Needing Your Love (MF)

Learning to Love 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 77,159
2 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, consensual BDSM, food play, sex toys, HEA]
Tracey and Sean meet while hanging out with friends one night at a club. They start dancing and quickly discover they have this great electricity flowing between them, but Tracey’s fear of relationships has her leery. She finds herself reminding Sean that after years of working as a marriage counselor, she is not looking for a serious relationship but more of a friends with benefits type of thing. 
Sean agrees to her arrangement until he discovers he really likes her and wants more than the benefits she is offering. Sean finally convinces her to give them a try when she discovers she has an ex-fling who has been watching her and wants her back.  
Will her crazy ex win her back or will Sean protect her and show her what a real relationship is like? Her ex could just end up proving her point of why she felt a relationship was not a good idea in the first place.
Note: This book is written in one point of view.
Note: This book is written in first-person point of view.
Note: This book is not stand-alone. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Needing Your Love (MF)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Needing Your Love (MF)

Learning to Love 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 77,159
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




We are heading back to my house and there is some serious energy surging in this truck. I don't know if it is sexual or nervous energy, but I can feel it and I think he can too. I want him to stay for a little while so I ask him in. “Are you going to stay a little bit?”

“I was hoping to stay the night, but if all I can get is a little bit I won't push my luck.”

We pull up outside my apartment and once he parks, I look into his beautiful blue eyes. “We will see,” I say with a smile as I jump out of his huge pickup truck.

We head into the house and I tell him to make himself at home while I change into something more comfortable. He laughs. “I can come give you a hand with that if you would like.”

“Nice try, but I don't think so, babe, I got this.” I laugh as I steal his line from dinner.

“I see someone has jokes tonight.” He shouts from the other room with laughter in his voice.

I come back out from my room a few minutes later wearing leggings and a t-shirt and he is sitting on the couch looking for a movie for us to watch on TV. I plop myself on the side of him and he hands me the remote to decide what we are going to watch but there are no good movies on so I put on a repeat of NCIS and we start watching that.

I get up to get a glass of wine because I feel like I need to loosen up a bit and I offer him a beer and he asks, “Am I staying?”

I smile shyly and say, “Sure.”

“Then I will have a beer,” he says happily.

I like that he is not a heavy drinker and won't drink and drive. I walk back over with the wine and the beer, but I have already drank half my glass he just doesn't know it because I filled it pretty high.

“What is going on in that pretty little head of yours?“

“I guess I just can't help but wonder what you want from us? I mean you were pretty mad when I wanted to go to the party separately yet you took me to dinner and you want to spend the night.”

“I want you,” he states matter-of-factly.

“Sean, I like you a lot, I think about you often and we have amazing sex, but I don't know how to do this. Relationships like this scare the shit out of me. I know it is probably because of all the crap I have heard doing marriage counseling for the last few years. You would be surprised, shocked even, at some of things people do to each other and that is hard to get out of my head.”

“I am just asking that you give us a chance and talk to me if I am pushing too hard. I have never thought about a woman as much as I think of you,” he says, looking deep into my eyes.

“Does that mean you will talk to me too?”

“Of course, why wouldn't I?”

“Because when I tried to ask you about your nightmares you pushed me away. This can't be a one-way street Sean.”

“Tracey, I have seen some fucked up shit in my life, I served in one tour overseas with an engineer unit and then came home to start up my own construction company. After a short time running the company, I witnessed a nasty accident and my employee almost died. I don't want that shit in your head.”

“You do realize I am a psychologist and crisis counselor right? I have heard more PTSD stories from both soldiers and accident victims then you can imagine and I am not asking to try and fix you, I am asking so I can know you.”

“I am glad you want to know me better and I want to know you better too so how about we both try to open up more and just see where it goes. I can handle taking it slow but I need to know you are just seeing me. I can't handle sharing you,” he says as he puts his beer down on the coffee table.

So I put my wine down and lean into him. “I don't want to see anyone else, Sean, I just don’t know how good I will be at this. I don't want to get hurt and I certainly do not want to hurt you.”

He grabs me by the nape with one hand and while his thumb is rubbing the hair behind my neck the other hand goes under my chin to force me to look into his eyes. “I don't want to hurt you, I want to be with you.”




He leans in and gently kisses me on the lips. I instantly melt because I love how his lips feel pressed against mine. His tongue pokes out to lick my lips, begging for entry, so I open to him and he tastes of Sean and beer and I absolutely love it. I climb over his lap to straddle him as I deepen the kiss. He pulls away and starts kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear as I grind into his cock. I can feel him growing hard as his hands rub my legs to my ass where they stay while I am grinding into him.

“Babe, if you keep rubbing on me like that I am going to have a mess,” he says as I am moaning at the feel of his hands running up my back under my shirt. He unclips my bra and rubs his hands up and down my back as we continue to kiss each other hard. He pulls my shirt over my head. “Fuck I love your tits, baby.” I put my hands behind me on his knees and arch my back so my large breasts are in his face. He leans forward grabbing one and putting my nipple in his mouth, he sucks on it biting it gently and I can't help the moan that escapes me. He switches and plays with the other nipple until that one is hard as pebbles too. He starts kissing my cleavage as his hands glide up my back pulling me towards him, kissing his way up my neck and back to my mouth.

He pulls away panting and hard as a rock.

“Tracey, I have no control with you. I am sorry, do you want to slow down?”

“Sean, please just take me to bed, I don't know if I can slow down either.”

“Are you sure?” he says with concern in his voice

I climb off his lap and try to pull him off the couch but he doesn't budge. “Sean, I am so wet for you, please don't make a girl beg.”

He smiles and stands up to follow me to bed. As soon as we are in my room, he closes the door and asks me, “Who's in charge?”

I smile and bite my lip. “You are.”

“Damn straight!” he reminds me with his raspy authoritative tone.

He tells me he wants me naked by the time he has his boots off. Luckily that is easy because I only have leggings and a thong on, so I quickly peel them off and stand waiting for him.

He pushes me onto my bed and tells me to lay on my back, so I do. He climbs up on top of me and tells me he is going to eat my pussy until I come hard and then he is going to spank me and fuck me. I am so excited I smile and nod.

He starts at my breasts again and works his way down my stomach slowly kissing and biting as he goes. I start to squirm and he tells me if I don't stay still he will tie me down and start all over again, so I instantly lay still, because I know he is dead serious. I have been waiting for this moment since our first night together. He continues down to my pussy to start teasing me. He licks my folds then moves his tongue to my clit licking it hard, after a moment he starts kissing my legs then going back to my clit again, I swear it is to torture me. “Please, Sean!”

“Please what, Tracey?”

“Please make me come.”

“Should I lick you like this?” He starts licking my clit hard and fast and I am so hot for him I am already on the verge of an orgasm and he knows it.

“Or should I finger fuck you like this?” He slams two fingers deep inside me and my god I want to explode, but again as my orgasm is about to tear through me he stops.

“I definitely enjoy licking your clit so I think I will go back to that and fuck you with my tongue until you explode all over it.”

He starts licking me hard and fast and all of a sudden his tongue is inside me and he fucks me with it. “My god, Sean, I am going to explode.” I can feel him smile against my pussy as he starts to lick my clit again and that is my undoing. My orgasm is tearing through me as my legs shake uncontrollably and then stiffen around his head. Once my orgasm has settled, he starts kissing his way back up my body to look me dead in the eyes. “That is mine, do you understand me?”


“Good now roll over.”

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