One Wild Heat: An MPREG Omegaverse Book

by Kelex

Alphas of the Western Provinces

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 55,363
1 Ratings (4.0)

After catching his beta boyfriend in bed with another alpha, Quinn McCreary needs a quiet space away before he does something he’ll regret—like let the man remain in his life. He heads up to the little used family lake house, hoping it’s enough distance between him and a cheating ex.


Too bad his younger omega brother has handed a key to that lake house to a friend who needs to cycle off his heat-blocking drugs. Bellamy Carter has waited too long and his body is struggling. He’s on the cusp of a wild heat—brought on by suppressing his nature too long. By the time he walks into the lake house, he’s in full heat… and there’s a sexy alpha across the room who’s more than willing to assist.


Quinn is enslaved by the instinct and goes into full rut. The pair spend several days in bed, sating the animal need within them both. When it’s over, they part awkwardly, still little more than strangers. Unsure how they feel about each other and the bond they’ve already seemed to forge, it’s not until they see each other again that they realize it wasn’t just a wild heat, but something more.


But will life get into the way of their happily ever after?

One Wild Heat: An MPREG Omegaverse Book
1 Ratings (4.0)

One Wild Heat: An MPREG Omegaverse Book

by Kelex

Alphas of the Western Provinces

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 55,363
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Covers by K Designs

After getting himself lost in the valley and driving in the wrong direction for a better part of an hour, Bellamy finally pulled into the lot for the small supermarket. He opened the driver’s door and stood, stretching his arms above his head. A gust of wind whipped the door open wider and caused it to slightly ding a fancy red sports car parked beside him.

Hissing in fear, he pulled the door away and saw there appeared to be no damage. Then he looked around to see if anyone had spied his blunder and was relieved to see no one lurking around. Relieved, he relaxed some. Another gust whipped past him, strong enough to make him lean to one side. Pollen and new leaves floated from the neighboring trees, dancing through the air on the breeze. Glancing up, he saw the sky growing heavy and dark above.

Better hurry up and get outta here ASAP.

Bellamy closed the door and headed inside the market. It was much smaller than the ones he was used to in the city, but there was definitely a charm to it. He grabbed a basket and filled it with a little fresh fruit, even though he doubted he’d eat much of it. There’s always tonight. His heat shouldn’t start for another day, and then there was the day after his heat. He’d be starving by that point.

Bellamy felt a bit of his slick ease from his ass, and he froze. Oh no. It was a day and a half early. It had been too long since he’d been off-meds… and now it seemed he might start sooner than he’d anticipated. The storm was good enough reason to hurry. Slick was enough reason to bolt.

He quickly picked up a box of meal bars, as well as some broth and crackers to have for dinner that night, if he ate at all. Before he went to the cashier, he stopped for a case of bottled water. Just as he reached for it, a man moved in close, reaching for the same case.

“Sorry,” Bellamy murmured, letting go. He rose to his full height and eyed the handsome man. The familiar-looking, handsome man.

The familiar-looking, handsome alpha.

A little more of Bellamy’s slick eased from him, and he drew in a deep breath. The alpha inhaled deeply, his eyes widening some. He looked down at Bellamy, his body growing tense. “Take it,” the alpha growled. “And get the hell out of here.”

Bellamy didn’t need to be told twice. He grabbed the case and rushed up to the cashier, practically throwing renos at the poor man before everything had been charged. He shoved the change back into his wallet, jostling it into his pocket frantically. Heads turned, watching him closely. Luckily, he made it outside and into the car before anyone bothered him. A ripple of need slammed into him as he closed the car’s door.


He gripped the steering wheel with both hands, waiting for the wave of lust to die down a little. His cock tented his pants, the head leaking against the denim of his pants. When he finally got a little control over himself, he lifted his stare and saw the handsome alpha striding out of the store.

Where do I know him from?

The alpha was so familiar. Tall, dark, and handsome was an understatement. The guy had a full beard that could scratch his cheeks any day of the week. The alpha’s broad shoulders filled his dress shirt well. Bellamy’s stare moved down to the narrower waist… and then on to the tented tailored slacks. The imprint of the alpha’s cock nearly took his breath away. Bellamy wanted to see it. Feel it. In his hands… between his lips… driving deep inside him.

A moan ripped from his lips, and he had to grasp the base of his own cock to prevent him from coming then and there on the spot.

The alpha paused, staring at Bellamy a moment—an odd look to his face. Bellamy held the man’s gaze a few seconds before dragging his away, fearful much longer would push them into doing the unthinkable. Then and there in the parking lot. Up against a car without giving two shits who was watching. The image of that in his mind had another moan rising. He stared down at his hands… afraid what he might do next. It wasn’t enough. He closed his eyes, willing himself to calm down.

Another wave of desire hit him as he saw himself writhing under the alpha… and he knew it was just his heat, fucking with his mind. He needed. Badly. Distance… he needed distance. And fast.

He turned the key and started the engine—but had to wait for the red sports car to back out and peel out of the parking lot before he could reverse. The same one he’d hit with his car door.


The alpha was taking too damned long. When he looked into the rearview, he saw the man staring at the back of his head. Even from that distance, he could see the longing.

Could feel it bone deep.

Come on, come on, come on!

Bellamy reached for his phone as he waited, but changed his mind. It hadn’t helped him much on the mountain roads—just as predicted. Digging into his pocket, he yanked out the map Tanner had drawn him.

Just get me there. Please. Before I lose my mind.

Finally, he heard the squealing of tires behind him. The little red sports car was gone—along with the hotter than fuck alpha driving it. Bellamy breathed a little easier and backed out, praying he’d make it to the lake house before the meds fully wore off.

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