The Family Jewel (MFMMM)

Jewel Trilogy 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,296
103 Ratings (4.0)

[PolyAmour: Erotic Sci-Fi Multiple Partners Romance, M/F/M/M/M, M/F/M, M/M, Public Exhibition]   On Kalaria, native-born women are a rarity, and Kalaria's Council of Elders is ever-vigilant that only the best and the strongest clans qualify for a precious Jewel.   Jerran, Loran, Mikah and Kai -- leader, healer, trader and warrior -- have worked long and hard to win a Jewel, despite Jerran's "taint" of off-world heritage. Beautiful and seductive, trained from girlhood to be all things to her mates, Shantay is everything half-brothers Jerran and Kai and lovers Mikah and Loran desired.   But jealousy and greed are universal. Because of the machinations of a vindictive courtesan, Shantay is ripped away from her mates by a slaver eager to cash in on the value of a rare and priceless Kalari Jewel, rumored to be the ultimate sex slave.   Her men will follow her into space itself to reclaim The Family Jewel.   "Chuckling to myself, I was considering all the euphemisms for a man's, ahem, family jewels when I started thinking about a heroine called a Family Jewel, and imagining a world where women are rare treasures. She would have a "he-rem" of men and be the perfect mate each man -- or, in the case of Loran and Mikah, each couple -- needs." ~ Raina ~   A Siren Erotic Romance

The Family Jewel (MFMMM)
103 Ratings (4.0)

The Family Jewel (MFMMM)

Jewel Trilogy 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,296
103 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Raina James
I felt this was a good read but not really my cup of tea.Too sci-fi, not enough erotica.
Really enjoyed it on all levels. Will be buying more of Ms. James's titles now. Her writing really pulled me in and the sex was hot on all levels.
Professional Reviews

5 LYRES: "The term "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned" comes to mind while reading this wonderful story...Once again Ms. James grabs your attention from the 1st page and she doesn't let you go till the last page. I loved how Shantay and Loran teamed up to help Mikah get through his doubts. Shantay's ability to be a submissive or a little on the dominate side depending on which of her mates she was with gave her more depth. While she was raised to be a pampered princess, Shantay showed that when needed she could in fact find some inner strength. The voyeurism and M/M scenes are written with understated class and Ms. James allows you to share her characters' close emotional bonds." -- GJM, RORR Reviews

5 CHERRIES: "The Family Jewel is a book that every man should read when learning how to treat a woman. The men are loving, caring, respectful, and most importantly true to their word. Although the sex is scorching hot, the men cherish Shantay, their Family Jewel, in all the ways a woman should be cherished instead of treating her like a servant or a slave. The emotional bond that develops between all of the characters brings the story full circle. I love how the words dominant, stubborn, and possessive are used to describe Jerran, Loran, Mikah, and Kai, even though their actions prove time and time again that Shantay is the most precious woman in the world to them. In addition, I love how the men welcome her presence and seek her advice on matters that not only affect them individually, but also affect their polyamorous relationship. Our heroine Shantay is anything but weak. She's wise beyond her years, has the patience to learn what each of her men need and is able to provide it without losing herself. When she is captured, the reader is able to witness her feistiness and unwillingness to fold at the hands of a malevolent slave trader. But most importantly, never does she lose her faith and trust in her men that they will come for her and when they do, her actions reflect the Queen that she truly is to not only to her men, but also to the Black Moon Clan. This book warms my heart and puts a smile on my face. The words flow over the pages, smooth, like butter over bread. The scene with Killian Osphren, the malicious slave trader, is so intense that it had me biting my fingernails wondering if her men would get there in time to save her. The ending is awesome and the reason I can't elaborate more is because I'm afraid that I'll give too much away. But I will say that Ms. James throws the reader a couple of curve balls toward the end that make you respect and fall in love with the heroine even more just by her actions. So for those of you who have not read Ms. James' The Family Jewel, you need to finish this review and go purchase it immediately. I'm still smiling as I type this review because of how wonderful The Family Jewel made me feel. The spirit and warmth of the heroine and heroes have the ability to ease whatever troubles you're struggling with and bring a sense calm, peace, warmth, and love to your heart. This is definitely a book that you will read more than once and I'll definitely recommend it to my friends. Two thumbs up to Raina James." -- Jasmine, Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "...I was pulled in and intrigued by this world Ms. James created. I wanted to know more about the world and characters. The way Ms. James writes this book it has a little bit of everything...Jerran is your total alpha-male and Kai is the strong, yet sensitive, warrior; then you have the lovers, Loran and Mikah. Mikah, who hesitant and unsure where his place will be, and Loran who's sure he'll be able to bring his lover around to dealing with having a Jewel. Shantay, their Jewel, is a beautiful sexy woman who knows how to treat her men. The plot is wonderful as well. You get to know the characters and then see what they're going through; the ups and downs are great. With a fantastic ending you will just have to read to believe." -- Autumn, Dark Diva Reviews

4.5 HEARTS: "The Family Jewel is a sensual, emotional, and poignant love story that will captivate the reader, holding them hostage to the explosive delights page after page. Ms. James has a talent for depicting events and character experiences in a detailed way that captures the imagination and enhances the story for an added enrichment to this flawless romance. The heroes are honorable, intelligent, and men full of humanity. Shantay is a strong-willed, tender, courageous, and feisty heroine who really is the ultimate prize. The mesmerizing sensuality and passion between Shantay and each of her men are unforgettable scenes to savor. The sexual tension and heat are vibrantly delightful and sizzling with an understated sensuality and a depth of emotions that will take the readers breath away. The interaction between the characters is realistic, intense, and touching. The Family Jewel weaves threads of vengeance, danger, suspense, and revenge making everything seems even more soul searing. The ending is truly magical! Ms. James outdoes herself with this stunning example of why readers love romantic stories so much! Absolutely a beautiful and delectable story to cherish!" -- Shannon, The Romance Studio

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Jerran and his clan brothers watched through the intricately worked lattice as the woman entered the bathing chamber. Her back to them, she crossed the room to the sunken pool of steaming water with a gently swinging stride. She wore a simple white robe, secured at her slender waist with a braided cord of blue silk. The white seemed brilliant against the golden honey of her skin. Thick black hair spilled in loose waves from a topknot on the crown of her head, revealing the curve of a delicate jaw and slender neck. She unfastened the robe and turned to place it on a bench that held a number of plush folded towels. Jerran swallowed as he saw her face for the first time. He didn’t know what his clan brothers—Loran, Mikah and Kai, who was also his half-brother by blood—felt, but possessiveness and pride seized him. She was a beauty.

In truth, her attractiveness hadn’t really been in doubt. Kalari women were renowned for their beauty, after all. But this woman, Shantay, would be the Jewel of Black Moon Clan. That made her beauty unmatched in his eyes.

Jerran clenched his hands at his sides in an effort to quell his rising excitement, glad of the relative privacy offered by the small, dimly lit viewing chamber. His cock was hard as polished starstone in his trousers.

Shantay, her body dainty except for the round fullness of her breasts and feminine curve of her hips, tucked a few loose tendrils of hair into the jewelled band that secured it. Unhurried, she walked to the pool and started down the steps. Ankles, calves, knees, thighs—the water enveloped that golden skin until her hips were submerged. She began to scoop handfuls of hot water over her arms and shoulders, smoothing the glistening drops of liquid over breasts tipped with copper-pink crests.

Twisting slightly, she shifted a tray of bath stuffs along the edge of the pool. She scooped a handful of soft soap from one jar and began to lather her upper body with exquisite slowness. Streamers of white foamy bubbles slid over her shoulders and down her arms. Another handful of soap added to the tantalizing trail that wound its way over and between her breasts. Slender fingers plucked at hardening nipples that peaked rosily through the bubbles. Not once did she turn away from the lattice that concealed the four men.

A suspicion began to form in his mind.

When the elders offered Jerran and his clan brothers a chance to see their Jewel before the joining ceremony, he had accepted for them all with alacrity. It hadn’t occurred to him they’d be granted such an intimate preview, though. At first, the thought of spying on an unsuspecting young woman in such a private moment had been a bit off-putting, if exciting. He didn’t want to dishonor their Jewel, even if she never learned of this hidden visitation.

However, something in Shantay’s sensual bath made him think she wasn’t as unaware as he’d feared.

She was displaying herself for them.  

As if in confirmation of his conclusion, Shantay rinsed the suds away with more handfuls of water, her motions languid, seductive. Taking a couple of steps out of the pool, she balanced one small foot on the top step and began to lather the exposed leg from hip to heel. When she ran soap-covered fingers through the dark curls between her thighs, Kai exhaled on a soft curse. Jerran shot the younger man a silencing look. If they were all to pretend that Shantay bathed alone, so be it.

Their Jewel took her time with the rest of her bath, then towelled off with equal care before donning her discarded robe and leaving the bathing chamber. For long moments, no one said anything.

Kai finally broke the silence. “Brother, when you asked me to leave my mother’s house to start a clan with you, I never doubted you would make Black Moon a great family. But this Jewel, my brother.” He grinned and clapped Jerran on the shoulder. “I have a feeling she will be your greatest accomplishment.”

Loran, usually the quickest with a smile, turned away from his thoughtful contemplation of the now-empty bathing chamber. “You know, Kai, I think you’re right. There’s something about Shantay that tells me she is the piece we didn’t know we were missing. Mikah?”

Jerran watched this quietest of his three clan brothers closely. Loran’s lover and Black Moon’s master trader, Mikah had said the right things when informed the Elders had granted them a Jewel. Yet, despite his quick mind and glib tongue when it came to making the most advantageous bargain for the clan, Mikah was a self-contained man wary of change. It would take a far less perceptive leader than Jerran to realize he had reservations about the biggest change of their lives. Jerran knew those reservations wouldn’t stop Mikah from accepting Shantay for the boon she was to their clan. His estimation was proven when Mikah dipped his head in a single nod and said simply, “She is truly a Jewel of Kalari womanhood.”

“True,” Jerran said. “But that isn’t the most important thing about her.”

“No?” Kai asked.

“No.” He walked to the hidden room’s door and pulled it open. “The most important thing is that tonight, Shantay will belong completely to Black Moon. She will be all ours.”


“Jerran, my mate. Show me what you like.”

“Shantay,” he said, his rough voice caught between a growl and a groan.

“I only wish to please you, mate. How can I do that if you do not teach me?” She gave him a longer lick this time, hoping to tease him into doing what she wanted. “Show your Jewel how you wish to have her.”

He hesitated only a moment before reaching for her. One broad, long-fingered hand cupped her jaw. The other tangled in her loose hair, wrapping it around and around his fist until he couldn’t catch it any tighter. His thumb grazed her lips. “Very well, my Jewel. Open for me, then.” The tip of his cock nudged her mouth, seeking entrance. “Put that teasing little tongue to work. That’s it. Ah, yes, my Jewel. That’s the way. Taste my desire for you, Shantay.”

He used the fist in her hair to guide her into the rhythm he wanted, helping her work her mouth over his cock as he thrust forward with tight jabs of his hips. Following his murmured instructions, she laved her tongue around the head, prodded the dripping slit, and swallowed as much of his length as she could, until he almost hit the back of her throat.

Her fingers kept busy, too, sliding into the open flap of his trousers to cup and play with the hard spheres in their delicate sac. Moving her hands to his hips, then around to his ass, she hummed with pleasure as she felt the push and pull in his flanks with every flex that shallowly drove his cock between her lips.

Jerran groaned. “Don’t do that, Shantay, or I’ll spurt down your lovely throat instead of what I’ve been waiting to do again since the ceremony.” He let her suck his cock a bit longer before tugging her hair and pulling her away from him. “Enough. On the bed, Shantay.”

Licking her lips, savoring the taste of him, she stood and freed the polished metal clasps at her shoulders that were all that secured her gown. The sheer fabric whispered down her body, revealing the betrothal chain secured around her waist, the teardrop gem nestled just above her mound. Jerran’s eyes fastened on the gem, and he touched it, pressed it into the black curls at the top of her thighs. Trailing his fingers lower, he parted her slit with one finger and brushed her desire-slickened clit once, twice. “Bed, Shantay. Now.”

His eyes were hot on her back as she turned on one bare foot and walked up the two steps to the bed’s edge. Her knee sank into the mattress and thick coverlet. Instead of pulling the coverlet aside, she crawled to the bed’s center. Bending down, she stretched her hands above her head and thrust her ass in the air in an obeisance he couldn’t miss the invitation of. Jerran didn’t say a word. She heard the matching thuds as he tossed off his boots, the hiss and rustle as he removed his clothes. Then the mattress sank beneath his weight. His wet, strong tongue unexpectedly probed through her nether curls to find the pearl he’d teased and sucked it into his mouth, making her gasp. He ravished her with his mouth until her hips thrust helplessly back, pushing shamelessly against his face as the desire built inside her belly until she could barely breathe.

“Jerran,” she cried, gripping the coverlet with desperate fingers. Belatedly, she recalled that she was supposed to be the one making him lose control. Gulping for air, she forced her breaths to steady and stilled her hips. “Jerran,” she said in a much steadier voice. “Mate, please don’t make me wait any longer. Take me.”

His answer was a dark chuckle, but he stopped teasing her clit and eased away. Shantay started to edge her knees wider apart, but he stopped her. “No. Like this,” he said, guiding them closer, until they almost touched. His hair-dusted thighs bracketed hers, knees pressing into the mattress on either side. The head of his cock was a blunt pressure against her slit, pressing, pushing, throbbing. She thought it might not go in, she felt so tight. “Easy,” Jerran said, steadying her with a hand at her waist. And then he slid smooth and sure into her slick passage. Shantay moaned with delight.

Jerran leaned over her back, wrapped an arm around her waist and set up a steady thrusting that would have moved her forcefully across the bed if not for his own thighs trapping and holding her to his satisfaction. Again, Shantay found herself lost in his lovemaking, crying out her pleasure with abandon. “I love to hear your passion, my Jewel,” Jerran praised, alternately sucking and biting her neck in a way that made her want to wiggle even closer to him.

She didn’t know what made her open her eyes. But when she did, she saw they’d drawn an audience. Loran, one leg dangling comfortably over a thickly padded arm, lounged in a wide chair against the wall that separated Kai’s room from Mikah and Loran’s. Mikah leaned against the wall at his side, one hand toying with the curls at the nape of Loran’s neck. Kai was a dark shadow where he sat on the edge of his bed in his own chamber, his eyes a faint glitter as they watched his half-brother and their Jewel.

“They only wish to see your beauty, my Jewel,” Jerran whispered, the pace of his thrusts seeming to speed with each word. Skilled fingers worked between her thighs to pinch and tease her clit as he pounded into her, his breathing becoming increasingly ragged. “Come for me, Shantay. Come for them.”

The tight knot in Shantay’s belly suddenly unravelled, flinging threads of joy through her body. She screamed as the sensation ricocheted inside her, making her toes and fingertips tingle, her womb clench and the walls of her passage close around Jerran’s cock as if she’d never let him go. It jumped and she felt the gush of his release as he shouted in triumphant possession, clutching her even closer.

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