The Bear and His Water Goddess (MF)

The Shifters of Freedom Springs 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,532
2 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, HEA]
How do you convince a stubborn bear shifter that you can be his second chance? Neve Hale has no idea. And Armageddon is coming fast.
Neve finds herself in a battle to save the Earth from a demon with a god complex the size of Texas. She knows she will stand and fight, but can she convince the bear shifter who has graced her dreams since childhood that they are meant to be together?
Neve is everything Liam Barrett could have ever asked for in a mate. The only problem is, six months ago he already found, claimed, and lost his fated mate, all on the same day!
Can they fulfill the ancient prophecy, save the Earth from a demon, and find a way to be together?  Or will everything the Shifters of Freedom Springs have been fighting for be lost forever?
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Bear and His Water Goddess (MF)
2 Ratings (5.0)

The Bear and His Water Goddess (MF)

The Shifters of Freedom Springs 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,532
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Really loved this book!




“Damn it, Liam,” Neve whispered, her voice breaking. “Don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what?” Liam asked her gently.

“Like you want me more than you want your next breath!” Neve shouted. She had never been so angry in her life. How fucking dare he play her like this? “Not when we both know it’s not fucking true!” She moved to storm past him, her anger helping her to keep her head high and the tears at bay. But on the inside, she was breaking.

Liam made a desperate sounding noise that Neve had trouble putting a name to. Then he was grabbing her by the arm and spinning her into him. “But I do,” he breathed, before slamming his mouth to hers. Neve gasped, and Liam slipped his tongue into her mouth, and she felt her whole world tilt on its axis. She stood stock still for a moment, before reaching up and pushing against his chest.

Liam growled low in his chest, and she felt her body temperature rise and liquid heat pool between her legs. Goddamn it! She fought the fog of passion and desire that had started to consume her. She was stronger than this. She was worth more than this. With all the strength she could muster she pushed him from her.

She was under no illusions that he had the strength to resist the push, but he didn’t and allowed her to separate them. His eyes swam with heat, and a longing that matched her own. But she’d be lost if she allowed him to play her like he was.

Stepping back, she pushed her desire for him down as hard as she could. She forced it into a tiny ball and surrounded it with her anger. She quickly weaved the pattern she needed and Liam’s eyes narrowed for a brief moment before they widened comically and he shouted as a sheet of water from the cold stream behind him dumped over his head.

“Jesus Christ that’s cold!” Liam shouted and jumped around, trying to shake off as much water as he could. Neve couldn’t help it, she burst out laughing. She laughed so hard she had lean forward and breathe through the stitch in her side. “Damn it, Neve, it’s not that funny.” Liam grinned back at her as he tucked his hands up under his armpits in a futile attempt to warm them.

“Firstly—” Neve giggled then calmed herself enough to continue. “Yeah it was. For a big guy, you can move! The Irish girl in me loved that little jig you just danced. And secondly, you deserved that.” Her smile faded. “You don’t get to touch me like that. You lost the privilege of earning that right. You’ve treated me abominably since we’ve met. Running hot and cold, pulling me close one minute then pushing me away the next. And it’s just not fair, Liam!

“My God, Liam! Do you know how destroyed I was the night of the December solstice? Not only did you tell me that I wasn’t your mate, and that you had no interest in me other than a potential friendship, but then you turned around and admitted that you had feelings for me! Acting possessive, threatening to hurt Aeron after he hurt me, telling me that if you could you would hold me and never let me go, fucking made me start falling for you, you asshole! Why would you do that? Why! Why would you make me fall for you if you had no intention of catching me?

“And yeah, it hurts because I can see what we could have been together, but I’ll survive. I’ve walked away from it, and I am trying to just let myself get over you, which is a joke, because I never really had you! And I am going to find someone who can love me, and wants me just as much as I want them. But you have to give me the opportunity to do that. You don’t get to touch me without my permission, and you sure as hell don’t get to kiss me when you feel like it.”

Despite the emotions raging within her, Neve felt an odd sense of calm descend upon her. Up until right now, Liam had been the one doing the rejecting. She had never had the opportunity to say her piece and now that she had, she felt like she could move on. To what, she had no clue, but it was a step in the right direction. Being able to douse him with ice-cold water helped too.




“Did I enjoy that? Christ, Neve. That was the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen. Watching you dance like that just for me? Fucking slayed me. Then, to see you standing there in this wet dream of a lingerie set, looking like you do, putting every damn Victoria Secrets model I have ever seen to shame? That made me your slave. But the feeling of your hot, wet mouth wrapped so tight around my dick? I have no words, baby girl, there are just no words.”

Neve’s gentle smile saw her claiming the last remnants of his soul. “I’m on the pill, Liam. Come inside me, baby. Please. Come inside me?” Liam groaned at her words, wanting nothing more than that.

He reached beneath her to the hot wet heat of her pussy and gently moved the thin strip out of his way. “Goddamn, you are so fucking wet, Neve.”

“Just for you,” Neve groaned directly into his air, sucking his earlobe in mouth.

Liam groaned as he placed the head of his cock against the swollen heat of her pussy. He wanted to hold there for a moment, and enjoy the sensation of what was to come, but his Neve had a different idea. She dropped herself down so that she impaled herself on him, and he was buried to the hilt. Both of them crying out at the sensation.

Liam froze. Had he hurt her?

“Move! Liam, move your ass or I swear to god, I will douse you in cold water again!” Neve snarled as she ground against him.

Apparently he hadn’t hurt her at all.

Growling against her neck, Liam began to move. He lifted her slightly higher on the wall so that he could hold her still while he moved in and out of her. The feel of her pussy wrapping tight around him as he slammed home, and then squeezing him as he withdrew to hold him within her had him groaning.

He set a fast pace. One that had both of the rocketing toward completion. The room was filled with the erotic sound of flesh meeting flesh, punctuated with their groans and gasps of pleasure. Liam’s head swam with the effects of his orgasm building within him and the heady scent of sex that perfumed the air.

“Oh god, Liam…oh,” Neve gasped and he felt the walls of her pussy ripple around him. “Baby, I’m gonna…uhh…Liam!” She screamed his name as she came and his pussy squeezed rhythmically around him. Fuck. The feel of her coming so hard around his cock, the look of pure pleasure on her face and the sound of her screaming his name to the room all combined to drag his orgasm from him. He slammed his hips against hers and let go, roaring her name as he came harder than he had ever come in his life.

His entire body shuddered as he filled her, his bear roaring with satisfaction within him, knowing that she was being filled with his essence, and she would be covered in his scent.

Liam leant a little harder on her than he would have liked, but he suddenly found he had to lock his knees in order to stay upright. He figured it wouldn’t look so great if he crumpled to the floor with her.

Neve moaned as she lifted her head off his shoulder and leant back against the wall. “So, I’m going to take it that you liked my naughty knickers.” Liam laughed breathlessly as he nodded.

“That would be a yes, Ms. Hale. A fucking definite yes.”

“That’s good to know,” Neve gave him another of those wicked grin’s and he felt his cock twitch within her. From the way her eyes widened she must had felt it too. “I figure I might just have to buy more sets, if that’s the reaction I’m going to get.”

Liam grinned as he lifted her from the wall. He loved that she didn’t even flinch at the move, totally trusting in his ability to take care of her. “Baby girl, I loved the lingerie, and you looked absolutely smoking in it, but I can’t wait to see you out of it.”

“I hate to tell you, Liam,” Neve said with a smile as he stepped into his bedroom and stood at the foot of his bed with her still wrapped around him. “There isn’t much of me left to see!”

Liam knelt one knee on the bed and lay down upon the mattress, he was still buried balls deep within her, with no desire to go anywhere. He held himself on his elbows, rolled his hips until just the head of his dick remained within her hot pussy, then pushing fully into her. Neve arched her neck, her mouth opened on a silent “O” as her eyes darkened with need.

“But, baby girl.” Liam started a slow and steady rhythm. “There are a whole lot of delectable delights I have yet to taste.” Neve bit her bottom lip and he couldn’t resist running the tip of his tongue along her lip and teeth. “And we ain’t leaving this bed until I’ve tasted every”—Liam pressed an open mouth to her neck—“last”—he ran his tongue up her the delicate curve of her neck—“one.” Liam slammed his lips to hers as he started to pound into her, determined to just that.

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