[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]
Dominant werebear Lucky has been labeled as a bad guy all his life. Everyone says he is his father’s son, that he will go to whatever lengths to get whoever he wants. The moment Lucky crosses paths with an Omega wolf meant for sale, Lucky knows his fate is sealed. River is his mate, his better half, and the man who will teach him what it is like to love. Lucky will do whatever it takes to claim what is his.
River Forrest knows his life is over when he accidentally stumbles into the bad part of town. Everyone warned him about staying away from the vicious clan of werebears that control that territory. River doesn’t expect to be saved by one determined and domineering werebear.
One passionate night with Lucky shows River something more underneath Lucky’s scars and ink. There is a beating heart beneath all that roughness, but is River ready to trust and love a man the world deems bad?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lucky's Strike (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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This is 8th book in the Blue Moon Wolves series. Lucky is a were-bear and had to always fight his way in the pack. When he smell something good in the woods and finds a wolf running away. River has always had a hard time of follow instruction. What will happen with a wolf and bear both running away from things? Can they make there mating work or will Lucky Alpha/Father stand in the way? Recommend this book
virginia lee




Lucky placed a kiss on the side of his neck. The gesture shocked him because of its gentle nature. The werebear looked into his eyes. Time seemed to stop. For those couple of moments, River glimpsed a soul as wounded as his own. 

“The world decided from the moment you were born you were an Omega, the way it fucking decided I’m only my father’s son. I don’t take any pleasure in fucking the unwilling.”

Lucky took a step back from him, releasing his dick. River already missed Lucky’s huge and callused hand on his prick. Seeing the disappointment on Lucky’s face unexpectedly hurt. It hadn’t been his intention to open old wounds.

“Wait. Who ever said I’m here against my will? Well, that’s partly true. Better you than all the monsters downstairs.”

Lucky let out a harsh laugh. “Some people would say I’m just like them, even worse. I won’t pretend with you, Omega. I’m not a good man. I’ve done plenty of things in my life I’m not proud of, which I regret.”

“That puts you in a different category already. You were forced into doing some things you didn’t like.” River didn’t know what he was doing.

Lucky didn’t seem like the kind of guy who would force himself on the weak, so he was relatively safe for the evening. They could go on existing in the same space, ignoring each other. River would figure out something else tomorrow, but he wanted to close any old wound he’d opened up. Lucky deserved better, and besides, some part of him sought to understand this powerful but broken werebear.

“No one forced me into doing anything, Omega. I’m taking a shower. Do what you want. Take the bed. I’ll sleep on the floor. Get some sleep,” Lucky said. The werebear lumbered toward the door leading to where River assumed the bathroom was.

River doubted either of them would be able to sleep well tonight. His skin itched. The wolf inside him restlessly paced back and forth, all too aware that above them, the moon shone full and true. It was mating season and tonight was perfect. Their mate was within reach.

Their mate. 

Oh God

Never mind the implications of that statement.

River recognized who Lucky was the moment the werebear sat on him and started sniffing at him. Did Lucky suspect it too? Most dominant shifters would see something, or someone, they wanted and took it without question. Lucky respected his space.

“Wait. Stop.” He ran up to Lucky, putting a hand on Lucky’s broad shoulder. 

The werebear turned, nostrils flaring. River could sense Lucky’s barely contained beast eager to mate with his own. Why stop the inevitable? Why should they both spend this mating season miserable and apart while being in the same room?

There was only one way to settle this. Tip-toeing, River locked his hands around Lucky’s neck and kissed him. Lucky froze, taken by surprise, but the werebear instantly took over. River liked the way Lucky clasped the back of his neck and kissed him back, rough and deep. Their tongues and teeth tangled. When River prodded his tongue between his lips, he opened his mouth wide so River could deepen the kiss.

Heat went down his throat and right to his chest and dick. River could sense Lucky’s hesitation ebbing away. The werebear slid his hands up and down his body, as if hungry to explore every part of him. This might be his last night on earth. When tomorrow came, who knew what would happen?

Chance would certainly get pissed his son killed Lucio. Lucky deliberately disobeyed orders from his Alpha, and River found that hot. He wondered if Lucky knew how alike they both were, despite being so different. Both of them had been thrust into situations they didn’t want. They both knew what it was like being backed against a corner and forced to adapt to their circumstances.

Oh, they knew so little about each other, but if they lived past tomorrow, they could take this thing, whatever this was—further.

Lucky pulled away, panting. They both were. “Fuck, Omega. You taste amazing.”

“River,” he said.

Lucky grinned at that. “Suits you.”

He snorted. “Why?”

“You can be fucking calm one moment, lethal the next.”

“Are you mistaking me for someone else?” River demanded.

“No. You’ve got spine.”

“I’m weak and stupid, but then, if I didn’t enter werebear territory, I would have never met you.”

Lucky frowned and River noticed the tiny scar right below the werebear’s left eye. Chance’s rake mark earlier tonight had almost faded, but he reached out to trace the three diagonal lines with a finger. He wondered how many battles, both mental and physical, his werebear had gone through.

“You say that like it’s a good thing. You would have been better off if you stayed clear of our territory,” Lucky replied.

River didn’t miss the word ‘our’. Of course Lucky considered himself just like his fellow clan members, though he could be so much more.

“Stop talking and kiss me again.” River’s pulse raced when Lucky lifted his chin, forcing him to look at the werebear.

“I lead the dance here, Omega.”

He leaned in close to whisper into Lucky’s ear. “Show me, Lucky. Tame me.”

Lucky let out a laugh that made his heart flutter. It was such a good sound. He had a feeling a guy like Lucky didn’t laugh or smile often. Well, River could change that.

Lucky claimed his lips again and his brain turned into mush. River rubbed his body against Lucky, loving the solid heat and feel of him. 

“So fucking good,” Lucky said, pulling his mouth away. “I’ll never get sick of the taste of you, but I want more.”




“Let me return the favor. How about it, big guy?” River suggested.

Lucky grinned. 

“Lie down, let me show you what this Omega can do,” River suggested.

Lucky settled against his pillows, watching River kneel between his legs. He speared his fingers into River’s hair and guided the Omega to his waiting dick. Patience got him this far, but Lucky knew he wouldn’t last long. He needed to be inside River as soon as possible, claim what rightfully belonged to him.

River took his prick between his lips and proceeded to give Lucky the best blow job of his life. There was a hunger in River. River sucked him like his life depended on it. Some guys didn’t like giving head, but River apparently did. In moments, River had him groaning, close to bursting. He gave River’s hair a tug.

Lucky’s voice came out harsh. “Enough. It’s time I fuck you.”

River pulled his mouth away and grinned. “Those are the words I’ve been waiting for. How do you want me?”

Lucky rolled off the bed. “Lie on your back, edge of the bed. I want to see your face when I take you the first time.”

“That’s an unexpected position. Don’t most dominant shifters want to rut their submissive lovers on fours?” River asked.

“We’ll get to that soon. If you think I’ll be satisfied with one fuck, think again.”

River scrambled into position.

“Wait here.” Lucky entered his bathroom and began looking for lube. “Fuck.”

How the hell could he run out of lubricant at an important time like this?

Lucky checked the cupboard above his sink and the drawer underneath, unleashing a string of curses under his breath.

“Is something wrong?” River asked, standing by his doorway.

Lucky turned to him, shoulders slumped. “I don’t have lube.

River blinked. “We, Omega wolves, are self-lubricating.”

Lucky let out a breath. “Don’t joke with me at a time like this.”

River crossed his arms. “I’m not. It’s true. See for yourself.”

Oh, he was going to take River up on his offer. Lucky crossed the distance between them, pulling the Omega close. River let out a squeak as Lucky spun him, pressed him against the wall.

“Spread,” he instructed.

“God, I don’t know why I find this so hot,” River mumbled, obeying.

Lucky pulled his ass cheeks apart and slipped a finger in. True to the Omega’s word, River was slick and tight. He groaned. It would be so easy to put his cock in.

“On the counter,” he managed to say.

River craned his head to look at him. “What?”

Lucky guided him to the bathroom counter, placed his hands on River’s waist and hoisted him up, so River sat on the edge.

“I’ve never been fucked like this before,” River commented. The Omega wasn’t complaining though, by the looks of it. River placed his hands around his neck and wrapped his legs around his waist, pulling him close.

Fuck, but Lucky loved River’s initiative, and there was no point rushing this. He didn’t want River to think back on this moment and remember pain. Lucky knew he wasn’t exactly small. He put two fingers inside River’s asshole.

“Fuck me already,” River breathed in his ear.

“Not yet. Be patient,” he told River.

He curled his fingers, loving the way the Omega arched his back and whimpered. Lucky repeated the motion just to hear the sound again. Adding a third finger in, he widened River for his access. By then, he could feel River squirming.

“Please,” River begged.

That did it. His Omega was ready. Lucky placed his cockhead into River’s tiny entrance and began to make his way in, nice and slow.

“God, you’re so big,” River murmured.

“Bear with the pain a little longer, pet. I’m going to make you fly soon enough.”

River moaned his assent. Once the ridge of Lucky’s cock passed through the tight ring of muscles, he sheathed himself fully inside River. Fuck, but River’s ass muscles clamped tightly around his dick.

“Breathe in and out,” he instructed.

River’s chest rose and fell as the muscles relaxed.

“Good boy,” he said. The compliment made River glow. Score one for the bear. At least Lucky was doing something right. “Are you ready for me?”

“Hell yes. I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever.”

Laughing, Lucky tightened his hand around River’s waist and began to piston in and out of River. He settled on a steady rhythm, amazed by the sight of his enormous prick disappearing inside River’s tiny hole. The Omega rubbed himself against him, groaning his pleasure.

“Faster, please,” River whispered.

He picked up his speed. With each thrust, Lucky went faster, deeper, breaching River’s most intimate places. He took River’s mouth again, savoring the sweet taste of his Omega. Shifting the angle of his hips, he entered River again. Judging by River’s cries and wide eyes, he hit River’s prostate.

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