Taking Care of Us (MMM)

Taking Care 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,033
11 Ratings (4.7)

[Menage Amour ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Menage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/M/M, HEA]

Andy Dean struggled with how controlling Henry Hogan was. Debating if he could stay with someone like that, he tries to decide if he should stay or go. Andy only ever wanted a partner, he didn’t need a parent.

When a car bomb takes away years of Henry Hogan’s memories, he lashes out from a place in his past of being deeply in the closet. Will he be able to recover his love for Andy, or will that be lost just like the rest of his memories?

Can Andy and Henry save their relationship, build it into something strong and lasting, or will Andy find love with someone else, Jerrod Evans, the doctor who helped to look after Henry while he was in the hospital?

Taking Care of Us (MMM)
11 Ratings (4.7)

Taking Care of Us (MMM)

Taking Care 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,033
11 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Andy Deans was pissed. Not just angry, well beyond that and into royally pissed.

How dare they keep saying he can’t do anything? It had been eight weeks since his car accident, and the doctor removed his cast from his arm yesterday. His broken cheek and nose healed fine. He was given the all clear to drive and resume regular activities, so why wouldn’t anyone in the house let him?

He knew that going to his apartment over the garage wouldn’t stop anyone from coming and bothering him, but he needed the time alone. As much as he knew he loved Henry, he just couldn’t be in the same room as him right now. He was angry enough to say the wrong thing and lash out without thinking of what he was saying. The only thing he ever learned to pay attention to was when his cousin Amy told him “to think before you speak” because words could do more damage than everyone thought.

Thinking about that had him wondering how Amy was. He missed her. Grabbing his cell, he pulled up her phone number and called her, walking to the window to see who was outside.

“Hello.” A man’s voice answered her phone.

“Hi, this is Andy,” he told whoever it was on the phone. “I’m Amy’s cousin. I’m calling to see how she is? Is there any improvement today?”

Amy had been badly beaten by her brothers, the cousins who had tried to kill everyone in the house. They found out that Amy had been talking to Steve, Andy’s older brother, so they decided to beat her up before they went after Steve. Amy heard their plans to burn the house down with everyone in it, so she let Steve know to warn Shane and Abe. They heard her call Steve and almost killed her for letting out the warning. She was still in a coma from what her brothers had done to her.

“She’s doing okay today,” the voice said. “No real change, but they have seen a bit of an improvement with the brain scans. Oh, and I’m Xan, her nurse for today.”

“Thank God.” Andy sighed into the phone. “Please let me know if anything happens, or if she wakes up.”

“I will,” Xan said, and then disconnected the call.

Andy slowly moved away from the window he had been looking out of while chatting on the phone and went over to the closet. He decided he was going to go see Amy. Maybe being able to talk with someone else, even though she couldn’t respond, would help him think through his feelings and frustration.

Once he finished grabbing a jacket, he sent a text to Shane to let him know where he was going. He didn’t want anyone to worry about him, but he needed some space.

Glad his apartment was over the garage, Andy took one of the SUVs and headed out to the hospital. He jumped a bit when he heard the phone ring, but he should have been expecting someone to call. Hearing the voice from the car say it was Shane calling had him relieved. He didn’t want to speak to Henry.

“Hi, Shane,” Andy said after the call connected with the Bluetooth. “What’s up?”

“On a scale of one to ten, how angry are you?” Shane asked.

“About a twelve, that’s why I’m going to see Amy,” Andy told him. “I needed to get out of there before I said or did something that I would regret.”

“Okay,” Shane said. “I can appreciate that. You know I never agreed with what some of the guys were saying, about you not being ready to go back to work. So, what do you want me to tell Henry when he comes looking for you?”

“Honestly, I don’t care,” Andy practically snarled the words out. “I refuse to live sheltered for the rest of my life. Watching as everyone else gets to be who they are, but I’m stuck wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito, seeing life pass me by. I am my own person, and just because I love the big ass doesn’t mean he gets to tell me what to do and when.”

“Right. Go have an ice cream while you are out,” Shane added. “You always are in a better frame of mind after you have some.”

Andy was able to hear the concern and humor in Shane’s voice.

“Thank you, Shane,” Andy said. “You are a wonderful friend and a great boss. I really do appreciate you and all you have done for me. I know I haven’t said it enough, but thank you.”

“No problem,” Shane replied. “Let me know when you are on your way home.”

“Bye,” Andy added, before disconnecting the call.

Enjoying the time out alone, Andy drove over to his favorite corner ice-cream shop. This was a small place that had been operated by the same family for over eighty years. They had pictures on the walls of the various generations who worked there. Andy knew he would never have family pictures on his since he refused to have anything to do with his family, except for his brother, Steve, and Amy.

After getting his pistachio ice-cream cone, Andy felt a bit better. Maybe on the way home, he would get a bubblegum one. He loved that there were so many flavors to eat there, but he always felt like there was so little time. A person could only handle so much brain freeze in a day.

Having finished his ice-cream cone by the time he arrived at the hospital parking lot, Andy decided to park at the end where there were only a few cars parked. He was looking forward to the walk, especially after being cooped up in the house for the past couple of months.

Enjoying the sunshine, Andy stood beside the car and lifted his face, letting the heat from the sun soak into him. Heaving a huge sigh, Andy headed toward the front doors of the hospital, going into the area where Amy was being kept.

After getting on the elevator to go to the floor she was resting on—Andy refused to say it any other way—he called out his hi’s to the people he recognized. Going into her room, he saw she was resting comfortably, but he was glad that someone had turned down the monitors. That constant beeping was enough to keep the dead awake. Amy needed her rest to continue to get better.




Andy woke to the feeling of heat bathing his hole and a slick finger sliding in and out of him. He groaned when it became two fingers and a tongue.

When Henry pulled his tongue away and started to rub his stubble on the cheeks of his ass, while adding a third finger had Andy about to beg to be fucked.

“Now.” Andy moaned out.

Andy whimpered at the loss of having something in his ass, when Henry leaned up and slowly began to fill him back up with his hardness. The slight burn of not being fully stretched out had Andy ready to come, he loved that feeling. Knowing how large Henry was in the cock department, Andy was willing to freely admit he was becoming a size queen.

As soon as Henry’s balls were slapping against his ass, Andy looked at Henry, demanding, “Fuck me, hard.”

The smirk on Henry’s face let Andy know he was going to be driven crazy.

“Are you sure you want me to fuck you hard? Pound you through this mattress and leave you dripping wet from my cum? Not let you clean up, leave you to walk around with my cum slowly leaking out of your ass. Would you like that?” Henry’s voice was almost hypnotic.

Andy was ready to beg for that, he wanted to feel used, feel his ass sore for the rest of the day, knowing he had been fucked with that third leg that Henry kept in his pants.

“Please,” Andy whispered.

Giving him his wish, Henry set a fast pace, making sure to rub his dick against his prostate. The hand that Henry had wrapped around Andy’s cock, preventing him from coming, was both heaven and hell to him.

Feeling the way that Henry’s hips were pounding against his ass, and the look of passion on his face, Andy knew that Henry was close to his climax. But watching the way his face went slack and how Henry ground his dick in as far as he could into Andy, the way he could feel the cock in his ass leaving him full of hot cum had Andy desperate to come, too.

“Henry!” Andy wailed out, trying to reach his cock to get some friction on it.

When Henry gave one final thrust, he pulled out and flipped Andy onto his back. Keeping his hand firmly around the base of Andy’s dick, he began to slowly suck on the head of his cock.

Henry lifted his head and looked up at Andy, smirking. “Wonder if I should let you come, or should I leave you hard and wanting. Knowing that my cum is still leaking out of your ass. Can you feel that? Do you feel how open your ass is from the fucking I gave it? Should I find a plug, shove it in, keeping all my cum in you? Make sure it’s a nice fat butt plug, wrapping a pretty ribbon around your cock and balls, leaving them to fill with your hot seed and not being able to let it out, not until I release them.”

Seeing the glint in his eyes, Andy knew that Henry wasn’t going to let him come until he wanted him to. He watched as Henry got up from the bed and went to the closet where they kept some toys, then noticed the new plug that Henry pulled out.

“Would you like to feel this in you all day today? Do you think you could last with this keeping your ass open and ready for me any time I wanted to fuck you?” Henry tormented him.

Holding up his other hand, Andy saw the piece of black leather.

“Should I wrap your pretty cock and balls with this? Leaving you hard for the day and not able to do anything about it?”

Giving up in frustration, Andy thumped his head back down onto the bed. “You are an evil bastard.”

“Oh sweetheart, you don’t know just how evil I really could be. I haven’t done as much with you as I would like due to your injuries, but now that you are getting better, you have now become my favorite playground.”

Watching Henry crawl up the bed towards him, almost made him come, just from the look in his eyes. Keeping track of Henry as he leaned down and began to lick and suck at the tip of his cock, Andy fought the urge to fill Henry’s mouth and shove his dick down as far as he could.

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