The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada LoveXtreme Complete Collection (MFMMMM)

The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 156,463
0 Ratings (0.0)

In Going Wilde, Jessie never imagined she would find anything special in remote Wilde, Nevada. She's come to do her job, not to get involved with a man, much less some of the hottest cowboys she's ever seen. The five Wilde brothers are everything a woman could want. But Wilde has its secrets, and one of them could be deadly.

In Wilde Fire, Wilde, Nevada is proving to be more troubling than Jessie imagined. Just as she falls for one hot cowboy, feelings also spring up for his brother. In Phoenix’s possessive embrace, she feels safe and wanted. But there are those in Wilde who want them dead.

In Running Wilde, Jessie learns what happens in Wilde, Nevada doesn’t stay secret for long when one of the five brothers is involved, especially when he’s Dallas Wilde. But while his temptations prove more than she can resist, an unseen menace inches closer.

In Wilde Nights, Jessie has discovered much about herself since arriving in town, and Denver Wilde teaches her even more. He nudges her further down the road of discovery and trust. Each step that she takes to finally surrendering to him also brings her closer to deadly disaster.

In Wilde Surrender, Jessie cannot deny her feelings for Austin Wilde. His overwhelming dominance intrigues and frightens her. Her determination to go the distance with Austin’s demands thrills him, and he knows she’s the only wife for him and his brothers. Will the monster who wants them all dead succeed before she submits to love?

In Wilde Love, when a murderer obsessed with destroying Wilde, Nevada kidnaps Jessie, the brothers work together to rescue her. Will they succeed in time before the psychopath delivers his dark revenge and ends the life of their one true love?


A Siren Erotic Romance
Chloe Lang is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada LoveXtreme Complete Collection (MFMMMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada LoveXtreme Complete Collection (MFMMMM)

The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 156,463
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Standing in one of the wide crosscut tunnels in the mine, Jessica nodded to herself. Wilde Mine produced tons of silver and other semiprecious metals every year, and still its safety standards exceeded the required minimums by a long shot. In fact, she wouldn’t be surprised if it had been the safest mine in North America, minus the recent accidents. Something just doesn’t add up.

“Well, you’ve seen the whole shooting match.” Instead of a cowboy hat, Phoenix wore a yellow hard hat, just like she was wearing. He looked damn sexy in it, too. “Any thoughts, Jessie?”

“I’ve got a lot more to look over before I can say.” She heard footsteps, echoing off the walls of the tunnel. Someone was headed their way. The tour had calmed her down. Work was always like that for her. Whenever her personal life went haywire, she’d drown herself in her job.

“I’m sure you’ll find the mine isn’t at fault in any of the accidents.”

The approaching person was getting closer.

“Trying to put a bug in my ear for the company line? Don’t even think about it.” The footsteps ended. She looked up and spotted the last person she wanted to see today. “Stop.”

Jackson shook his head. “Jessie, please. We can’t leave it this way.”

“That’s exactly how we will leave it. I may have had poor judgment last night and this morning with you. I promise that won’t happen again.” She turned back to Phoenix. “I’m ready to go to the surface.”

The ground vibrated as a conveyor vehicle headed into the tunnel. She stepped back to the wall, when suddenly the operator slumped onto the wheel. The giant machine jerked straight for her. Jackson leapt to her, and slammed her to the ground out of the way. Her head and back banged against the floor, sending sharp pain up and down her spine.

“Fuck!” Jackson yelled.

She saw that his leg had been lacerated by a piece of the vehicle’s metal. “Jackson, don’t move.”

Phoenix rushed to them, his eyes wide. “Lil’ bro, you okay?”

“Yes. Jessie, are you hurt?”

“No. I’m fine.”

Jackson rolled off of her. “Check on the driver.”

Phoenix nodded, and moved to the unconscious man. She watched Phoenix put his fingers to the driver’s neck. “He’s got a pulse.”

“Thank God.” Jessica turned to Jackson. His leg was bleeding. “Where’s the closest emergency kit?”

“Far wall.”

“The com there, too?”


Jessica got the kit and rushed back to Jackson. He was sitting up.

“I’m all right, Jessie. Really.”

“Shut up, and let me do my job.”

Several mining personnel had shown up. The driver was still unconscious. Jessica looked at the scene. If Jackson hadn’t pushed her to the ground, she could’ve been impaled or crushed by the vehicle. She reached for Jackson’s hand, and a violent spasm shot up her back. Dizziness overtook her, and the tunnel seemed to spin.

Jackson stood up and put his arm around her waist. “Hang on, sweetheart.”




Jessie had never felt as beautiful as she did right now, and she savored their unanimous adoration of her. When Jackson’s thumb pressed on her right nipple through the fabric of her bra, she let out a little, passionate hiss.

His eyes caught hers. The intensity she found there captivated her. “You like me touching you, darlin’?”

Jessie felt like she was floating. “U—uh—huh.” It was all she could manage. Everything seemed centered on the touch of his hand on her breast.

She heard clothes being shucked by their audience. Warning: naked cowboys in my room. What should I do about that? Tell them to go, scream for Maude, or keep on enjoying their kisses...

Unable to focus, her mind became fuzzy and her body got tingly. But when Jackson unclasped her bra and helped her out of it, her complete attention locked in on him.

He planted a kiss on her mouth and then leaned back, staring at her chest. “Your breasts are fucking unbelievable.” His hands covered her mounds, and he began gently kneading her flesh. Goose bumps popped on her skin, and her pussy got even wetter.

She felt her shoes being removed. Two hands on each foot massaged away the remaining hesitation. This was heavenly, and she wanted to take the ride through every passion-filled mile...all the way to the end of the line. Jackson rolled off of her.

Her eyes followed him off the bed. She felt the loss of his heat, his weight. “What?”

He pressed a finger to her lips. “Shh. I want to feel you against me. I want to touch you, Jessie, every inch of you. Nothing between us.”

“Yes. Please.” She wanted that more than she wanted her next breath. How had she gone so long with the feel of him?

She looked down at where Dallas and Denver, free from clothes, worked out every bit of tightness in her thighs, ankles, and feet. Everywhere they touched she felt sparks of heat. Their bodies were perfectly muscled and beautifully tan. What made her catch her breath was seeing their hardness between their legs, evidence of their desire for her. God, they were huge. She’d never felt so wanted in all her life.

She looked over at Phoenix, his body perfect in the low light of the room. His piercing gaze hypnotized her. He stepped closer to the bed, causing a shiver of excitement to shoot through her.

When Jessie heard Jackson removing the last of his clothes, she turned her head to him. Like his brothers, he was stiff with lust. He crawled back into the bed next to her, his dick pressing into her thigh. “Tonight is only about you and your pleasure.” The quiet calm of his voice demanded her obedience.

She realized that she was the only one still clothed, except for her chest. In a strange way, that made her feel more vulnerable and exposed. “I—I am pretty nervous.”

“You leave everything to us, darlin’.” When Jackson licked the tip of her left breast’s nipple, warm shivers shook her to the core.

Phoenix crawled next to her on the other side and began suckling her right breast. Sparks fired from every nerve ending. A deep ache mushroomed in her pussy. She’d become quite adept at masturbation over the years of her ex refusing to go the distance, and she started to move her hands to her clit.

“No, Jessie.” Jackson grinned, pushing her hand back. He brought it to his lips, but she understood that she wasn’t to touch herself again. “We want to take care of you. You don’t have to do a thing but let go. Understand?”

“Yes.” She felt like her body was floating to the ceiling. She’d never done a drug in her life, but she couldn’t imagine they were more addictive than the feeling of being loved by these amazing men.

“Good girl.” He lowered his head back to her breast. She felt his teeth graze her nipple, and then he bit down gently. She gasped as her left nipple became a pulsing peak.

Phoenix nuzzled her neck and gently caressed the breast he’d claimed. Hot waves rolled through her, and she bit her lip, trying to stay above the surface. When Dallas’s and Denver’s hands massaged her feet and thighs, a purring vibration escaped her throat.

Jackson traced a finger over her lips. “Guys, let’s unwrap this lovely present.”

Four sets of hands had her out of her clothes in a flash. She looked at the cowboys, scanning her body. Being naked and exposed caused her to tremble. She closed her eyes tight. Did they see the flaws she saw every day in the mirror? 

“I love how pretty and soft your feet are, honey.” Denver choked out.

“You should feel her legs, bro.” Dallas tenderly kneaded her calves. “Sugar, you’ve got the most velvety legs I’ve ever touched.” He leaned down and kissed her where his hands had just been rubbing.

“Take a look at her breasts, guys. Fucking unbelievable.” Phoenix began threading her hair with his fingers. “Damn, even her silky locks are out-of-this-world.”

“Head to toe, and everything in between, Jessie is perfection.” Jackson’s words were filled with reverence and fire.

“You guys need glasses.” She brought her hands up to her eyes. Tears rolled free. Was this how they really saw her? Their faces said yes, and she’d never felt more attractive.

Jackson grabbed her wrist. “Stop.” She opened her eyes to see his, dark and serious. “I don’t know who made you ever believe that you weren’t beautiful, but forget them. You’re the most ravishing woman I’ve ever seen.”

Phoenix smiled. “Same here.”

Dallas and Denver nodded their buoyant concurrence.

Tears rolled from her eyes. “Thank you so much. You’ve just made this the best birthday ever.”

“Today’s your birthday, darlin’?” Jackson’s eyebrow shot up.


“Then I have the perfect present for you, Jessie.” His tone drove more need into her than she knew was possible. “I can’t wait to taste you.” His fingers lightly touched her breasts. Then he slowly trailed them down her stomach to her clit, grazing her there.

His touch sent her back arching off the bed, and the immensity of her desire overwhelmed all thought and reason.

Jackson gazed at her pussy like a worthy devotee. “You like that, don’t you, sweetheart?”

“Feels amazing.” She moved her hands over his muscled chest. She couldn’t believe her brazenness, but her craving wouldn’t be silenced as Jackson continued pressing her clit.

“Trying to take the reins again. Don’t. I have them.” Jackson moved his fingers through her wet folds, causing her to fist the sheets. “I’ll make sure you’re totally satisfied. Let me love you.”

He moved down the bed between her legs until she could feel his hot breath on her pussy.

“Darlin’, your sweet cunt is a work of art.” Then Jackson dove down, and when his tongue grazed her clit, she arched into his touch.

Dallas and Denver licked her legs, causing tingles to fire inside her. Phoenix worked over her chest with hismouth and hands. He pinched her nipples into tiny bits of aching flesh, causing her desire to expand. She’d had one orgasm in her life by stimulating her clit with her hand, but this was so much more than masturbation, and she longed for the looming climax. Jackson’s tongue pierced her slit, sending heat bolts deep into her pussy. Uncontrollably, her head rolled from side to side.

Jackson nipped at the insides of her thighs. “Your cream tastes wonderful, darlin’. So good.” Then his head went back down, and she felt his tongue glide through her folds once again.

“God, yes!” Her toes curled, and she wrapped her legs around Jackson’s head. She pounded the bed with her fists. This was too much. More than she’d imagined. “P—please...” Fuck me. Please.





Jessie watched Phoenix pull off his clothes and toss them to the floor. Though she sat on the bed, her legs shook as she couldn’t help but scan his naked, muscled frame. He was overflowing with testosterone that seemed to be shooting out of him and into her.

A million thoughts rolled through her why this wasn’t smart. It wasn’t too late to end this now at oral sex. She crossed her arms over her chest and thought about what she could say to dissuade him. Nothing came to mind. He was like a man on a mission, with her as his target. Phoenix was the kind of man that took what he wanted. God, isn’t what he wants what I want, too? 

When he shucked his white briefs, she gasped at the sight of his erect dick. It was a massive thing, at least nine inches long, maybe more. His cock had been inside her once before, but now she wondered how she’d been able to take all of it. And by the look on his face, he meant to be inside her body again. Though she felt vulnerable and a tiny bit scared, a shiver of desire shot through her, and her pussy dampened.

“I hope you like what this cowboy has to offer.” Phoenix grinned.

“Oh, really?” He must’ve thought her so naive. “I think you’re a bit of a player.”

“I’ve been called worse, but believe me, this isn’t about a notch on my belt. You’re so much more to me than that. I can’t wait to feel your cunt clenching my dick.”

She sobered instantly to his explicit words that worked like an oven, heating her body. “Quite impressive, not that I’ve seen many.” Immediately, Jessie regretted revealing how inexperienced she was. Her cheeks burned. “B–but I’ve seen more than a few.”

Phoenix cupped her chin. “What a pretty liar,” he said with lusty reverence as he stepped next to the bed. “Did you forget that I know you lost your virginity just a few days ago? Remember what was said at Jackson’s house?”

“I guess I did forget.” She covered her face with her hands. “I can only imagine what you think about that.”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, angel.” He pulled her hands away from her face and kissed them. “I like that you haven’t been with other men.”

Her mind spun like a top, and her pussy ached for his touch. Crazy as it was, she couldn’t deny that even though she had feelings for Jackson, she still wanted Phoenix. None of it made any sense to her, but she couldn’t help herself. He was massive and powerful, and being next to him she felt tiny and protected.

She’d been a fool to save herself for her ex, Michael, who turned out to be gay. Had all those years of being pent-up created a craving in her that couldn’t be quenched? Maybe. Whatever. Phoenix’s offer to fuck her had her insides jumping at the chance.

“God, you’ve totally wrecked me for other women.” He sat down on the bed and began kissing her neck, his mouth warm and wonderful on her skin.

Still unsure about his truthfulness, her words felt breathy on her lips. “I find that hard to believe.”

“I’m going to make all your doubt disappear.” As he continued licking around her ear, his hands begin massaging her shoulders. “I’m going to start by tasting every inch of you, Jessie.”

He pulled her down until her head hit the pillow. His hands cupped her breasts, and he kissed her deeply on the mouth. He tasted warm and full of sin. Her toes curled, and her pussy ached. It felt strange, yet right, to be so free, so open. Her norm was to be sheepish whenever naked. But not with Phoenix. Something about his demeanor, his dominance, his control soothed any doubt in her.

Phoenix looked down at her like a starving man looking at a banquet. His eyes were aflame. He leaned down and captured one of her nipples in his mouth, teething the tip until trembles took hold of her. She loved his skill at giving her pleasure. He moved to the soft flesh under her arms and licked her there, causing every nerve to fire.

“That feels amazing.” She’d never thought of that area as an erogenous zone, but then again, she’d never had sex before coming to Wilde.

“You’ve got a lot to learn, and I’m the perfect teacher, angel.” He licked her sides, which normally were ticklish, but not now. Instead, it took her higher and deeper into wantonness.

His trailing tongue and accompanying fingers moved over her thigh and between her legs to her swollen bud. Jessie arched her back off the mattress as another climax rocked inside her for release.

“I’m so close.”

Between licks, he ordered,“Come for me. I want to taste your orgasm. Give me your sweet pussy cream.”





“Sugar, you’re like a little, hungry kitten mewling for cream.” Denver laughed heartily, causing her to grin. “Even though this won’t be a training session tonight, I want you to call my brothers and me Sir. Got it?” Denver’s commanding voice warmed her up.

“Yes, Sir.”

He pulled her into his lap and gave her a serious kiss.

Jessie got light-headed. When their kiss ended, Jackson lifted her off of Denver’s lap and devoured her lips with his mouth. Tingles ran wildly over her skin.

Before she could catch her breath, Jackson stepped aside for Phoenix. His mouth covered hers, and her ache grew.

“Love, what state?” Dallas asked.

“Green, Sir.”

Phoenix passed her to Dallas, and he kissed her like a starving man and she was a seven-course meal. His tongue invaded her mouth, and she sucked on its tip.

Dallas guided her back to Denver, who again kissed her until her arms and legs felt like noodles.

When Denver removed his lips, her eyes had trouble focusing. “Such a delicate sub. I better be careful with you, or I’m going to be in real trouble.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Then he turned her to Jackson, and he covered her mouth with his manly lips once again until her body spun with heat.

Next came Phoenix to claim her lips, and then Dallas delivered a devastating kiss. Finally, Denver stepped up for another turn at her mouth. His possessive kiss thrilled her beyond measure.

Her lips ached and swelled as they kept passing her back and forth, kissing her into a state of utter delirium. Taking a deep breath, she started to tell them to stop, but Dallas’s tongue bathed the soft area of her neck and her ability to think vanished.

She was burning with want. How could she be so turned on? Four hot cowboys was the how. Just like her second time with these four men, soft music filled the room from an iPod connected to two portable speakers.

The brothers removed all of her clothes. While each brother took a turn to strip their own clothes, the others didn’t hesitate to heat her up with their cowboy lips and fingers. In no time she saw what they had planned for her. Four hard dicks let her know what she was in store for.

Dallas hoisted her up into his arms. “What state, love?”


“Good girl.”

He gently placed her on the bed and pressed his lips to her mouth. Her body quivered, and her toes curled.

Jackson began massaging her calves, kneading out the tightness in her muscles. She loved the feel of his calloused hands on her skin.

“Sugar, you’re so fucking hot.” Denver looked like a man either hypnotized or drugged. “That’s the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen.”

Jackson moved his hand up between her legs. He pressed on her clit, and she felt an electric shock shoot through her body. The more he rubbed her pussy, the more insane with lust she became. “I can’t wait to taste your sweet cream.”

Dallas cupped her chin. “You ready for more?”

She nodded.

Dallas looked at Jackson. “Take a taste of her.”

When Jackson’s tongue circled her clit, her ache burned in her. She got even wetter.

“That’s my girl. Drown me with your cream.” Jackson lapped at her pussy.

While Dallas kissed her, Phoenix and Denver began sucking on her nipples.

Four male mouths were making a meal of her. She moaned into Dallas’s kiss. Her nipples throbbed until she thought she couldn’t bear it anymore.

Suddenly, Jackson reached under her and applied lube to her ass.

All but Jackson and Denver put on condoms, and Jessie felt the edge of her approaching orgasm.

“What state, love?”

Lost and loving it. “Green.”

“You know we’re going to fuck you. All of us together.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her mind, normally racing through a litany of conflicting thoughts and emotions, relaxed back to how her body was responding to her sexy cowboys’ words and touches.

“Still green?”

She nodded.

“Let’s roll this beauty over, bros. Onto her stomach.”

Facedown, she felt eight hands massaging her back, shoulders, neck, and ass. Dallas began stretching her ass out. Sure, she’d enjoyed sex with the brothers, but she still had a lot to learn. After several minutes of him preparing her, Dallas got on top of her and pierced her ass with his hard dick. The pain backed down almost instantly. And soon she was stretched out and enjoying the ride.

Dallas rolled with Jessie to the side and then onto his back, while keeping his dick deeply seated inside of her until she was facing the ceiling. Phoenix crawled on top of her and filled up her pussy with his dick. Her insides were full with cowboy cock.

Jackson positioned his cock at her lips.

“What state?” Dallas’s voice was more guttural than she’d heard before.

“Green, Sir.”

Denver commanded, “Grab my cock, sub.”

“Yes, Sir.” She reached out and fisted his cock.

“That’s right, pump it.”

“Darlin’, I want your mouth on my cock.”

“Yes, sir.” She first tasted the tip of his dick.

“Good girl. Open your pretty mouth, darlin’. Let me in.” Jackson slowly slid his cock down her throat.

Pleasure seared her depths while Dallas fucked her ass, Phoenix fucked her pussy, Jackson fucked her mouth, and Denver fucked her hand. Their kisses, touches, and thrusts seemed planned and orchestrated. In fact, in almost felt like a dance to Jessie. As one pulled his cock out of her body, another dove deep back in.





“My turn again,” Sir informed. “You’re mine, love. All mine. Trust me.”

Wham! She yelped at the smarting that spread out from the impact on the bottom of her ass’s left cheek. She ground her clit into the bench, and her pussy leaked liquid desire.

“Trust me, love.” She felt the paddle hit the uppermost part of her right cheek.

She groaned and became really woozy.

“Trust me, Jessie.” The paddle hit both cheeks in the middle of her ass.

She whimpered and closed her eyes at the burn and ache she felt. Her bottom’s nerve endings were sparking like exposed live wires. She’d never been so wet or turned on in her life. They wanted her. No, they’d claimed her. The men didn’t ask for permission. They took what was theirs. I’m theirs, and they are mine. How could she deny them anything? She couldn’t.

“You did amazing, love.” Sir’s tone was gentle.

Jessie felt the cuffs being removed and several hands caressing her bottom so gently. A slick salve was being applied to her ass. It felt cooling and wonderful. Suddenly, Sir lifted her up in his arms. She looked up into his pale blue eyes. The other brothers went back to their seats, resuming their roles as audience. “Sir, let’s give your brothers a show.”

He frowned. “You’ve done good, but you’ve got more to learn, sub.”

Trembles made her voice shake. “Sir, did I do something wrong?”

“Yes, you did. You’re trying to take charge.”

She shook her head, hoping to convince him otherwise. “No, Sir. I’m not. I promise.”

“Really? Didn’t you just tell me to give my brothers a show?”

“Yes, but—”

“But nothing.”

He placed her feet on the ground and brought his hands to the curve in her waist. Her legs felt really wobbly, but he held her steady. “Sir, I didn’t mean that.”

“I know, love. In here, you must let me hold the reins. I decide if there is a show or a no-show, not you. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” She blinked back the tears that threatened to fall. “I won’t do it again. I promise.”

“Yes, you will. That’s okay, love. It’s all part of it. Learning to trust. Learning to let go. It’s a lifelong process, not a destination. But I can’t let your indiscretion slide. You do get that?”

“Yes, Sir.” Silently, she prayed he wouldn’t spank her more. Her ass hurt, and she didn’t think she could take more torture there.

“Let’s see how that sweet mouth of yours feels on my dick. Get on your knees, sub.” Without hesitation, he dropped his jeans to his ankles, and his long, thick dick jutted out. The whole scene was wickedly delicious.

Jessie dropped to her knees and waited, though she was ready to show Sir she did really understand.

“Good girl. Cup my balls, sub.”

She did. They felt heavy and full.

Sir guided the tip of his dick to her mouth and held it to her lips. “Show me you’ve learned your lesson and earned my reward.”

Eager to please him, she licked the tip of his cock. It tasted salty with pre-cum. She felt his hands in her hair and could hear his brothers’ heavy breathing from their chairs. The whole thing made her marvelously muddled. She went up and down his shaft, swallowing in an attempt to hear his approval.

“Great. Amazing. Love, you’re—Fuck! That’s so good,” Sir said, as if reading her mind. He cupped her chin. “That’s enough. I’ve got to get inside your pussy. Correction—my pussy. Understand, sub?”

She did. “Yes, Sir.”

Sir pulled a condom out of his pocket, freed it from its wrapper, and rolled it down his dick. “I’ve not enjoyed the feel of that pretty, little cunt around my cock. Time to fix that, right now.”

A manic need for him to be inside her body took hold of her. “P–please, Sir.”

He lifted her up to a standing position. “First, I need a taste.” He leaned over slightly, and then he threaded his fingers through her pussy’s saturated ruffles. An array of heat jetted through her body. When he pressed on her clit with his thumb, Jessie sucked in a heavy, wanton breath. Every conscious thought about what and who was outside this room fled from her mind. Nothing mattered. Just now. Just here. Just Sir and his brothers.

She watched as Sir brought his hand up to his lips. He sucked on her juices that coated his fingers. “Perfect. My pussy tastes delicious.”

Fiery trembles shook her entire body. She loved his lascivious talk. His tone and words worked hypnotically to suspend her, a surreal space of his making. He’d created it and brought her to it. Jessie could’ve never reached it alone.





Standing in the hallway that served as passage for the offices of The Masters’ Chambers, Jessie Greene clung to her purse like a life raft, but her shaking didn’t ease up. The closed door mocked her even though surrounding her were the very protective Wilde brothers—Jackson, Phoenix, Dallas, and Denver. 

 All four of the men had professed their love to her over the past few weeks, and she’d fallen completely head over heels for each of them. But they weren’t the cause of her current nervousness. The person responsible for her violent trembles was on the other side of that oak door. 

Austin Wilde.

With her job finished in Wilde, Nevada and the culprit for the accidents at the mine on the run, her boss had agreed to her request for time off. But what she was considering wasn’t going to be like any vacation she’d ever taken. Once she actually entered Austin’s office, there would be no going back.

Jackson, who had been her first, cupped her chin. “Darlin’, you don’t have to do this.”

He wore a tight black shirt and Levi’s, revealing his muscled powerhouse underneath the fabric. Normally lighthearted, tonight Jackson’s piercing blue eyes held only concern. 

“That’s right, lil’ bro.” Phoenix stroked her hair. “Sweetheart, just say the word and we’re outta here.” The intensity in his hazel eyes caused her to blink.

Greek god or cowboy? Either way, being the tallest of the brothers and with his ripped frame, she always felt totally protected next to Phoenix.

Jessie took a deep breath and considered the two youngest brothers’ suggestion, recalling what had brought her to this very moment. 

After she’d learned that Austin’s intentions had always been to leave Wilde and the entire family behind, she and the four had concocted the plan to get her ready to win their reluctant eldest brother over. Denver’s coaching in the nuances of BDSM play had been amazing, but there was so much more to learn. But Austin’s sudden appearance at her first attempt of public exhibition had cut her training short. Had she and the brothers been too naive?

With Austin clearly pissed about the situation, why should she take his offer to be with him exclusively for an entire week? The answer was obvious to her. Because the men she loved so much adored their brother, and she had only this break, hopefully a lucky one, to keep them and Austin together.

Dallas hit the wall, and the accompanying bang pulled Jessie from her thoughts and her attention to him. He vibrated with an anger that set her on edge. Not wearing his white cowboy hat tonight, he reminded her of a military juggernaut with his shaved head and sun-soaked muscles.

“Dallas, my state is green.” She hoped her words would calm him.

“I doubt that.” Dallas didn’t uncurl his fists. “Besides, Austin has no right to ask this of you now, love.” 

“You’re right, bro.” Denver’s face darkened as he looked at the time shown on his cell. “Austin will just have to wait until you have more training. If he doesn’t like it, then so be it.” He turned to her. 

She stared into Denver’s eyes, which strangely looked grayish instead of their familiar pale blue. He leaned in and kissed her, settling some of her nerves but still making her toes curl. When their kiss ended, Denver’s gaze made her tremble. She touched his cheek with the scar that didn’t detract one iota from his handsome face. Actually, it enhanced his male beauty.

Jessie realized that they were all willing to forgo attempting to bring Austin into the fold just so she could feel safe. Their selflessness and devotion to her deepened her love even more for each of them, filling her up with courage to follow through with the plan.

“Guys, I must do this.”  

Denver placed his hands on her shoulders. “I love you, Jessie, but this is way too much to ask of you.”

“I love you, too.” She turned to the other three. “I love you all, very much.” I’m going to do this for my four cowboys. “I’m perfectly calm,” Jessie fibbed. 

“Not by a long shot, angel.” Phoenix shook his head, and she knew he was right.

Austin had been a thorn in Jessie’s side since she’d come to investigate the Wilde mine, yet thoughts of the eldest brother had swirled inside her from the very moment she’d met him. Then after learning about how plural marriages worked in their family, she couldn’t get the tall, dark, and oh-my-God gorgeous man out of her head. 

When Austin had made it clear moments ago that she must report to his office at The Masters’ Chambers in five minutes or she’d lose any chance to be with him, her mind had started swirling like stormy gusts. Now, internal hurricane winds blasted her every thought. 

She tried to sound confident. “So what if I’m nervous? No big deal.”

“Wrong,” Dallas stated gruffly. “A very big deal.”

“Guys, we’ve already come this far. I have to go the final lap alone. It’s now or never.” Feeling like Little Red Riding Hood, she knocked on the door and braced herself.

A second later and the Big Bad Wolf, wearing a black cowboy hat, occupied the doorway. Austin Wilde filled the threshold with his presence, his eyes staring at her with a cold ferocity. Though her four men didn’t leave her side, there wasn’t an inch of her, inside or out, that wasn’t shivering.

Austin raised an eyebrow. “It’s still not too late to change your mind, Ms. Greene.”




“Stand up, pet.”

As Jessie obeyed, his hand remained on her chin.

“Good.” He lifted her up in his arms then placed her on the table facedown with her face in the rest. His fingers glided over her skin, causing expectant shivers to run up and down her spine. “Time to get this party started, pet.”

Austin restrained her wrists and ankles with the cuffs. Then she heard a clicking sound and felt the table rise up in the middle, causing her body to form an upside-down V.

“God, you do have a pretty ass.” He rubbed her bottom, igniting sparks in her entire body. “You’ve been very bad, pet. Not bratty, but disobedient. You understand why I must punish you?”

She wanted to feel the sting of his discipline. “Yes, Master.” 

Even though she’d manipulated her way into his dungeon, Jessie hoped he might like delivering whacks to her. If he did, he might become more interested in her. She prayed he would. If she had a chance with forever with him and his brothers, she had to make this work. She vowed to be the best sub he’d ever known. He deserved nothing less. The thought made her pussy throb.

She felt the paddle hit her ass, causing her arms and legs to jerk against the table’s restraints as pain spread through her skin. The whacks came one right after another. 

Two. Three. 

She stared down at the floor below, feeling the tears escape her eyes. 

Four. Five. 

Her backside was on fire. Another whack. 

She tensed, bracing for—

And another slap came down on her ass. Unable to keep counting, she closed her eyes tight, as little yelps escaped her lips.

Then the paddling stopped. She opened her eyes and saw Austin’s black boots below. She felt his hand glide through her hair. “Your ass is nice and  pink for me. Was that enough for you, kitten?”

Was he testing her? She had to prove to him in the next seven days that she could be the sub he desired. “No, Master. I deserve more.”

He murmured. “Yes, you do. Here’s a tip for you, pet. Relax and breathe.” His boots disappeared from her view.

“Thank you. I will, Master.” She tried to steady her shaky breathing.

Whack! Whack! Whack! 

This wasn’t the large paddle any longer. The little stings it delivered to her flesh let her know it was the crop. Each time, Master hit her in a different spot.

Unable to hold back her tears, she sobbed into the face rest. Her mind was wonderfully fuzzy and her body was on fire.

“Now, let’s try my open hand on that gorgeous ass of yours.”

Slap! Slap! Slap! 

Though the spanking still hurt immensely, his hand on her ass seemed so intimate, so perfect, creating warm feelings inside her. 

“You’ve learned your lesson, pet?” His tone was deep but softer than she’d ever heard before.

Through sobs, she answered, “Y–Yes, Master.” 

She felt his hands massage her burning flesh, delivering just a tiny bit of pain with a nice touch. “Good.”

Cravings rolled through her for him to be inside her pussy. The more she thought about how he would feel inside her, the more her clit throbbed and burned. Would he fuck her? 





Jessie didn’t give a damn that she was only wearing Denver’s shirt as she walked with him into the hospital. The only thing she could think of was that she needed to see Austin.

Daniel, one of the Wilde brothers’ dads, was waiting for them by the door. “Hi, son. Hi, Jessie.”

“Where’s Austin?” she asked.

Daniel grabbed her hand and squeezed. “I’ll take you to him, kiddo, but shouldn’t the doctor take a look at you first?”

“The paramedics already did. I’m fine.”

“See what I have to put up with, Dad.” Denver shook his head. “The EMTs said your vitals looked good, but you still needed to be seen by the doctor.”

“That can wait until I see Austin.”

“No, it can’t.” His tone told her he wasn’t giving her an inch.

“Denver, stop manhandling her.” Maude rounded the corner.

Jessie had been drawn to the woman the very first night she’d come to Wilde and checked into the Hotel Cactus—which Maude actually owned. To Jessie’s five cowboys, the woman was Aunt Maude.

Maude smiled at Jessie. “Come here, honey.”

“But she needs to see the doc,” Denver argued.

“She will. One minute to peek in on Austin will calm her mind and may be better medicine than any sawbones could give her.” The old gal knew how to keep him and his brothers on their toes.

“Son, let Maude take her to him.” Daniel Wilde’s tone was comforting. “You and I can go find the doctor.”

“Listen to your dad, nephew.”

Denver shook his head in defeat. “One minute. That’s it.”

“Thank you,” Jessie breathed.

“Then you will see the doctor and do whatever he says you need to do.”

“Yes, Sir. I will. I promise.”

Maude held out her hand. “You look pretty good for what you’ve been through. You’re really okay?”

Jessie nodded and took her hand. They headed down the hallway.

“I took the liberty of going in your room at the hotel and getting you some clothes. They’re in Austin’s room. I thought you could change in there.”

“You’re amazing, Maude.”

“So are you, honey. Awesome even.”

They passed the nurses’ station, and Maude pointed to the door of room four. “He’s in there, Jessie. His mom is with him. She’s expecting you.”

“Thank you so much.”

“Go. I’ll try to hold off the cowboys, but I can only do that for so long.”

Jessie grinned and quietly opened the door to Austin’s room. She saw him first. Her hands shot up to her mouth. The IV in his arm, his eyes closed, and the hospital room stunned her. He was a rock. He wasn’t supposed to be here.

She closed her eyes and fought back the tears. She felt an arm wrap around her.

Mrs. Wilde whispered, “He’s okay, Jessie. Really, he is.”

She hugged the mother of her five cowboys. “I’m so sorry.”

“Whatever for? You didn’t do anything to cause this.”

“Rich wanted me, not Austin.”

“True. But that doesn’t change anything, dear. Now, let me take a good look at you. Considering what you’ve been through, no wonder you look so shook up. You okay?”

Jessie nodded. “Has Austin come to at all?”

“No. Shouldn’t be long now. He’s going to have a lot of guilt, Jessie, when he does.”

“Why?” Jessie was the one who brought the trouble to Austin. He had no reason to feel guilty.

“He didn’t protect you. Sure, he didn’t have a chance, but that isn’t how the Wilde men look at things. They have to be perfect when it comes to their women.” Jessie could see the pride on her face as she spoke of her sons.

“He is perfect. I’m the one that’s flawed.”

“You sound like a woman in love.”

“I am.” Jessie couldn’t help but smile as she thought of her men. “But I don’t know if that’s enough.”

“Trust me. It will be. Austin is all thorns and steel on the outside, but on the inside—”

“He’s wonderful. It’s just…that…” Jessie wanted to tell Mrs. Wilde about Austin’s demand for her to choose between him and his brothers, but hesitated.

“Something’s wrong? You’re torn up about more than the kidnapping and Austin being here, aren’t you?”


“Sweetheart, we’re going to be family. I always wanted a daughter, and now I’m going to have one. I’m here for you.”

Jessie trusted this woman more than any other. “He’s asked me to choose.”

Mrs. Wilde looked to Austin, and then turned back to Jessie. “I’m not surprised.”

“You’re not.”

“Actually, I’m thrilled. You’ve got him.” A big smile lit her face.

Jessie prayed she was right. “I’m not so sure.”

“Don’t give up on him, honey. I’d almost lost hope for my boy, and then you came to town. You can do it.”

“I’ll try. I promise.”

“Good enough. Now, let me leave you alone with him.” Mrs. Wilde kissed her cheek. “I hung your clothes on the hooks in the bathroom.”

Mrs. Wilde shut the door, and Jessie walked up to the side of the bed. Austin was completely out, but breathing easily. She touched his cheek and felt a single tear run down her face. “Master, I’m so sorry. Please be okay.”

Jessie leaned down and kissed him. He didn’t wake up as she’d hoped he might.

She looked up at the clock on the wall that reminded her of Denver’s obsession with time. Even with the invincible Maude working to keep Denver away, Jessie knew he’d be busting through Austin’s hospital room door at any moment. She rushed to the bathroom to dress. When finished, she sighed. It felt good to be in clothes again.

Jessie left the bathroom and looked once again at Austin, asleep on the bed.

“How in the world am I going to get through to you, Mr. Wilde?”




Jessie leaned back on the sofa as Jackson and Phoenix stripped her of her clothes. She didn’t even try to move her eyes from Austin’s. His gaze was fixed on her, demanding her focus. This was all for him.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Dallas and Denver undressing. Though tempted to turn to them, she didn’t. She wanted to see Austin and try to figure out what he was thinking, feeling, experiencing. Could this sex display work to turn him on and then turn him around? She prayed it would.

Phoenix touched her chin. “You get more and more beautiful every day, angel.”

“You say that all the time, cowboy.”

“And I mean every word.” He leaned in and pressed his mouth to hers. A spark shot from where he kissed her all the way down to her toes. She felt the heat in her face as he stroked her hair. She lifted her hand to his chin. The roughness she found there felt wonderful and so very masculine.

“Don’t be greedy, bro.” Jackson laughed. “I want to taste Jessie’s delicious lips, too.”

“I’m ready to get naked for her, lil’ bro. Enjoy.”

“Oh boy, I will.” Jackson did something that surprised her. He crawled over her, placing his legs on either side of her hips. The move had the feel of domination to her, and she liked it very much. Could Jackson ever take on a Dom role? Someday? Maybe. Right now, she liked him just the way he was, fun and full of life.

His lips came down on hers with a fervor she liked. When his tongue shot into her mouth, she felt her pussy get wet. One of his hands went to the back of her neck, pulling her closer still. The other glided down her side until it finally cupped her hip. She moaned into his mouth and felt sensations of every flavor and type explode inside her.

Let’s give your big brother a show, boys!

She wasn’t sure the four cowboys could hear her thoughts, but they sure seemed like they could as they took turns on the couch with her. When she looked back at Austin, he seemed a bit moved, but only a bit.

Jackson suddenly left the couch and leaned over his jeans. She watched him rifle through his pockets, bringing out their contents. “I’ve got two condoms and a packet of lube.”

“Perfect.” Denver nodded. “Give me one of the condoms, you take the other.”

“You bet Jessie’s sweet ass I will. I brought them.”

She looked up at the man who’d demanded one of Jackson’s condoms. “Sir, can we show Master what we do?”

“That is definitely part of the plan, sub,” he answered with a wink. “Everyone agree?”

Jackson, Phoenix, and Dallas nodded. They were going full tilt. Austin had to come around tonight. There wouldn’t be any more chances. They had to succeed.

“Good. Stand up, sub.”

Jessie jumped off the couch and answered, “Yes, Denver…I mean, Sir.”

Denver sat down in one of the chairs. “Come here, sub.”

She obeyed, knowing Austin had the best view of what was to come. That thrilled her. Being with Sir again did, too. For the first time, all five of her men were in one room alone, and no one was making threats or about to throw punches. Instead, four of them were pleasuring her and one was watching. It would be better if all five were pleasuring her, but this was a pretty close second best.

“Over my knee.”

She made sure to face the door when she did, so that her ass was as close to Austin as it could be.

She expected to be spanked, but instead Sir’s hand came up between her legs and over her pussy. His fingers probed, threaded, and pressed her swollen folds, calling up the moisture from her channel.

Wicked warmth grew inside her as she thought of her cowboys touching and filling every inch of her body. She craved the pleasure they would certainly give her.

“What a nice wet pussy you have for us, sub. That’s good.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“But you called me by name earlier. That earned you some whacks to this pretty little ass.” Sir rubbed her backside, letting her know with touch what was about to happen. “Do you think you deserve that?”

Her body started to vibrate, anticipating the spanking from Sir. “I do. I was bad.”

Slap. His hand felt so powerful, and the sting felt hot. Another slap. And another. Each time he hit a different spot. In no time, she slipped into a dreamy state. Her mind drifted, still aware of her body and the spanking Denver was giving, but in an almost detached way. Jessie was still new to BDSM, though she’d experienced quite a lot since meeting her men. She was coming to believe it allowed her to feel pleasure on a new level and plane. Inside this space also resided complete peace.

Denver leaned down and bit her ear. Then he whispered, “I know your safe word. It hasn’t changed?”

She wondered if he thought Austin might’ve had her change it, but he hadn’t. “Yes. It’s the same one, Sir.”

“Good. Remember, don’t come unless I give you permission.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“That’s enough spanking, for now.” Lifting her up into his arms, Sir left his chair. “Come on, guys, let’s take this amazing woman on a ride she won’t forget.”

“Hell, yes,” Jackson agreed.

Sir placed her on the couch, and soon the four cowboys were taking turns with her. Her pussy grew wetter as fingers stroked inside her over and over. Other fingers tweaked her nipples, massaged her feet, and so much more. She looked over at her other cowboy. He didn’t even blink, watching with a ferocity that reached into her all the way to her pussy. Soon, she was panting and arching her back off the sofa.

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