The Sports Wives Complete Collection (MF, MFM, MFMM)

Sports Wives 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 168,286
0 Ratings (0.0)

Box Set #39: The Sports Wives Complete Collection (All 6 books for $2.99)

In Love, Lust and Scandal in Professional Football, Cassie’s life looks ordinary from the outside, but underneath she hides a scandalous secret: she has to choose between a man she’s known for years and the most eligible bachelor in the Professional Football Confederacy.

In Lust Knows No Boundaries, there’s unconditional love, and there’s obsessive love. In a love triangle, sometimes there’s a little of both—and it can complicate a marriage. In order to save his marriage, Corby Teller has to do the unthinkable and send his wife into the arms of a man from her past.

In Sexy Is Never Ignored, being rich and famous allows for all kinds of indulgences, including a discreet threesome. But those in the public eye seldom escape the press unscathed. A bitter ex-wife drives the press closer and closer to uncovering the dark secret, threatening the careers of two football superstars.

In Damaged Goods, Suzy ends her habit of no-strings relationships when a man walks into her life who can bound her to his bed with little effort. Marco doesn’t care about Suzy’s past or the things his friends say about her. Taming the vixen won’t be easy, but training her as a submissive might just be the answer.

In Love’s Unselfish Gift, Marco loves his wife Suzy so much he sacrifices his happiness for her protection and fakes his own death, the only way to escape the checkered past that haunts him. Alanzo, Marco’s brother, swears to protect and take care of Suzy. When Marco resurfaces, he finds the two weathering the storm of a rocky love affair. A new love emerges between the three that might be just what they were looking for all along.

In The Third Promise, Suzy has everything she could want, yet she still wants more. When the Giovanni brothers introduce her to Branson Braxton, their close friend, Suzy can’t get him off her mind. Braxton goes out of his way to protect his friends and soon finds himself devoted to Suzy’s happiness as well. One more can’t hurt, right?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Love, Lust and Scandal in Professional Football (MF) Lust Knows No Boundaries (MFM) Sexy is Never Ignored (MFMM) Damaged Goods (MF) Love's Unselfish Gift (MFM)The Third Promise (MFMM)

The Sports Wives Complete Collection (MF, MFM, MFMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Sports Wives Complete Collection (MF, MFM, MFMM)

Sports Wives 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 168,286
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing





“Cassie, you are going to owe me the best blow in the world for this one, baby. I have tickets to the Christmas Eve Cleveland and Pittsburgh game and I wanted to see if you’ve ever been to Cleveland?”

“Why? Do you need directions?” I crammed a handful of popcorn in my mouth.

“Smart-ass. No, I don’t. Wanna go?”

I almost fell over. Then, I almost dropped the phone. I’m not lying to you. I was that damn excited. “Steve, are you asking me out on a date or do you want me to ride with you just to be sure you can make it to Cleveland?”

I tried not to let my enthusiasm pour through the phone. Touchdown Pittsburgh. “Minnesota sucks,” I said as I rejoined the conversation already in full swing on the other end of the phone.

“Look, kiddo, Mandy’s going too. She really likes you and would love to get to know you better. So how about it? Wanna take a ride up to Cleveland with us?”

Mandy. The very mention of the woman’s name just sent shivers down my spine. Mandy was everything I wasn’t. She had long black hair and a shapely body that sent most men into orbit every time she swayed into the room—and could Mandy ever sway with those curvaceous hips. I, on the other hand, never possessed what someone would call curves, and outside of the great tits I carried around, my body defined ordinary and owned the term skinny.

“So, will I be chauffeuring you and the lovely Mandy to the gate because I know you didn’t land three tickets?”

Steve laughed. “Honey, as much as you love football, if I only had one ticket, you’d be the one to sit in the stands.”

I waited for a more direct response. Actually, I dreaded the whole truth. I felt confident it existed along with some underlying motive.

“I have two tickets, so you and Mandy are going to the game.”

“When hell freezes over.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I actually meant it.

“Aren’t you the least bit excited?” Steve pressed on. I wasn’t surprised. He always pressed on—in bed, in life, in phone sex. Persistent as hell—he served his gender well.

He also loved to rub Mandy in my face—not in the literal sense, of course. Thank heavens. After all, I’d always suspected he wanted a threesome, with me included in the trio. In fact, the dreaded day when he might bring it up seemed to loom with the sudden invitation.

I sighed. “I’m about as excited as I would be to land in bed with both you and Mandy.”

Without missing a beat, Steve perked right up. “Now there’s a great idea!”





Corby nearly foamed at the mouth. Sometimes, depending on his mood, he really liked to poke fun at his best friend’s wife. “So, hmmm…” he chuckled and his eyes twinkled with amusement, “how did you resolve this issue?” He stood up again and started to clear the plates from the table.

Mark cleared his throat and Suzy beat him to the punch line.

“He took a damn ax to it and whacked it off!” She wasn’t happy about it. She stood up in a huff.

We all roared with laughter—with the exception of one. The one who seemed clearly distraught that she wouldn’t be riding a rubber cock into ecstasy anytime soon wasn’t amused in the least.

“Don’t worry baby, I ordered you another one.” His eyes danced as he gave her the news. “Hell, I should’ve ordered you three or four of those guys because after all, you prefer all different shapes and sizes. Isn’t that right?”

Corby held up his hand. “Okay, you two. It’s over. Not here. Not now. Not ever. Cassie and I don’t want in this. Keep it at your place.” He nodded at me and then reached his hand out for me. “Come on baby, let’s go for a swim.”

It didn’t sound like a bad idea—at least, not at first.




“Selfish lover.” I teased him but didn’t want to be teased.

“You know it.” His hands and tongue promised but never fully delivered.

Grasping the sheets until my knuckles were white, I called out to him. “Please. Finish me here! Let me find…”

“Pleasure?” He watched, oh sweet mercy how he looked on as he continued to finger fuck me with a steady beat programmed to undo the best of women

“Yes…so much pleasure.”

“So much that you’ll let me take you here?” Three fingers parted and met. Parted again and met once more. My ass fell into the giving strokes.

“Oh Corby, no…you can’t. We can’t…”

“Why baby? Tell me why.” His eyes danced with mischief but a dark passion sealed his innermost feelings far enough away from me that I’m sure he felt protected.

He shouldn’t have been so bold.

I knew he expected denial but to deny him would bring questions and I didn’t have the answers since the element of pain and pressure mixed wonderfully with pleasure and release. I wanted to take it—all of it.

His lips played havoc on my hardened nipples. He took one in his mouth but his lips fell away as his teeth seemed to dominate and control the right amount of adoration—the perfect spice and stimulation.





“Damn Cass, you’re so wet tonight.” Steve growled against my vagina.

I didn’t dare tell him why the puddle in between my legs dripped more like a waterfall. Looking at Mark’s cock and watching him then made me want with something I didn’t recognize—greedy hunger—a need so powerful, I didn’t want to wait.

“I’m dying here.” I held my breath and pressed my mound closer to Steve’s tongue. He leisurely swiped at the entrance and then buried himself in my cave.

“Oh, God, this isn’t…going…to work.”

His hands cupped my ass and he held me to his mouth, sipping and drinking, licking and sucking. The man must have watched when Mark dined on my pussy because I think his skills improved and truth told, he didn’t need a lot but now, oh now, it was so hard to resist the driving urge to simply soar.

Mark bent down and held my upper body against his, tilting my head up and slightly over my shoulder, his tongue licked my puckered lips. He nibbled at my mouth and then feasted on a kiss he wanted remembered.

My hips rolled forward and I clawed at Mark’s neck trying to hold him, and bring him closer. Pulling away, he searched my eyes and just held me there. Steve’s teeth scraped over my pussy lips and clit.

My jaw fell open and I screamed their names, one at a time maybe, or maybe gibberish fell. I chanted them all at the same time. “Kiss…me,” I pleaded and heaven help me, I moaned. “Oh God! Steve! I need all of you.”





“Marco,” I begged. “Let me touch you.”

He pushed the placemats out of the way and returned his attention to me in a flash, stripping pants away from hips and then complimenting my thong.

“Beautiful,” he said, staring at the white lace material covering me and then nipping the little pink bow strategically sewn parallel to a woman’s very favorite intimate button.

He licked through the material and another whimper escaped my lips. “Relax,” he said, locking my ankles behind his back and then unhooking his belt, making a show out of discarding it.

When he unzipped his pants, I trembled. The knowledge of seeing him undressed for the first time drove my lust forward. His hands dropped to my hips, and he drew me up, away from the cold, flat surface of the table.

He reached behind my back and unhooked the bra. Gently, he fingered the straps across my shoulders and then slid them down my arms so deliberately that I held the cups against my breasts.

“Let me see you,” he growled. “I want to see and feel all of you.”

Reluctant for show, I released the material. “Better?” I teased.

“You better believe it,” he whispered, capturing a nipple between his teeth and pulling as his tongue flattened against the nub.

He gazed into my eyes as he licked, the evidence found there showcased the desire of a man fully capable of loving a woman, and something else lingered, too. A controlled lover, a man who may have been twenty years my junior, but possessed the skills and knowledge to bring a woman to her knees.

My legs splayed, and he worked his palm against the sweltering heat forming in my wet pussy. The ball of his hand rotated around and around, circling my mound until I feared coming without penetration, without his fingers or his tongue, or better still, his hard cock.





“Ah, Suzy,” he growled, picking up his pace and gazing down too. “That’s right,” he chanted, working his hips. “Give me what I need, lover,” he encouraged, pushing himself higher into my channel. “Close around me, baby. Ah, yeah, that’s right. What a tight pussy. Fuck me, honey. I’m yours. You’ve got me wrapped, sugar.”

The things he said turned things up a notch. The heat went from mild to hot to a smoldering intensity. I completely lost my ability to speak and couldn’t watch him fuck me. All I could do was enjoy the slapping of bodies, the pleasure building. The lust he spun drove me crazy and hooked me for more.

“Look at me,” he whispered, placing his hands on my waist and continuing to sway one way and then another, rotating me around his thick dick and grinding ever so slowly.

Alanzo was a dangerous lover. Watching the lust wash over his face and settle in his eyes made me eager. His loving empowered me.

“That’s it. Make love to me, only me. Fuck me, baby. Love me like I love you. Oh God, Suzy, I’ve always loved you.”

And there it was. The half-hearted promise I felt confident he’d eventually give. The words I longed to hear and yet feared receiving all the same.

Squeezing my legs around his hips, I drew him in and rode him. I’d missed this kind of connection, the rippling sensation found in the friction when a hard cock rubbed against vaginal walls. He fingered my nipples and looked on with such admiration, like he lost himself in a solitary touch or one more hard push.

“Don’t stop, Alanzo. Never stop.”





A quick swat landed against my pussy, and I looked at Branson. “Let me up!” I said playfully.

“Lie down,” he ordered. “Marco can come kiss you.”

Marco grinned. “You don’t have to ask me again.”

Marco’s lips met my mouth. Branson’s met my pussy, and his long, meaty tongue uncurled in the most elaborate fashion, immediately going to work for my pleasure.

I groaned into Marco’s kiss, and Alanzo rubbed a flattened hand over my belly, inching closer and closer to my breasts.

Cupping my behind, Branson raised my hips, and his tongue darted in and out of my cunt. Branson was magnificent between a woman’s legs, and with his oral skills, well, there was just no way I’d ever consider letting him go after such an encounter.

Marco didn’t stop kissing me. “Yes,” he muttered. “We have some celebrating to do.”

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