returned with a snort of irritation. “Hey. Still in the room here, you know.”

Still working tortuous circles around her nipples and lips, Evan drew far back enough to speak—barely. “Perhaps I was right about younger men needing more training. Or have you forgotten there's a whole other half to a woman's body?”

Desiree caught Mak's gaze in time to see it light up with wicked possibility, which set the half of her in question pulsing with warm, slick anticipation. His pants throbbed with a heat and bulk of their own, but not for long. Just before Evan claimed her mouth again and robbed her view of proceedings, her Asian god dropped his karate trousers to reveal a thick shaft that promised delight to the end of her bargain he was getting. The thought prompted her to squeeze her thighs tight together on her clit, and she moaned in response to the sharp surge of desire.

Evan shifted her a bit higher on his lap, then dipped his head down to where a warm, wet tongue could explore the peaks and valleys of her breasts. She cried out the moment that tongue flicked over a hardened nub of pink flesh. Teeth grazed there next, her cry becoming a desperate plea for more as she arched back in mixed frustration and need. Then Mak was on the scene, tugging down her pants and thong in one sharp, impatient motion. When he'd stripped them off her, he pried her legs open—with no resistance on her part—to settle himself in between. Lips nibbled the inner flesh of a bent knee first, sending a whimper from her throat and her hands flying—one to grip Mak's hair, the other the back of Evan's head. She pulled one man higher and the other lower, urging Evan to suck her nipple in deeper and Mak to work his tongue higher, right to the juncture between her thighs. Spreading tingling lips wide, he pressed small, gentle kisses on the flesh above her clit.

“Mak!” She called to him in fevered demand, and she thrust her hips upward to beg for more favors. This he obliged, licking along the slick and throbbing slit to where she dripped proof of beyond-ready fire onto the mat beneath them.

“Damn it,” he growled. “You're sweet.”

His tongue drove in, then wiggled back and forth deep inside her to find nerve endings that were apparently attached directly to her voice.

“Yes, Mak. Oh God, Evan. Harder.”

The begging and moaning grew louder and more demanding, more verbal than she'd ever been during sex in her life. Mak's hands roamed over her belly and palmed pubic flesh while Evan's mouth and hands worked her breasts, and soon she was writhing and slicked in a fresh sheen of sweat. Desperate words turned to gasps and moans, Desiree devolving from an intelligent reporter to a mating animal in heat.

“That's right, baby,” Evan crooned. He flicked his tongue back and forth over each nipple in a frenzied staccato. “Let it go.” He pushed his cock against her back again. “Feel what you do to me? Come now. Come for me.”

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