Melanie's Protector (MF)

Rodeo Cowboys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 16,500
11 Ratings (3.9)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romance]

Melanie "kidnaps" Steve McCall, the big, rugged saddle bronc rider, because he looks like an honest man.

What she hasn't planned on is the instant, sizzling attraction rampaging through her body whenever they look at each other.

As a speech writer for the governor, Melanie accidentally stumbles across a cover-up concealed in the inner sanction of the Capitol. Steve not only agrees to protect her but also offers Melanie refuge and delicious erotic pleasures.

The protective wall around her heart crumbles as Steve entices her with his cowboy charm. As they explore their mutual attraction while hiding out at Steven's ranch, danger lurks in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike...

A Siren Erotic Romance

Melanie's Protector (MF)
11 Ratings (3.9)

Melanie's Protector (MF)

Rodeo Cowboys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 16,500
11 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

4.5 BLUE RIBBONS: "Melanie's Protector is the first book in Sage Burnett's Rodeo Cowboy series, starting it off with a bang. This book is fast paced and will delight readers with the interactions between Melanie and Steve. Melanie is just an innocent woman who accidentally saw some incriminating files in the governor's office. Steve is a cowboy whose mama taught him to always help a lady in trouble and he takes her teachings to heart. Melanie didn't want to involve Steve in her problems but from the minute she kidnapped him, he takes on her worries as his own. Watch for the next books in this series - Karly's Drifter and Josie's Heartbreaker." -- Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

4 STARS: "Melanie's Protector, the first in a new series by Sage Burnett, is a delightful novella that mixes passion with a sprinkling of suspense. The characters are very likeable, and the chemistry between them sizzles on the page...Sex between the pair is described in rather explicit detail, with none of the more risqu sexual acts being incorporated into the storyline - though their encounters do take place in a variety of places. Do you love a cowboy tale? Ever fantasize about a guy's cute butt encased in a tight pair of denim jeans? Or do you simply enjoy strong, handsome men rescuing damsels in distress? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then Melanie's Protector is undoubtedly a great story for you. I have enjoyed it, and shall certainly be watching for the upcoming books in the Rodeo Cowboys series." -- Elizabeth Marie, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 CUPS: "Sizzling hot and filled with action, Melanie's Protector is a fabulous tale of a woman on the run. A creative plot and deliciously clever dialogue keeps this story moving as the intense sexual tension and love scenes keep you ensnared. Explosively entertaining, this tale is one sexy ride you will not soon forget." -- Wateena, Coffee Time Romance

4 ANGELS: "Sage Burnett does it again with this short contemporary filled with betrayal. This one-night stand proves to be something more for a woman who needs love in her life. I loved Melanie's attitude and courage to reveal the truth in the governor's campaign. She will stop at nothing and is even bold when she holds Steve at gunpoint. What a great way to get a man's attention (lol) in my opinion! Steve is a good man who is in his prime, still thinks young and adventurous, but also dreams of a good wife and family life. These two are so in tune to the story and Sage Burnett did not once falter from the story line like some short erotica's do in the end. I loved it and can't wait for the next one in the series. Even though this bronc rider was a dream to read about, I can't wait for the other riders to come in the series." -- Lena C., Fallen Angel Reviews

4 ROSES: "Sage Burnette has a sizzling hit on her hands with Her Book " Melanie's Protector" with a healthy dose of suspense, romance and with some steamy sex scenes that are sure to raise your temperature a few degrees. I cannot wait for the next book in this series." -- Deb, Sensual Reads & Reviews

"I love a good cowboy and Steve definitely lives up to the name. Fiercely protective of Melanie, I loved this rugged man. Melanie is a perfect match for him and I can't wait to read more books in this series by Sage Burnett. Melanie's Protector is a fabulous read, one that I enjoyed immensely." -- Shannon, Joyfully Reviewed

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Steve dragged his tired butt into his camper, took one step, and tripped over something in the sooty darkness. Losing his balance, he smacked his forehead on the handle of the refrigerator door. “Shit! What the hell is that?” He fumbled for the light over the sink.

As the light flickered to life, he saw a black leather tote bag on the floor.

“Don’t move.”

His gaze shot to the bed over the cab of his truck. The redhead from the rodeo stands held a pistol pointed directly at his chest. He’d been too cranky after losing the competition to fantasize about what color eyes she had. Turned out they were a vivid shade of green. She knelt on his bed with her arms stretched in front of her, gripping the .22 in both hands.

“What the hell?” Steve rubbed his forehead, knowing he’d probably sprout a goose egg. “How did you get back here? And why are you in my camper? I don’t recall inviting you.”

“You left it unlocked. And...I want you to take me to Bozeman. Now.”

His crankiness twisted into anger. “Oh, you do, do you?”

“Yes. I have to be there by six this morning.”

“If you want to rob me, I’ll give you the few bucks in my wallet. Then you can get the hell out of my camper.”

She shook her head, causing her long, silky hair to sway back and forth. “I have no intention of robbing you. I need to get to Bozeman.”

“Ever hear of driving, bus, airplane, lady?”

She shook her head again. “I want you to drive me.”

“Now, wait a minute.” Steve held up his hands. “I’m not a damn taxi service. If you want to shoot me, do it. I’m already dead on my feet.”

“I don’t want to shoot you. I want you to drive me to Bozeman.”

“Sorry, no can do. I’m almost out of gas. The next town is thirty miles up the road, and the gas station doesn’t open ‘til six.”

The redhead’s brows knitted together into a frown. “This is a big truck. It has to have dual tanks.”

Tank number two was filled but he wasn’t about to tell her that. “Forgot to fill it.”

Still frowning, she watched him with a skeptical glint in her eyes. Steve rubbed his forehead again, avoiding her eyes. He hated being dishonest, even to a wacky redhead with a gun pointed at him.

She let out a long, frustrated breath, then stared down at the gun for several moments.

“Why don’t you put the gun away?” Steve suggested. “We’ll forget this ever happened.”

Her gaze collided with his. “No. I have to get to Bozeman.”

“It’s a long walk. And a lady can’t be hitchhiking at night on this lonely road. So, it looks like you have to spend the night on the side of the road with me.” He wasn’t sure if he relished that idea. Sure, she was attractive, with that flaming head of hair, but the fact that she had a gun pointed at him tended to put a damper on things.

She shook her head. “No, no, no.”

“What’s so important about getting to Bozeman by six?”

“I need” She pressed her lips together in a tight line for a moment. “I need to catch a plane.” Fear swirled in her eyes.

“Listen, why don’t you put the gun away?” He held up his hands again. “I’m an honest guy. You can trust me.”

“That’s why I picked you.”

Steve laid his hand on his chest, eyes widening. “You picked me to drive you to Bozeman?”

She nodded.

So much for honesty. If he looked like a low-down rat, he probably wouldn’t be standing in his camper with a gun pointed at him. “What’s your name?” When she didn’t answer, he said, “I’m Steve McCall. Now, you tell me yours.” She still didn’t volunteer her name. “Okay. I guess it’s Red.”

She frowned at him, clearly not liking the nickname.

“How about I make some coffee?”

What he really wanted was sleep, not caffeine. Since Red was in his bed, he didn’t have much choice. If she didn’t have a pistol sighted in on him, he’d crawl up there with her.

He kicked her tote bag out of the way and grabbed the small container of coffee off the cupboard shelf. After he measured the coffee, he glanced over at her. “Your legs will go to sleep kneeling like that.” He turned on the propane burner. “Your arms have to be getting tired.”

Red lifted her chin and raised the gun a notch.

Steve shrugged as he pulled a couple of mugs from the cupboard. “If you picked me to be your chauffeur because I look honest, then you don’t need to be pointing that gun at me.”

“I said you looked honest. I didn’t say you were.”


Steve looked into her eyes as his hands cupped her soft, plump breasts. “No one will hurt you. I’ll see to that, Red.” Her eyes, already simmering with heat, flooded with gratitude.

She lowered her head, nipped his upper lip while he gently pinched her nipples.

“You have beautiful breasts,” he whispered before he kissed her again.

Her tongue invaded his mouth and Steve groaned as she rubbed her pubic mound against him. Lifting her forward so her breasts were at eye level, he suckled her nipple like a starving man. Her hips moved seductively up and down over his erection. He needed her bare flesh rubbing against his. Steve reached for the button on her jeans, but she stopped him by pushing his tee shirt up and over his head. Then she bent, her thick hair spreading across his chest as she licked his nipple. She licked her way over to his other nipple and his desire for her ripened with each rake of her tongue. While the exotic scent of her hair drifted around him, Steve palmed her crotch, hearing her breathy moan. Moments later they were both struggling with each other’s jeans. When the clothes were off, Red kissed him again, her hot, naked body draped over his.

Slipping his finger into her wet pussy, he couldn’t stop the groan that rumbled from his lips. She raised her butt slightly, moving her hips up and down. His other hand sought out her breast, where he rubbed his thumb over her hard nipple, the sound of her husky, womanly moans driving his lust higher and hotter.

When she came, Steve gritted his teeth as fiery lust exploded inside of him. He didn’t give her a chance to recover before he plunged his cock deep into her pussy.

Red sat up, moving with him as he thrust hard and fast inside her. Through hooded eyes, he watched her breasts jiggle before he covered them with his hands. Red laid her hands on top of his and worked them against her. The feel of her soft palms had him clenching his back teeth together to hold onto his control.

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