No Escape from Destiny (MMF)

Destinies 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 74,289
18 Ratings (4.6)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, vampires, light consensual BDSM, HEA]

Adrian has been in love with Nikkos for many years but hides his feelings because he doesn't want to push his best friend away and lose him.

Nikkos is confused by his feelings for Adrain and has tried for years to hide how he really feels by chasing any female in sight.

Anstice is a human who knows great loss. She trusts no one, has few friends, and none that know the real reason she moved to a small Massachusetts town.

When Anstice saves Adrian's life, she has no idea the world she has been dragged into. Both vampires believe the female to be their mate, but will she be able to trust them enough to let them into her heart?

A Siren Erotic Romance

No Escape from Destiny (MMF)
18 Ratings (4.6)

No Escape from Destiny (MMF)

Destinies 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 74,289
18 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Very well written...loved the guy on guy action ....
I loved, loved, loved this book. I couldnt put this one down and the characters was amazing. I am hooked on this series! The next book wont get here fast enough for me. I big BRAVO! on this one Ms Kasey Dean. I need another vampire fix
Barefoot Okie



She knew he lived on a constant adrenaline rush and loved speeding to the scene, but reluctantly listened and turned the lights and siren off.

Two blocks down the street they came to a stop to await the cops. They aren’t here yet, surprise, surprise. Well, they weren’t going to get any closer until they got there. They could hear what sounded like several people fighting not too far away.

Anstice looked around to see if she could locate the source of the sounds. A few blocks away she found what she was looking for. By the looks of it, there wouldn’t be much for her to do if the police didn’t get there soon.

There were five men standing around one on the ground, beating him with what looked like iron bars and kicking him. If they kept this up, the only thing she would have to do was wait for the coroner to come.

Just then the dispatcher’s voice came across the radio. “Law enforcement has been delayed, officer down at another location, expect extended ETA.” Great, this guy would die for sure now, unless Anstice and Paul did something about it. They had to make a decision, do something against protocol that could put them both at risk or let the poor guy die. Anstice looked over at Paul, whose knuckles were white from how tight he was gripping the steering wheel. She knew he was thinking that they should be doing something but didn’t want to say anything to her, as she was in charge of making the decisions.

They couldn’t wait much longer. She reached over and flipped on the red lights and siren and hoped that that would be enough to get them to clear out. By god, at least it got their attention. All of the bad guys looked up at the same time. The sight they made had Anstice’s blood draining from her face. All of them were white as ice with hair as black as a raven, all their clothes were just as black, and even from two blocks away their eyes looked like they were glowing red, which must have been a reflection from the ambulance lights. At least that was what she hoped.

Anstice held her breath while the men stared her way, clearly trying to decide whether to run or take on the ambulance crew. They apparently decided that the man had had enough and the ambulance crew wasn’t a threat to them. They walked away like they were taking a nightly stroll down the street, not like they had just been caught beating a man probably to death.

Anstice looked at Paul, who had been holding his breath, too. “Let’s get him in the rig and get out of here before they decide to come back,” she said.

Paul replied, “You think he’s alive?”

She shrugged her shoulders and told him to drive up to the scene. When they got to the man lying lifeless on the ground, it didn’t look good for him. She jumped out of the ambulance, looking around, and tried to avoid stepping in all the blood that was on the ground around him. While Paul got the stretcher out she checked the guy’s vitals. What do you know? He was still alive, barely. His pulse was very slow and weak, and if they didn’t get him to the hospital ASAP, there wasn’t much even the best doctors were going to do for him.

They had just loaded him into the back of the ambulance and Paul was climbing in behind the wheel. Once she had the man settled she turned to lock the doors of the ambulance. Just as she was reaching for the lock, one of the men in black opened the back doors, demanding Anstice turn the beaten man over to him. “Give him to us and we will let you live. Try to get away with him, and we won’t just kill you, we will torture you first. We thought he would die before you could get him to the hospital but we just can’t risk him living.”

Anstice had always had a smart mouth with no filter between it and her brain. She always said the first thing that came to her mind, even if it wasn’t the appropriate time. “Yeah buddy, like making me look at that ugly mug of yours for hours on end?”

Who could blame her? The guy was so ugly he could scare the dark out of a closet.




Nikkos carefully lowered Adrian to his knees while Anstice laid herself back flat on the tile floor and spread her legs around Adrian’s. He pushed him forward onto his hands so that he was hovering over her. Nikkos leaned over his back and whispered into his ear, “Are you ready for me, my mate?”

Adrian could only nod his head in response.


* * * *


Nikkos picked up the bottle of lube that for some reason Anstice had had in her pocket and had gotten their mate ready with. Nikkos had never been with a male before and hoped he was going to do everything right by his mate. He had talked to Anstice about it, and she wasn’t completely sure of how things should be done, either. However, apparently his little female mate loved to read gay erotic romance books. He couldn’t believe he was going to fuck his best friend and the only guidance he had was from books.

As he slicked up his cock, he raised his eyes to the ceiling and sent up a silent prayer to whatever gods were listening that he didn’t hurt Adrian and could make this good for him. He knew Adrian had been with other males, but as far as he knew no one had ever taken his ass before. Somewhere deep down he hoped that was because he was waiting for Nikkos to claim him.

Placing one hand on Adrian’s hip and using the other to press the head of his cock at his opening, he looked over Adrian’s shoulder at Anstice. Adrian was sucking on her nipples and had her writhing under him. She nodded at him just before she let out a moan as Adrian thrust his still-hard cock deep inside her. When Adrian was fully seated in their female, he held still, waiting for Nikkos to take him. Nikkos slowly pushed past the first ring of muscle and Adrian’s whole body went rigid as his head lifted up and he let out a hiss.

Nikkos froze. “Oh gods, baby, I’m sorry, I’ll stop. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Anstice placed a hand on each side of Adrian’s face. “Look at me,” she whispered.

It took him a few seconds, but Nikkos could tell when Adrian was looking at her. She lifted her head and gave Adrian a small kiss. “Just relax and keep looking at me.”

He nodded and let out the breath he was holding. When he did, his body relaxed a little. Anstice looked up at Nikkos. “Okay, baby, nice and slow. Push in a little farther.”

Nikkos shook his head. “No, I hurt him. I have to stop. I can’t hurt him anymore.”

Adrian looked over his shoulder. “The first time always hurts. Besides, you’re huge. I’ll be okay. Just go slow and give me a little time to adjust.”

Nikkos could tell he wasn’t lying to him by the look of love in his eyes, so he pushed a little farther in. Oh gods, he was so tight, Nikkos wasn’t sure how long he was going to last. He was afraid he would come before he could get all the way in and make this good for Adrian.

Anstice breathed with Adrian, in and out, in and out. What seemed like hours later, Nikkos let out a sigh when he was fully seated in his mate’s ass. He had to close his eyes and concentrate on not coming. Adrian’s ass was so hot and tight Nikkos was afraid if he moved it would be all over way too soon, and this was a moment he wanted to last.


* * * *


Adrian couldn’t take it anymore. He had never felt this full before. To top it off, he was buried balls deep in Anstice’s tight, hot heat. He had to move. Slowly he pushed back against Nikkos, which changed the angle and caused Nikkos’s cock to brush against his sweet spot. He almost came right then. He bit his lip so hard his fangs punctured his bottom lip, causing a small drop of blood to appear. Anstice lifted her head and licked it off. That was all it took.

He started pounding into her, and every time he pulled out he pushed against Nikkos’s cock, causing it to pound into him farther and farther. Reaching one hand behind him to dig his fingernails into Nikkos’s ass, he screamed, “Fuck me, my mate. Fuck me harder.”

Before he could finish his plea, Nikkos took over, grasping both his hips and pounding into his ass. Every time Nikkos thrust forward, he caused Adrian to thrust even harder into Anstice.

Nikkos leaned over Adrian’s back and started licking his neck, which wasn’t an easy feat as Adrian was almost as tall as he was. He whispered in his ear, “I want to claim you, my mate.”

Adrian tilted his head back and to the side, giving him access to his throat the best he could. Just before he sank his fangs in, he groaned, “Mine!

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