Searing Heet: MMF Menage Romance

Taming the Beast

GoBeBi Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 66,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

A bad boy billionaire, an angsty ex-football player with a mysterious past, and the curvy woman who uncovers secrets, fall into an MMF bisexual romance. A fake relationship leads to, a first time gay relationship, sizzling encounters, and longtime best friends giving in to their heart-aching passion.



Everything else in her life might be a mess, but Dani Spelling is the best investigative reporter you’ll ever meet. Her father-figure editor wants her to take over his job when he retires. But the billionaire owner of the company wants to give it to Jax Watt, the brooding sports reporter who turns her into a schoolgirl with a crush every time he speaks.


She can’t let her editor down. So when the billionaire asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend for an event, she sees her way in.


Is it? Or, is there something deeper going on between the drool-worthy men? Is there a story there? And, does the story end with the two gorgeous men naked in her bed?



Heet Ray had no interest in inheriting his father’s billion dollar media empire. What interested him was Jax Watt, his college best friend. Heet might not have figured out his feelings for Jax, but he does know that he will go anywhere and spend anything to have Jax by his side.


So, what will happen when Jax falls for a beautiful reporter who is intent on keeping them apart? It starts with Heet asking her to pretend to be his girlfriend for an evening. What will happen next? Only Heet knows.



After eight years as a professional football player, an injury turned Jax Watt into someone who reported the sports instead of playing it. But that wasn’t what turned him into the moody, brooding man he became. That was because of the mountain of secrets he was guarding.


Did those secrets involve the way he felt about Heet, his college best friend and now boss? Did they involve Dani, the curvy co-worker he desperately wanted in his bed? Or, did Jax’s secrets revolve around something from his past that threatened to destroy his life and the lives of everyone around him?


Maybe he shouldn’t get into a complicated, mixed up love triangle with his best friend and a reporter who will stop at nothing to get promoted. There is no way a relationship like that could end well… Or, is that exactly what they all need to live happily ever after?


‘Searing Heet’ is a steamy bisexual romance with twists, turns and heat. Loaded with enough MM, MFM, and MMF scenes to make your toes curl, it will leave you satisfied with its not-to-be-missed HEA ending.


* Searing Heet’ can be read and enjoyed on its own and includes appearances of the characters from the ‘Taming the Beast’ series.

Searing Heet: MMF Menage Romance
0 Ratings (0.0)

Searing Heet: MMF Menage Romance

Taming the Beast

GoBeBi Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 66,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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On the ride back to their hotel, I kept peeking over at the two of them. When they caught me looking, I reflexively looked away. I didn’t know why I did. Maybe it was the intensity of the moment. I was quickly losing myself to the idea of having them at the same time and having either of them look me in the eyes caused my heart to pound so hard it hurt.


“Do you mind if we stop at the room first?” Heet said as we pulled up to the Rosewood Hotel. “It turns out I have blood on me.”


I looked over intrigued finding red speckles on his shirt. “Yeah, you do. Is that yours?”  


Heet examined his battered knuckles. “I don’t think so. But, you should see the other guy.”


I didn’t reply. I couldn’t say anything. God, did I find this version of Heet sexy. I could have taken Heet in the car with Dani and the driver watching. How much did you tip your driver for something like that?


Following the two of them back to their room I wondered what would happen when we were again alone. I knew what I wanted to happen, but would it? Neither one was looking back at me. Were we really just going there so that Heet could change his shirt?


Entering their room, I closed the door behind us. We all stared at each other for a second. Not sure what was going on, I spoke.


“So, this is how the other half live, huh?” I joked.


It relieved some of the tension. I didn’t know if that was a good thing.


“I need to pee,” Dani said before hurrying off to the bathroom.


Alone with Heet, I allowed my eyes to drink in my best friend again for the first time. He really was an unholy level of sexy. Staring at him was making my knees shake. I needed to be near him. Stepping forward, I reached for his blood speckled shirt.


“Can I see?”


Heet leaned towards me making contact with the palm of my hand. With my fingers caressing his firm pecs, I rubbed my thumb over the red dots.


“You must have really gotten him good,” I said sliding my hand up his chest.


“I didn’t like what he did to you,” Heet replied in a low, slow voice.


“You’ve always protected me,” I told him feeling the heat pulse between us.


“I would do anything to keep you safe.”


“I bet you would,” I said leaning in closer.


“I always will,” Heet said moving his lips within a breath of mine.


Feeling his warmth overtake me, I couldn’t stand it any longer. Opening my mouth to breathe, Heet edged forward and pressed his lips on mine. I was kissing him. His full lips moved on top of mine and with my mouth still open, I felt what I had thought so much about over the past ten years, his tongue intertwining with mine.


Feeling his touch, my brain exploded. I had longed for this and it was everything I had hoped it to be. I was weak in the knees kissing him. And losing myself to the moment, I reached up, grabbed the flaps of his shirt, and pulled. The shirt’s buttons went flying.


Things moved quickly after that. Sliding the shirt off of his meaty torso, he next went after mine. When both of our chests were bare, we wrapped each other in our arms and pressed our naked flesh against one another’s for the first time. God, did it feel good!


Kissing him even harder when our lips returned, I next reached for his pants. I didn’t know if he would want this, but I did. He would have to stop me if he didn’t.


When his hands grabbed my wrist, that was what happened. Surprised and desperate to continue, I pulled from his lips and looked into his eyes.


He wasn’t looking at me. He was focused on something behind me. Slowly turning to look I saw why he had stopped. In the heat of the moment, we had forgotten about Dani. She was now standing just outside of the bathroom hallway, and staring at us her chin was on the ground.


Heet and I looked at her not knowing what we should do. She and I had been together the night before. Was seeing me with Jax now freaking her out. The longer she stared, the more I thought it was. I was about to step away from Heet, when, in a tone that sounded like she was discovering something about herself for the first time she said, “Don’t stop.”

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