Owned by the Beta (MM)

Blue Moon Wolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,300
18 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Although he might not look it, pack Beta and bookstore owner Horatio Ortega always had a weakness for a certain feisty human. Trouble is Corey Malone’s middle name. Although they’ve known each other since they were kids, Corey continues to be a pain in his ass. As Beta, its Horatio’s job to maintain order in town, but Corey seems intent on breaking all the rules. The more Horatio wants to hate Corey, the harder it is to let go.
One night is all it takes for the missing pieces of the puzzle to fit into place. Corey is Horatio’s fated mate, whether Horatio likes it or not, and the heat between is too hot to ignore. When Corey takes it too far and lands himself in trouble with the local werebear clan, it’s up to Horatio to set things straight.  But convincing Corey to be his mate will be even harder.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Owned by the Beta (MM)
18 Ratings (4.1)

Owned by the Beta (MM)

Blue Moon Wolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,300
18 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Corey swallowed. Each step Horatio took in his direction made him press his back against the wall. His gaze dropped from the hard planes of Horatio’s body to his lower half. Oh Lord, Horatio was massive, larger than anything Corey ever had inside his ass. He broke eye contact, looking left and right for a possible escape route, but the gray wolf used his huge body to block the path, again shooting him a disapproving look.

“Jaime, its fine. I’ll handle him.” The sound of Horatio’s calm voice startled Corey and galled at him.

“You’ll handle me?” Corey asked, raising his chin.

“Are you going to run from me again, Corey?” Horatio stood within touching distance now. All Corey had to do was reach out, but confused emotions writhed inside him.

“I didn’t need your help.”

“Should I let Oscar take you?” Horatio’s fist slammed into the brick wall, creating a dent and missing Corey’s face by an inch. “You won’t survive the night.”

“I had no choice. You know nothing about me, Horatio. You have no right making judgments.”

“Wrong, Corey. I know plenty about you. Everyone has a choice. You could have gone to me.”

Corey had trouble focusing on his words, distracted by Horatio’s proximity. God, did Horatio smell good, of sweat, forest pine, and something distinctively Horatio.

“Gone to you? Would you have helped me?”

Horatio let out a frustrated snarl. “With the trouble you’ve caused, why do you think you’ve been so fucking lucky so far? If it weren’t for Jaime or me, you’d be lying in the dirt by now.”

Helpless, Corey stared at the gray wolf, Jaime, who nodded his huge head in agreement. Realization dawned on Corey, why some nights, he felt phantom eyes watching him. Why it seemed no one bothered him when he wandered into Blue Moon’s rougher neighborhoods.

Damn, but Corey hated it when Horatio was right. What did the Beta expect, that Corey would fall to his knees and beg for his forgiveness? Scratch that thought. Corey liked having a powerful man giving him commands, especially Horatio, but why did Horatio have to be so condescending and smug?

“I don’t need you watching over me.”

“If that’s how you feel, maybe I should call Oscar back. Tell him he’s all yours, since you picked him over me.” Horatio turned his back.

Desperation clawed at Corey. Why did he always say the exact opposite of what he really meant when Horatio was around? He grabbed Horatio’s broad shoulder, sensing the abrupt change in the werewolf’s breathing.

“Horatio, wait. Please.”

Horatio turned, gaze expectant. Corey gritted his teeth and forced the words out. “Sorry.”

“Funny, you don’t sound like you mean it. Jaime’s right. I don’t need this fucking trouble. Be happy with your bears.”

“Horatio, don’t be a dick.”

Corey gasped when Horatio wrapped his fingers around his throat. When he passed Horatio’s bookstore and glimpsed him stocking shelves, Horatio didn’t seem scary. Out here, Horatio looked positively frightening, but the sight of him all growly and possessive had its appeal, too.

“You’ve stepped out of line, Corey. I’m done with you.”

Horatio relaxed his grip, but Corey grabbed his wrist, sensing his racing pulse. Hell, Corey was aware of his skin, turning fever hot at Horatio’s mere touch. What the hell was happening to him? This was exactly why Corey kept his distance. He knew there was chemistry between Horatio and him, but he hadn’t realize it was a fire, not just a simple spark.

“Don’t say that. You said you know me,” Corey whispered, pleading for Horatio to understand. “You know I spout bullshit whenever I’m scared and too cowardly to ask for help. Please, give me a chance. I lied. I need your help.”

I want you. Save me. Corey didn’t add those last words for fear he’d scare his wolf away.

Corey flexed opened Horatio’s hand and leaned his cheek into it. Horatio hardened his jaw.

“The first step to changing is admitting your mistake. We can move from there,” Horatio said, eyes grave, pulling his hand away, as if Corey’s touch burned. “You refused me before, Corey.”

“I lied, too,” Corey whispered.

“Come here.” Horatio offered Corey a hand and Corey accepted it, surprised when Horatio tugged him close to a hug.

Corey tensed at first, before relaxing in his comforting massive arms. Who knew a hug could be better than sex? Then again Corey hadn’t experienced that pleasure yet, but he had a feeling tonight would be a night of many firsts.

Safe in Horatio’s embrace, Corey told Horatio the truth. “God, Horatio. Don’t you know? You’re the only man I ever really wanted.”

Horatio started stroking the curve of his back and damn it, that unbelievably felt good, too. “I know,” Horatio said quietly, leaning in close to nip at his earlobe. Corey shivered involuntarily. “Are you done running away from me?”

“Yes,” Corey answered, meaning it. He made another gamble. “Kiss me. Please, I’ve always wondered.”

“Like that, are we?” Horatio asked, his tone light.

“Just kiss the fuck out of me already, bastard.”

Horatio didn’t tease him again. He took Corey’s lips, plundered them, and the unbelievable taste of Horatio flooded down his throat. Corey was aware of Horatio tightening his grip around his waist, and Horatio’s erection pressing up his belly. Their tongues and teeth tangled and Horatio broke the kiss first, leaving Corey wanting.




Horatio brought Corey close, beginning to create a path of kisses down Corey’s neck, collarbones, and chest. He took Corey’s left nipple into his mouth, sucking until the bud hardened. Corey cried out when Horatio set his teeth and left a pretty bite mark, the imprint of his teeth perfect against Corey’s pale skin.

“Horatio, God.”

Horatio drew out his mouth. “No God, baby. There’s just us, you and me, and I want to leave all my marks on this fucking gorgeous body of yours so the world will know who you belong to.”

“Possessive bastard,” Corey murmured, but Horatio could see the thought excited him. His little human said so himself. Corey had been waiting for the right man to come along, a man able to give him what he needed—Horatio.

Horatio moved lower, unbuttoning the top of Corey’s jeans and unzipping them. He began hooking his fingers into Corey’s belt loops, but Corey gripped his hand. Horatio thought the human would change his mind. He snarled with impatience, but he’d back off if Corey didn’t want this right now. Horatio was a lot of things, but he’d never take someone against their consent. Where was the fun in that, knowing it was better to see another person yield and Corey would submit to him so sweetly? Frowning, Horatio stood, unsure how to proceed.

“Wait. I need to see you, too. Please, you can’t imagine how often I imagine what you look like under your clothes.”

“Come and find out, pet.”

Smiling, Corey rose to his feet. He grabbed the hem of Horatio’s shirt. “Are you a yummy present for me to unwrap?”

“Am I yummy?”

Corey pulled up his shirt, clearly liking what he found because he paused, tracing the brickwork of his abs. “Oh, yes.”

Horatio chuckled, letting Corey pull off his shirt.

“Oh, baby, you are one fine treat.”

Horatio let Corey touch and explore, loving the feel of his hands on his body. He worked out as a habit, because in his line of work, werewolves needed to be in top fighting shape. Nothing special, but hell, Corey’s genuine expression of pleasure made it all worthwhile.

“All mine?” Corey asked playfully, squeezing Horatio’s triceps and biceps.

“This works both ways, pet.”

Corey nodded, looking serious. “You know I won’t want anyone else, right? I mean, have you looked at yourself?”

“Prove how badly you want me, pet.”

Understanding, Corey unbuckled his belt. Horatio let him pull down his pants and boxers. For a second, Corey stared at his cock, hanging long and thick between his legs.

“So big, oh baby. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything that massive in me.”


“Hell no.” Corey fell soundlessly to his knees. Blood rushed to Horatio’s dick at the fucking perfect sight. Corey ran his palms up his calves, knees, and thighs. Taking control, Horatio sunk his fingers into Corey’s hair, and pressed his glistening tip to the human’s lips.

“Show me how badly you want my cock, pet.”

“With pleasure.” Corey licked Horatio’s cock head, tonguing the slit.

Horatio had never seen any man who loved giving blow jobs like Corey. And fuck, did his tongue feel amazing on his shaft. He tugged at Corey’s hair, but the human seemed intent on exploring every inch of him. Corey licked him from crown to base, taking one of his balls into his mouth, sucking, before moving to the next. Using Corey’s hair as a handle, Horatio guided Corey’s mouth to his dick.

Opening his mouth wide, Corey took Horatio’s member in. Horatio fastened his gaze on Corey’s who gagged at first, before accommodating him with ease. Watching Corey bob his head up and down, Horatio almost blew his load into Corey’s mouth, but he kept his climax back. What was it about Corey that made Horatio react like some horny pup?

Tightening his grip on Corey’s hair, Horatio felt Corey relax, letting him fuck his mouth.

“Fuck, baby. Your mouth feels amazing around my dick,” Horatio murmured, treated once again to the sight of Corey blushing.

He fucked Corey’s mouth a couple of times, before pulling out. Horatio let out a shuddering groan when Corey closed his mouth over his dick, refusing to let go.

“Take my cum in then, baby. Don’t spill a drop,” Horatio ordered. It was a sight to see, Corey working his jaws to take his cream. After, Corey licked at his lips, clearly pleased with himself. Horatio helped him to his feet, banded an arm over his waist, and tugged him close. Groaning, Corey rubbed his erection against Horatio. Smiling, Horatio kissed him again, loving the way Corey responded to him. His hand found Corey’s dick, and began to pump it.

Corey’s eyes flew open as Horatio worked his prick hard. Releasing his lips, Horatio knew Corey was close. “Go on, pet. Come all over my fingers.”

With a cry, Corey exploded all over his fingers, spilling ropes of his cum over Horatio’s ribs and stomach. He kissed Corey again, quick and sweet.

“Perfect, pet.” Horatio lifted his fingers, still wet with Corey’s seed, and licked them.

“Oh,” was all Corey could say, clearly awake.

“You taste so fucking fine, pet. Every inch of you, including your cum.”

Cheeks pink, Corey cleared his throat. “Did you always like talking dirty?”

“Only with you, pet, since you enjoy it so much.”

With a stubborn expression on his face, Corey grabbed his hand and licked the rest of Horatio’s fingers dry.

“How does it taste, baby, you and me combined?”


“We’re not done, pet. Far from it.”

“Oh, I know.” Corey eyed Horatio’s erection and Horatio couldn’t wait to plunge his dick into Corey’s tight little ass.

“Better be ready, little human. Since you begged so nicely, I intend to wear that cute little ass out, until you can hardly walk in the morning.

Corey drew in a breath, eyes shining with excitement. “Ride me, Beta. Please. Tell me how you want me?”

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