[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
Life as an immortal might seem like a dream come true, but for Tular, the God of Death, it was frustrating. His fellow Gods insisted on getting involved in the mortal realm and mucking things up. It didn’t help that love never seemed to be in the cards for any of them. So, when he felt a pull to the mortal realm, he was stunned to find himself drawn to a human of all people.
Joren didn’t know how much more he could take before he fell apart. The Paranormal War had killed his parents, destroyed his home, and left him devastated and unsure about his future. But it was as he sat there praying, his entire world imploded, for he opened his eyes to find the most terrifying man in the universe standing there staring at him – The God of Death.
So why did Joren want to curl up in the God’s arms? More importantly, why did he find himself desperately wanting to be kissed by him? 
A Siren Erotic Romance
The God of Death (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I loved this book, the story was brilliant and the characters were well developed, and a couple of the characters from the other paranormal wars series were shown in a slightly different light in view of what had happened previously, even one of the main characters for a while doubted his own views, am pleased to say that Shea Balik just goes from strength to strength and i am looking forward to reading more of the paranormal wars series




Tular looked around to find a man sitting cross-legged on a large flat rock. Blond hair blew in the breeze. It appeared soft, and Tular had the undeniable urge to brush it with his fingers just to see if it was.

Tular stepped closer, but the man didn’t see him as his eyes were closed. He almost appeared to be meditating. That was when Tular heard it. The sweet, melodic sound of the man’s voice. “My heart aches for the loss of so many. I pray that you hear my plea to watch over those who perished so tragically. Guide them into heaven so they may know peace.”

Tular’s heart went out to the young man who had obviously lost someone from the bombs. He wanted nothing more than to go back in time and stop what had happened just so he didn’t have to see the tears streaking down this man’s cheeks as he prayed.

“I will never forget you, Mama and Papa. You will be greatly missed.” The whispered words pierced Tular’s soul. When he got back home, he would make sure to find this man’s parents and ensure they were at peace. “And please help heal the hearts of those who committed this horrific act.”

Tular was stunned as he listened to the impassioned words. They made no sense.

“No one should have to live with so much animosity in their souls. Forgive them for the sin they have committed.” Tular watched the man’s pink lips move, yet he couldn’t believe what they were saying. There should be hatred for those who did this, not a request to give the enemy mercy.

“Why would you want them forgiven for murdering your parents?” Tular asked, startling the pretty man and causing him to scramble backward along the rocky outcropping until his back was pressed against the mountain they stooped on.

“Wh-wh-who are y-you?” the man asked.

“I am Tular, little one.” Tular didn’t need to ask the same of Joren. He was a God. He knew every soul on Earth. What he didn’t understand was the reaction he was having seeing Joren. Sky blue eyes, hair as bright as the sun and lips that were made for kissing, all had Tular’s body hardening.

Wait. Kissing?

Since when did he, the God of Death, think about a human in that way? What did he mean? No God had ever lowered themselves to get involved with a mortal.

Big blue eyes continued to grow as Joren’s gaze roamed up and down Tular’s body. Disbelief shone from his gaze as Joren tried to take in Tular’s appearance.

Admittedly, it wasn’t always easy, especially for humans, to wrap their heads around anything different from them. Even after three hundred years of knowing about paranormals, most humans didn’t want to have anything to do with them. He could only imagine what was going through Joren’s mind as he took in Tular’s onyx skin that glowed with an unearthly light and coal eyes that burned with the fires of hell.

Tular was the God of Death. His appearance was often the stuff of fiction novels and exaggerated movies. There was a reason humans used to depict death as a black-clothed figure. It wasn’t often a human saw him, but when they did, they had tried to make sense of what they saw. If only they would get it right instead of some creepy guy in dark robes who found joy in death.

It might be his job, but Tular didn’t relish the way mortals’ emotions tended to be overwrought at the thought of leaving their loved ones. It made the process of leading them to the afterlife less than enjoyable. In fact, he kind of hated it. That feeling was only compounded when a tragedy, like the two nuclear weapons that had killed so many, occurred. Why mortals thought this realm was the only place they could hope to be happy made no sense to Tular.

With his name meaning nothing to most humans, Tular wasn’t surprised when he heard Joren say, “Wh-wh-what are y-you?” He just wished he hadn’t heard the fear in Joren’s voice. He should be used to it as that was often the reaction he received when ferrying humans across the veil, but for some reason, it grated on his nerves to hear it from Joren’s lips.

Tular inhaled slowly before blowing it out. Reluctantly, he said, “I’m the God of Death.”




Strong arms tightened around his midsection, drawing Joren closer to that hard body he was having a hard time ignoring when it was so close to him. If Joren didn’t put distance between them soon, his body was going to betray just how turned on he really was. He just wasn’t sure he cared.

The feeling of being right where he belonged was too strong to worry about the fact that his dick was hardening, or that the blood in his veins was rushing through them at an alarming rate. No. All that mattered was that Tular was there, holding him, protecting him.

Warm air brushed over his ear as Tular said, “Do you think you could be happy here?”

Joren didn’t even need to think about it. “Yes,” he blurted out.

Soft lips pressed a kiss against the tip of his ear. “Good,” Tular whispered, sending a shiver down Joren’s spine.

He had no idea why Tular would think that was good, but Joren didn’t care, not when it got him treated like he was precious by this man…God. There were times when Joren had a difficult time remembering Tular was not just some guy, instead of one of the Gods.

That thought was like having cold water thrown on him. Once more depressed that his fantasy of having a chance with Tular was dashed, Joren was forced to face reality. Tular may have brought him there, but Joren wasn’t going to allow himself to have any illusions that it was because Tular was interested in him.

“Why did you bring me here?” he finally got up the nerve to ask, even if he refused to leave Tular’s arms. Joren may know he had no shot with someone like Tular, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to enjoy every second he was allowed to be in the God’s arms.

Joren was spun around to face Tular. He couldn’t help but gasp at the way Tular’s body was glowing. Entranced, Joren placed his hands on Tular’s face, stroking his skin along his cheeks, jaw, and down his neck. When he reached the collar of the long robe Tular wore, Joren wasn’t deterred.

He wanted to know if everything glowed. He took the material in his hands and looked at the unusual fastenings that held it together. His brows drew together as he studied it, but Joren wasn’t sure how they worked.

It looked like a button, yet there was no hole for it to go through. He was considering ripping it just so he could see Tular’s skin, but the God took pity on him and showed him how it worked. The square button, for lack of a better word, twisted, releasing the other half of the fastening.

Fascinated, Joren went to the next one and repeated what Tular had done. A thrill went through him when it opened on his first try. Emboldened, he went to the next, then the next. Joren wasn’t sure what had gotten into him, but he didn’t stop until all the fastenings were undone and the robe was open from neck to the floor.

Something in his brain clicked into place at that thought, and Joren found his throat completely dry. Forcing himself to swallow, Joren stood up from his kneeling position after opening the last of the bindings. His hands went out to open the robe, but he stopped short of actually touching the material.

His gaze flicked up to stare into obsidian eyes that burned with a fire so hot, Joren could feel the flames right down to his toes. The need to be closer, to touch all that heat, had Joren’s hands opening the edges of Tular’s robe and pushing it over his shoulders until the material slid down to the ground at their feet.

Mesmerized, Joren took in all of Tular’s nude body. He wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to look away again. Muscles rippled under Tular’s broad shoulders and chest, making Joren’s mouth water to trace every ridge and dip with his tongue and lips. Not confident he was brave enough for that, Joren did follow the path he’d wanted to take with his mouth, with his hands instead.

Electrical current flowed through his fingertips, pushing his own desires even higher. The glow within Tular grew brighter, the heat radiating from his massive body, seeping into Joren’s body until he was sure he was going to combust if the lust building within him wasn’t quenched.

Joren’s gaze continued down, along with his hands. Nipples, just as dark as the rest of Tular, beaded up as his nails scraped across the tips. Drool slipped from his mouth, and Joren couldn’t resist leaning forward for a taste.

He swiped across one bud, then the other, letting the salty sweetness of Tular’s skin sink into his taste buds. But one taste just wasn’t enough. Sucking one tight nub into his mouth, Joren suckled for several seconds before doing the same to the other one.

His hands roamed down the ridges of Tular’s abdomen and without any thought at all, his mouth followed. He savored Tular’s flavor as he licked along his skin. Never in Joren’s life could he remember anything as addicting as Tular’s body.

When he reached the God’s thick, protruding dick, Joren groaned as he wrapped his fingers around the pulsing girth. As much as he wanted nothing more than to continue savoring Tular with his mouth, Joren needed to see Tular’s cock.

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