Marshals' Most Wanted (MFM)

Tasty Treats 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,078
54 Ratings (4.1)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Sci-Fi]

Hot on the trail of the Rogan Gang, Galactic Marshals and bond-brothers Stev and Tarik Lan Garron go undercover to head the notorious bandits off from their next target—a high-stakes poker tournament on the backwater planet Jokers Wild. The one thing they didn't bet on was meeting the woman destined to be their shared mate.

Hope Kennedy is willing to do anything to save her family's spread from financial ruin, even if it means turning the Bar-K into a dude ranch and babysitting a handsome pair of off-world travel writers. But an easy trip on the range isn't in the cards when Stev and Tarik's alien pheromones push Hope into an all-consuming, impossible-to-refuse sexual heat that only the virile Geminus males can satisfy.

Luckily, the sexy lawmen are more than up to the task of showing Hope that she's these Marshals' Most Wanted.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Marshals' Most Wanted (MFM)
54 Ratings (4.1)

Marshals' Most Wanted (MFM)

Tasty Treats 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,078
54 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston




Hope closed her eyes and fought to maintain her composure. Fortunately, she didn’t have to worry about steering her horse into a tree. Unfortunately, closing her eyes didn’t help. Instead, it made her even more aware of the way the animal’s rolling stride rocked the saddle between her thighs, sensuously rubbing the seam of her jeans against swollen, sensitive flesh. Her breasts were heavy and tight, her nipples visible points under her shirt. More than once, she caught herself hugging her arms close to her sides, pressing the hungry globes together in an attempt to get some relief. Her skin tingled as if subjected to a million tiny shocks, not quite painful, but almost. It was torture.

What was wrong with her?

This wild desire was a thousand times worse than what she felt yesterday when she drove Stev and Tarik to the ranch. Afraid of what would happen if she had to kick her horse into a trot, she reined in their pace until the horses moved at little more than a walk. At the drastically reduced pace, it would be after dark before they arrived at the first campsite.

Thankfully, Stev and Tarik appeared to be oblivious to her condition. They took to riding with ease and now held their horses in the same position they had all day, one on either side of her. Her initial antipathy to the off-worlders had faded. As they talked, she was surprised to find Stev and Tarik both interesting and intelligent. They didn’t ask stupid questions, seeming genuinely interested in Hope, the ranch, and Jokers Wild, in that order. Where Tarik was faster with a quip and a hearty laugh, Stev amused in his own way with a dry wit she appreciated.

She wondered if she’d find them just as likeable if she weren’t so hot to drag them off their horses and rip their clothes off.

She’d only been in the general store for a few moments, but maybe she’d been exposed to the same thing Stev and Tarik had, only her body reacted differently. She’d never heard of an allergic reaction that presented itself as voracious lust, though.

Hope considered contacting her brothers and having one of them take over. One of them. Right. She knew it would have to be Reid, since Garrett’s leg meant he couldn’t ride a horse. She couldn’t do that to Reid and Lannie. Her eldest brother couldn’t leave the ranch, even for just a day.

She glanced to either side. Stev and Tarik had obviously recovered from their allergic reaction. Their complexions were a healthy, honey tan, brown eyes clear and bright. Without the bloodshot veins, they proved to be a melting chocolate. Both men smiled easily, and every time they did her eyes went to their lickable lips. Speaking of lickable, she wouldn’t mind tangling her tongue in the sprinkling of hair she could see where Stev left the two top buttons of his shirt unfastened.

Hope jerked her eyes away. Maybe it would be best if she slept on it and took stock in the morning. If she still felt like a mare eager for a stallion, she’d com her brothers and go home.





Following the men’s urging, Hope lay down. Her fingers dug restlessly into the pallet. Almost by accident, one hand stroked her hip. Liking the sensation, she brought both hands to her waist and glided unsteady fingers up her sides, tripping over each rib until she reached her breasts. A masculine groan stopped her exploration. Tarik placed her hands back on the pallet at her sides.

Shalla, let us do this.”

“If you don’t, I doubt I’ll last,” Stev warned.

Gently, almost reverently, Tarik kissed her. Stev did the same, his lips trembling with barely leashed passion under the chaste caress. “If we can’t treat you with the honor that is yours by right tonight, at least allow us to pleasure you, shalla,” he said.

Tarik began with sipping kisses over her mouth and cheeks, along her brow and against her eyelids. Hope followed like an eager bird, hungry for more, until she found herself on her side, facing him. Tarik steadied her with a wide palm on her hip, urging her closer. Hope purred as the hard length of his cock prodded her belly. When she reached to take his heavy erection in her hand, he bit off a curse. He sank into her lips, easing his tongue beyond her teeth to play and tease.

Stev lifted the hair away from Hope’s neck and began his own sensual assault. His lips glided over her nape, then moved to graze the thin skin behind her ears. Unconsciously, her hand tightened on Tarik’s cock, her thumb sweeping unerringly over the flared tip, sliding in the slippery pre-cum that trickled from it. He growled and angled his hips away, but his mouth devoured hers.

Stev’s mouth explored Hope’s back, pausing at each bump of her spine. His hands moved in sweeping caresses, shaping her waist and hips. Hope squirmed when he kissed the soft flesh at the base of her spine. He chuckled darkly. Apparently delighted to find one of her particular erogenous zones, he lingered. His tongue traced damp patterns on her hot flesh. The cooling effect of the night air heightened the sensation as she tipped her chin back to let Tarik’s lips leave her mouth and trail over her throat and the tops of her breasts.

All inhibitions gone, she did little more than startle when Stev moved even lower to cup her ass in kneading palms. He bit her buttock gently, and soothed the sting with a laving lick of his tongue. Then he did it again. Hope whimpered. How could she not have known she would so enjoy the bite of pain with the lick of pleasure?

Their caresses had an odd, calming effect on her senses. The more they touched her, the more she seemed to come back to herself. Despite the sound of a distant mental alarm that warned she was behaving wholly unlike herself, the thrall of this passion, this zusha, was too seductive. Hope wanted more.

Tarik sucked her nipple into the hot cavern of his mouth, silencing her alarm. With a suggestive rhythm, he sucked the stiffened flesh with deep pulls, tickling the tip with feather taps of his tongue. He released her nipple with a wet pop and moved to her other breast.

Hooking a hand under her knee, Tarik guided it over his hip. Immediately, Stev slid questing fingers over her dripping slit. Hope cried out.

Shalla,” Tarik whispered against her breast, voice harsh. His hand tightened on her knee, trapping it against his waist. The position forced his cock against her mound, and he pumped against her. Growling, he stopped and attacked her breast with new ferocity.

Stev played his fingers over and around her clit, circling the aroused nub with frustrating brevity. Helplessly, Hope pressed against him in an effort to force a harder touch. Instead, his fingers left her aching and wet.

 Shock held her motionless when Stev parted the cheeks of her ass and gave her a long, slow lick. His tongue fluttered against the tight bud of her anus. She wriggled in discomfort, not from the caress, but from the strangeness of it. Torn by spiking pleasure and embarrassment, she tried to shift away, only to come up against Tarik’s sweat slicked chest. There was nowhere to go.

“Hope, it’s okay,” Stev said as his fingers continued to play distractingly between her legs and Tarik nuzzled her neck. “Rik and I know exactly what you need. Never be shy with us,shalla. Nothing is forbidden between bondmates.”

Lust swelled inside her, and with it a corresponding drop in her awareness and inhibitions. Hope raised her chin to lure Tarik into another soul stealing kiss. She stroked his cock, trapping it between her hand and stomach. She did no more than whimper when Stev again slid his tongue against her anus. When he gently breached the tight seal with the tip of his thumb, she tilted her hips invitingly.

Stev rewarded her with renewed strokes along her throbbing clit.

Hope was getting desperate for release.

At last, finally, Tarik let her guide him where she craved him most. She tipped his cock down until it rested between her swollen lower lips. Stev obligingly moved his hand so his bond-brother could slide his cock back and forth along her dripping channel. Hope tightened her leg around his waist. Tarik buried his face in the tangled hair along her shoulder, where the sound of his chuffing, uneven breaths drove her lust higher.

With one final caress of his tongue, Stev moved up to align his body with hers, chest to back, hips to buttocks. Carefully, he guided his cock into the valley of her ass until its rounded head nudged her anus.

Hope moaned.

While Tarik lightly flexed his hips, driving his cock along her increasingly wet slit, Stev grasped her hip and began to press forward. Infinitesimally slow, he eased ahead, the pressure against her hidden rosebud building and building. All at once, he was inside. Stev halted, the very tip of his cock held tight in her virgin rear passage. His fingers moved on her hip and she sensed he wanted to hold her tightly but feared hurting her. The roughness of his night beard rasped against the nape of her neck.

Hope was distantly surprised by how much she wanted him to continue. Blindly, she reached back and sank her fingers into Stev’s thigh and gave a demanding tug. He grunted and uttered a deep groan.

“No, shalla,” he said, the words rumbling from deep in his chest. “It will hurt too much this first time. Please. Be patient. You’ll get your relief.”


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