The Learning to Love Collection (MF)

Learning to Love 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 291,199
1 Ratings (5.0)

Box Set #41: The Learning to Love Collection (All 4 books for $3.99)

In Finding Love, Abbey decides to get back out there after a yearlong pity party after filing for divorce from her cheating husband. Luckily, Abbey meets Seth, gorgeous former soldier and owner of S&C Security, but she fears he will not accept her son. When the ex flips out because their son won’t see him, Will Seth will stick around and protect them, or will the demands of their new relationship prove too much for him to handle.

In Needing Your Love, Tracey and Sean quickly discover great chemistry dancing at a night club, but after years as a marriage counselor, Tracy is more interested in a friends with benefits type of thing. Sean is ok with this until he finds he wants more than the benefits she is offering. The pressure mounts when an ex-fling wants Tracey back and Sean has to prove to her what a real relationship is like.

In Found My Love, Theresa is a single mom afraid to love. Chase feels an instant attraction when he first spots her at a party, despite his trust issues. Theresa wants to take things slowly, and Chase agrees, but will he be able to stick it out when Theresa’s dreaded ex attempts to disrupt their budding relationship?

In Fighting for Love, well-known lawyer Sylvia Knox is being threatened by a client’s husband. Michael Larson, one of the top security guards at S&C Security, is assigned to protect her. They hit it off from the start. But will Michael be able to protect Sylvia when the threats grow more serious? On top of this, how will Sylvia react when Michael brings home a seventeen year old foster child? Can they prevail over these constant obstacles?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Finding Love (MF) Needing Your Love (MF) Found My Love (MF) Fighting for Love (MF)

The Learning to Love Collection (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The Learning to Love Collection (MF)

Learning to Love 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 291,199
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I loved this series. Its a 4 book series about friends & family. What they all go through to find love & happiness. There is danger,laughter,heartache. To me this series is an emotional read. Had to have my box of tissues by me with book 3 & 4. You want a good read? You need get this series.





I am about to point out a cute guy to Sarah, when I realize who I am looking at.

“Oh, my God, oh, my God! It is him!”

“It is who?” Sarah asks.

“The guy from outside the store the other day.”

She responds with a, “No way!”

I tell her to scope his eyes. They are the most perfect green eyes I have ever seen.

Tracey sees who we are talking about and says, “Damn, girl! He is hot!”

He must feel me staring at him because he turns right to me, and I instantly turn around, embarrassed to be caught. He starts over to our table with a sense of purpose, and I am mortified, and beet red in the face. Tracey is hitting my arm and telling me to pull it together because he is almost here. I suddenly hear, “Hey, ladies.” I close my eyes. What a sexy-ass voice!I can smell his cologne, and it is heavenly.

I turn around and say, “Hey.”

“What are you ladies up to tonight?” his sexy voice asks us.

Tracey responds with, “Oh, you know, just a girls’ night out, a few drinks, and some dancing.”

He looks right at me and says, “Nice. Maybe I can get a dance, later?”

“Sure,” I respond back with a smile.

Then I realize my panties are soaked, and it reminds me of just how long it has been since I have had sex. I am not even referring to good sex, just sex in general. I don’t dare tell the girls that, but excuse myself, and go to the ladies’ room. When I return, there is another round of drinks at the table, and the music has gotten a little louder. I grab my seat, and enjoy my next drink. I catch myself scanning the bar looking for him, and realize he didn’t even tell me his name. I probably won’t even see him again tonight. I mean, if he really wanted to dance, he would have introduced himself, right?

Sarah must realize I am thinking too much, because she grabs my hand and pulls me on the dance floor. “Dark Horse,” by Katy Perry is playing. There are not a lot of people out here, but that never bothered us; we are known for getting the dance floor started.

I tell her that I feel like someone is watching me, and she responds with, “That’s because he is watching you.”

“Are you serious?”

She smiles and nods at me, and I just start laughing like she told me a funny joke. We dance another song together, and Tracey joins us, filling us in that Melissa is going to hang out at the table, as usual. I see him head over to the table, and the feelings I have are not good. I am feeling a bit angry as I watch him talk to Melissa. Did I misread the situation? How could he have looked right at me, and asked me to dance, yet he is talking to Melissa? Still watching the scene unfold at our table, Melissa notices, and as soon as he walks away she gives me a thumbs-up to let me know they were probably talking about me. I instantly regret getting angry, and will myself to gain some control. I don’t even know his damn name!

I shake him out of my head, and start dancing again. Sarah taps me on the arm, and points to our table. He has bought us a round of drinks, and I realize I am not sure how I feel about this.Coming on a bit strong, no? I decide to head back to the table, and of course Sarah and Tracey follow.

As we arrive, he turns around and says, “This round is on me.”

I say, “Thanks,” with an attitude.

Sarah looks at me like, What the fuck? and I shrug my shoulders.

He walks off with a slightly hurt look in his eyes, and I instantly feel bad. What is my problem? It is just a round of drinks! Why am I mad? I knew coming out was a bad idea. After a few sips of my drink from Mr. Hottie, I decide I need to hit the ladies’ room so I can try to change my mood. I leave the table walking with my head down because my mind is reeling, until I smack right into what feels like a brick wall. I look up to apologize, and it is Mr. Hottie himself. I roll my eyes at my clumsiness and apologize. He looks me dead in the eyes and says, “Maybe I should be apologizing. It seems I’ve upset you,” as he takes his hand and removes a piece of my hair from my face. His touch sends a wave of shock through my body, and I break out in goose bumps.

“No, you didn’t upset me. Thank you for the drinks. It’s just that…I …um… It’s complicated.”

“Like you have a man complicated?” And I want to laugh and tell him I was once married, but he was no man.

“Ex complicated.”

He smiles and says, “Ex complicated is way better than man complicated.”

This time I do laugh. I hold out my hand and say, “Abbey,” by way of introduction. He returns the shake and says, “Seth.”

“It is nice to formally meet you, Seth!”

“Trust me, the pleasure is all mine.” I realize I am no longer in need of the ladies’ room, and I invite him to join us. He declines but tells me he will be around for the dance I promised him. I smile and say, “Great, see you soon.” When I get back to the table my friends all have their mouths hanging open, and they beg for details. I fill them in on his name and our conversation and how he has promised to stop back over for a dance, and I realize I haven’t stopped smiling.




Seth has started the movie. I am snuggling against him on the couch. Nuzzling against his chest I take in his musky scent. He looks down into my eyes, and slowly lowers his lips to mine. We start to kiss and it quickly turns into a much deeper kiss. A minute later, I find myself beneath him on my couch with his hand sliding up my leg to my ass. He stops kissing me and squeezes it. “You have an incredible ass,” he says while smiling down at me. Leaning back down he claims my mouth while his hand works its way up under my shirt lifting it up to palm my breast. He pops it out of its cup and looks down in appreciation. “God, woman, you fit perfectly in my hand.” His head lowers to take my nipple in his mouth, and I can no longer lie still. I am squirming as I fear I’m going to orgasm just from his assault on my nipple. I swear I have never felt so hot and bothered in all my life. I notice his erection pressing against my leg, as his amazing lips move back to my neck, then to my lips. He pauses a minute to gain some control, and his beautiful green eyes look into mine. “We should slow down,” he says as we both pant.

“Or we should move to my room,” I say with a smile as I bite my lip.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to rush you.”

I reach up to kiss him and rub my hips against his erection as an answer, and he pulls away to sit up. “You keep rubbing on me like that I am not going to make it upstairs.”

I laugh as I stand and grab him by the hand to lead him to my room, closing the door behind us. He pulls my shirt over my head and removes my bra. His lips are instantly back on mine kissing me hard and deep. His hand is in my hair pulling it slightly while his other hand is slipping into my pants to squeeze my ass.

I pull away panting as I yank his shirt off and toss it to the floor. As soon as I do he pushes me back on the bed, and I laugh at his playfulness. He is instantly on top of me kissing me just behind my ear and kissing and licking his way down my neck. He takes one nipple in his mouth and sucks it hard as he rolls the other with his fingers. His hand leaves my nipple to make its way down my stomach and into my leggings where he discovers just how ready I am for him. He starts kissing his way down my stomach until he reaches the top of my pants. He uses his muscular arm to lift me off the bed so his other hand can pull my panties and leggings down at one time.

I am so hot for him at this point I am soaked, but he’s not done as he kisses his way up my legs and buries his face in my pussy. He assaults my clit like he can’t live without it, and I am so worked up I can already feel my orgasm building, and I think he knows it because he pulls away and blows on me gently. “I have never tasted anything so sweet.” He says before he blows on me one more time.

“Please, Seth.” I beg for release. He inserts one finger, then another.

“God, baby, you are so tight I can’t wait to be buried balls-deep inside you.”

He uses his magical tongue once again, while he is using his fingers to stretch me, and within a second my orgasm is tearing me apart. He climbs back up my body and pauses for a second before he leans down to kiss me, and he tastes of Seth and my orgasm. I can say it is the first time I have allowed someone to kiss me after that and with him I don’t mind it. He looks me in the eye and says, “I was expecting a night of snuggling on the couch, so I am not really—”

I cut him off. “I am on the pill and completely clean. I have been with no one since my ex, and I got tested as soon as I found out he cheated on me.”

“Good girl! Sorry this was not how I expected this conversation to happen. I swear I am clean too.” Thank god because there is no way I can stop now.





We are heading back to my house and there is some serious energy surging in this truck. I don't know if it is sexual or nervous energy, but I can feel it and I think he can too. I want him to stay for a little while so I ask him in. “Are you going to stay a little bit?”

“I was hoping to stay the night, but if all I can get is a little bit I won't push my luck.”

We pull up outside my apartment and once he parks, I look into his beautiful blue eyes. “We will see,” I say with a smile as I jump out of his huge pickup truck.

We head into the house and I tell him to make himself at home while I change into something more comfortable. He laughs. “I can come give you a hand with that if you would like.”

“Nice try, but I don't think so, babe, I got this.” I laugh as I steal his line from dinner.

“I see someone has jokes tonight.” He shouts from the other room with laughter in his voice.

I come back out from my room a few minutes later wearing leggings and a t-shirt and he is sitting on the couch looking for a movie for us to watch on TV. I plop myself on the side of him and he hands me the remote to decide what we are going to watch but there are no good movies on so I put on a repeat of NCIS and we start watching that.

I get up to get a glass of wine because I feel like I need to loosen up a bit and I offer him a beer and he asks, “Am I staying?”

I smile shyly and say, “Sure.”

“Then I will have a beer,” he says happily.

I like that he is not a heavy drinker and won't drink and drive. I walk back over with the wine and the beer, but I have already drank half my glass he just doesn't know it because I filled it pretty high.

“What is going on in that pretty little head of yours?“

“I guess I just can't help but wonder what you want from us? I mean you were pretty mad when I wanted to go to the party separately yet you took me to dinner and you want to spend the night.”

“I want you,” he states matter-of-factly.

“Sean, I like you a lot, I think about you often and we have amazing sex, but I don't know how to do this. Relationships like this scare the shit out of me. I know it is probably because of all the crap I have heard doing marriage counseling for the last few years. You would be surprised, shocked even, at some of things people do to each other and that is hard to get out of my head.”

“I am just asking that you give us a chance and talk to me if I am pushing too hard. I have never thought about a woman as much as I think of you,” he says, looking deep into my eyes.

“Does that mean you will talk to me too?”

“Of course, why wouldn't I?”

“Because when I tried to ask you about your nightmares you pushed me away. This can't be a one-way street Sean.”

“Tracey, I have seen some fucked up shit in my life, I served in one tour overseas with an engineer unit and then came home to start up my own construction company. After a short time running the company, I witnessed a nasty accident and my employee almost died. I don't want that shit in your head.”

“You do realize I am a psychologist and crisis counselor right? I have heard more PTSD stories from both soldiers and accident victims then you can imagine and I am not asking to try and fix you, I am asking so I can know you.”

“I am glad you want to know me better and I want to know you better too so how about we both try to open up more and just see where it goes. I can handle taking it slow but I need to know you are just seeing me. I can't handle sharing you,” he says as he puts his beer down on the coffee table.

So I put my wine down and lean into him. “I don't want to see anyone else, Sean, I just don’t know how good I will be at this. I don't want to get hurt and I certainly do not want to hurt you.”

He grabs me by the nape with one hand and while his thumb is rubbing the hair behind my neck the other hand goes under my chin to force me to look into his eyes. “I don't want to hurt you, I want to be with you.”




He leans in and gently kisses me on the lips. I instantly melt because I love how his lips feel pressed against mine. His tongue pokes out to lick my lips, begging for entry, so I open to him and he tastes of Sean and beer and I absolutely love it. I climb over his lap to straddle him as I deepen the kiss. He pulls away and starts kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear as I grind into his cock. I can feel him growing hard as his hands rub my legs to my ass where they stay while I am grinding into him.

“Babe, if you keep rubbing on me like that I am going to have a mess,” he says as I am moaning at the feel of his hands running up my back under my shirt. He unclips my bra and rubs his hands up and down my back as we continue to kiss each other hard. He pulls my shirt over my head. “Fuck I love your tits, baby.” I put my hands behind me on his knees and arch my back so my large breasts are in his face. He leans forward grabbing one and putting my nipple in his mouth, he sucks on it biting it gently and I can't help the moan that escapes me. He switches and plays with the other nipple until that one is hard as pebbles too. He starts kissing my cleavage as his hands glide up my back pulling me towards him, kissing his way up my neck and back to my mouth.

He pulls away panting and hard as a rock.

“Tracey, I have no control with you. I am sorry, do you want to slow down?”

“Sean, please just take me to bed, I don't know if I can slow down either.”

“Are you sure?” he says with concern in his voice

I climb off his lap and try to pull him off the couch but he doesn't budge. “Sean, I am so wet for you, please don't make a girl beg.”

He smiles and stands up to follow me to bed. As soon as we are in my room, he closes the door and asks me, “Who's in charge?”

I smile and bite my lip. “You are.”

“Damn straight!” he reminds me with his raspy authoritative tone.

He tells me he wants me naked by the time he has his boots off. Luckily that is easy because I only have leggings and a thong on, so I quickly peel them off and stand waiting for him.

He pushes me onto my bed and tells me to lay on my back, so I do. He climbs up on top of me and tells me he is going to eat my pussy until I come hard and then he is going to spank me and fuck me. I am so excited I smile and nod.

He starts at my breasts again and works his way down my stomach slowly kissing and biting as he goes. I start to squirm and he tells me if I don't stay still he will tie me down and start all over again, so I instantly lay still, because I know he is dead serious. I have been waiting for this moment since our first night together. He continues down to my pussy to start teasing me. He licks my folds then moves his tongue to my clit licking it hard, after a moment he starts kissing my legs then going back to my clit again, I swear it is to torture me. “Please, Sean!”

“Please what, Tracey?”

“Please make me come.”

“Should I lick you like this?” He starts licking my clit hard and fast and I am so hot for him I am already on the verge of an orgasm and he knows it.

“Or should I finger fuck you like this?” He slams two fingers deep inside me and my god I want to explode, but again as my orgasm is about to tear through me he stops.

“I definitely enjoy licking your clit so I think I will go back to that and fuck you with my tongue until you explode all over it.”

He starts licking me hard and fast and all of a sudden his tongue is inside me and he fucks me with it. “My god, Sean, I am going to explode.” I can feel him smile against my pussy as he starts to lick my clit again and that is my undoing. My orgasm is tearing through me as my legs shake uncontrollably and then stiffen around his head. Once my orgasm has settled, he starts kissing his way back up my body to look me dead in the eyes. “That is mine, do you understand me?”


“Good now roll over.”





“I’m just not sure what to tell Katie. She asks so many questions, and I think some of it is my ex pumping her for info. I guess I just don’t want you to have to deal with my baggage,” I say, looking down at the ground.

He lifts me onto his lap. “Tell Katie I’m your boyfriend and leave it at that. We’re going to take things slow for both our sakes, but I like you and I think we can have something good together.”

He leans in to kiss me and my heart starts to race. It’s the softest, gentlest kiss I have ever gotten, and it blows me away. His hand slides up my back to the nape of my neck, and he pulls me in to deepen the kiss. My stomach starts to flip as heat is building down below.

I pull away and take a deep breath and look him in the eyes, “Chase…I…” I look down.

He lifts my chin up. “What?”

“I just can’t go there yet.”

He grins. “You can’t kiss me?” he says with a chuckle.

“No, that’s not what I mean, and you know it.” I smack him on the arm playfully and smile back at him. “I haven’t told you about half the shit I have been through, Chase, and like I said before I haven’t been in any sort of relationship since Kyle.”

“Ssshhh,” he says and kisses me again gently. “What did Kyle do to this beautiful head of yours to mess you up so bad?” he says softly.

“Kyle was my first serious relationship. He promised me the world, told me he was going to marry me and we would have lots of kids together. You know the whole happily-ever-after. Then all of a sudden, he started drinking a lot. He wouldn’t tell me why, but the next think I knew he was complaining all the time and I couldn’t do anything right. Some nights I was a piece of shit, and others he told me I was his world.

“One night he came home and I tried to please him sexually, which was always more about him than me anyway. I knew he had been drinking but didn’t realize just how drunk he was until it was too late. I found out when we were done that he had forgotten to use a condom and blamed me. He said I was a cock tease, and I got him so worked up he forgot,” I say, shaking my head and thinking back. “That was the night I got pregnant with Katie. He said I did it on purpose that I wanted to trap him.”

Chase looks like he’s brewing with anger. “Listen, babe, I don’t care if you did seduce him he has no right to blame you. He’s an ass for getting drunk, and if he has a problem he needs to get help.”

I try to climb off his lap, but he stops me.

“The messed-up thing was after that it just got worse. He never physically abused me, but he used to put me down all the time. He would tell me I was fat, that I was a fucked-up piece of shit, and that our baby was going to be ugly like me.”

I try to fight back the tears, but one escapes. “I had a rough pregnancy from the stress, so there were nights I wouldn’t feel like eating, and he would tell me that I was trying to kill our baby.”

Chase is rubbing my back, trying to sooth me while he listens to my story.

“I don’t know why I stayed for as long as I did. I finally told my parents, and they took me in until I was able to get on my feet. I found this place, and I have been on my own since.”

Chase pulls me to his chest so he can hold me close. “Listen, I can’t promise I’ll be perfect or that I don’t have my own issues because you know I do. But, I can promise you that I’ll never physically or verbally hurt you the way he did. It pisses me off that he treated you that way, and to be honest, it pisses me off that he’s not a better father to Katie. All I can tell you, is that I feel like you have been distant. I’m willing to go slow and earn your trust because I really want us to give this a try. I just want you to continue to talk to me.?”

He smells so good, and I’m so comfortable in his arms that a yawn escapes me. I’m exhausted, but I manage to get out an “Okay.”

“No more hiding. I would like to see you this weekend. Do you have any plans?” he says and kisses the top of my head.

“No. Kyle is supposed to take Katie, but he has already texted me trying to back out because he has no money, so at this point I’m assuming he isn’t going to show.”

“This guy is un fucking real. Well if he shows we will do something the two of us, and if he doesn’t, I guess we will have to make it PG and do something the three of us.”

I start laughing, and he smiles at me. “That’s better. I love the sound of your laughter, T. I hope I can make you smile more.”

“I’m sorry I can’t promise you it’ll be just the two of us, but I can’t count on him.”

“I hate that he pulls this shit but it is what it is.”

I lean in to kiss him, and he sticks his tongue out and rubs it along my lips, asking for entry. I open my mouth to him, and we deepen our kiss yet again. I really like the way he kisses me. He has the most amazing lips. I can’t wait to feel them on other parts of my body.

He pulls away. “I’m going to get going, now that I feel like you and I are on the same page.”

I straddle his lap, press my forehead to his. “I would like for you to stay. I’m not ready to you know have sex or anything.” I pause for a minute. “It has been a long time since someone has just held me, and I really like how I feel in your arms.” I close my eyes, hoping he says he will stay.

“Oh hell, T. How can I say no to that? Come on, let’s head to bed. We both have to be up early tomorrow.”




“You look amazing.”

I hadn’t noticed him walking up behind me so his hands hitting my body makes me jump.

He nuzzles my neck taking a deep breath. “I love the way you smell. You have no idea how much it turns me on.”

He rubs his erection against my bum to show me just how turned on he is. I let a little moan escape me as he kisses me just below my ear. He turns me around to find me smiling as he gently kisses my lips, but I want more. I begin rubbing my tongue along his lips begging him for entry, and he gladly opens, so our tongues collide as they dance together. He grabs the nape of my neck and pulls me closer as he deepens the kiss. Our tongues are tangled as he walks me backward until I’m about to hit my bed. He breaks our kiss to slip my nightie over my head. He then scoops me up and lays me in the middle of the bed.

Lying on the side of me, he glides his hand over my body feeling his way around my mounds as he kisses and nibbles my neck. I moan in appreciation because I love his strong hands on me. He starts at my outer thighs, slides up to my ass, and gives it a tight squeeze. He continues over my stomach and up to my breasts. He glides his hands over my breasts and massaging them before he squeezes my nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I moan in pleasure as he continues to massage and play with my breast and nipple as he lightly bites on my ear.

He starts kissing and licking his way down my neck over my collarbone and stops at my breast. His lips feel amazing. He lights my skin on fire. He sticks his tongue out and rolls it over my nipple before he puts it in his mouth and starts sucking it gently. He gradually increases the pressure and I feel it all the way down in my pussy.

“Chase, please, I need to feel you.”

 “I know, baby. I’m going to take care of you.”

He sucks my nipple back in his mouth before he kisses down to my belly button and sticks his tongue in it. He continues his way down to my hip kissing me as he goes. He nibbles on it, and then licks down to the top of my neatly trimmed hair. He buries his face in my hair and inhales.

“My god your smell is intoxicating,” he growls.

 I can’t believe he just did that, but I lose all thought as he sticks his tongue out and laps up my now dripping juices. I instantly gyrate my hips, and I run my hands through his hair.

“Lay still, baby.”

He licks my clit so softly and slowly and I moan in frustration.

“If you’re not quiet, I’ll have to gag you so you do not wake Katie.”

I instantly silence my moan as I bite his pillow. He starts his assault again on my sensitive hardened bud. My hips are moving in rhythm with his tongue, and it feels amazing. “Chase, please I want to feel you buried deep inside me.”

He continues licking, and I can feel I’m so close to exploding.

“I don’t know, baby. Are you ready?” He licks some more lapping up the juices that are dripping from me.

“I’m so ready, please.”

This time he smiles against me as he picks up the pace and pressure of his tongue. “Chase, I’m going to come, baby,” and I explode as he laps up every ounce of my release with his tongue moaning in appreciation as he does.

“Mmmm, you taste amazing.”

He climbs off me removing the pajama pants that he has starting wearing because of Katie. I think he looks totally hot in them, but I want his cock buried deep in me, so they must go. He grabs a condom from his wallet, and I can’t help the smile that spreads across my face. He’s finally going to have sex with me. I just hope that I don’t disappoint him. He slides the condom on and climbs back on the bed.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” He looks full of concern.

“I’m more than ready, Chase.”

He nods as he slides his fingers deep inside me, stretching me and prepping me for his size. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cock like his. He’s long and thick, and I can’t wait to feel him inside of me. He moves over me and positions himself at my entrance. He starts sliding his length in as I wince from the pain of trying to accommodate his size.





Holy shit, I think to myself as I take a deep breath to compose myself. I have no idea how I’m going to protect this woman. I can’t even talk to her because I’m afraid if I open my mouth I’m going to tell her how sexy she is with her dark blonde hair that falls in luscious curls to just above her perky breasts.

All I could think about while she was standing in front of me in her office was bending her over her desk, grabbing that long hair of hers and fucking her until the world heard her scream my name. She didn’t even hide her want for me, as a matter of fact she was blunt about it. I had to stand there and fight the hard-on that was threatening to erupt in my fucking pants.

I shake off my thoughts because I need to walk this building and decide if I need backup or not. I head out of the kitchen and back to Courtney’s desk so I can ask her some questions. “Excuse me, Courtney, right?”

She bats her lashes at me and says, “Yes, Michael.” She tries to sound sexy but she’s young and fails miserably. I want to roll my eyes but I can’t because I’m a professional, so I run my fingers through my too long hair. I don’t know what made me try and grow it out but it is driving me crazy.

“Is this the only entrance into Ms. Knox’s office?” She smiles at me. “Yes, sir, she has her own private bathroom but there are no other entrances.”

I nod. “Okay, good. I plan on standing by the elevator and will probably make rounds every so often just to make sure nothing looks suspicious. I will be in early every morning to walk the office before Ms. Knox gets here, but it is important you notify me if something happens while I’m making rounds. Here is my card with my cell number. Simply text me 911 and I will know to get back here, understand?”

“Yes, sir! Is there anything else I can help with?”

I want to ask her what her boss’s story is, but that would not be professional. “No, that is it for now. Please excuse me while I learn the building.” I walk away from her desk and I can feel her eyes following me. I know she’s checking me out, but I won’t turn around because the only eyes I want on me right now are Ms. Knox’s.

I take the elevator down from the top floor office to the lobby. There are a ton of people going in and out of this building on a regular basis. She is the only lawyer in her building, so there is no chance of someone coming in to see their criminal attorney. I quickly scan the area to get an idea of what the small main lobby is like. Seth has spoken with the head of security for the building itself since we, as a company, do not work this building. He confirmed that there are cameras around and they are keeping an eye on things at all times. I scan the ceiling spotting the locations of some of the cameras and notice there are quite a few. This area is pretty much set, so I introduce myself to the guards and they inform me they knew I was coming and to let them know if I need anything. I ask a few questions about which angles their cameras are pointing and one guard happily fills me in. I confirm the security here know that I’m carrying while I’m in the building and around Ms. Knox and he just nods. I can’t carry in the courthouse so that will be the difficult part. I may have to get backup for court days, but I need to ask her about how serious these threats are, as well as, why she hasn’t filed charges. I will be sure to talk to her before the end of the day.

I go back up to the office and take my place by the elevator. For the first time, it is weird being here because Courtney keeps glancing over at me. I don’t like it and will have to figure out how to handle it. I start pacing the entryway so I do not have to make eye contact with this woman one more time.

Then all of a sudden I hear, “Courtney eyes on your work. If Michael is a distraction for you, I can find someone who won’t have this issue.”

She’s embarrassed and clearly shaken, “No...No, ma’am, very sorry, it won’t happen again.” She walks toward me and says, “Michael I would like to get lunch, shall I drive or would you like to?”

I laugh. “I will drive you, ma’am, where would you like to go?”

 She pushes the button for the elevator. “The deli up the street will be fine thank you.” She seems a bit uptight since her conference call and I can’t help but wonder if it didn’t go as she planned.

We walk into the elevator together and when the door shuts I can feel the tension. Neither of us knows what to say, so I force myself to focus on my job. “Ma’am, I have some questions I need to ask so I can be sure I do my job efficiently.”

“I figured you would, we can discuss them over lunch. I do not get out of the office often, so I want to enjoy something other than a yogurt for a change.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I feel like there is a bit of tension in the car as I drive toward our location and when we arrive at the deli and she jumps out of the car before me. I’ve barely put the car in park. “Ma’am, if I’m going to protect you, then you need to let me get out of the car first,” I say a bit frustrated. What is she thinking? This woman has no idea what it is like to have security, either that or she isn’t taking her threats seriously and I need to figure out which it is.

Her stuffy attitude softens a bit. “I’m sorry, Mike, I didn’t even think. I just got out.”

I close my eyes and take a deep breath to calm my frustration. I do not like being called Mike. “First, my name is Michael and second, please let me do my job. Going forward you will not get out of the car until I open the door for you. Even if I wasn’t protecting you, you are in my car and I would open the door for you because I’m a gentleman. Now shall we get lunch?”




“Are you sure you want to do this?”

She nods. “Michael, I have never been more sure of anything.” Thank God I carry a condom in my wallet at all times. I give her a huge smile before I kiss her again hard and rough.

She pulls away and says to me, “we don’t have long before Courtney gets in.”

“Well, I guess I better give you what you want then.” I kiss her one more time before I spin her around and bend her over the arm of her couch. I smack her ass. “If we are doing this, I’m in charge, not you, do you agree?” She nods and I slap her again. “Say it!” She’s panting and I love it.

“I agree!”

I smile. “Good, for now I’m going to give it to you hard and fast because we do not have a lot of time, but later I will take better care of you I promise. I slip her thong down her legs and she steps out of them. As I stand, I gently rub my fingers up the inside of her leg until I get to her inner thigh. She shivers with anticipation. I slowly rub my fingers through her folds. “Fuck you are so wet for me.” I slam two fingers deep inside her and she whimpers. I finger fuck her hard while I unbutton my pants with my other hand and once they are undone I remove my wallet and pull the condom out with my teeth. Sylvia is panting and moaning on the couch with her hips riding my fingers. “Lay still woman.”

I pull my fingers out of her to slip the condom on and I watch as she lays completely still waiting to feel my cock enter her and fuck her until she explodes around me. I slip the tip in and pull it back out.

“Michael, don’t be a tease.”

I slap her again and leave a beautiful pink mark on her ass. “Who is in charge?” I groan.

She pants. “You! Please Michael it has been so long, I need this.”

I slam my cock into her without warning and she screams out.


I pause leaving my cock buried deep inside her. After a minute, I start pounding her so hard I’m shifting the couch and I don’t give a fuck. I squeeze her hips hard, slamming her against me so she’s meeting each thrust.

“Michael, I’m going to come!” I know she’s asking for permission so I continue pumping in and out of her.

“Let it go!” I growl and she responds beautifully. I feel her pussy tighten around my dick as she starts milking me for my seed, so I empty my load in response. I lean over the couch and kiss her beautiful back right between her shoulder blades before I pull out.

I grab the end of the condom as I pull out of her so I can slip it off and tie the end. She stands taking a deep breath as she tells me there is a trash can in her attached bathroom. I smile as I adjust my pants and then walk over to dispose of it. On my way back she meets me outside the bathroom door.

“That was pretty amazing.”

I kiss her and say, “You have seen nothing yet, but trust me I plan on showing you plenty more. First, I have to get you another security guard before I get fired.”

She grins at me and says, “Make the call because I want much more of this.” She rubs my dick through my pants.

I grab her hand. “Courtney is probably already here, behave yourself and I will take care of you later.” I kiss her hand and walk out of her office feeling like a new man.


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