The Gray Pack Complete Collection (MFM, MF)

The Gray Pack 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 397,901
2 Ratings (4.5)

In Fire of the Wolf, twin werewolves Devin and Damon Gray want introverted Caroline Trainor as their mate. She doesn’t want two men, even if they are built like Adonis. Struggling with unresolved pain from her past, will they be able to claim her before a rival alpha wolf’s challenge can tear them apart permanently?

In Reflections of the Wolf, rescued from a crazy werewolf with murderous intent, Tina Jameson has a scorching night with Liam Gray, firefighter and werewolf. When he announces that she’s his predestined mate, she is fast to push him away. Can he convince her to let go of her tragic past and accept her future as a werewolf?

In Legacy of the Wolf, adopted brothers Rafe and Ryley dream of having a family and a legacy of their own. They’ve found their destined mate, but she’s human and dealing with a gut-wrenching past heartbreak. A strange twist of fate brings a new wolf to the pack, and she will either tear the trio apart, or cement them together.

In Dreams of the Wolf, Whetstone wants to move on with her life, but to do so means trusting strangers to save her mother and protect her family from a depraved werewolf. When fate suddenly dumps not one, but two mates in her lap she has to decide if her dreams are more important than her destiny.

In Caress of the Wolf, Cadence and Mateo are determined to protect their birthright and secure their place as the leaders of the Diego Pack. They didn’t anticipate finding their mate, and now they are protecting her from a threat that ends up being way too close for comfort. When you’re battling your past, someone’s bound to get hurt.

In Honor of the Wolf, a single mom with a damaged view on love and an independent werewolf determined to have things his way. Can these two opposites find strength in each other, and survive the challenges in their path, or will they end up as they began, alone…?


A Siren Erotic Romance

The Gray Pack Complete Collection (MFM, MF)
2 Ratings (4.5)

The Gray Pack Complete Collection (MFM, MF)

The Gray Pack 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 397,901
2 Ratings (4.5)
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“Molly, the fire department won’t get here in time. Tyler, pull your flannel shirt off and tie it around your face like a cowboy’s bandana. That will help you keep the smoke out, and when we get outside we will get you some medicine. Molly, grab a towel or something to cover your face, now. We are leaving this building together, right now.”

Caroline began herding the two out the apartment door when she heard the first creak and groan of the ceiling. Her heart leapt into her chest, and she tensed all of her muscles, bracing for the impact that she was sure was coming, but the ceiling stayed above her, and the floor held beneath her, so she put her hand on Molly’s butt and gave her a firm push out the door of the apartment.

“Hurry up!” she screamed as loudly as her raw lungs could take.

They all began moving down the hallway, scooting along on their bellies, because the only breathable air was next to the floor. The smoke was much thicker now than it had been just moments ago, and for the first time, Caroline began to doubt her ability to get them all out of there alive. She could feel the rough fibers of the commercial-grade carpet rubbing her elbows and legs raw. There was heat now, but she still couldn’t see flames. Despite the high temperature, Caroline’s skin crawled with goose bumps at the thought of a death by fire. Another surge of energy burst through her, and she pulled up alongside her two charges, urging them to move faster. She could hear Tyler’s gasping breaths, and the fear that rolled off of Molly was almost tangible, but she wouldn’t give up.

They made it down the first half of the stairs to the landing, and the air became slightly less smoky. Caroline could see the late evening sunlight at the bottom of the second set of steps that filled the foyer of the building. She knew that help had to be just a few feet away outside the glass doors. Suddenly, she saw little Tyler collapse in front of her, and she realized that the smoke and his asthma attack had caused him to lose consciousness. She watched in horror as Molly stopped next to her son, coughing and choking on the poisonous smoke. She looked at Caroline and seemed unsure what she should do. Following her instincts, Caroline reached for Molly, and with a hard shove she pushed her down the last several steps, so that she wouldn’t have to decide. Somehow Caroline managed to lift Tyler’s body into her arms, and tumble the last few steps herself, holding him as close to her as she could.

She lay there with Tyler on top of her, staring bleary-eyed at the ceiling or what would have been the ceiling if she could have seen through the waves of dark smoke. Just as her world stopped spinning, she felt strong hands grasp Tyler and pull him from her, while another set of hands held her under her arms and quickly pulled her from the floor up against a huge muscular chest. Unbelievably, she could smell this man through his fireman’s suit, and through the smoke. Her heart flipped over and her head spun.

His arms gripped her tighter, and she smiled to herself, thinking, Wow, isn’t he a fantasy waiting to happen? And then she passed out.


* * * *


Shit. Damon looked down at the scrap of a woman he held in his arms. He had just felt her go completely limp, and knew that any second this building was coming down. He had to move fast. The other two people had been taken out of the building already, and she was the last one unaccounted for. For just a millisecond he hesitated, stunned by his reaction to this woman. He had to mentally shake himself to clear the lust that was burning in his brain from just having her near him, and the smell of smoke burning in his nose reminded him of where he was.

Turning quickly, he leapt forward, and just as his body reached the glass front door of the building, he felt and heard the groan of steel and creak of wood. The pressure of the collapse pushed him and his unconscious bundle out through the doorway, landing them about twelve feet down the sidewalk. The heat that blasted up his back brought tears to his eyes and knocked all of the oxygen from his body. His lungs seemed to collapse into themselves, and the muscles in his shoulder where he had taken the brunt of the landing trying to protect her, were screaming at him.

In slow motion he rolled to the side to see if the woman was still alive under him, and felt his heart jump for joy when he saw her breasts rise and fall. They rose above her tank top, glorious swells of femininity that just looked like they needed to be set free. Someone helped to lift him to his feet, and he saw the EMTs lifting her onto a stretcher as they pressed an oxygen mask to her face. They wheeled her quickly to a waiting ambulance, and she was gone.

Please, Please. Let her be okay, I can’t lose her now. He begged in his mind.

“What the hell was that?” the sharp voice at his side seemed angry and confused.

Damon glanced toward his brother’s dumbfounded stare. He realized that his twin had heard every word Damon was thinking as usual, and didn’t understand it one bit. Devin was almost his mirror image, and the only other person who shared all of his quirks and vices. How could he explain to Devin what had just happened to him in those few seconds when he didn’t completely understand it?

Bending over with his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath, Damon did the only thing he could do.

She’s my mate, he thought, and he heard Devin’s sharp intake of breath before they both headed for the hospital to find her.




Just before they took their seats, Devin pulled her against him and kissed her with more passion than she had ever felt from him. She knew the other men watched them, and she decided she didn’t care. She tangled her fingers in his hair and held him close while they kissed. He stroked her tongue and swept his own into every part of her mouth. He nibbled her lips, and Caroline thought she was going to burst into flames.

“I think I’m going to need a fireman, babe, someone who can help me put out my fire.” She whispered the words, but heard the other guys at the table crack up as their keen wolf sense of hearing caught what she said.

“Damon, let’s go,” Devin demanded, and he winked at her before he turned back to the table full of men. “We’ll see you boys later at the den.”

With that he spun on his heels and tugged Caroline along with him as they left the bar for his truck. Caroline’s clit was humming, and her throat was tight. She needed to come so bad that she reached out and grabbed Damon as they all settled into the front seat of the truck. She was between the two men, and logically she knew that the truck wasn’t the best place to fuck, but she was out of her mind with desire. The kiss she gave Damon was mind-blowing and pushed her over the edge of reason.

Damon kissed her back, wiping all doubts from her mind as he helped her move over to straddle his lap. Caroline could hear Devin’s growl as he watched the two of them making out next to him. She basked in their desire, knowing that they were as horny for her as she was for them.

Knowing Devin watched her turned her on, and she pushed her jeans and panties off of her legs. She moved over Damon, and pulled his cock from his jeans. He was hard as a post and dripped pre-cum all over her hand. She didn’t hesitate to impale herself on him, and he groaned loudly.

“Fuck, beautiful! You are so wet and hot, and you feel so damn good. Slow down or this will be over too fast!” She preened at his words, and threw her head back so that he could kiss along her neck and breasts as she rode him like an expert cowgirl. Her thighs gripped his hips tightly, and her Kegel muscles milked his cock. He pounded into her, triggering her to scream out an orgasm as he bit her hard nipple. As the wave of passion swamped her, he let go and released his seed into her womb. She collapsed against him, gasping at the intensity of the orgasm and trying to get her head to quit spinning.

She looked over at Devin who drove, stoically looking at the road. He looked so tense that she almost giggled. He must have enjoyed the show judging by the bulge under his zipper. Before she could question herself, she moved off of Damon, and crouched on the seat with her head next to Devin’s lap. She reached out and unzipped his mammoth rod, wrapping her fingers around him tightly. She was turned on to see that her fingers didn’t quite meet around his thickness.

“Wow, sugar, what are you doing? We’re almost home, and I have to get us there in one piece.” She could hear his words, but she didn’t care what he said. She knew what she wanted, and she wouldn’t stop until she had it. She wanted her Alpha wolf to lose control. She needed him to let go of control and want her as much as she wanted him.

She ran her tongue around his red, throbbing cockhead and licked from his balls to the crown, tasting his seed. He was smoky and salty, and made her hotter than hell. She pulled him deep into her mouth, and started bobbing up and down on his cock. Her tongue tickled the spot where his crown met his shaft every time she pulled back, and he hit the back of her tonsils every time she pushed forward. He was groaning, and desperately trying to get them home quickly.

Caroline could feel Damon’s hands on her naked ass and her dripping cunt as she worked Devin’s hard-on over. She pushed back against his fingers, and he stroked her from clit to anus, and back. Devin wrapped one hand in her loose hair after tossing her new hat to the floor, and forced her to swallow him deeper.

She focused on breathing through her nose, and she felt his length slip a little farther down her throat. Pleased with his growl, she did it again. She ran her hand between his legs and squeezed his balls. It was just enough to push him over the edge, and he pumped her mouth full of cum. She swallowed every drop and licked him clean. Then she sat up and grinned at him.

“Sugar, if that’s the reward we get for taking you out, then prepare to have an active social life.” His breathing was rough and fast as he struggled to park the truck in their driveway. After pulling the keys from the ignition, he grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her against him to kiss her deeply. “Now get your sexy ass in the house. I need to fuck you.”





“She’s okay, Liam. She’s just exhausted and overwhelmed. Give her some breathing room.” Tina could hear another man’s voice talking to Liam, but she couldn’t seem to make her eyes open to see who it was.

“Why did she pass out then?” Liam’s voice was annoyed, and she thought she heard him growl a bit. Damn, that was sexy.

“Who knows why women faint? What were you guys talking about?” A third masculine voice spoke.

“Shit.” Liam muttered. “I told her she was my mate. I didn’t mean to scare her.”

Tina could just imagine the look on Liam’s face right now. She understood that Caroline believed in this whole mating thing, and that was fine for her life, but Tina wasn’t interested in a serious relationship. She had lived through her share of heartache when it came to men, and the pain just wasn’t worth it anymore.

She took a deep breath and forced her eyes open a crack. Instantly Liam and two other men were leaning over her. What the hell did they feed these men? They were enormous and gorgeous!

“Oh my God, I’ve died and gone to single women’s heaven,” she said, moaning and then blushing when the two new men laughed, and Liam frowned. “Who are you guys?”

“Hey, Sweet Tina, nice and easy now. How are you feeling?” Liam’s eyes held compassion, concern, and a glimmer of apprehension. A gentle tug of desire shot through her body at his soft endearment. He helped her sit up, scooting to sit behind her to brace her back against his chest. She was now between his outstretched thighs with her head tucked just under his chin and his arms around her protectively.

“Like a werewolf beat the shit out of me,” she grumbled, and all three men laughed. She felt Liam relax against her a little bit. He rested his hands on her flat tummy, and his thumbs rubbed tiny circle patterns through the T-shirt she wore. She could feel sparks shoot across her skin, and she grimaced in her mind. Her body sure wanted a relationship with him.

“Good. I was afraid you were just going to say fine or something silly like that.” His amusement rippled through her, making her smile.

“Hi, Tina. I’m Rafe Whetstone. This is my brother Ryley.” He indicated the beautiful godlike creature standing next to him. “We were quite impressed with your show of bravery in there, but you better take it easy for a bit. If your back gets worse, Liam will get you to the doctor. You hit that wall really hard when he threw you. And now with you passing out on us like that, it makes me wonder about your head. Is it hurting?” Rafe looked like a Viking warrior with golden-blond hair that was a little shaggy and electric-blue eyes that seemed to assess her in one lazy sweep. She shivered at the look of interest heating his gaze and instinctively pressed backward into Liam. His arms tightened around her possessively.

“Yes, but I took a baseball bat to the back of it a few hours ago, so it’s to be expected. I think my head hurts more now because it’s trying to process all of this…umm…this werewolf love story my best friend is apparently living.” She rubbed her temples trying to ease the ache. Liam’s strong hand moved to the base of her neck and started massaging the tension away. She groaned softly, and Ryley laughed loudly.

“Yeah, well, if Liam has his way, you will be living your own shortly. We have to go talk with Dev and Damon. Take care of your girl, Liam. I wouldn’t want to have to sweep her away from you and make her fall in love with me.” Ryley winked at Tina, and Liam growled a threat.

“Oh, pumpkin, that’s sweet, but I’m just not sure there is a man alive that’s qualified for that job,” she said, smiling sweetly at Ryley as he and the others laughed.

“Oh brother, you’re going to have your hands full with this little spitfire. Good luck!” Ryley teased Liam, and Tina’s eyes narrowed at him.

“He won’t have to worry about me shortly,” she grumbled, but the pressure increased from Liam’s hands, and a low moan escaped her throat. All three men ignored her implied threat, and it grated her nerves.

Ryley really was very sexy. He matched his brother in golden looks, but he kept his hair much longer. It brushed the tops of his shoulders, and his eyes were just a touch lighter than Rafe’s with flecks of green in them. It seemed all of the firemen of Battalion One were flirts with bodies built on Olympus. She would have to see about spending more time with Caroline if this was the company she was keeping.

She watched the two Viking warriors walk away and had to swallow hard at the sight of their tight butts. Wow, maybe I hit my head harder than I thought. She chided herself for drooling over those two men when the one that really scared her was holding her in his arms. Worrying now about what Ryley had said, she fidgeted in Liam’s grip. Liam couldn’t really believe that she was his mate, could he? Goose bumps prickled over her skin when Liam kissed the nape of her neck where he had been gently massaging.

“Are they family, too?” she asked Liam curiously.

Liam tensed before replying. “Yes, they are my adopted brothers. You can trust them. Well, you can trust them with your life, but Ryley won’t ever stop trying to get into your pants.”

She laughed out loud and felt a surge of feminine confidence. “I’m sure I will enjoy his attempts.”

Liam growled behind her, and she stilled in his arms. That was definitely a possessive growl if she had ever heard one. Turning to look back over her shoulder with narrowed eyes, she took in his jealous frown and huffed with irritation. After a few moments of glaring at each other in silence, he sighed and relaxed, and she couldn’t help but smile at her victory. She wouldn’t tolerate being told who to spend time with, no matter who it was.




She didn’t protest when he carried her into the house and directly into a bedroom. She wasn’t really sure her brain would have worked if she wanted to argue. Pressed so tightly to him and licking her way down his jaw and neck, she couldn’t see much of the room, but she knew it had to be his. It smelled like him, like the woods after it rains. God, he smelled good. He tasted even better.

Easing her down his body until she had her feet under her, he kept his arms around her and his hands fondling her ass. She sighed with relief when he whipped her shirt off over her head and his mouth closed over her lace-covered nipple.

“Oh, Lord have mercy!” she cried as he pulled the bra cup down and sucked her swollen nipple deeper into his mouth. His hands went to the clasp at her back, and she felt the lace drop from her body. A small voice in her head told her to stop him, but her body reacted intuitively to him. She pushed her own small hands up under his tight T-shirt, finally getting her first feel of his hard torso. His nearly hairless chest was hot to the touch, and she followed the smattering of hair down his pecks all the way to the button of his jeans. “Mmm…that’s delicious.” She moaned to him as she ran her hands back up over his washboard abs.

His soft growl of pleasure urged her on, and she pushed his shirt up and off of him. She bent to lick his flat, brown nipple before brushing her naked breasts across his skin, moaning at the contact. Her nipples puckered even tighter at the sensuous caress. Her hands explored every inch of his chest, shoulders, and thick arms, pausing to trace the colorful tattoo on his shoulder. She couldn’t believe how sexy that ink was adorning his golden skin. She rubbed her thighs tightly together, attempting to force much-needed friction against her throbbing clit. His fingers went to the top of her sweatpants and pushed their way underneath to the top of her slit before delving into her moisture. She gasped and gripped his shoulders tightly as her knees buckled.

“Damn, you’re so wet for me. Let’s get these clothes off so that I can see you, sweetheart,” he said tightly as he pushed her pants and panties off of her slim body. He took a step back from her to gape at her nude form. “You are so beautiful.”

She flushed and let her gaze drop to the bulge behind his zipper. “You’re still dressed…” she said, and he hurriedly jerked his own jeans off. He stood proudly and let her eye take in his perfect form. Her eyes drifted from his golden chest along his curved groin muscles that pointed downward. Damn, those muscles were sexy. She reached out and ran her finger tips over them letting her nails scrape across his skin. He shuddered and growled, his eyes snapping with heat. She licked her lips as she stared at the thick cock that jutted from his groin. He was massive. A ripple of apprehension went through her, and she jerked her eyes up to his.

“Oh my God,” she whispered warily.

“Thank you, I will take that as a compliment. It will fit. Trust me.” He grinned arrogantly and reached for her.

“There’s only one real way to test that, isn’t there,” she teased, and reached her hand out to cup his thick cock in her palm. Even the softness of the skin, and the weight of it in her grip made her hot, hot satin over steel and just sticky enough to be exciting. Easing her body to the floor until she knelt in front of him with his hard shaft in her hand, she stuck her tongue out to lick the moisture from the head, drawing a desperate gasp from him.

“Fuck.” He groaned as she took him into her mouth. She hadn’t given a blow job in years, and it felt slightly awkward and uncomfortable at first. She backed off so that just the head was between her lips and used her tongue to stroke the sensitive spot underneath.

Liam’s hand gripped her scalp involuntarily, and she mewled her pleasure at his forcefulness. Before she could attempt to suck him down her throat again, he gave her short hair a little tug and pulled her upward until she was standing.

“If you don’t stop now, you’ll be swallowing,” he said in a husky voice that made her shiver. After brushing his lips over hers softly, he tumbled her backward onto the bed behind her.

She giggled when he pulled her foot to his mouth and kissed along the arch and upward over her ankle.

“No giggling in my bed, Sweet Tina. That’s bad for my ego. It might make me think you are laughing at me. If you’re laughing at me, then I’m not doing my job,” he said into her thigh as his mouth drifted closer and closer to her center. The rasp of short whiskers across the soft skin of her inner thigh sent flames across her skin, and she exhaled sharply.

“I’m definitely not laughing at you. You make me feel so sexy,” she said, arching toward him. She thrust her hips upward, trying to get his mouth where she wanted it. His responding chuckle vibrated against her pussy lips.

“You are sexy, Sweet Tina. More than I ever could have dreamed. Let me taste you.” With that, he placed a hot kiss on her pussy.





“Big feet mean big—” Jennifer was saying, but Lily interrupted her with a laugh.

“That’s a load of crap. My last boyfriend wore a size fourteen shoe, but his dick was pinky sized. I don’t buy into that old story at all.” Lily snorted.

“Well, you remember Dale? That guy I took home on our last girls’ night out? He made a believer out of me, and I for one will pay attention to all of the clues before selecting another bedmate,” Jennifer said with a big cocky grin. Shandi couldn’t help but roll her eyes at her friend’s comfort with her own sexuality.

Unable to bite back her response, she smarted off, “Shoe size has nothing to do with penis size. If it did there wouldn’t be a single man with a shoe size over a 12 left in the world.”

It wasn’t until both of her friends started to snicker that she realized she had spoken fairly loudly. There were several other patrons of the bar currently chuckling at her bold statement. One particularly deep rumble of mirth came from her right. The direction of the two sexy Viking Firemen she was trying to ignore.

She whipped her head around to find herself face-to-face with the two men who had been starring in her sexual fantasies for the day. They were both smiling like dogs stalking the mailman, and she swallowed hard before turning back to stare into the bottom of her mug of beer.

“Excuse us, ladies, but it’s not every day that we get to listen in on beautiful women discussing their preferred male attributes, so we were paying close attention. Hello again, Shandi.” Ryley spoke with a smile gracing his lips. Shandi’s complete attention went to his full, luscious lips. She wanted to grab him and pull him down against her so that she could taste them herself. She shook her head, realizing what he had said, and blushed even harder.

“Hello again. And it was actually a private conversation,” she snapped in an irritated voice. What is wrong with me? she thought to herself. Stop being such a bitch, and invite them to sit down.

“Our apologies for interrupting. You look like you are all having a good time, and we were just hoping to join you,” Ryley said with a practiced wink in her friends’ direction.

“Of course we always welcome sexy men to join us,” Lily said flirtatiously, batting her eyes at Ryley. Shandi wanted to rip Lily’s false eyelashes from her eyes and feed them to her. She struggled to tamp down her jealousy.

Before she had time to come up with a witty response, Ryley had pulled a chair over between Jen and Shandi and was straddling it. He was close enough that his knee pressed against her upper thigh. Her brain went slightly misty at the close contact, but then it went downright cloudy when Rafe pulled up a chair on her other side, and rested his large arm on the back of Shandi’s chair, so that it was pressed against her shoulder blades.

She took a deep breath, only to feel almost dizzy with desire. They smelled amazing. Like sunshine, and new grass. She couldn’t remember the last time that she smelled something so appealing...oh wait, that’s right, it was earlier this afternoon in her classroom. She had to close her eyes to get her equilibrium back before she spoke.

“Sure, why not. Please, join us,” she said sarcastically with a pointed look at Jennifer, who looked confused and irritated with her snarky attitude.

“Thank you. I’m Ryley Whetstone, and this is my brother Rafe,” Ryley said, holding his hand out to Jen and then Lily.

“Lovely to meet you, handsome. I’m Lily, and this is Jen. How is it that you know our Shandi?” Lily had her sex-kitten smile plastered on her gorgeous face, and Shandi couldn’t shake off the second wave of jealousy that hit her.

There was no excuse or explanation for it, but the green-eyed monster inside of Shandi wanted to reach out and smack the seductive smile right off of her best friend’s face. It wasn’t like Ryley was her possession, or even her man for that matter. She had no reason to feel anything toward him, but she sure as hell couldn’t watch him screw her best friend either.

“We met at the school today,” Rafe explained. All the while he watched Shandi as she fidgeted in her seat.

“The firemen?” Jen asked excitedly, and both men nodded. “Damn, I wish I had seen you. I would have skipped the last hour of the day to come and watch your presentation. Do you think you could come back and do another for my class?”

Jen leaned forward in her seat and pressed her breast against Ryley’s arm encouragingly, but Shandi was pleased to see him pull away from her.

Damn it, Shandi, stop it, she scolded herself in her head. Jen and Lily were both single and ready to party, so what was the big deal? If they wanted Rafe and Ryley, and could distract them from asking her out again, then that was all the better. Now if she could just figure out why that thought had her seeing a haze of red anger.

“Just call the firehouse and schedule with the commander. We don’t really get to pick which ones we do, but you can make a request,” Rafe explained, and then he turned back to Shandi. “I am really glad we got to see you again, Shandi.”

She tried to return his smile politely, but her face felt strange. In fact her whole body felt all tingly and hot. Specifically where Rafe’s arm was draped over the back of her chair, rubbing erotically against her back, and where Ryley’s thigh butted up against hers. She nearly moaned out loud when Rafe’s fingers danced over the bare skin of her shoulder.




“Are you guys just going to look?” she asked curiously, cracking her eyes open to peek at them, and Rafe growled in response. Her eyes widened, reminding him that she didn’t know the whole story about him and Ryley yet. He was going to have his work cut out for him restraining his wolf and staying in control.

“Nope, baby girl, we’re going to look, touch, and taste every square inch of you. Roll over. I’m dying to see that pretty ass,” Ryley said, reaching for her bent knees to nudge them in the direction he wanted her to move.

When she was on her stomach, Rafe reached out and ran his hands over her round white ass cheeks. His fingers danced over the curve of her waist and up to the hard ridge of her shoulder blades. Her skin was absolutely flawless, and softer than a wolf pup’s fur.

The smell of arousal rolled off of her, making Rafe’s brain slow. Ryley was kissing his way up her legs, tasting her luscious skin all the way, and Shandi was moaning her pleasure.

Rafe met Ryley’s gaze and they spoke silently.

Heads or tails, bro.

I’ll take heads this time. I’ve at least tasted her already.

Fuck, I can’t wait to get inside of her.

Take it easy, Ry, we’re bigger than humans. You might hurt her.

Ryley stood up next to the bed and tugged Shandi until she was on her belly with her legs spread around his hips. With one hand under her soft belly, he lifted her up to her knees, and she groaned and tilted her hips back in invitation.

“That’s a fucking gorgeous sight.” Ryley moaned, and Rafe envied him for a moment.

“Mmm...Ryley, please…” She moaned, dropping her forehead down to rest on the bed. Her hands clenched into the comforter, and her hips swayed with her rising passion.

Deciding that he wasn’t interested in sitting on the sidelines, Rafe moved up onto his knees on the bed near Shandi’s face. “Angel, I want to feel you, too. Taste me while Ryley fucks you.”

When she lifted her face again, her cheeks were bright pink, and her lips where swollen from their kisses. She reached out and gripped Rafe’s cock in her small hand, just as Ryley rubbed his dick over her pussy. By the way she gripped his cock he could guess how much of Ryley she had impaling her now. She panted loudly, and groaned as Ryley eased his way into her.

Rafe’s cock was nearly as hard as the wooden bedpost when she seemed to remember what she had been doing and her tongue darted out to lick him teasingly. His breath hissed through his teeth, and she pressed her lips against his cockhead in a full kiss. Then she swallowed him. There was no slow, teasing caress, or tender lead into it. She just deep throated his cock, and he was suddenly tickling her tonsils. It was a heady feeling, and his balls tightened up almost immediately.

“Whoa, angel. This is going to end way too fast if you don’t slow down,” he complained, gripping her long hair in one hand to hold it back from her face. She instantly groaned and swallowed him another inch deeper, and he grinned to himself. Wrapping her hair in his hand more tightly, he began to tug at it to direct her. It was like he had a direct connection to her center of orgasm with her hair in his hand, as she began to follow his lead.

Shandi bobbed up and down on his length, her hot mouth enveloping him, and her teeth just barely scraping him. Rafe was in heaven. He could feel the momentum of his brother’s thrusts deep into her womb as it pushed her forward onto his own cock. It was taking every ounce of self-control to keep from blowing his load right down her hot throat.

Ryley’s movements became more frantic, and Shandi’s bobbing slowed down. She was losing focus, so Rafe eased out of her mouth, but he kept her hair gripped in his hand. She seemed to enjoy the sting of him pulling her hair so much that he did it again and again. Anything that increased her pleasure ultimately increased his own.





“Why did you do it?” she looked like she already knew the answer, and Thomas dreaded Bryson’s response.

“You’re my mate. I knew it the moment I caught your scent. I had to.” Bryson shrugged, and returned her frown with a steady gaze.

Thomas nearly laughed out loud, as he realized he was chatting with the mate of the woman he wanted to seduce, while the man was completely naked. He couldn’t resist taking a quick peek at Bryson’s assets, and though the man wasn’t lacking in the physical department, Thomas wasn’t at a complete disadvantage there either.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” KJ whispered the words, but it was clear by the uncomfortable tension between them, that she knew exactly what he was talking about.

“So you’re saying that KJ is your mate, and because you smelled her and realized it, you risked your life to rescue us,” Thomas said trying to make sure he had all of the facts straight.

“Way to go, wizzo. You catch on quick, but I wasn’t rescuing you, I was rescuing her, and you just happened to luck out by being kept in the same room with her,” Bryson said with a shrug. That shrug of his was really getting on Thomas’s nerves, and he ground his teeth to keep from punching the cocky bastard.

“No. She’s mine.” The words were out of Thomas’s mouth before he could stop them. KJ groaned, and Bryson growled. Thomas fully expected her to deny his claim considering they had only kissed once, and he really had no right to be so possessive of her, but she surprised him by putting her head in her hands and talking to herself.

“Why me? Really? It’s not enough that I’ve spent my whole life on the run, hiding from some psychotic bastard that wants to fuck my mom, but now fate has to throw me a fucking curveball like this. This is just not my fucking day.”

“Watch your mouth,” Thomas snapped, and her blue eyes lifted to meet his. The anger in her gaze was expected, but what surprised him was the fear that lit their depths. “Now what the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh, so you can curse, but I can’t? Well isn’t that just like a man,” she said snottily, and Thomas was even more surprised to hear Bryson growl.

“Watch it, ice. The human is right, you shouldn’t speak like that, it doesn’t sound good coming from a woman.” Bryson’s words, seemed to trigger something in KJ and she let out a small shriek of irritation.

“You two are both dumbasses, and to think I’m stuck with the two of you. I had to have done something really bad in a previous life.” She spun on her heel and stalked away from them.

“Stop,” Thomas snapped. When she stopped with her back still facing them, he glanced at Bryson who looked just as confounded as he was. “What do you mean you’re stuck with the two of us?”

He watched her shoulders rise and fall with a sigh, and she tipped her head back so that she was looking up into the trees. “You’re both my mates.”

“What the hell?”

“Fuck.” Thomas’s brain was spinning, and he stared at the back of her blonde head. “When did you know?”

She remained quiet, but Bryson didn’t. “What the fuck do you mean, we’re both your mates? How can we both be your mate?”

“It seems to be happening frequently in the Gray Pack,” Thomas said softly, as he met Bryson’s shocked green eyes. “The Alpha and his twin brother are mated to the same woman, and there is at least one other trio that is mated. I take it that it’s not a normal werewolf relationship?”

Bryson shook his head, and lowered himself to the ground to sit. Thomas was relieved because for a minute it looked like the man might pass out. At least this way he wouldn’t fall very far.

Stepping over to KJ, he turned her around, and tipped her head back so that she was looking up into his eyes. She looked resigned and terrified all at once, and Thomas had the urge to clutch her against his chest and soothe her. He wanted nothing more than to ease her anxiety, but right now his own emotions were running on edge.

“Katie Jo, when did you know I was your mate?” he asked again, more softly this time.

She was quiet for another second before she blew out a deep breath, and muttered, “The moment we met.”




“Pretty in pink aren’t you, peaches? You smell like candy,” Bryson said just before he flicked his tongue into her folds.

She might have screamed, but she wasn’t sure, in her head she could only hear the racing of her heart, and the rush of blood in her ears. The moment Bryson’s tongue slid up to stroke over her tiny clit, she arched off of the bed. Thomas pressed her back down, and moved from kissing her lips, to sucking at her nipples again. He alternated between her breasts, pinching one, then nipping the other, all while Bryson licked at her cunt.

A tsunami of sensation was building in her belly, and its center was between her quivering thighs. Bryson blew on her hot skin, and then chuckled when she growled at him. “That’s it, peaches, come for me. Let me taste your sweet juice.”

It broke over her, blocking out the rest of his words, and everything else that might have happened around her. All she knew was that her body exploded in an orgasm unlike anything she had ever been able to accomplish with her own fingers. Her pussy muscles clenched and unclenched inside of her so hard that she could feel her abs tightening with the motion. When she managed to pry her eyelids open again, it was to find Bryson with his chin resting on her pubic bone and her cream all over his lips, while Thomas sat above them, grinning at them both.

“Holy shit,” she whispered.

“That was fucking incredible,” Thomas said, and she giggled.

“You should have felt it from this end,” she said playfully, and Bryson slapped her thigh gently.

“Oh we will, love. No doubt about that!”

Bryson moved to tug his jeans off, exposing his thick long erection to her curious gaze. For the first time since meeting him she let her eyes run over his form unabashedly. He was gorgeous, built of muscle and sinew, and rock hard from head to toe. Her fingers itched to run over every dip and curve, but more than anything she wanted to get her hand wrapped around the length of him.

The two men moved without any conversation, switching spots so that Thomas was at the foot of the bed. He dropped to his knees and tugged her down until her butt rested on the edge of the mattress and her legs hung over his shoulders. Eye level with her flooded cunt, he winked up at her. “My turn, little one. I’m going to stretch you a little before I take you, I don’t want to hurt you.”

She nodded, and then looked for Bryson. He was lounging next to her, with his body curved slightly around her head. His cock was within reach now, and she didn’t hesitate to reach for him. “Whoa, getting brave now, peaches?”

His taunt hit its mark because she narrowed her eyes at him, and tugged him closer. Just as she licked his tip, Thomas licked her pussy, and she jumped. “Easy! I don’t want to lose a chunk of me because Tommy-boy is playing with your girlie bits!”

KJ started giggling, “Girlie bits?”

“Really, Bry? You have to make her laugh now? I didn’t tell jokes while you were eating her pussy, did I?” Thomas said, his hot breath on her wetness making her shiver.

“Sorry man, but I have to protect myself.”

KJ licked at Bryson’s cockhead again. “I think I can handle it, but then again, I get lockjaw occasionally…”

The look on Bryson’s face was priceless, and Thomas let out a loud laugh. “She’s kidding, Bry! Now, fuck her face!”

KJ’s stomach clenched at Thomas’s dirty command. Did he realize how much his tone of voice turned her on? She wanted to do whatever would make him happy when he spoke like that, and she turned her attention back to the task at hand. Bryson’s precum was salty, and slightly musky, but it wasn’t bad. She found herself going back to trace that little line around his head with her tongue. He seemed to be enjoying it, as he pressed his cock closer to her and threaded his fingers into her blonde hair.

“Suck on it, peaches. Gently, now…”

She took it into her mouth, carefully covering her teeth with her lips, and applied a little bit of suction. His growls of pleasure encouraged her to keep going, and she took it as far as possible, choking slightly when he pressed against her tonsils.

“Don’t force it, love. Take what you can, but don’t push yourself. Just having you touch me is good enough for me. Fuck that’s beautiful.” Bryson’s head was thrown back, and his hips rocked gently as he did in fact fuck her face. It was empowering to realize that she could bring this enormous man to his knees with her mouth alone.

Thomas took that moment to slip his finger into her depths, and she gasped. The only fingers that had ever been inside of her were her own, and the feeling of being touched was more erotic than she could have fantasized.

“You like that, little one? Your greedy pussy is sucking my finger in, maybe you need more than one?” He pushed another finger into her tight passage, and she felt her body clamp down on him as she groaned around the mouthful of cock she had. If his fingers felt this magnificent how was it going to feel to be full of his cock?





Whitney was in the middle of describing her new contract with a local wildlife magazine when the fragrance hit her straight in the gut. It swamped her senses so fully that she moaned out loud, drawing confused looks from her friends. She couldn’t help it. The sharp scent of sandalwood filled her nostrils, fogging her brain. Her breath was trapped in her lungs, and her heart was racing. She could feel her wolf butting against her, trying desperately to get out, to find the origins of the deliciously enticing aroma. Her skin tingled all over, and even the tiny hairs on her neck stood up as it became stronger.

Twisting her head, she heard the crunch of feet on the grassy front lawn, followed by the rumble of male voices. Her body started trembling with anticipation, and it all clicked in her head in an instant. Her mate.


Her heart pounded at the one word growled by her wolf, and she gasped as it bounced in her brain like a ping pong ball. Her mate was headed this way, and her wolf wanted him desperately. No, not wanted, that wasn’t a strong enough word. She needed him. Her body ached with the need. She could feel the points of her canine teeth as they lowered, and her bones screamed out to shift and run toward the scent of her soul’s other half.

The door pushed open and she heard a sharp male voice snarl, “Move, now.” Devin and Damon came through it first as a growl escaped her throat that was matched by someone on the other side of the door.

Wait…was that two growls? What the hell was happening?

Before she could question it further, she was on her feet, moving toward the front door. Devin and Damon were forcibly pushed out of the doorway, and a pair of the sexiest and scariest looking men she had ever seen filled her vision.

Her pussy wept into her panties, and her nipples stood up hard as diamonds, begging to be touched. Her wolf whined with pleasure at being this close to its mate, but the human side of her brain was struggling and her hands were trembling. Confusion hummed through her as her eyes darted back and forth between the two. They were the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, but they both carried an aura of bad boy, too. Who was her mate? Shouldn’t she just know?

Instead of moving closer, she took a step backward, away from the unknown. The two men growled simultaneously, and the slightly shorter of the two stalked toward her first, with the taller one right in his shadow.

In that moment, the fear of the unknown was overcome by an animalistic desire to be in her mate’s arms, and she moved forward, meeting the first man in only a couple of steps. He wrapped one arm around her waist and used the other hand to grip the nape of her neck, tilting her head backward. She felt her lips part as he dropped his head down. When their mouths met, she whimpered loudly in her throat, and her body caught fire. It raced through her system, lighting her soul up from the inside out, and she very nearly came in front of everyone.

His mouth was hard and forceful, but his tongue swept leisurely over hers in a sensual dance. Tempting and teasing while demanding and devouring. It was everything she had hoped to feel when she met her mate. She felt their souls touch as he held her, and she wanted to laugh, cry, and eat him alive all at the same time.

A second pair of hands touched her shoulders, and her wolf relaxed even further at this new touch. Her body responded by pressing back against his hardness. It was several moments before she grasped the fact that she was being held by two different men, and her wolf was ecstatic about both of them.

Roughly jerking her mouth free from the stranger’s passionate onslaught, she panted, trying to recover her breath and her brain function. Two men meant two mates. Fuck no, her brain screamed at her, while her wolf rolled around inside of her like a happy puppy.




Between the two men she felt naked and vulnerable even though she was still mostly clothed. It was unsettling.

When Cadence unsnapped her jeans and began tugging them off, she latched onto their shoulders to balance herself, and her wolf went wild at the skin-on-skin contact. A moan slipped from her throat, and then a whimper when he pressed his face to the lace covering her mound.

“Christ, you smell delicious, flower. I’ve got to taste you.” Cadence waited while Mateo nudged her back a step into the bed and helped her lie down. The moment she was on her back, her panties were stripped down her thighs and disappeared. While Cadence spread her thighs and slowly used his fingertips to tease her dripping slit, Mateo deftly slid a hand behind her and released her breasts from the constraints of her bra.

She was bare to them both in every way, and she was shocked to feel completely comfortable and safe with them. In all of her other sexual encounters, she had felt oddly bereft at the masculine touch that never seemed to really fulfill her need, but with the Diego cousins, every cell in her body accepted their touch as natural.

“Please, Cadence,” she moaned, tossing her head from side to side as he used his fingers to spread her labia open to his view and blow on her swollen pink parts. Her pussy clenched and her clit throbbed.

“I love hearing my name on your lips,” he murmured just before he swiped his thick tongue over her wet slit. His moan of approval reverberated through her body, and she arched up off of the bed with pleasure.

Mateo was there to push her back to the bed, spreading his large hands over the full mounds of her breasts and massaging them just hard enough to bring a sting of pain. A breath hissed between her teeth when his mouth dropped to one swollen nipple and nipped the tight flesh.

“Oh my God!” She could hear her voice, but it sounded far away. The blood was pounding through her ears, and her body was beyond sensitive. It wouldn’t take much more teasing from Cadence’s talented tongue to make her explode. Just when she thought he was going to pull away, she felt him suck her clit between his lips and push his finger deep into her body.

She knew how big their hands were, but feeling his finger inside of her was a whole different perspective. The sting of stretching muscles, combined with the twisting and biting of Mateo’s mouth on her nipples and the playful sucking on her clit, stopped her brain completely. She shattered, undulating against them so violently that Mateo dropped his body down over her midsection to hold her in place. When she finally drifted back to earth, Cadence had risen up between her thighs, and Mateo had shifted to lie beside her.

“You’re so responsive that I can’t wait. I promise you the next time will last longer.” Cadence growled against her throat as he began to press his cock into her body. With gentle pressure and a steady rocking motion, her pussy spread to accommodate the enormous girth of his erection.

Her disappointment over not getting to return the oral favor died down when Mateo sat up on his knees and released his own cock from his jeans. Her heart fluttered at the sight of his long rod. It was heavily veined and dark red with an angry purple tip. Licking her lips, she met his gaze and nodded at the question in his eyes.

Relaxing her jaw as she opened her mouth to take him in, she began to work him gently with her tongue and lips. It was awkward at first because he was so big, and because Cadence was slowly thrusting in and out of her tight pussy. The taste of his pre-cum on her tongue made her whole body ache, and before she knew it she was relaxing her jaw so that he could see-saw his dick in and out of her mouth roughly.

Cadence drew her attention back to him when he arched backward to sit on his haunches, tugging her hips up over his lap and never once disconnecting them. At this angle he was thrusting hard against a new spot in her body that she never remembered bringing her such pleasure.

She lost focus on Mateo, and he slipped from her mouth, moving to help lift her upper body. Now she was straddling Cadence, who braced himself under her on his knees while she began riding him for all she was worth. Her head was thrown back, her hair falling down from its tie. She felt wild and out of control as her body rolled in a sensuous dance atop its perfect match.

“Come for me, flower. Claim me, and make me yours.” Cadence snarled the words, and it forced her to meet his hot gaze. His eyes were glowing brightly, and she knew if she were to look into a mirror right now, hers would be, too. It was ridiculously sexy, and her mouth watered as her gaze drifted to land on the perfect ridge of muscle connecting his neck to his shoulder. That was where she wanted her mark.

Dipping her head, she groaned when Mateo reached out to cup her ass cheeks from behind and pinched the soft tissue of her backside hard. It was the tiny zip of pain she needed to crack through the ceiling again, and as stars burst behind her eyes, she latched onto her mate and bit through his skin. The tangy taste of blood spilled onto her tongue, and then her body was on fire. Tossing her head back, she screamed when his teeth penetrated her own skin, and their two souls collided.





“Why are you here, Luke?” she asked softly, tipping her head to look up at him. In the shadows of the night, he looked lethal and sexy as hell. His granite-sharp jaw worked with tension and his full lips pursed in thought.

“I needed to see you again.”

She shook her head. “Why? Didn’t we say everything we needed to say last night? You’re a young, sexy, single guy looking for a one-night stand, and I’m a tired, single mom. That’s like trying to mix oil and water. It won’t work.”

“You think I’m sexy?” he asked, the corner of his mouth curving up. She laughed, and shook her head. “Look, Tavi, I don’t know why I’m here, or honestly how I ended up here.” The genuine look of confusion on his face concerned her, but it was the honesty in his eyes when he lowered to a crouch in front of her, that really stole her heart. “I feel like there’s something in my chest that’s connected to you. When I try to stay away it pulls me back. I don’t understand it, and I don’t know how else to explain it, but it’s there. I don’t know shit about relationships, so I can’t promise you more, but—”

“Did you hit your head, Luke? I have a daughter. I don’t do one-night stands, and I sure as hell don’t do them with men who stalk me,” she interrupted, frustrated by the deep desire in her heart to say yes.

“Stalk you?”

She gestured around them. “Well I don’t see you visiting so often for the ambiance.”

“I’m not trying to stalk you. Shit. I just want to spend some time with you.”

“So what, you’re going to get to know me out of curiosity?”

“No! Yes. Maybe? I don’t know.” He looked so confused and frazzled that it made Tavi’s heart ache for him. She wasn’t sure she wanted him to know how strong the feelings in her own body were right now.

“When you do know what you want, you know where to find me.” She stood and turned to leave, only to run smack into his hard chest. With a startled yelp she clutched his shirt to keep from falling over. She had no idea how he’d moved so quickly, but she didn’t have time to ask before his mouth came down on hers.

She might have chalked up yesterday’s physical reaction to a fluke, but as he pulled her in close and ravished her mouth she felt her heart pounding in her chest. This was no fluke. This was passion, and a perfect feeling of rightness in the world. Luke fit her like a puzzle piece, and together they were explosive.

Pulling back, she ended the kiss with a gasp of fresh air and a groan of disappointment. There was no way she could keep putting him off if he kept kissing her.

“Luke, I can’t.”

His eyes flashed in the shadows of the night, and she could see his jaw muscle clenching in frustration. “Why?”

“I’ve already told you why. I don’t want either of us to get hurt. You aren’t what I need in my life.” She backed away from him, pulling her coat tight around her chest to combat the icy cold air on her scorching hot body.

“How do you know that if you won’t even get to know me?”

She shook her head and fought back tears. “I’ve already survived one man who convinced me to listen to my body instead of logic.”

A heavy silence settled between them, and Tavi felt torn. Her instincts were telling her to throw herself back into his arms and hold on for dear life. She wanted to spend eternity wrapped up in his embrace. But it just wasn’t the right thing for her, or her daughter.

“I’ve got to get back to work. Go home, Luke, and forget this ever happened.” She made it to the parking lot before he spoke again, but his words echoed in her head for the rest of the night.

“I can’t. I wish I could, baby, but I can’t.”




Hearing Tavi ask him for the thing he desired most made his balls draw up tight, and his cock twitch painfully behind the zipper of his jeans. With a gentle push, she sat on the edge of the bed with him between her knees. It put her pert breasts at the perfect level for him to devour. Licking the tip of one while he teased the tip of the other, he began to seduce her body with his.

Every stroke was matched with a moan, or a pleasure-filled sigh, and his cock grew harder and hotter. She smelled of jasmine and raw woman. The sexually potent fragrance made his wolf mindlessly happy and wild with the primal desire to sink both his cock and his canine teeth into her, marking her as his own.

He set about worshiping her body with his tongue and his fingers. Falling back on the bed, she murmured words of pleasure and need, sometimes making sense, and other times incomprehensible.

With her pussy spread open to him, he slid his fingers into her pale pink opening, and had to bite his lip at the velvet heat that surrounded them. She was going to be tight. He was larger than most human men, and she was much smaller than he’d expected. Then again, he’d never been with a woman who’d had a child, so he hadn’t truly known what to expect.

What he got was a sexual goddess. She was beautiful, right down to the teeny tiny white lines that dotted her lower abdomen. She bore the scars of her pregnancy, but it wasn’t a turn-off. It actually fulfilled some primal need inside of him to find a woman that could bear his children. A strong mate.

Before he allowed himself to drift too far down that road, he focused his tongue on her sweet cunt, and began teasing her toward her first orgasm of the night. Her flavor was a deliciously salty-sweet blend and the more he got, the more he wanted. The folds of her pussy were soft against his tongue, and moisture dripped from her opening as her hips thrust up against his mouth seeking more from him. He didn’t make her wait for it, instead he focused all of his energy on bringing her to a fast, hard climax. She didn’t disappoint, jerking underneath him as her cunt spasmed around his thick fingers.

To his surprise she was almost completely silent in her orgasm. Her face twisted and her mouth dropped open with a sharp exhale, but no other noise left her throat. If it weren’t for the obvious reaction under his fingers and tongue he would have doubted how good it was for her.

After a few breaths she caught him staring up at her from between her thighs and she blushed. It stroked his ego to see her cheeks stained with pink and her body trembling underneath him.

Bending, he nipped her inner thigh, and she protested. “Ouch! Hey!”

“You taste good.”

Her cheeks grew even redder, but she returned his grin. “I’ll return the favor if you let me up.”

Luke bit back a growl of need, and shook his head. “As much as I’d love to watch you suck my cock, I’m on the edge of my control already. That will have to wait for later.”

Rising above her, he pressed forward and her thighs spread around his hips in welcome. He kissed his way back up her torso to her sweet tits, pleasuring each one with his tongue, and teeth, before continuing to her collarbone. The moment he reached that thick tendon that connected her shoulder to her neck, his teeth sharpened instinctively. His wolf wanted to mate her, and it was going to take everything he had to resist it.

Burying his face in her hair, he could hear her murmuring words of encouragement as her hands began roaming over his bare chest and shoulders. His jeans felt like they were strangling his cock, and he groaned when her fingers made their way down to his zipper.

“Take them off, Luke, please?”

Her pretty plea was music to his ears, and he rushed to release his erection from confinement. It throbbed against her thigh as he shoved his pants to his knees, and she froze.

“Holy shit.”

“What’s wrong, baby?” Luke frowned in confusion and then realized that she was staring at his cock.

“You’re massive!”

He felt ten feet tall with her staring at him in wonder and appreciation, and he let out a loud laugh. “That’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

“Well don’t let it go to your head, big guy. You haven’t proved you can use it yet.”

Pressing the head of his cock against her labia, he rubbed it up and down her slit, coating it in her juices. “Open up for me, love.”

She pulled her knees up and back, giving him complete access to her sweet honeypot, and he eased it home. It took several gentle thrusts, but before he knew it he was buried balls deep inside of her hot passage and instinct took over.

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