Playing for Keeps (MM)

Blue Moon Wolves 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,075
12 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA] 
Werewolf Jaime Daniels only had a torch for one man—his mentor, the shifter who gave him the bite to save his life—but that dream disappeared when Jaime’s mentor found his mate. Love is no longer in the cards and Jaime doesn’t think he can make space for another in his heart...until a sassy human walked into the bar he frequents.
Milo Black is smart and snarky, perfect for Jaime, but Milo is also a nosey reporter who wants to dig up dirt on Jaime’s pack. The only solution is to get close to the enemy. Jaime's alpha wants him to watch Milo and determine if the human is a threat, but Jaime might just end up getting burned in the process. Can Jaime convince Milo to give up the story of the century and be his mate instead?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Playing for Keeps (MM)
12 Ratings (4.6)

Playing for Keeps (MM)

Blue Moon Wolves 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,075
12 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



“What exactly does being your pet entail?”

Jaime smirked. “I can have access to you, anytime I want. You’ll take whatever I give.”

“And in return?” Milo’s heart furiously thumped.

Why was he both frightened and excited at the same time? Surely, that wasn’t a normal reaction. Then again, nothing about his situation made any sense. He was in deep water now. So it was better to go further when swimming back to shore wasn’t an option.

Milo was a professional, for fuck’s sake. He’d get his story, no matter the cost. Throw in sex with a gorgeous werewolf and what harm could it do? Always too busy with his assignments, Milo barely had time for his personal life. He couldn’t remember the last time he dated, and it felt like months. That short-lived experience ended in failure, too, if Milo recalled. Quickies in gay bars didn’t count.

“In return I’ll give you a private tour of the town. See the sights. Tell you all about the gossip and prove to you we werewolves have nothing to hide.”

“It’s pretty impressive of you to lie so smoothly about having nothing to hide. Please. Everyone has skeletons in the closet and supernaturals have more than most.”

“I won’t do your job for you.” Jaime’s grin didn’t falter. He stuck out a hand.

Without hesitation, Milo shook it.

“Now then, pet. Where did you leave your car?”

The disappointment must have shown on Milo’s face, because Jaime asked, “Expecting me to tie you up in my private dungeon, pet?”

Milo snorted. “It’s parked a couple of miles from here.”

“I know a good repair shop, but they’ll only open at eight tomorrow morning. Do you have all your stuff?”

“I left my luggage in the trunk, but I can do without them for a while.” Milo patted his laptop bag. “I have all I need here.”

“Perfect, then let’s go.”

Milo frowned. “Where?”

“To my place, pet. I’m taking you to my private dungeon, complete with cage and chains. Maybe we ought to stop by the pet shop and get you a bowl and collar, too?”

At his horrified expression, Jaime laughed.

Milo glowered at him. “Your jokes aren’t funny. Anyone told you that, wolf?”

He squeaked when Jaime leaned in close, until their mouths almost brushed. “Why don’t you address me properly, pet. Call me master.”

“You’re kidding.”

“My liege would do, too, on special occasions.”

“Fuck you.”

“No good, pet.”

Before Milo could formulate a witty remark, Jaime tangled fingers into his hair, tugged him close, and finally kissed him. Heat surged from Jaime’s mouth to his. His insides were reduced to jelly. Jesus, Milo couldn’t remember the last time any man kissed him like this. Jaime settled his hand on the back of his neck, keeping their lips locked.

Jaime kissed like a man in control and Milo could do nothing but respond to his ferocity. He opened his mouth wider, letting Jaime thrust his tongue down his throat. Inside his trousers, Milo’s dick hardened with need. To his shock, Jaime’s hand found its way there, squeezing the ridge, making Milo pull away from his mouth to gasp.

“So hard for me, baby? I love how your body reacts to me.”

“You prick.”

Jaime looked amused. “Is that all you’re going to say to me, pet?”

“You’re a prick, master,” Milo amended.

Jaime squeezed his bulge again, making Milo groan. “Aren’t you such a precious treasure, pet?”

Realizing they were still in public, Milo’s cheeks reddened. He couldn’t remember the last time any man made him blush either. It was the time for many firsts tonight apparently. When Jaime tugged at his hand, Milo didn’t resist. Why fight the inevitable? Besides, Milo could take this headlong plunge into the unknown. He was a damn fine professional after all.

Jaime led him out of the roadhouse and the cool night breeze felt good on their faces. The werewolf led him to his bike. No surprise there. Milo figured a man like Jaime didn’t own a car.

“You’re seriously expecting me to ride that death machine?” Milo watched Jaime open the back of the bike. He tossed Milo a spare helmet, which he barely managed to catch before it fell to the ground.

“How will you get to your warm bed, pet?”

Cursing, Milo put the helmet on, swallowing when Jaime came close to help him buckle it.

“Aren’t you cute?” Jaime put on his own helmet and mounted the bike. “Come on, pet. The night’s young. Don’t worry, I’m a careful driver.”

“Sure, you’d survive a crash with your regenerative abilities. Meanwhile, the poor human can’t be put back together again.”

“You’re trying my patience, pet.” At that firm tone of voice, Milo got on, riding behind Jaime. He slung his laptop bag over his shoulder and awkwardly placed his arms around Jaime’s waist. The werewolf’s back felt comfortably warm against him.

“Hold on tight.”

Engine roaring, the bike lurched forward. Milo let out a little yelp, gripping Jaime tight. Pretty soon, he stopped worrying for his life and started to enjoy the wind whipping at his face. They passed by more trees, soon entering the town proper. It was funny how Blue Moon looked like any charming small town at night, contrary to the rumors surrounding it.

Jaime steered the bike past small shops, all closed up for the day: the park, library, a cinema where late moviegoers jostled each other, and into a residential neighborhood. Parking the bike by the curb, Jaime killed the engine. Milo got off, looking at the normal-looking apartment building.

“Disappointed I didn’t take you to my dark underground den?”

Milo jumped at Jaime’s voice. “Don’t do that, creep out on me, knowing I won’t notice.”

“But I like seeing you unsettled.” Jaime held the building door open for him. “Are you coming, little human?”

Was that a threat or an invitation?




“Kiss me. Please?” Milo seemed to add the last word like an afterthought. He could do better, but for now that would do for Jaime.

“Since you asked so nicely, I’ll bite.”

Jaime kept one hand securely around Milo’s back, the other he used to tilt the human’s chin. He kissed Milo again to make sure he hadn’t imagined the electricity between them. Jolts of pleasure hit his chest, hardening his dick. Liking the way Milo responded with equal passion, Jaime deepened the kiss.

With Milo so close, it made it easy to forget about Horatio. For the first time in years, Jaime felt free when he spent most of his waking moments thinking about the one man he couldn’t have. Milo was dangerous bait, but in a way, they were using each other for their own selfish needs. Nothing wrong with that, but Jaime’s wolf sensed something was different with Milo. Milo’s intentions didn’t make him dangerous, but this thing between them didn’t feel simple.

Milo’s wandering hands moved to Jaime’s jeans, but Jaime caught his wrists. Pulling his mouth away, Jaime said, “No, little human. I’m the one in control here.”

Milo shivered, telling Jaime the human wanted just that, for Jaime to take the lead.

“You want my cock, pet? Prove it.”

Recovering, Milo grinned and got off Jaime’s lap, soundlessly falling to his knees between Jaime’s legs.

“Shall I give you a blow job, master?” Milo said the last word in a mocking voice, but it didn’t matter.

Jaime couldn’t wait to feel Milo’s hot mouth servicing his prick.

“Get on with it, baby.” The nickname slipped out before Jaime could stop himself. Milo froze, then resumed his task. He unzipped Jaime’s jeans, slipping them lower, as well as Jaime’s boxers to unveil Jaime’s dick.

Jaime’s grin widened as Milo sucked in a breath, staring at his shaft.

“You’re so big,” Milo whispered. “I’m not sure you can fit in me.”

“I will.” Jaime threaded his fingers into Milo’s hair, pushing his dick between his lips.

Obediently taking him in, Milo gagged at first, unused to his size, but he quickly recovered. Seeing Milo take him inch by inch made Jaime thicken. He groaned at the sight of Milo bobbing his head up and down, sucking on him hard.

“Fuck, pet. Your mouth feels amazing.”

Milo’s eyes were alit with pleasure. If his mouth wasn’t stuffed with Jaime’s dick, Jaime had a feeling he would have worn a mischievous smile. Tightening his hold on Milo’s hair, Jaime tugged.

“Face or mouth, pet?”

Milo pulled out from his prick to answer. “Mouth.”

Milo let him take over, letting Jaime fuck his hole. Several thrusts later, Jaime exploded, unleashing his seed down Milo’s throat. Swallowing furiously, Milo didn’t spill a drop. It was a damn impressive sight.

“Perfect, pet.”

Color rose to Milo’s cheeks at the praise.

Jaime bent down, securing his hands on Milo’s waist and lifting him. With his supernatural strength, the human didn’t weigh a thing. Gasping, Milo grabbed hold of his shoulders, but never in a million years would Jaime drop him. He positioned Milo on the edge of the table, hands moving to take off his bottoms. The fabric gave with one violent yank. Jaime pushed Milo’s legs apart to see Milo’s dick, standing at half-mast.

“W–what are you doing?”

It was a sight, Jaime decided, seeing Milo look so unnerved. “You don’t want me to return you the favor?”

Milo shut up at that. Jaime lowered his head, tongue flicking out to swipe the pre-cum over Milo’s tip. Moaning, Milo speared fingers into his hair, encouraging Jaime. Swirling his tongue over Milo’s cockhead, Jaime sucked at his slit, making Milo gasp. He took his time, exploring Milo’s length, from crown to base.

He took each of Milo’s balls, sucking at them.

“Jaime, please. Don’t tease.”

Jaime decided he liked the word please on Milo’s lips very much, but enough teasing. He took Milo’s dick between his lips and began to suck and lick with relish, enjoying the taste of his human’s cream.

Wait. His human? Milo wasn’t his anything. Technically, that wasn’t true. Milo volunteered to be his pet until his assignment ended, didn’t he?

“Jaime,” Milo uttered, throwing his head back.

Knowing Milo was close, Jaime pulled his mouth away and continued pumping Milo’s prick with his hand. With a shuddering cry, Milo orgasmed, spilling his cum all over Jaime’s fingers, chest, and stomach.

Jaime swiped the lingering droplets of seed on his chest with his finger, licking at them while Milo stared at him, wide-eyed. Apparently not wanting to be outdone, Milo grabbed his hand, tongue darting out. Unable to help himself, Jaime let out a rumbling laugh. Christ. He couldn’t remember the last time anyone made him laugh like that.

Milo glared at him, clearly pissed by the inappropriate laughter, but the human’s dick told Jaime a different story. Crossing his arms, Milo said, “You haven’t had me yet.”

“Thank you for reminding me, pet.” Without warning, Jaime stood and with ease, grabbed Milo and tossed him over his shoulder. “It’s about time we continue this in the bedroom.”

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