Sinful (MMF)

Jewel Box 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 17,185
52 Ratings (3.7)

[PolyAmour: Erotic Contemporary Multiple Partner Romance, M/M/F, Public Exhibition]

Khariss Lloyd is attracted to Dylan Sanders the moment he walks into her dance studio for tango lessons. Something about Dylan's boy-next-door good looks and friendly smile make her want to get to know him better.

Dylan suspected he was being set up when his sister called on him for a favor, then left him standing alone and partnerless at a tango class, of all things. However, one look at the gorgeous, leggy instructor convinces him that for once he doesn't mind the matchmaking.

Khariss and Dylan are quickly swept away by a love every bit as scorching as the passion that flares between them -- passion made all the hotter when Khariss introduces Dylan to unrepentant hedonist Marcus O'Grady.

In doing so, Khariss is taking the risk of her life -- will she lose the love of a good man when Dylan finds out about her torrid past with O'Grady's exclusive nightspot? Or will Dylan get his own unfulfilled desires met with the help of the seductive owner of the city's most wicked sex club?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Sinful (MMF)
52 Ratings (3.7)

Sinful (MMF)

Jewel Box 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 17,185
52 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Interesting characters in a believable plot with tantalizing sex scenes! Of course it was too short, but satisfying overall.
Zsu Zsu
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4 CHERRIES: "This story is a hot little read that takes on sweet romance, throws in sensual action at a sex club, and culminates with a little three-way action. It's is only sixty-three pages, but the author manages to combine all the elements of a budding romance with the hot, spicy sex we all want, even if we never get past reading about it. Dylan is sexy, manly, and even though he appears timid at first, he has no problem getting into the action after just a bit of coaxing. Khariss is hot and sexy. Her day job as a dance instructor keeps her fit and her partial ownership of the sex club lends us insight into her sexual sweet tooth. While at first glance Khariss seems a lot more worldly than Dylan, the author brings them together so they become a perfect fit both in bed and out...And although the story ends HEA, I have the feeling there is more to Dylan and Khariss's story. And I can definitely hear O'Grady screaming out for more! This is definitely a good bedtime read with your lover, or alone with your toys!" -- Magnolia, Whipped Cream Reviews

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Khariss glanced over her shoulder at Dylan to give him a sexy, teasing smile. Her heart raced so fast it was all she could do to keep her breaths even and concentrate on not tripping over her heels as she led him down what appeared to be a deserted alley between two office buildings.

Part of her thought she was crazy for what she was about to do. But the rest of her knew that Dylan needed to have all the facts if she hoped to have a future with him. If he found out about her past from someone else, he’d be hurt, maybe even angry. She just hoped the man she’d fallen in love with over the past three weeks would understand this part of her former life.

Dylan’s palm felt warm and solid against hers, and she couldn’t help curling her fingers in a gentle caress over the back of his hand, lightly stroking the sprinkling of hair there. His lips quirked in the ready grin she’d come to know so well, his eyes full of laughing questions as he let her tow him along. “Where are we going?”

The alley was cleaner than the average city sidewalk, free of detritus both animate and inanimate. No homeless people crouched in soggy cardboard boxes here. Between O’Grady’s security team and the well-hidden surveillance cameras, not so much as a rat could scurry down the darkened corridor unnoticed—or unhindered.

“Someplace I think you just might like.”

“Yeah?” Intrigue touched the timbre of Dylan’s voice. He made a surprised sound when she pulled him to a stop in front of the door flush-mounted against the brick wall on their left. It was installed in such a way that one had to be standing right in front of it to notice it. There was no handle, just a flat, imposing panel of dark metal.

Khariss paused for a moment, giving the camera she knew was trained on them a moment to capture their images for the security guard manning the desk. She let go of Dylan’s hand to open her clutch purse and pull out the thin, matte-black plastic card tucked into the zippered pocket. He watched with interest as she swiped it through a discreet scanner. Something clicked inside the door and it swung inwards.

Khariss took Dylan’s hand again and guided him through the portal, sensing his curious glance as the door automatically swung closed, the lock engaging with a barely audible snick. They were in a dark corridor lit by muted lights just brilliant enough to bring out the mica sparkles in the expensive-looking floor tiles. The hallway ended in another dark door, this one graced with a curve of silver for a handle. A slow throb, more felt than heard, filled the air around them. She had to admit that if someone were leading her down this aisle for the first time, she’d be more than a little unnerved.

“It’s all right,” Khariss said to Dylan. He didn’t seem concerned, but she prayed she hadn’t made a mistake in bringing him here. The last thing she wanted to do was screw things up with Dylan.

She should have known him better by now. She was reminded of that when he laughed softly and squeezed her fingers. “I know. I’m always all right with you. Lead on, Jane Bond. Now I really want to know what this place is.”


O’Grady took something from his pocket then shrugged off the robe entirely. He held out his hand to Dylan, offering him the foil-wrapped packet he’d retrieved.

“Put it on me.”

Dylan took the package and used his teeth to open it, just as he would for himself. He hesitated for only an instant before pressing the latex over the glistening head of the other man’s cock and rolling it on. O’Grady felt as hard as iron, hot to the touch. He grunted as Dylan’s fingers lingered, making sure the condom was fully deployed. Before Dylan could pull away, O’Grady’s hand wrapped around his so they both held his condom-covered shaft. He bent his head to Dylan’s and took his mouth, tongue thrusting inside. His kiss wasn’t like a woman’s at all. It was hard and soft at the same time, as passionate as Khariss’s, if not as loving. But Dylan didn’t need that from this man. He closed his eyes and enjoyed his first kiss from a male lover.

O’Grady pulled back, his breathing a little ragged, but still far more controlled than Dylan’s.

“I’d love to see what your mouth would feel like doing cock.” He released Dylan then urged him to face the wall beside the massive mirror. “Brace yourself,” he murmured in Dylan’s ear, guiding his hands into position against the wall. Dylan gasped and flinched slightly as O’Grady leaned into him, the slight coolness of the condom over his cock feeling alien as his erection settled between Dylan’s thighs.

“Perfect fit,” he muttered in Dylan’s ear. Dylan wasn’t listening, though, because O’Grady’s arms were around his waist, one hand fisting his cock, the other tugging his balls almost roughly in counterpoint. Oh, fuck, Dylan thought. No woman had ever handled him like this. But a man knew exactly how much force he could take. Helplessly, his hips began to thrust with O’Grady’s rhythm.

“No, no, no. No moving, Dylan. You’re a long way from coming.”

Dylan startled when O’Grady raised his voice, only belatedly understanding who he really addressed when he said, “Darling, get the black jar out of the nightstand. No, the other one. That’s it. Now bring it and your sweet self here.”

Dylan watched under his lashes as Khariss left the bed and walked toward them with long-legged grace. She held out the requested jar and O’Grady released Dylan’s sac to take it. When Khariss started to return to the bed, O’Grady said, “Hold on, darling. I’m going to need a hand here.” He tilted Dylan’s cock suggestively. Without instruction, Khariss went to her knees and eased between Dylan and the wall, balancing herself against his thighs. He felt her panting, excited breaths ruffling the dark pubic hair around his cock and bit his lip. What were they doing to him?

O’Grady leaned close enough to scruff the beginnings of his returning beard against Dylan’s neck, gaining his immediate attention. “Turn your head the other way,” he instructed. “Watch the mirror.”

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