The Brac Village Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Brac Village

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 73,991
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, Public Exhibition, MM, HEA]

In Sweet Delight, Kenway knows who his mate is. He is just waiting for Ross to come home. In the meantime, he has to make sure Ross has a place to come home to. Accepting a loan from Alpha Maverick of Brac Village enables him to live a life he has always dreamed of.

Ross has met his mate and is desperate to get back to him, but there are forces at work that not only try to keep them apart, but are determined to take Ross away from the man he barely knows.

Ross flees to Brac Village and into the waiting arms of his mate, only to discover the nightmare he left behind has followed him.

Can they get their bakery up and running, or will everyone they care about be in danger, including each other?

In Silent Secrets, Priest Mosley moved to Brac Village to start over. He wanted a quiet place to settle down and start his own business. What he hadn’t expected was Randy. Priest isn’t sure about the small man’s advances, but what catch his interest are the bruises he sees on the man’s body.

Randy Pomell was working his dream job at the local floral shop. But his nightmare wouldn’t go away. His uncle’s abuse was escalating, and Randy didn’t see any way out. When Uncle Fred goes too far and Randy ends up in the hospital, he knows he can’t keep living this way.

Can Randy find a way to break the silence, or will Fred go too far? Priest decides to befriend Randy just to find out who his abuser is, but what he finds leaves him speechless and questioning his very sanity.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Brac Village Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Brac Village Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Brac Village

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 73,991
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Sweet Delight


Ross had no idea where he was. He had tried numerous times to disperse his molecules, but with the bracelet around his wrist, it wasn’t happening. He had no idea that there were handcuffs made specifically for vampires. That was news to him. He wondered if Dante knew about them. And if the coven leader had, why in the fuck hadn’t Ross been informed?

He had tried over and over again to get the damn thing off, but it wasn’t budging. It was as if there was some sort of spell or something on it. Every time Ross tried to work it free, it slipped right back onto his wrist.

If he didn’t get out of here soon, Ross was seriously contemplating cutting his own damn wrists off. Okay, not really, but he was frustrated as hell.

Ross stopped outside a building, hearing a lot of cheering and loud music. He glanced up to see the name of the place.


Just where in the hell was he? There was a large, beefy man standing at the doorway, eyeing Ross suspiciously. He could smell shifter on the man, but wasn’t sure what kind of shifter. He was starting to wonder if he should go in there for help. The place didn’t look too respectable.

“You here to audition?” the man asked, leaning back against the brick wall in the small alcove of the doorway, looking as if he hadn’t a care in the world.

“Audition?” For what? From the looks of the place, it wasn’t going to be anything he wanted to do.

“Go on inside and talk to Diablo. He’s behind the bar,” the man said as he waved Ross in.

Having nothing to lose at this point, Ross ventured inside. There was a throng of patrons sitting by the stage as a drag queen strutted across large platform. And that was definitely a drag queen. The guy…er…girl sashayed back and forth, giving the men a show as he…er…she began to undress.

Holy shit! He was in a strip club!

Just where in the hell was he?

Ross quickly turned around, making a beeline for the door. He wasn’t a stripper and had no desire to become one either. He had no idea why the bouncer had sent him in, but Ross was getting the hell out of here. Audition my ass! There was no way in fuck he was dressing up like a woman and…no way!

“Where you going, hon?”

Ross yelped when he was grabbed by the wrist and hauled back into the club by some drunken man. The guy’s breath stunk to high heaven, and he wasn’t easy on the eyes. Ross fought to get free, but the man was too strong, his grip made of steel.

“Let me go!” He smacked at the man’s hands as he twisted back and forth. He was going to kill his brother for slapping the bracelet on his wrist and leaving him here…wherever here was. That little shit was meaner than hell, but strong as crap, too. They had never gotten along, but he hadn’t ever thought the vampire would stoop this low. There was mean, and then there was downright evil. And Virgil belonged to the latter. Ross wasn’t even sure why Dante didn’t do the world a favor and kill the vampire. Brother or not, the man was going to kill someone one of these days.

It wasn’t that he didn’t love Virgil. Ross honestly did. Virgil was his brother, after all. But the vampire had been nothing but torturous to Ross since he could remember.

As Ross fought to get free, he thought about Kenway. All Ross wanted was his mate. He missed the buffalo shifter desperately. They had only met once, but Ross felt a deep connection to the man and wanted to be back in his presence. Hell, who was he kidding? He wanted to be back in the man’s arms, getting fucked like nobody’s business and being claimed.

“There are tables in the back that we can sit at and play, or we could go to a back room.”

“Not on your life!” Ross shouted, feeling the tears well up in his eyes. Damn it. He didn’t want to cry in a place like this, but he was feeling trapped with no way out. He saw half-naked men strutting around the place, as if they were on the prowl for sex, and Ross felt his stomach roll.

“Let the man go.”

Ross snapped his head around when he heard the deep rumbling growl behind him. His eyes widened, wondering if he had just gone from the frying pan to the fire. The man was huge!

“Sorry, Wayland. I didn’t know he was yours.”

Wait, what? “I’m not—”

“He’s with me. So let everyone know that he’s off-limits.” Wayland took a step toward the drunken man, his lip pulled back into a snarl. The guy swallowed hard as he backed up, releasing Ross.

“I’ll do that.” The man spun on his heel and took off deeper into the club.

Ross glanced up at the large man. “Thank you.”

Wayland raked his eyes over Ross with a sharp and assessing look. “You’re new here.”

“I–I’m not technically here,” Ross stammered. He could see the faint eager look in Wayland’s eyes, and he had to make it clear that this was all a big mistake.

“You look like you’re standing here to me.”

Oh, hell.

“I’m lost,” Ross said as he began to back toward the door. “I stumbled in here on accident.”

“Wait,” Wayland said, but Ross was heading for the door as if his life depended on getting out of there. He wasn’t waiting around for anyone. Not in this place. He didn’t want to play at a table or be taken into a back room. He just wanted to get the hell out of the strip club and go home.

Where are you, Kenway?

When the bouncer held his hand up, stopping Ross from leaving, Ross nearly screamed in frustration. He wanted out of this fucking place!

“Wayland wants to talk to you,” the bouncer said lazily, jerking his chin back toward the bar.

“So?” he said exasperatedly.

“So,” the bouncer said. “When a demon warrior wants to talk, you listen.”




“Come on, big guy,” Ross said as he grabbed Kenway’s hand and led him from the shop. “Let’s celebrate.”

His mate’s exuberance was contagious. Kenway gave a hearty chuckle as they stepped outside. “What do you want to do?”

“Well, I definitely want to ride your big-ass cock.”

Kenway swallowed…hard. His mind filled with images of Ross, with erotic, taunting scenes more. His erection was starting to become painful, biting into his zipper as he thought of grabbing Ross’s ass while his mate slid up and down—he had to stop thinking about that. “That sounds pretty fucking perfect to me.”

The smile in Ross’s obsidian eyes contained a sensual heat that Kenway wanted to explore at further length. A current of electricity buzzed through his skin as Ross ran his hand down Kenway’s arm. “I thought it might.”

Kenway hurried his mate to the truck, praying they made it home before he lost his damn mind with lust. All he could think about was fucking Ross.

Gripping the wheel so tight his knuckles turned white, Kenway watched as Ross moved closer, his hand skimming over his hard erection. His cock pulsed at his mate’s touch and Kenway wanted nothing more than to…fuck this. Kenway pulled the truck over to the side of the road, slammed the gear into park, and moved until he was out from behind the steering wheel.

Ross laughed. “Can’t wait?”

“I am so close to coming in my pants that it isn’t even funny.” Ross released his swollen cock, afraid to touch his own erection for fear he would erupt. “God, please suck my dick, Ross.” His voice was husky now, raw with need.

Kenway was thankful as hell Ross didn’t tease him. His mate slid into position and wrapped his luscious lips around the head, sucking his length to the back of his mouth. Kenway threw his head back and groaned as he grabbed a fistful of Ross’s long hair.

Skin like satin, hair like silk. The man was nothing if not erotic and sensual.

He curled his hips, thrusting in small measures into his mate’s mouth. It was hard as hell to hold back. Kenway wanted to openly fuck the man’s mouth, but was afraid his mate wouldn’t be able to take all—Kenway’s eyes crossed when Ross took every last inch of his cock down his throat.

“Holy hell!” Kenway actually began to sweat as Ross withdrew and then took him all the way down again. He repeated this move over and over again until Kenway’s balls were tight against his body, and he could feel his orgasm pooling at his spine.

And then Ross constricted his throat and that was all she wrote. Kenway let out a guttural scream as his cum spurted from his cock. Never before had he come that damn fast or hard. He feared his balls were going to shrivel up into two tiny grapes.

Ross leaned back, licking a spot of cum that had escaped his mouth, and Kenway damn near had a heart attack. His mate slid his finger over the white mess, pulled his hand back, and then sucked his finger into his mouth.




“Now you are going to let me ride your fat cock,” Ross said as he leaned in for a kiss. Kenway was willing to give the man whatever the hell he wanted at this point, just as long as he never stopped giving him blow jobs. His damn ears were still ringing.

All Kenway could do was watch—and drool—as Ross slid his jeans down and kicked them off. His cock jutted out from a nest of curls, making Kenway’s heart hammer at the sight. His buffalo wanted to devour this man.

Ross grabbed a small packet of lube from the front pocket of his pants and Kenway sat there, his cock still hard as a rock as his mate lathered his cock. He loved Ross’s take-charge attitude. The man’s hands moved sensually, slipping up and down his cock in an erotic dance.

Shit, he was about to come again.

“Let me show you how excited I am about our new business.” Ross straddled Kenway’s lap and slowly lowered himself. Kenway quickly grabbed his cock and held it as Ross sank ass deep.

Oh, glory, glory, glory. The feel of his mate’s tight ass sitting on his cock was so fucking fantastic that Kenway growled out his approval. Moving his hand away, he gripped his mate’s slim hips and held on as Ross began to ride him.

Kenway grabbed Ross’s hair. He couldn’t help it. He loved all the beautiful long strands and wanted to feel them brushing against his heated flesh. Kenway used one hand to grip Ross’s face, pulling his mate closer as he took those talented lips in a fierce kiss.

Ross slipped his tongue inside Kenway’s mouth, hungrily exploring as his ass moved up and down Kenway’s hard erection. If there was anything better in life, Kenway sure as shit had never seen or felt it, because Ross was sending him straight to the paradise of pleasure.

Christ, the man was driving him to madness with his undulating hips and possessive mouth. It was Kenway who felt like he was the one being consumed. It was there, in Ross’s dark eyes. The man wanted to eat him alive.

Hell yeah!

Silent Secrets


Randy ran into the floral shop, bursting with joy. He had found his mate! This was the happiest day of his life. And he had just invited Randy back. How exciting was that?

“Where are our lunches?” Blair asked, his dark eyebrows high on his forehead. “Did you get lost again?”

“No, no, no,” Randy said with barely contained exuberance. “I found my mate!”

He hated that Blair brought up the fact that he became easily lost in Brac Village. It wasn’t that big of a town. Everything was in square blocks. But for some strange reason, when Randy ventured too far, he couldn’t find his way back. That was bad for a werewolf. He should have a better sense of direction.

But he didn’t.

God had forgotten to give him a GPS when he was born.

“So, tell me about him,” Blair said as he leaned over the counter, his chin resting on his hands. “What’s he like?”

So much came to mind that Randy had a hard time putting his thoughts to words. “He’s big, and strong, and handsome, and—”

“Take a breath before you pass out,” Blair said as he grinned. “Who is he or did you forget to get his name?”

“Priest,” he blurted out happily, the bubbly feeling washing over him as Randy said the man’s name for the very first time.

“That’s an odd name.”

“No, it isn’t,” he defended his mate vehemently. “It’s a very nice name.” He liked it. It was different, not common. Just like his mate. “He works at The Pit.”

“Oh,” Blair said as he narrowed his eyes at Randy. “Now I know why you didn’t bring our lunches back.”

“I forgot,” he said sheepishly. “He rattled me.”

Blair gave him a knowing look. “Mates can do that. Every time Kota walks into a room, I cream my pants.”

Randy crinkled his nose at the graphic image Blair had just given him. He did not want to envision his coworker creaming his anything. Blair was nice, even cute, but he was nothing compared to Randy’s mate. “Should I go back and get our lunches?”

“If you can manage to get them this time,” Blair said teasingly. “Maybe I should call and place the orders. That way your mind won’t take a dump when you see him again.”

“Maybe you should,” he said. He knew for a fact his brain would die on him just as soon as he laid eyes on Priest. The man was everything and a bag of chips!

Randy wasn’t sure what that meant, but he had heard it being said somewhere before. It had to fit this situation, right?

Blair shook his head as he walked over to the phone. Randy sat down behind the counter, giving a sigh as images of the dreamy man filled his head. Fate had been good to him. The big, burly man was so damn hot! He just hoped that Priest was a good guy. Randy had enough of the bad ones to last him a lifetime.

“I called in our orders,” Blair announced as he hung up the phone. “I also threw in extra if the food could be delivered. I don’t need you leaving our lunch behind again.” Blair rubbed his flat stomach. “I’m starving.”

Randy felt disappointed. He had wanted to see Priest again. There was no way that huge man was a delivery guy. Maybe they could have lunch at The Pit for the rest of this week so he could get glimpses at the man. He had to find some way to see Priest again without looking like a stalker.

Priest was human. He wouldn’t know about them being mates. Randy wasn’t sure how to go about telling him. He’d never had to tell anyone he was a wolf before.

“I’m heading into the back to put the inventory away,” Blair announced. “Call me when the food gets here.”

Randy nodded, half listening to the guy as he thought about his mate. There had to be a way to break the ice. Having sex in the man’s office wasn’t Randy’s idea of getting to know his mate. Although he wasn’t against having sex with Priest, he didn’t think it would be a good thing just starting out the gate together.

Hearing the small door chime, Randy looked up to see his uncle striding into the shop. Fred glanced around, his fingers touching a flower here and there, his expression disapproving—as always. “Are you sure this was the only place hiring?”

Randy steeled his nerves, but it did him no good. He could still feel his insides knotting as the man moved closer to him. He held back the flinch that instantly flared up. “I’m positive, Uncle Fred.”

“Seems like a sissy place for a guy to work,” Uncle Fred said as his lip curled at the colorful arrangement Randy had been working on earlier. “When I asked permission for us to move into Brac Village, I had no idea you’d take a job in a place like this.”

Randy desperately wanted to change the subject. He had been over this for the past week with his uncle and he was afraid Fred would tell him to find work elsewhere. Randy liked working here. It not only allowed his artistic side to shine, but he loved the fragrance of the flowers. His job was special orders, and Randy became excited every time he was allowed to create a new arrangement.

“No one else was hiring,” he said, once again trying to convince his uncle to leave his job be.

He was still learning the different plant and flower types and what was needed to care for them, but Randy was taking to his lessons like a fish to water. He was currently putting together a pot of yellow snapdragons. The flowers were beautiful and smelled so good.

“Why can’t you work at the bar or the post office?” Fred waved his hand around the shop. “Why do you have to work with pansy flowers?”

Randy jerked inside, his chest constricting in fear when Fred smacked at his snapdragons. “If your father could see you he would roll over in his grave.” Fred’s dark-brown eyes raked over Randy. “And why haven’t you gone to get your hair cut yet? Are you trying to fit in here with all these flowers?”




Randy must have died and gone to heaven because feeling all those ripped muscles under his arms felt fantastic! He wanted to forget the movie, straddle the guy’s legs, and lick every delicious muscle he could find.

And there was plenty to find. Priest looked like a bronzed god sitting there watching the movie. Didn’t the man know just how tempting he was?

Being as subtle as he could, Randy inhaled deeply, taking in Priest’s masculine scent. The guy wasn’t wearing any cologne. What Randy smelled was all natural. In his opinion, that was the best scent in the world.

He could probably come just from that smell alone. His cock was getting hard from the aroma.

“Watch,” Priest whispered as he tapped Randy’s shoulder. “You’re going to miss it.”

Randy wanted to miss it. Just from the horrifying screams he could hear, the movie was only getting scarier. He didn’t need anything else to visit him in his dreams tonight.

Giving in, he turned his head and immediately regretted it. Even Priest jumped at the scene. Randy damn near pissed his pants. He burrowed deeper into his date’s side, wishing like hell the movie was already over.

When he glanced down and saw Priest half hard, Randy really wasn’t sure what to think. He was elated, and wondering if it meant anything at the same time. It would be such a shame if the man had a boner from the excitement of the movie and not Randy’s closeness.

Well, there was only one way to find out. But was he brave enough to test the waters? Fate wouldn’t have given him a straight man. At least Randy prayed like hell that fate wasn’t that twisted. His luck in life hadn’t been stellar so far.

Turning his head to watch the movie, Randy let his arm slide down to Priest’s waist in a very subtle way. When the man didn’t say anything, it slid a little more. Good god. If the guy was this big only half hard…Randy swallowed, and then gave a light press into the man’s groin with the palm of his hand.

Priest’s cock began to thicken even more.

Randy felt drugged by Priest’s clean and manly scent, and he was powerless to stop the palm of his hand from pressing harder into Priest’s now hard erection. He wanted to glance up, to see if his mate was staring at him or the screen, but Randy was too afraid the small spell that surrounded them would be broken if he peeked.

His heart began to beat faster and his mouth became dry, but Randy pushed even further by massaging Priest’s hard cock with his fingers. He could hear the harsh uneven rhythm of the man’s breathing and knew Priest was affected by Randy’s touch, but he wasn’t sure if his mate would allow him to go all the way. They couldn’t do too much since they were in a public place, but it was dark and using his hand or mouth just might go unnoticed.

Slipping his hand up Priest’s engorged cock, Randy unsnapped the man’s jeans. He was terrified Priest would stop him, and had become excited when the man didn’t. He slowly lowered the zipper, hoping the sound wasn’t amplified in the quiet theater. That would be all he needed, for people to turn their heads and look his way.

God, was he really going to do this? Out in the open? He threw a prayer up that Priest didn’t stop him and that no one paid them any attention. He was glad as hell they had sat in the back.

Randy reached into Priest’s underwear, massaging his fingers over the bulbous head of his mate’s cock, smoothing the pre-cum at the same time. His thumbnail pressed into the tiny slit at the top of the head and he heard a low moan rumble in Priest’s broad chest.

His mate’s arousal, along with the clear liquid seeping from his cock filled Randy’s lungs, making his mouth water for just one taste. If Priest hadn’t been his mate, there was no way in hell Randy would be doing this on the first date.

But Priest was his mate and damn if the guy didn’t smell delicious. Randy had to fight his canines from elongating. His wolf wanted to howl at their small victory. His wolf wanted to roll around in Priest’s scent and mark the man as his.

Dipping his head before he lost his nerve, Randy wrapped his lips around the flared head of his mate’s cock. He heard a swift intake of air and then Priest gave a shudder. Randy began to suck, his tongue tracing the veins, his cheeks hollowed as he moved Priest’s thick erection further into his mouth.

Fuck the man was huge. Randy seriously doubted he could take it all. As a matter of fact, he knew he couldn’t. But he was going to work the flesh he already had in his mouth.

Priest’s fingers glided through Randy’s long hair, massaging his scalp as Randy sucked and licked, eating the pre-cum and swallowing it down. Using his tongue, Randy laved the tender depression beneath the swollen crown and then tongue-fucked the tiny slit, licking away the salty taste of Priest’s desires.

Another groan rumbled through Priest.

His mate’s hips plunged hard, driving his cock deep into Randy’s mouth, causing Randy’s body to scream with pleasure, with an overload of sensations that made Randy whimper around the hard cock. He was also fighting his gag reflex. He only had half of Priest’s cock in his mouth, but damn, that was more than enough.

Priest’s body was so hard, so hot against Randy that it nearly scorched him. He wished like hell they were someplace private so he could rip his mate’s clothes off and explore every inch of his thick, well-built body.

His mate’s fingers tightened in Randy’s hair, his hips pumping faster. The pre-cum was leaking profusely, and Randy knew the man was close. Priest’s moans were becoming more frequent, his body was trembling.

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