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Resisting Seduction (MFM)

Kindred Call: Sanctum Falls 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 45,518
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AVAILABLE: Wednesday, June 27th

[Menage Amour: Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifter, vampires, light BDSM, sex toys, HEA]

Powerful and highly independent, Leia is used to going it alone. Yet, when two seductive wolf hybrids enter her life, they get under her skin and she struggles to keep them at arm’s length. Especially when their mere touch can bring her to her knees.

Liam has never encountered a more maddening woman in his life. But he’s never been a man to give up so easily. Beneath her icy, closed-off surface, he discovers a dirty, passionate side that revels in the submission he demands from her.

Things get complicated when Micah rolls into town. Damaged by a torturous past, his arrival causes upheaval. But the longer he spends with his Kindred, the easier he finds it to keep his demons at bay.

 When a mutual enemy forces the three of them to work together, it just might be the push they need to stop resisting the inevitable. To finally join together.

 If they come out of it alive, of course.


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Micah gritted his teeth.

“I’ll discuss the possibility with her,” he heard Logan say.

“No. Now,” Micah growled, realizing all too late that he’d basically given the Head Alpha a command.

Logan’s eyes flashed.

Micah held up his hands. “Look, Alpha. Would you have let anyone keep you from your Kindred? She’s right there. Not being able to go to her, to speak with her…it is pure torture.”

He saw Logan’s eyes dart to Freya who was sitting over on a bench with Colton waiting for him to finish up. His expression actually softened a bit. He blew out a heavy breath. 

Then he stepped away and called over to where his Kindred and the hybrid stood, “Leia!”

Leia? That was her name? Beautiful.

She turned and stood regally. “Logan?”

“Micah believes he’s your…other Kindred. Do you agree?”

She looked at the hybrid, hesitating for a moment, before looking away and then back at Logan. “Yes.”

“Then please accommodate him. Denying him is torturous and as he’s under my protection, I can’t allow it.”

“He attacked her, Alpha!” the hybrid spoke up.

“He came on too strong, yes. But he didn’t lay a hand on her. And I’m sure he regrets harming you.” Logan glared at Micah. “Liam is Leia’s other Kindred. Knowing that, do you regret harming him and agree to stand down where he’s concerned?”

Huh. They weren’t just dating then? It seemed he’d fucked up in way more ways this one. “Agreed. I didn’t realize.”

“All right. I’ll leave you guys to…get to know each another. Any trouble, Micah, just know that Leia has the power to take you down.”

Logan walked away and headed over to Freya and Colton. 

That left Micah standing there and facing off against the wary stares of Leia and Liam. Talk about awkward. What now? 


* * * *


“Logan explained that he was allowing you time to acclimate after what you’d been through before introducing you to everyone, including me,” Leia heard Liam tell Micah. 

“I’m considered high-risk, cuz I’m a lone-wolf. No pack. Guess he figured if I fucked up he could remove me from this town without complications of going through an official introduction ceremony for no reason, or whatever you guys do here. He’d probably have Xavier ward a place far away for me, so nobody could get at me again.”

“No matter what, Logan would never allow you to be harmed or hunted again. He’s a good guy.”

“He helped me out. But he’s way too overbearing for my taste.”

“Overbearing? He’s Head Alpha. Everything he does is for the good of the pack. Considering the shit you pulled, he showed leniency. If I wasn’t on leave as Chief Enforcer, I wouldn’t have done the same. You’d be back in your quarters right now.”

Micah’s eyes narrowed. “Such a good little soldier, aren’t you?”

Liam squared his shoulders. “I do my duty. Protecting this pack and our kind as a whole.”

Micah scoffed. “Our kind? The wolves aren’t our kind, soldier. We are. Just you and me. The only two hybrids in the world. So, tell me, what the fuck does your fancy duty and title have to do with protecting wolf hybrid kind?”

As Leia listened to them conversing and observed their interaction, it was clear things were spiraling out of control. 

She knew why Liam was so ramped up, which wasn’t at all normal for him. He hadn’t had time to cool off from Micah’s aggressive approach toward her earlier. Being wolf and her Kindred made for an extremely possessive and protective combo. Also, with another Kindred suddenly coming into the picture, it threw off their plans to bond later that night, something she knew he’d been so excited about. As had she.

As for Micah, he seemed naturally angry and aggressive. On the surface. She’d watched that aggravate and wind up everyone he came into contact with. Even Logan. 

But Leia could feel something beyond that façade. Something he was trying to keep hidden beneath it. Pain and a deep loneliness. She could see it in his expressive eyes. Well, eyes that were expressive to her anyway, as his Kindred. Clearly not to others, or they wouldn’t be reacting to him so negatively. 

He shoved a hand through his shoulder-length golden hair in frustration as he and Liam continued to argue back and forth. 

She looked Micah over. He was a big guy like Liam. Taller, but not as muscular or toned. Judging by his style, he was also much more laid back compared to Liam’s strict, no-nonsense approach to his appearance. 

He wore a beige linen shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his bulging biceps, and only buttoned at the middle, giving a nice glimpse of the outline of some sexy six-pack abs. Unlike Liam’s military-issue boots, that were polished and pristine due to the care he took of them, Micah’s brown ankle boots were worn and severely scuffed. They gave way to an equally well-worn navy pair of cargo pants boasting multiple pockets. 

She snapped back to the situation at hand. She knew Liam had stepped up and taken the lead with the conversation with Micah, because he’d sensed she’d been utterly stumped, her mind awhirl in shock. But she’d had some time to process being presented with a second Kindred now. She had her shit together…well, together enough to act like the powerful, independent woman she truly was, and get a grip on things. 

And as she saw things take a turn for the worse between her two men, she knew they needed her.

“You’re a fucking danger to everyone here. A goddamn renegade,” Liam accused. “Lone-wolf,” he spat.

“Yeah? You want a replay of what happened earlier, soldier?” Micah challenged, getting right into his face.

“It would hurt me if you injured him again, Micah,” Leia spoke, coming to stand at their sides. 

Instantly, Micah froze. A moment passed, and he took a step back out of Liam’s personal space. His gaze snapped to hers and she smiled. 




Leia whimpered as Liam pulled away from a ravishing kiss, purposely forcing her to kiss only the air, leaving her in a desperate state of wanting. 

“I didn’t tell you to kiss me back, did I now, darlin’?”

“No, but I—”

“When I tell you to, you will. But until then, just be still.”

He climbed onto the bed, looming over her, his hands beside her shoulders. His knees either side of her thighs. “Mmm, good girl,” he crooned when she remained still like he'd ordered. “Behaving just like a woman receptive to the pleasure we give her. We desire complete control. You failed in that earlier. Now you’re going to accept your punishment.” She saw him gesture at Micah who was looking on curiously, signalling him to approach the headboard. “Seeing as though you can’t be trusted, we’ll be taking care of that.”

“What does that mean?” Her body trembled with a medley of nerves and anticipation. 

Liam grinned at her salaciously. Then he told Micah, “Bind her wrists to the headboard. Use your magic.”

He pressed his finger to her lips. “All we want to hear from you from this moment on are cries of pleasure. If it gets too much, use your safe word.” He caught Micah’s eye and let him know, “Hybrid,” which elicited a chuckle from him. “If you’re clear and you accept those terms, nod your head.”

She nodded right away, without even taking the time to think about it. She trusted Liam and she was excited to have Micah involved in their play. A fresh surge of cream flooded from her pussy as she thought about their hands, tongues, and dicks working her over. 

She strained to look behind her as she felt something warm tighten around both her wrists. Golden shimmering binds snaked around her lower arms, down to her wrists like jewelry and attached to the bed frame behind her. Instinctively, she pulled against them, but they had absolutely no give, serving to keep her arms held stretched up and out helplessly. 

She cried out in surprise as a pillow was eased under her lower back, tilting her ass up in the air for their viewing pleasure. 

She looked down to see Liam spreading her legs open. 

He caught her eye. “Bend,” he commanded. 

As soon as she obeyed, bending her knees, Liam used his purple magic to conjure the same shimmering binds, tying her knees to her thighs and magically holding them firmly to the bed like super glue. A gasp escaped her, the position leaving both her pussy and ass on display and vulnerable to them. 

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Micah commented.

“Damn straight. Look at that glistening pussy just begging for hybrid cock.”

Leia whimpered at their words, flinching at their intense, hungry gazes zeroing in on her so invasively and discussing her as though she wasn’t even there.

“It’s a pity she’ll have to earn that honor after being such a bad girl,” Liam said. He moved so fast that she had no time to brace herself before a hard, stinging slap landed right on her spread open pussy. She shrieked and bucked. As much as she could in her restrained state. 

She watched the two of them stand at the foot of the bed and whisper to one another for several seconds. 

They both put their hands behind their backs. She felt surges of magic from them. Uh-oh. What were they conjuring? 

Liam walked around to her left side and settled himself on the bed, keeping whatever he had out of her sight.

Micah approached the foot of the bed and knelt down out of her eye line. A moment later she jerked as she felt something cold rimming her asshole. “Oh!” she cried, trying to buck as he exerted more pressure each time he completed another circle of her puckered opening. It had to be a dildo or a butt plug, because it definitely felt larger than a finger. Thankfully, he'd conjured it already lubed. A good time-saver, they’d probably figured. And she knew Liam would never allow anal penetration otherwise. He’d never hurt her like that. Only erotic pain. 

“Relax those muscles, sugar. Push back. Let me fill this tight ass up,” Micah coaxed.

“You’d better let him open you up, cuz you’re gonna have my big, fat cock reaming it soon,” Liam added. 

Leia tingled, her clit zinging with pleasure at Liam’s dirty words, his erotic threats. She loved it when he brought it like this. 

A sharp slap to her clit from Liam shocked her muscles into involuntarily relaxing and her breath hitched as the object drove deeper into her ass. “Oh God!”

He began to plunge it in and out, giving it a shuddering twist half way through that had her screaming and pulling at her binds.

“Look at that ass sucking it in, clamping down so hard,” Micah said. 

A rough, abrasive sensation over the flesh over her left breast had her jerking her gaze to Liam sitting beside her. Her eyes widened as she saw him running a hairbrush with thick bristles back and forth over her breast, making her grimace and whimper when it abraded her nipple. 

“No. Please, no!”

“Yes. Oh, yes,” Liam countered. “Stop fighting it and relax into the sensation.” As she shook her head vehemently, she saw him signal to Micah.

Abruptly, the object in her ass started pounding into her, fast and deep, stealing her breath. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Her pussy gushed; she felt it dripping down into her asshole.

She was aware of the brush running down the length of her body even through the overwhelming distraction of the anal pegging. Her sides, her stomach. The harsh, unforgiving bristles of it against her soft skin were like intense pins and needles assaulting her tender flesh. Heating, burning. Setting her nerve endings on fire. Her body had never felt so overly sensitive. 

Her pussy clenched, desperate with the need to be filled, fucked. Fingers, cock, the way her mind was swirling, it didn’t matter. She just…needed. And it felt like her clit was jumping, vibrating with want too. 

She couldn’t take it. “Make me come! Fuck! Please! Please!”

“You need more, darlin’? Is that it?”

She nodded her head frantically.

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