The Midnight Cowboys Complete Collection (MFM)

Midnight Cowboys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 53,913
0 Ratings (0.0)

Box Set #34: The Midnight Cowboys Complete Collection (All 3 books for $3.99)

In Midnight Rodeo, when the rodeo rolls into town bar owner Talia's only interest is the extra money the increase in trade will bring. What she doesn't yet know is how the sexy, blond Reb and the dark, mysterious Cody will make her question everything she ever believed about men, sex and her own desires.

In Two Cowboys for Christie, when Christie revisits her childhood home, she never dreams that her adolescent fantasies are about to become a reality. She'd once been inseparable from the boys on the next ranch, but Garrett and Connor are all grown up and the games they want to play now aren't for kids. When the two men make her an offer to pick up where they left off one drunken night in the barn as teenagers, Christie finds she is tempted. But who wouldn't be with two muscle-bound, blue-eyed cowboys offering to make all your fantasies come true?

In Three for the Rodeo, Sadie wants to be just like the guys. She longs to join them in the rodeo ring, riding the broncos and bringing down steers. But her friends, Kyle and Gabe, have strong objections. Unable to understand why they refuse to help her, Sadie's frustration boils over, resulting in a wild night in the bar that forces them all to reassess their relationships with each other. 

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Midnight Rodeo (MFM) Two Cowboys for Christie (MFM) Three for the Rodeo (MFM)

The Midnight Cowboys Complete Collection (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Midnight Cowboys Complete Collection (MFM)

Midnight Cowboys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 53,913
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston





Reb smiled, smoothing a finger over her cheek before allowing it to trail down to the nipple poking through her top.

‘Whoa, guys. I don’t know if I can do this,’ she said, taking a step back. Cody wrapped a hand around her wrist gently, stopping her flight.

‘Why not?’

‘Why not?’ she repeated feeling cornered. ‘Well, I barely know you for a start.’

‘We both want you, Talia,’ Reb said, running a hand down her other arm. ‘We’ve been watching you all night,’ he breathed, pulling her closer, ‘watching your lovely dark hair brush over your body and that sexy little ass swaying back and forth under our noses.’

‘And we know you want us,’ Cody said, sliding his hand across the small of her back, urging her closer. ‘I saw the way you looked at me earlier and how you reacted when Reb touched you. Your nipples got hard instantly, just like they are now.’

Talia laughed nervously. ‘Look, guys. It’s not that I don’t find the idea appealing—but it’s just not my kind of thing, ok?’

‘Why, because you’re a good girl?’ Reb teased, running a hand over her ass. ‘Or is it because you are afraid people will find out.’

‘A bit of both,’ she said, her resolve starting to weaken as the men pulled her between them, pressing her forward into Cody’s body as Reb slotted his behind. Her head began to spin as they continued to persuade her, taking turns to speak.

‘It’s ok to be a bad girl if you want to be, Talia,’ Cody said, bunching her hair to one side to mutter hotly into her ear. ‘Nobody will ever know.’

‘Let us make you feel good,’ Reb whispered, rubbing his erection against her ass as he moved closer. ‘You know we can.’

‘Don’t be scared to take what you want,’ Cody said, as she stared at him uncertainly. ‘But if you want us to leave, just say so.’ Both of the men froze, their heated breath wafting over her face and neck as they waited for her reply. ‘Do you want us to leave Talia?’

The blood rushed in her ears as her heart skipped a beat at the prospect of the pleasure that could lie ahead if she could just reach out and grab it. She dropped Cody’s gaze, shaking her head. ‘No, I don’t want you to leave.’

‘You won’t be sorry, baby,’ Reb said, allowing his hand to slide between her legs. ‘Fuck, Cody, she is so hot and wet I can feel it through her jeans.’  He gasped, sinking his teeth into her shoulder. Talia’s legs shook as Cody grasped both of her breasts, biting down gently at her lip as he sucked it into his mouth.

‘Where’s the bedroom?’ He groaned, forcing himself to end the kiss. Talia whispered her answer, barely able to find her voice.





‘What are you thinking about?’ Garrett asked, smiling down at her softly as he refilled her glass.

‘Being here again. It’s so strange but it feels like I never left.’

‘It doesn’t feel that way for us Christie. There has always been a huge hole in our lives that only you could fill.’

‘Don’t say that, Garrett.’

‘Why not?’

Christie put her glass down. ‘Because you guys have done nothing but put pressure on me since I arrived, acting as if your whole happiness depends on how I respond to your crazy offer. You want me to stay here with you—both of you—and God help me, but I’ve been considering it.’

‘Glad to hear it,’ Connor said with a smile. ‘What’s the problem?’

‘The problem is what kind of woman would that make me?’ She laughed as the absurd thoughts she’d been having spilled out of her mouth. ‘You don’t even know me anymore. The person you want is the naïve little kid who thought you two were gods made flesh. I’ve grown up, Connor, and I need a grown up relationship.’

‘That’s what we are offering.’

‘Have you thought it through? I mean, really? I’ve never even had sex with either of you yet you want me to commit to having a relationship with both of you. Do you realize how insane that sounds?’

Connor blew out a frustrated breath and Garrett paced away, running a hand through his hair as he thought on her words. Finally, he turned to her. ‘Look, I admit the conversation went too far last night. I was putting the cart before the horse.’

‘You can say that again,’ Connor said accusingly.

‘All we really want is a chance to see if what we believe is true.’

‘And what’s that?’ she asked.

‘That we are meant to be together. All of us.’ Garrett sat beside her on the sofa, clasping her hands in his. ‘Your entire childhood, you spent every waking moment with me and Connor. You were taken away from us at a time when we’d been fighting to keep our distance because we thought it was the right thing to do. Now, we want another chance to make things turn out the way they should have all along.’

‘You don’t have to say yes, Christie,’ Connor added, taking the seat on her other side. ‘But we think you feel the same way about us.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Tell Garrett you don’t love him.’ Connor eyes fixed on hers as he dared her to speak the words.

‘You know I can’t,’ she said finally, dropping her gaze. She heard Garrett let out a shaky breath beside her but she couldn’t bring herself to look his way. A pulse beat loudly in her ears, drowning out the tense silence in the room.

‘Ok, then tell me.’ Christie stared at Connor again, angry almost that he could see through her so easily. She wished she could tell him that she didn’t love him just to wipe the smug look off his face but she couldn’t. Tears pricked her eyes as she shook her head slowly, letting him see that she was no more able to say it to him than she had been to Garrett.

‘So where does that leave us?’ he asked gently. Garrett remained silent, seeming content to let Connor speak, knowing his cousin had a way with words, Christie guessed. ‘We are adults and we love each other. Why aren’t we together?’

‘I don’t know. It’s just wrong I guess.’

‘Who says so?’ Garrett asked finally. ‘Who better to make the rules for our own lives than us?’

‘All we are asking for is a chance to show you how great it could be,’ Connor added when Christie fell silent again. ‘Let us show you how much we love you, Christie.’

She sighed, sinking back against the sofa as she closed her eyes. Christie could feel them waiting for her answer. When they put it the way they had, their suggestion didn’t seem unreasonable but she simply couldn’t shake the idea that it was wrong. She told them so.

‘Just let it go,’ Connor soothed, leaning closer as the hand that had been smoothing her hair began to trail down over her cheek. He tilted her chin, giving her plenty of time to pull away as his mouth lowered to hers.




Christie gasped as their lips touched, self conscious at first to be kissing him in front of Garrett until she became aware of his hand on her shoulder. Almost as soon as she felt it, he turned her towards him and away from Connor, replacing his lips with his own.

Garrett’s kiss seemed deeper and more possessive, as if he was trying to claim her. She began to respond to the probing of his tongue as it forced its way into her mouth. A long dormant ache came to life in her groin, and she tested the sensation, pushing against it as she realized how aroused she’d become.

Connor’s hand caressed her thigh and she felt him move closer. His other lifted her hair, giving him access to her neck. Christie felt a hard jolt of desire slam through her as his lips found her skin and he nibbled at it gently. Garrett’s free hand grasped her other leg and he wrapped a large palm around it, squeezing and smoothing as he made his way nearer and nearer to her crotch. Christie felt the first, fleeting pressure against her pussy as his knuckles grazed the fabric between her legs. Her insides contracted and she felt her muscles quiver at the warm, wet sensation his touch had caused.

‘Stop,’ she said weakly, ripping her mouth from Garrett’s and pushing them both away. ‘I can’t think with the two of you doing things to me.’

The men stayed put but didn’t touch her. Christie looked from one to the other. Two pairs of blue eyes stared back, watching as she straightened her clothes and got to her feet. Connor slumped forward to rest his forearms on his thighs, raising his head to look up at her. Garrett fell back, his chest rising and falling rapidly as he breathed heavily. His erection was clearly outlined in the denim of his jeans and she had to resist the urge to drop to her knees and release it.

‘So, what’s it gonna be, Christie?’ he asked quietly, drawing her attention back to his face. ‘If you keep looking at me like that, the choice isn’t gonna be yours for much longer.’

‘I can’t have sex with both of you at once,’ she protested weakly, knowing that she very much wanted to.

‘That night back in the barn, we all started something we’ve just got to finish,’ Connor said, getting to his feet to stand in front of her. ‘None of us can move on until we do.’

‘Besides,’ Garrett added, ‘it would cause too much jealousy if you chose one of us over the other. That’s why we agreed, if it ever happened, it was gonna be all or nothing.’

‘What makes you think I could handle that?’ Christie asked

‘It wouldn’t have to be this way every time,’ Connor said. ‘Just this first time—then we’ll see what happens.’

‘This isn’t just about sex,’ Garrett said, getting to his feet to stand in front of her beside Connor, ‘but I’ve had a hard-on for you for fifteen years and I can’t wait another minute to fuck you and I know he feels the same.’

Christie got wetter. Garrett didn’t know how to sweet talk a girl but if the look in his eye was anything to go by, he sure knew how to make her feel wanted. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked up at the pair of them. Every fantasy she’d ever had could be about to unfold in front of her and for the first time, she acknowledged to herself that it was exactly what she wanted. The damp throbbing in her pussy could not be ignored any longer.

She took a step back, enjoying a brief moment of power as she saw a fleeting look of disappointment cross their faces. ‘Give me five minutes and then come up to my room.’





Gabe hissed in an amused breath as Kyle nearly spat his mouthful of beer across the room. He wiped his face as he laughed quietly. ‘Do you really think this is the place for that kind of talk, Miss Perkins?’

‘Well, you were talking about it already,’ she said defensively, refusing to allow their amused gazes to make her feel even more stupid than she did already. ‘That’s what you were saying, wasn’t it? You asked if he thought that woman would go home with the both of you.’

The humor left Gabe’s face to be replaced with the quiet watchfulness that was always there whenever she caught him looking her way. He held her eyes for a moment longer before dropping his head as he answered. ‘Why do you care?’

‘I don’t,’ she said, picking up her beer and turning her back on them before the conversation became even more personal. Sadie wished she’d never opened her mouth. It had only been a few days since she’d turned them down on their outrageous offer, and she guessed she’d just gotten her answer as to whether it was too early to test out if they were all still friends or not. They’d given her a wide berth since that night. Both guys seemed polite enough, but the camaraderie they’d shared seemed to have gone.

Sadie gave up trying to make friends with them for the time being and moved away to the other end of the bar. Not that either of them seemed to care. Their eyes had fixed firmly on the pretty little brunette who’d just noticed the two sexy cowboys watching her. The last thing Sadie needed was to watch Kyle and Gabe seduce someone right under her nose.

Sadie took a seat, determined to focus on the band playing that night and ignore the pair until they’d at least apologized for being so mean to her. She didn’t have to wait too long before she felt a strong, heavy hand on her shoulder.

‘Aw, don’t be sore, honey. We’re sorry.’ Kyle sounded sincere.

‘Ok.’ She sighed, making room for them as they sat on either side of her. They fell into an awkward silence that lasted about as long as it took Gabe to swallow down the rest of his beer.

‘What are you doing here anyway?’ he asked. Sadie scanned the cowboy’s green eyes for signs of the irritation she could hear in his voice yet he wore the expression of a guy simply asking a polite question. But with Gabe, nothing was simple.

‘I missed you guys,’ she said, trying to make her answer less revealing with a carefree shrug. ‘I hadn’t seen you since the night you…you know.’

‘Yeah, we know.’ Gabe smiled dryly. With his light brown, sun-streaked hair and sparkling green eyes, he looked nothing like the hard, sexy man she knew him to be. Gabriel P. Miles was one hell of a rodeo rider and one horny son-of-a-bitch when you got him fired up. Leading him on for fun wouldn’t be a mistake she’d make again anytime soon.

Working at the permanent rodeo in Hurley, Colorado kept them all so busy that they only really saw each other if they made the effort. Her job involved grooming and taking care of the horses. It wasn’t what she wanted, but she’d been lured into it by the promise of an opening for a woman rodeo rider eventually. The boss, Adie Phipps, had been evasive so far about when he actually intended to introduce the new event and the season was almost half over. But Sadie didn’t mind too much. She loved her job and the town she worked in. Besides, she’d stretched the truth a little when they’d spoken for the first time. She’d never actually taken part in anything but the usual cowgirl events such as barrel racing or calf roping. Bull or bronco riding was something she’d planned to ask Gabe and Kyle to teach her about sometime soon, but she hoped she hadn’t blown her only chance to get them to help her by acting crazy a few days earlier. Sadie doubted they’d be feeling very charitable towards her yet.

‘It wasn’t entirely our fault, you know,’ Kyle said, cutting through her thoughts. ‘I know we pissed you off by treating you like our kid sister, but it was your decision to up the stakes.’

‘And we saved you from that guy,’ Gabe reminded her gently. ‘So we’re not all bad.’

Sadie dropped her gaze. ‘I know. I owe you both an apology, too.’

The guy he’d been referring to had pinned her against the wall as she tried to pass him on her way back from the bathroom. He’d stopped short of managing to kiss her but only because Kyle and Gabe had shown up.

‘Are you sure you want another beer?’ Gabe asked a little later when the conversation had finally moved on to safer ground. ‘You’ve had a few.’

As relieved as she felt to be spending time with them again, Sadie just couldn’t let them get away with treating her that way. If the price of admission back into their precious circle of friendship was that she had to allow them to monitor her every move, they could forget it. Kyle had been almost as bad as Gabe, looking at her with concern every time she lifted her beer bottle to her lips. Ok, so she’d been drinking a little fast, but she felt incredibly nervous.

‘I’m not a kid,’ she said with as much indignation as she could muster. ‘And I don’t need anyone watching out for me.’

‘You’re not a kid, huh?’ Gabe said with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. ‘Could have fooled me.’

‘What do you mean?’

He dropped her gaze. ‘Forget it.’

‘No, I won’t forget it. What do you mean?’

His bottle hit the bar hard, splashing beer over his wrist. ‘You really don’t want to hear it, lady.’




‘Calm down,’ Kyle warned him.

Gabe looked at her again. ‘Maybe you’d better go.’

‘Why?’ Kyle said, saving her from asking the same question.

‘Because I couldn’t handle it if you changed your mind. I’ve spent so much time fantasizing about that night and, now you’re here, all I want to do is pin you to the wall and ram my cock into you over and over again.’ The words came out in an angry rush until he paused for breath, running his hands through his light brown hair as his chest heaved. ‘But despite all that, if I can’t be sure you are agreeing to this for the right reasons, then I think you’d better leave.’

He sank to the bed, flopping back onto it as he fought to calm himself. Sadie sat in shock, fire coursing through her as she stared at his body until Kyle’s words to Gabe reached through her fog.

‘Buddy, I feel the same way but you gotta take it easy.’ His eyes found hers. ‘It’s all up to Sadie now.’ He kept his composure better than his friend but she didn’t doubt his feelings ran as deeply. His body sank back against the counter and his groin got hard under her gaze, as if she’d really touched him. The challenge in his eyes darkened them to an inky black, and she heard a hiss as he sucked in a breath and bit down into his bottom lip while he waited for her to make a move.

Sadie did move, but not in his direction. She shrugged off the jogging suit she wore and got down to her nightshirt before she dared another look at either of them. Kyle’s eyes began to glitter possessively, but he wasn’t her priority at that moment.

Gabe had her full attention. He seemed to be in torment and she wanted, or rather needed, to make it better. Kyle would take care of himself.

Gabe’s body lurched upwards as he felt the first touch of her nails scraping up the denim of his thighs. His shocked expression disappeared as Sadie massaged the powerful muscles beneath her palms, shushing him when he began to speak so she could concentrate on inching nearer and nearer to his penis swelling at the crotch of his jeans.

Sliding over his body to put her full weight on him, Sadie cupped his face in her hands and looked deeply into his eyes before kissing him, so that he would know this was what she wanted. His reaction was all she could hope for. His hands came up to crush her head closer as his hot tongue forced its way between her lips.

Sadie dragged her mouth from his to sit back across his thighs and she tore the shirt from his jeans, ripping open the buttons and dragging it from his shoulders. Job done, her hands dropped to the buckle at his waist and she worked quickly to free his cock. Gabe hissed and lurched forward again as she pulled him free of his clothing. His penis was hard and thick and she felt him jerk as she ran her hand up the length of it, flicking her thumb over the top.

‘Baby, slow down,’ he gasped, smiling to take the edge off his words.

She laughed, feeling no embarrassment. Her sudden and drastic change of heart had surprised her almost as much as it did Gabe. ‘Sorry. I kind of got carried away.’

‘Don’t you dare apologize,’ she heard Kyle say behind her. Sadie turned to find him naked and standing at her side. In her rush to get at Gabe, she hadn’t heard him move.

‘Take your hat off, idiot.’ Kyle didn’t take offense at Gabe’s words, turning to throw his hat across the room with a silly grin. Gabe took the opportunity to shrug his jeans down his legs and off his feet before pulling her back across his lap.

Kyle leaned forward to grab her nightshirt at the hem and rip it clean up over her head. She felt a moment’s shyness as two sets of eyes raced over her skin but forgot it as soon as Kyle pushed her forward over Gabe’s body.

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