The Rodeo Cowboys Complete Collection (MF)

Rodeo Cowboys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 53,500
0 Ratings (0.0)

Box Set #27: The Rodeo Cowboys Complete Collection (All 3 books for $2.99)

In Melanie’s Protector, Melanie "kidnaps" Steve McCall, the big, rugged saddle bronc rider, because he looks like an honest man. What she hasn't planned on is the instant, sizzling attraction rampaging through her body whenever they look at each other.

In Karly’s Drifter, in spite of Hawk Rivers' refusal to share in her book, Karly yearns to know the real man who guards a secret with his life. Hawk insists he's bad for her even while at the same time expresses his desire for her in no uncertain terms. As Karly follows the rodeo circuit, snapping photos of cowboys, her focus remains zeroed in on one particular, mysterious, sexy cowboy—the cowboy who already has the power to break her heart.

In Josie’s Heartbreaker, Josie Landford is determined to find the perfect rodeo cowboy to fulfill her fantasy. After watching sexy Rex West wrestle a big, old steer to the rodeo floor, she approaches him and makes an offer he certainly cannot refuse! Josie has her own guidelines for her fantasy affair, and soon, it becomes a fantasy affair for them both.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Melanie's Protector (MF) Karly's Drifter (MF) Josie's Heartbreaker (MF)

The Rodeo Cowboys Complete Collection (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Rodeo Cowboys Complete Collection (MF)

Rodeo Cowboys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 53,500
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston





Steve dragged his tired butt into his camper, took one step, and tripped over something in the sooty darkness. Losing his balance, he smacked his forehead on the handle of the refrigerator door. “Shit! What the hell is that?” He fumbled for the light over the sink.

As the light flickered to life, he saw a black leather tote bag on the floor.

“Don’t move.”

His gaze shot to the bed over the cab of his truck. The redhead from the rodeo stands held a pistol pointed directly at his chest. He’d been too cranky after losing the competition to fantasize about what color eyes she had. Turned out they were a vivid shade of green. She knelt on his bed with her arms stretched in front of her, gripping the .22 in both hands.

“What the hell?” Steve rubbed his forehead, knowing he’d probably sprout a goose egg. “How did you get back here? And why are you in my camper? I don’t recall inviting you.”

“You left it unlocked. And...I want you to take me to Bozeman. Now.”

His crankiness twisted into anger. “Oh, you do, do you?”

“Yes. I have to be there by six this morning.”

“If you want to rob me, I’ll give you the few bucks in my wallet. Then you can get the hell out of my camper.”

She shook her head, causing her long, silky hair to sway back and forth. “I have no intention of robbing you. I need to get to Bozeman.”

“Ever hear of driving, bus, airplane, lady?”

She shook her head again. “I want you to drive me.”

“Now, wait a minute.” Steve held up his hands. “I’m not a damn taxi service. If you want to shoot me, do it. I’m already dead on my feet.”

“I don’t want to shoot you. I want you to drive me to Bozeman.”

“Sorry, no can do. I’m almost out of gas. The next town is thirty miles up the road, and the gas station doesn’t open ‘til six.”

The redhead’s brows knitted together into a frown. “This is a big truck. It has to have dual tanks.”

Tank number two was filled but he wasn’t about to tell her that. “Forgot to fill it.”

Still frowning, she watched him with a skeptical glint in her eyes. Steve rubbed his forehead again, avoiding her eyes. He hated being dishonest, even to a wacky redhead with a gun pointed at him.

She let out a long, frustrated breath, then stared down at the gun for several moments.

“Why don’t you put the gun away?” Steve suggested. “We’ll forget this ever happened.”

Her gaze collided with his. “No. I have to get to Bozeman.”

“It’s a long walk. And a lady can’t be hitchhiking at night on this lonely road. So, it looks like you have to spend the night on the side of the road with me.” He wasn’t sure if he relished that idea. Sure, she was attractive, with that flaming head of hair, but the fact that she had a gun pointed at him tended to put a damper on things.

She shook her head. “No, no, no.”

“What’s so important about getting to Bozeman by six?”

“I need” She pressed her lips together in a tight line for a moment. “I need to catch a plane.” Fear swirled in her eyes.

“Listen, why don’t you put the gun away?” He held up his hands again. “I’m an honest guy. You can trust me.”

“That’s why I picked you.”

Steve laid his hand on his chest, eyes widening. “You picked me to drive you to Bozeman?”

She nodded.

So much for honesty. If he looked like a low-down rat, he probably wouldn’t be standing in his camper with a gun pointed at him. “What’s your name?” When she didn’t answer, he said, “I’m Steve McCall. Now, you tell me yours.” She still didn’t volunteer her name. “Okay. I guess it’s Red.”

She frowned at him, clearly not liking the nickname.

“How about I make some coffee?”

What he really wanted was sleep, not caffeine. Since Red was in his bed, he didn’t have much choice. If she didn’t have a pistol sighted in on him, he’d crawl up there with her.

He kicked her tote bag out of the way and grabbed the small container of coffee off the cupboard shelf. After he measured the coffee, he glanced over at her. “Your legs will go to sleep kneeling like that.” He turned on the propane burner. “Your arms have to be getting tired.”

Red lifted her chin and raised the gun a notch.

Steve shrugged as he pulled a couple of mugs from the cupboard. “If you picked me to be your chauffeur because I look honest, then you don’t need to be pointing that gun at me.”

“I said you looked honest. I didn’t say you were.”




Steve looked into her eyes as his hands cupped her soft, plump breasts. “No one will hurt you. I’ll see to that, Red.” Her eyes, already simmering with heat, flooded with gratitude.

She lowered her head, nipped his upper lip while he gently pinched her nipples.

“You have beautiful breasts,” he whispered before he kissed her again.

Her tongue invaded his mouth and Steve groaned as she rubbed her pubic mound against him. Lifting her forward so her breasts were at eye level, he suckled her nipple like a starving man. Her hips moved seductively up and down over his erection. He needed her bare flesh rubbing against his. Steve reached for the button on her jeans, but she stopped him by pushing his tee shirt up and over his head. Then she bent, her thick hair spreading across his chest as she licked his nipple. She licked her way over to his other nipple and his desire for her ripened with each rake of her tongue. While the exotic scent of her hair drifted around him, Steve palmed her crotch, hearing her breathy moan. Moments later they were both struggling with each other’s jeans. When the clothes were off, Red kissed him again, her hot, naked body draped over his.

Slipping his finger into her wet pussy, he couldn’t stop the groan that rumbled from his lips. She raised her butt slightly, moving her hips up and down. His other hand sought out her breast, where he rubbed his thumb over her hard nipple, the sound of her husky, womanly moans driving his lust higher and hotter.

When she came, Steve gritted his teeth as fiery lust exploded inside of him. He didn’t give her a chance to recover before he plunged his cock deep into her pussy.

Red sat up, moving with him as he thrust hard and fast inside her. Through hooded eyes, he watched her breasts jiggle before he covered them with his hands. Red laid her hands on top of his and worked them against her. The feel of her soft palms had him clenching his back teeth together to hold onto his control.





He saw Karly throw back her head and laugh at something the young stud whispered in her ear. Burning with unexpected and unwanted jealousy, he watched her flirt. When the husky cowboy wrapped his hand around Karly’s neck and started kissing her, Hawk threw down the soda can and stormed through the crowd of partygoers.

As he approached them, he watched Karly shove at the cowboy’s chest. Hawk grabbed the back of the young cowboy’s collar, twisting him around to face him. “Keep your goddamn hands off the lady.”

“Just who in the hell do you think you are?”

“None of your business.” Hawk locked his gaze on Karly’s.

“Hey, honey, you know this S.O.B?” The cowboy craned his neck to see Karly.

Eyes wide with surprise, she nodded, never taking her eyes from Hawk’s.

The cowboy wrestled himself from Hawk’s grip and wheeled around to face her. “You told me you were footloose and fancy free.”

She lifted her chin. “I am footloose and fancy free.”

Anger charging through him, Hawk muscled the man aside and reached for Karly’s wrist. He dragged her away from the cowboy.

“You coming back later, honey?” the guy yelled after her.

Karly glanced over her shoulder. “Maybe, sugar.”

Hawk led her outside of the beer gardens, where she yanked free of his hold.

“Just what the hell were you doing in there? You don’t have any claims on me.” Karly poked him in the chest. “You disappeared in the middle of the night. Slam bam, and not even a thank you, ma’am.”

While the anger steamed and hissed inside of his body, he watched her back up a couple of steps. Hawk fought back the urge to reach for her again.

Karly fisted her hands and planted them on her hips. “I don’t like being left high and dry.”

“It was for the best.”

“Hah! You made the decision to leave without even a good-bye kiss.”

“How do you know I didn’t kiss you before I left?” Hawk had kissed her cheek, her forehead, and brushed his lips over hers before he’d run out on her.

She opened her mouth to say something but stopped. Karly glanced away for a moment before she brought her gaze back to him. “Whatever.” Squaring her shoulders, she said, “I’m afraid you’ll have to excuse me. There’s a young, randy cowboy in there that has the hots for me.”

She spun around, but Hawk caught her arm. His jealousy roaring to life again, he leaned close to her. “This isn’t your style, Karly.”

Wrenching her arm from his grip, she faced him. “You don’t know what my style is, Mr. Rivers. You didn’t take the time to find out.”

Battling to keep his emotions under control, Hawk hated admitting she was right. His gut told him Karly didn’t sleep around, but then he really didn’t know her. The one sure thing was she had kept him awake every damn night for the last week. She’d dredged up emotions buried for years inside his heart.

“Don’t sleep with the cowboy, Karly. You’ll regret it.”

Hawk burned her with a look before he pushed past her and strode away.




She pointed across the table. “Sit down. Maybe we could chitchat for awhile.”

Scowling at her, Hawk plowed a hand through his short hair.

“Okay, stand. If you’re thirsty, there’s a few things in the fridge.” After she finished loading the film, she picked up a cleaning tissue and polished a telephoto lens.

Every once in a while, she would glance up at him, locking her eyes with his.

Hawk was itching to get naked with her. “Let’s go to bed.”

She laid the telephoto lens on the table before looking up at him. Shock intertwined with heat floated in her hazel-toned eyes.

“My, my,” Karly clucked her teeth together. “If that’s your best line, then I would say you need to do some work on your seduction techniques.”

“All that damn stuff before is a waste time. If a man and a woman want each other, why not cut to the chase.”

Karly tilted her head, tapping her forefinger on her lips. “Let’s see now. I guess us weak-kneed females need some foreplay before hopping into the sack.”

“I’ll guarantee you I’m good at foreplay.”

“You’re pretty damn cocky.”

Her eyes lowered to his groin. His desire was apparent under his jeans. Karly wore some slinky little black top and her nipples were erect again. “Why don’t you see for yourself?”

Karly laughed. “Buy me a drink, dinner. Bring me flowers, then we’ll talk.”

“Talking’s not necessary, Karly.” Hawk saw the appreciation in her eyes when he called her by her name.

“So you did read my business card.”

“You wanted me to read your business card. That’s why you stuck it in my pocket.”

She shrugged. “I hand out my cards to everyone. Good advertising.”

Hawk moved closer to her, drinking in her womanly essence. “What were you advertising to me?” A touch of pink colored her cheeks, which aroused him even more.

Her eyes widened. “I gave you my business card in case you changed your mind about letting me use photos of you in my book.”

She sounded breathless to him. Hawk watched the rise and fall of her chest, her hard nipples tempting him. “Stand up, Karly. Or would you rather I dragged you to your feet?”

She wiped her palms on her thighs, gazing up at him, the invitation showing in her eyes.

He bent down, took her hands, and slowly pulled her to her feet.


“We both want this, Karly.” He moved his hands to her hair, smoothing it back from her face. “If you want to waste more time protesting...” He lowered his head as her hands splayed across his chest.

His intention had been to take her rough and hard, knowing in his gut she would’ve responded in kind. Instead, as his mouth touched her soft, supple lips tasting of Coca Cola and the saltiness of popcorn, he slowly moved his lips over her. Surprise shot through him that he wanted to be gentle with her. Some unnamed emotion inside of him needed to be gentle with her. Karly sighed, opening her lips. He slid his tongue inside of her, enticing her tongue with his own.

Her hands slipped down his chest, her palms pushing against his nipples. Ending the kiss, he leaned back and looked down into her eyes.

“You tell me to get the hell out of here now or else I stay. I’ll let it be your call, Karly.” His cock was throbbing to be inside of her pussy.

She stared at him for what seemed like forever. “Stay,” she whispered.

He backed away from her, reaching for the door to close it. Karly turned, gave him a sultry look over her shoulder, and walked the short distance to the bed over the cab of the truck. Hawk caught up with her, taking her arm, and swinging her around to face him.

Sliding his hands under her skimpy top, he skimmed the black top over her head. A strapless black bra barely covered her small breasts. A groan rumbled from the back of his throat as he reached behind her and unhooked her bra, freeing her breasts. He stared at her hard, rosy nipples, his lust mounting as he covered her breasts with his hands.

Hawk took his time stripping off her clothes, hearing her sighs of pleasure. He tugged her faded jeans over her slim hips, discovering black bikini panties. Gritting his teeth, he took her out of her jeans and tucked his fingers inside her panties. His fingers brushed the rich brown curls at her crotch as he peeled off her panties until she stood naked in front of him. From his crouched position, his eyes traveled upward until his gaze clashed with hers. Her face was flushed, and her eyes were...Hawk wasn’t sure.

He forced himself to stand because what he really wanted was to bury his face between her legs. After he yanked off his t-shirt, he tossed it behind him. Once he unzipped his jeans, Karly took over from there. Hawk kicked off his boots as she pushed his jeans and briefs down to his ankles. With his foot, he shoved his clothes aside. Her hands circled around his cock. As her hands worked up and down over his shaft, she caught his eye. For a few moments, he let her fondle him, knowing it wouldn’t take much to get him off. Grabbing her hips, he hoisted her up to the bed. He loved the sound of her little squeal. For him, tonight was about sex, giving pleasure and getting it in return.

As she scooted over, he crawled up beside her. Enough torture, Hawk decided, as he dragged her on top of him. The heat from her soft, silky body fused with his own. Twining her arms around his neck, Karly kissed him, pushing her sweet, salty tongue inside of his mouth. He cupped her tight little ass and grinded her crotch against his aching cock.

Karly slithered up and down and back and forth over his cock, increasing his lust and need. He raised her up over his head until her breasts touched his cheeks and tugged one nipple into his mouth. He heard himself groan like a thirsty man finally discovering the watering hole in the desert. He moved his lips to her other nipple as she rubbed her wet pussy over his stomach. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. Fondling her breasts, he listened to her breathy moans above him.

In one quick sweep, Hawk rolled her over and plunged his cock inside her slick pussy. Karly gasped for breath as she opened herself for him. The sounds of the rodeo crowd faded into the background as he fingered her clit, needing her to come for him. Hawk drove himself harder and deeper into her tight pussy as her slim legs wrapped around his hips.





“Now, back to my fantasies.” Josie turned on the bench and scrunched her knees against Carol’s thigh. “It has always been a dream of mine to have hot, raunchy sex with a cowboy.”

“Shhh,” Carol scolded. “There are kids around us.”

Leaning forward, Josie whispered, “I’m finding me a cowboy today. And in the very near future, I’m having scorching—I mean, scorching—sex with him.”

“You’re hopeless.”

“Not hopeless. Persistent.”

“I think this obsession of yours comes from living in a big city all your life. I mean, a cowboy is just a cowboy.”

Josie fanned the program in front of her face. The day was hot, promising to get even hotter as the afternoon wore on. “Not in my fantasies. You try being married to an anal-retentive stockbroker for twenty years. I need a man as wild as a cougar.”

“We call them mountain lions in Montana.”

“Okay, okay, I’m learning.”

Impatience threaded through her as Josie squirmed on the hard bleacher seat, waiting for the saddle bronc competition to end. Rex West was the second cowboy up in steer wrestling. She liked the sound of his name since she’d never known a man with that name before.

The first steer wrestler was a young guy who wrestled the white-face yearling down in six seconds flat. Impressed by the young man’s skills, she was positive her cowboy would beat the young stud.

What if number twenty-seven is a young stud, too? She wasn’t into robbing the cradle. She wanted a hunky cowboy her own age—a few years either way, she could handle. When Rex West raced out of the chute on a rich, brown Quarter horse, her breath caught. His shoulders were as wide as the Rocky Mountains, and he was tall. Oh, she definitely liked tall.

Leaping off his gorgeous steed, he wrestled the bawling animal down to the ground in six seconds. Her potential fantasy cowboy got to his feet and turned in her direction, causing her breath to catch again. His face was rugged from the harsh Montana elements, and his scowl was somehow quite sexy. On the plus side, he was the target age.

Fanning herself again with her program, Josie elbowed Carol in the ribs. “He’s the one.”

“Right age, good body, and he wears his jeans well. But at his age, he’s probably married.”

Josie smacked Carol on her arm with the program. “Will you just stop? Come on, let’s go.”

“I want to watch the rest of the rodeo.”

“Don’t mess with ground control. I’m ready to launch.” Grabbing Carol’s hand, Josie tugged her to her feet. “You said you were bored with rodeos. Joe drags you to them all the time.”

“For the record, I don’t like being a part of your little scheme.” Carol followed Josie down the steps of the bleachers. “I mean, this is so high school, and it’s been years since I graduated.”

“That’s why it’s fun. Come on. Get the lead out.”

Ignoring Carol’s grumbling behind her, Josie bullied her way through the crowd. When she exited the grandstands, luck was on her side. Rex West was leading his horse somewhere. She wasn’t sure where. He was tall, rangy, and oozing manly sex appeal.

She hurried to catch up with him. “Pardon me.”

He stopped and glanced over his shoulder at her. Josie flashed him her brightest smile. His horse whinnied and backed up a few steps.

“Hi.” She smiled at him again. Up close and personal, the man was delicious. With lines etched around his caramel-colored eyes, he was even more rugged in person. His thick, black eyebrows were now raised as he stared at her intensely.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your wrestling that big old steer down to the ground.”

“Excuse me?” His voice had the bite of ass-kicking whiskey.

“This is my first rodeo, and it’s so exciting.”

He scratched the back of his neck, looking slightly confused even as he continued to stare at her. “Your first rodeo?”

She nodded. “I moved here recently from Portland, Oregon.”

“They have rodeos in Oregon.”

“Oh, I’m sure they do. I just never had the opportunity to attend one.” Her anal ex wasn’t into rodeos. “By the way, I’m Josie Landford.” She held out her hand.

He studied it for a moment before he shook her hand.

Pings of electricity shot through her at the feel of his large, rough hand. Oh, she was having visions of what those big hands could do to her. No wedding ring. If she had spotted a ring, she would have turned and sashayed off.

“Rex West.”

He held her hand a tad too long, which she took as a good sign. “How long have you been steer wrestling?” Visions of wrestling with him scrolled through her mind.

One corner of his lip twitched up. “Since I was old enough to catch one.”

She laughed.

From under the brim of his cocoa-brown cowboy hat, he held her eyes for a few sizzling seconds. “Pleasure to meet you, ma’am.”

A man of few words. “It was so nice to meet you, Rex. I hope you don’t mind if I call you Rex. I mean, we just met and all.” She paused, scrambling to keep their meeting extended. “And you can call me Josie. Actually, it’s short for Josephine.”

Both corners of his lips curled up this time. “Josie.” He nodded.

“Your horse is absolutely gorgeous.” She narrowed her eyes and looked under the rump of the muscular horse. “What’s his name?”


“Now, that’s a nice, masculine name.” She pushed the ribbon-thin strap of her black top over her shoulder and caught him watching her. Definite interest. It was in his eyes. Josie dug around in her purse and pulled out her business card, then held it out to him.

He studied her card, frowning. “Sorry. I’m not interested in selling my ranch.”

“Heavens, no. I don’t want your ranch.” I want your body. She moved up close to him. Her breast ‘accidentally’ brushed against his arm. Their eyes caught for one scorching moment. “You see,” she pointed at her business card, “this has all my numbers on it. Work, home, cell. You can ignore the part that I sell real estate.”

His frown deepened. “If you don’t mind my asking, ma’am, why do I need your card?”

Under all that cowboy masculinity, the man couldn’t be dense. “Just in case you’d like to call me.”

He stared down at the card for a second, eyebrows scrunching together, before he looked back at her, a touch of confusion and interest in his eyes. “Well, thanks.” He stuffed her business card into the back pocket of his jeans.

When he turned to lead his horse away, Josie kicked her common sense out the back door. Her coy seduction technique had clearly hit a bump in the road. “I’m just going to be honest here.” She hurried and caught up with him.

Man and horse stopped walking. “Honest about what?”

“Will you have an affair with me?” It was out. Her secret was out. She was sure her cheeks matched the color of her hair.

He paused, slanting her a look. “Are you for real?”

She held up her hands. “Do I look real?”

He turned to face her, his eyes cruising down to her toes and slowly back up to her face. “Yeah. You look real, that’s for damn sure.”

His rich, brown eyes gleamed with interest, which sent a thrill sailing though her. “See, you’re not having some cockeyed dream.”

One corner of his lip curled up. “I’ll take your word for it.”

“You must be used to women coming on to you all the time.”


“Well, okay, then. You have my card. Of course, you need some time to think about it. Most men wouldn’t, but I do respect you not jumping in head-first.”

“Do you do this all the time?”

She waved her hand in front of her. “Never. This is the first time I’ve been so bold.” He kept staring at her. She wondered if he thought she was crazy. “Call me. We can talk.” Josie started backing up. “I’m a great cook. I bet you’re a meat-and-potatoes man. See you later.” She spun around and slammed into Carol. “Ohmigod, get me out of here.”

Carol grabbed her arm. “What the hell happened to coy? I thought you were going to act coy. You came onto him like a steam roller.”

Josie covered her face with her hands. “Oh, God. I can’t believe I was so brazen. He probably thought I’m as easy as frozen dinners. Just pop one in the microwave, and it’s ready in a flash.”

Carol glanced over her shoulder. “Good sign. I caught him watching you. Your butt. He was definitely staring at your butt.”

“Really? Do you think he likes it?”




Overwhelmed with an insatiable need to be inside her body, he backed her against the wall and tugged her cotton blouse over her head.

Watching her, Rex saw a glimpse of vulnerability in her lovely blue eyes. He unhooked the front clasp of her lacy blue bra, then bent his head to feed off her nipples. She arched her back against him and reached down to rub his cock with her palm.

In an aroused, frenzied state, he stripped off her clothes, followed by his tee shirt. Her breath came in tiny little gasps as he unzipped his jeans and pushed them down around his ankles. Craving her body, he placed his hands on her hips and lifted her off her feet. “Wrap your legs around me, honey.”

He searched out her lips as she twined her legs around him. Pushing her back up against the wall, he rammed his cock hard and high into her. Her gasp of pleasure had him groaning. He nipped her bottom lip. She sucked his tongue into her mouth as his fingers dug into the soft flesh of her ass. Lost in her womanly scent, her heady perfume, and the feel of her breasts rubbing against his chest, he punched his cock harder and faster into her pussy. He hoped like hell he wasn’t hurting her, but he was unable to control his need for her. She didn’t seem hurt because she tightened her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a long and deep kiss, her tongue soft and seeking. He devoured the sweetness of her mouth. Finally, breaking away from their kiss, he struggled to control himself. He needed her to come, too. His wild state had him pounding himself hard into her, but her pleasure was important to him.

Josephine opened her eyes, looked straight at him, and in that moment, Rex got lost in those glorious eyes.

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