MYSTIC 5: Data Input (MM)


Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,155
14 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, HEA] 
Patch returns with an unknown source on his tail and is forced to disclose the secret network he has been working with to find missing men. Patch never expected to discover the United Council was behind everything and that now they want him dead. When Bram rips him apart and Zion, his "mate", allows it to happen, Patch decides to go it alone and hopefully take the Council’s eyes off his family and friends. 
Zion is struggling with having a coworker for a mate and makes a big mistake that could cost him the love of his life. Searches bring up nothing, until a mutual acquaintance says he knows where Patch is and finally agrees to take Zion to his mate.
Can Zion fix his mistake and get Patch to return to MYSTIC and Zion's side, or will he be forced to go on the run with his mate? Because there is no way Zion will leave Patch behind.
A Siren Erotic Romance
MYSTIC 5: Data Input (MM)
14 Ratings (4.6)

MYSTIC 5: Data Input (MM)


Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,155
14 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Patch watched as his brother shook his head, saying, “We have to let the Canadian team take care of this, Trent. We have enough on our plate as it is getting the Eliminators under control.”.”

Trent threw his hands in the air. “How much longer are you going to deny that the Council is responsible for all this? What is it going to take for you to pull your head out of your ass?”

“My head is exactly where it needs to be. We don’t know that the Council has done anything to the European team. I can’t just march in there and start making accusations,” Bram argued back.

“Those threats may not have come directly from the United Council, but they got someone close enough to make them. For all we know it may have been someone from the Canadian team. Now I think that Patch has a right to know,” Trent snapped.

“And I will tell him, but right now he is a bit busy,” Bram said calmly.

Trent scoffed. “He is getting his rocks off. I know he is your brother, but at least be honest. Damn it, this is important.”

Patch saw Bram rushing toward Trent and quickly got in between the two men. “Bram, no!”

Bram snarled, “I will not have him talking about my brother that way!”

Patch dropped his arms and said, “Bram, it’s okay. Everyone is just wound tight. He didn’t mean any disrespect.”

Patch turned to Trent, saying, “Just so you know, I was not getting my rocks off, as you so eloquently put it.”

Trent scoffed. “Please, there was not a person here that didn’t hear you last night.”

“That’s because we were making our mating official,” Zion said as he walked into the room and took Patch’s hand in his own.

Patch looked at Zion, smiling. His mate was freshly showered, not a hair out of place, and the dark blue suit with the red-and-blue striped tie neatly in place. “Damn you look like you just walked out of a GQ magazine.”

Zion kissed him lightly, saying, “You and I are going to talk about just leaving without waking me.”

“You looked too comfortable. I didn’t want to disturb you. You don’t get near enough rest,” Patch said quietly.

Trent interrupted their small talk, saying, “Congratulations on your mating, Patch. I had no idea you two were even mates. I’m sorry for the disrespect.”

Patch felt Zion’s muscles tense as he growled, “What disrespect?”

Patch patted his mate’s chest, saying, “Let it go, Zion. Trent was just trying to make a point with Bram.”

Turning back to Trent, Patch asked, “But I really would like to know what you meant when you said those messages were left by someone close to me?”

Kalib came rushing in. “JP said you’re right, Trent. Those messages came directly from Patch’s computer.”

“His computer? That means the person had to be right there in the room with him,” Zion said in shock.

“I think I would have noticed another person in the room with me, Trent,” Patch replied.

Zion’s features hardened. “Not if he was a transfer shifter.”

“What the heck is that?” Quade asked as he waddled into the room with a small container of ice cream in hand.

Trent pursed his lips in disapproval. “Quade, we talked about you constantly eating that crap.”

Shrugging, Quade said, “When you’re pregnant you can eat what you want. These babies want mint chocolate chip. Now tell me what a transfer shifter is.”

Bram sighed. “It is someone that transfers themselves into items instead of animals.”

“Oh, like that guy that was here a few months back,” Quade said in understanding. He looked at Patch, asking, “What was that guy’s name? Remember he showed up as a plant or something,” Quade said as he tapped the container, thinking as he spoke. “One of his brothers was killed and the other was…um…Zak,” Quade yelled out as he remembered.

“Benji!” Patch stated loudly, turning to Bram. “He was the one that you sent back to spy on Stalin.”

Bram shook his head. “Benji! With everything going on with Matty and Quade getting pregnant, having the baby… Damn, I totally forgot about the guy. He could record and repeat entire conversations.”

Patch looked at Zion. “But why not just come to me? Why send me those threats?”

Bram turned to Trent and Kalib. “Go get the others and everyone needs to get into the meeting room. If I remember correctly, the guy can only change into plants, so make sure none are around.”

Zion looked at Bram, concerned. “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that Stalin knows about Vince. I also think he knows about Quade’s situation, and if I’m right, they are getting ready to attack,” Bram said gravely.




Zion was breathing heavily, his heart beating so hard he felt as if it would punch out of his chest, and his muscles felt tense with need. Zion wasn’t lying when he told Patch about his fear of actually hurting him with the overwhelming need Zion was feeling at this moment.t.

Grinding their cocks together had Zion making noises he had never heard come from himself in the past.

“Shit that feels good.” Patch hissed as he lifted his hips off the bed and pulled on Zion’s back, trying to get even more from him.

Not wanting to disappoint Patch and needing more himself, Zion tilted enough to grasp both their cocks and started stroking them together, using their pre-cum as lubricant.

“Zion…d–don’t st–stop…ye…yes just li…like that,” Patch stammered.

Moving his hips to slide along Patch’s shaft, Zion grunted, “Not stopping…never stopping.”

Never losing his desire, Patch startled Zion when he laughed softly, saying, “That will make it hard to work.”

Zion increased his stroking of both his hips and hands, rasping, “But interesting.”

“Oh shit, Zion…I’m gonna…son of a…Z…I’m gonna…” Patch rambled, unable to finish a sentence.

There was a dreamy, intimate kiss, and then Zion slowly removed his lips, saying, “That’s the point.”

Leaning to the crook of Patch’s neck, Zion ran his tongue from there to his man’s earlobe and bit down gently.

“Shiiit!” Patch hollered as cum shot from his cock and oozed over Zion’s hand.

Zion watched as Patch’s blue eyes rounded and glazed over, neck and back arched off the bed as his mouth remained open and no more sound came out.

The look, the feel of his man’s pleasure running down his hand, and the smell of seed and sweat was more than Zion’s own senses could take and he moved his hips, feeling his balls so tight it was almost painful, when suddenly his own cum began spurting out of his dick and mixing with Patch’s as well as hitting their chests and some even hit Patch’s chin.

With his cock still hard and wanting, Zion licked his own seed from Patch’s chin, panting, “You are even more beautiful when you come than I dreamed.”

Breathing heavily, Patch rubbed his own lips together and licked then ran his tongue over them, panting, “Nice to know you dreamed of me. I dreamed about you, too.”

Zion looked Patch over seductively, saying, “Oh I dreamed all right. Now it’s time to make all our dreams a reality.”

Crawling lower, Zion took his cum-soaked finger and gently swirled it around Patch’s brown star, murmuring, “Bring your legs up.”

Immediately Patch bent his knees close to his body, bringing that pulsing hole into a closer view.

Taking his tongue, Zion whispered, “So beautiful.” Then slowly he licked Patch’s hole and pushed in one finger.

“Ohhh!” Patch said breathily.

“You like that, baby?” Zion asked softly.

Patch moaned, “God yes.”

Zion smiled, saying in a sensual voice, “Then you’re going to love this.”

Pulling his finger from Patch’s hole, Zion stiffened his tongue and began to stab then lick Patch’s hole fast and without mercy.

“Oh. Oh…what…oh shit… Zion…oh...” Patch babbled without sense.

Zion stopped long enough to say, “Grab the lube, babe.” He then went back to his assault on Patch’s ass with his tongue and now added his finger back to the mix.

He felt Patch trying to lean to the side and not disrupt Zion’s attention. There was a bang and suddenly the drawer was on the bed next to them and Patch was frantically digging through it while never taking his eyes off of Zion.

Zion slid his tongue from Patch’s crack up to his man’s balls and sucked on it and then the other.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Patch fired out rapidly and breathlessly.

Zion was about to lift his head when the bottle of lube hit him in the forehead.

“Shit, sorry!” Patch panted and laughed at the same time.

Zion couldn’t stop his smile. There was something so incredibly sexy about Patch’s humor at a time like this. The laughter helped put Zion at ease.

Patch might not know, but this moment meant so much to him. He wanted to make it a night his mate would never forget.

Unsnapping the bottle, Zion added a liberal amount of the slick to his fingers and pushed two in at once.

“Ung!” Patch moaned as Zion scissored his fingers slowly stroking in and out of that tight hole.

Watching Patch’s face filled with passion and pleasure had Zion’s cock pulsing, and he could feel the blood building in his loins. However, making a difficult decision of watching or tasting, Zion lowered his lips over Patch’s hard, dripping cockhead.

The salty flavor along with the musky scent of his mate was almost more than Zion could take. He had to stop all movement and pull his mouth from Patch’s stiff cock.

Heavy breathing from both men filled the room as Zion did everything he could not to explode right then and there.

“Wh…what’s wrong?” Patch panted as he licked his lips.

Zion followed the movement of that red tip as it moistened those kissable lips and couldn’t hold back a low growl.

Patch’s lust-filled gaze met Zion’s needy one. “Zion, why’d you stop?”

Zion slowly started moving his fingers in and out of Patch’s hole once more, saying, “I needed a moment to get myself steady.”

With an adoring smile, Patch brushed Zion’s hair out of his eyes, whispering, “Maybe I don’t want you steady. Zion, I don’t want you to hold back. I have dreamed of this moment for what feels like my entire life.”

Zion added a third finger, ordering, “Tell me your dream.”

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