The Topaz Embrace (MFM)

The Oracle Standard 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,227
12 Ratings (3.9)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Futuristic Ménage A Trois Romance, M/F/M]

In 3050, a global network of hereditary, gem-based Oracles, The Oracle Standard, rules a technology bereft Earth. The greedy Intercontinental Federation seeks to wrest power and wealth from the Oracles.

Ankhet, Topaz Oracle, near the end of her reproductive years, must produce legitimate issue or the Topaz Oracle Office will fall, and the The Oracle Standard's power will revert to the Federation. By law, she must allow all sincere Consort Candidates to attempt the test of worthiness. Only a Worthy Consort can bring an Oracle to her sexual peak and serve as a life-mate.

After years of failure, Ankhet discovers not one, but two Worthy Consorts, Tallon Sinclaira bitter stranger shipwrecked on her island, and Danar D'Auboisher trusted Personal Guard. As she struggles to save the Standard, Ankhet discovers, despite the exquisite pleasure the two bring, both have secrets, and the Federation may not be the only threat.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

"The Topaz Embrace combines my favorite themes: the older woman and the younger, mysterious new man, two friends finally consummating an impossible love, glittering gemstones, a Bronze Age-like futuristic setting, and the mythos of the Oracle. I added a strong yet vulnerable heroine, willing to sacrifice for duty, intrigue, and the powerful passion of true love. I hope you enjoy!" ~ Antonia ~

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Topaz Embrace (MFM)
12 Ratings (3.9)

The Topaz Embrace (MFM)

The Oracle Standard 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,227
12 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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reviewer_top_pick.png"Scorching hot! A must read for any paranormal romance lover. What a fantastic story! The story was well written and the plot moved well, keeping my interest as there was not one slow part. The love scenes were scorching hot and sweet. The political intrigue and romance were balanced and fit together perfectly at the end in this well planned and executed story. At the end, I exhaled a happy sigh. I love reading tidy books such as The Topaz Embrace. I want more of The Oracle Standard series now!" -- Katie Seely, ParaNormalRomance Reviews

5 BLUE RIBBONS: "Oracle Standard: The Topaz Embrace was an  amazing story. I really liked the plot, as well as the setting. The idea of using topaz as a focus for paranormal powers was very interesting. I  also enjoyed the interactions between Tallon and Danar. It was entertaining to watch two very alpha men try to come to a workable relationship with Anhket, and I especially liked how they would do  anything for her. Excellent job!" -- Noelle, Romance Junkies

4.5 CHERRIES: "The Topaz Embrace: The Oracle Standard is part of the Ménage Amour imprint. It is filled with danger, intrigue, and lots of hot and heavy three way action. The author has created a strong woman in Ankhet; a woman determined to help those in her area of power. The heroes are both sexy, and I like that, although Danar is described as asexual, nothing could be further from the truth. He is also not perfect, and many mentions are made of his scars, but how they just make him more manly to Ankhet. I loved how, in the beginning, Tallon didn't like or trust Ankhet and was working with the traitor toward her downfall. The change in attitude as he gets to know her is fun to see. I laughed at Danar's outburst of jealousy, especially when both he and Tallon pass the test and find that they have to learn to share. There is definitely a happy ever after here, but is looks to be in doubt many times. I recommend that this book be read while sitting by the fan, and keep the cold drinks handy." -- Holly, Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

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The last echoes of Danar’s orgasm rocked through him as he stood behind the landscaping above the cove. He lowered his tunic and took a moment to collect himself. His duty to guard the Oracle gave him an excuse for his voyeurism, but jealousy and possessiveness also guided his actions. He wanted Ankhet all to himself, yet now Tallon had also passed the test of worthiness.  According to Oracle law, he’d earned the right to be Co-Consort. Unless, Tallon declined the honor, he must share her with a stranger for life, and he found the adjustment difficult.

He turned to walk back up the path toward the temple, pondering this development as he strolled amongst the gardens.

He’d meant only to keep an eye on her for safety’s sake. He hadn’t counted on the sheer eroticism of her response to the other man, or his response to watching the pleasure she found with the trader. As their encounter escalated, so had the pressure in his ballocks. A burning need for release, unlike any he’d ever known, had commandeered his good sense. He’d had his cock in his hand, pumping away as the couple below strained together, before rational thought and decorum could stop him. As Ankhet cried aloud at her second orgasm, he’d shot his seed onto the Oracle’s prized tropical flowers, gritting his teeth to avoid making a sound.

In an odd way, his anticipation of sharing her in the same bed with Tallon Sinclair, as custom dictated, filled him with shame. Duty and pleasure need not be mutually exclusive, but what of Sinclair? He knew nothing about him. Ankhet, and the Oracle Standard, now lay exposed and vulnerable to this man. Experience, or instinct—something—warned him that his new Co-Consort had not been completely honest with them. Yet the man gave his beloved such intense delight, he couldn’t wait to see what the two of them could accomplish together. He strode rapidly now, as concern weighed upon him. As he reached the temple, the crunch of a footstep on the crushed shell path alerted him to another presence.

He looked up into the mocking eyes of his former rival, now partner. “I saw you watching us, guard.” Looking with pointed interest at the lower portion of Danar’s tunic, he quirked a brow. “It seemed you enjoyed our performance.”

A red haze obscured Danar’s vision. Some combination of embarrassment, jealousy and mistrust brewed a potent rage within him. He slammed Tallon against the rough stone outer wall of the temple. “If you hurt her, I’ll gut you from throat to cock.”

“Calm yourself.” The newcomer met Danar’s eyes with steady intensity, all trace of mockery gone. “I swear by all I hold dear, from now on, I will devote myself to my Oracle’s pleasure and well-being above all else. I would defend her with my life.”

Your Oracle?” Danar’s fierce brows narrowed as his fists clenched in rage.

“As you saw, I passed the test, too.”

“You cannot truly want to claim your right to become her Consort.”

“I do.”

“You don’t belong here, trader. When the acolytes return they will take you to your home port. You can return to your original life. To freedom.”

“Everything has changed. I will not relinquish my rights, guardian. Why don’t you get on that ship and disappear? Wouldn’t you like to be free?”

“Never. I’d never leave her.”

“Then you must face the fact that she will have two Consorts. We’ll have to find a way to share the lovely Ankhet.”


“What is it you wish, my temptress?”

“Ah, Tallon. You know.”

He moved to stand between her legs. “I wish for you to tell me.”

Despite her disciplined nature, born of her station, she still struggled with persistent moments of shyness, but her lovers would have none of it. They required absolute abandon to their sensual dominion and to her sexual and emotional fulfillment, a goal she achieved only in giving utter fulfillment to both of them. “I want to touch you. I want to please you in any way you desire. I want you to touch me.”

His loving chuckle answered her. She would have her wish, but she must earn her reward.

“Greedy woman. Do you trust me, sweeting?”

“Yes, you know that I do.”

“Then, let me watch you pleasure yourself right here. I want to see what brings you fulfillment.”

She started to protest. “Oh, Tallon—”

“To please me, Ankhet.”

Just the right combination of question and order, his words sent her spiraling upward into passion’s embrace. Of course, she’d do whatever he asked. Already her heart pounded in anticipation, a faint sheen of perspiration covered her body, and want coiled deep in her belly.

“Touch yourself.”

As another frothy wave swept over her exposed cunny, sending shivers of delight all the way to her toes, she pressed her fingers to the aching button at her woman’s opening and massaged with slow concentration. Instead of assuaging, her touch only intensified her need. She closed her eyes and arched her back, longing for Tallon’s talented fingers, his lips, his tongue… She moaned aloud, imagining his attentions, yet sweet oblivion eluded her.

“That’s it, my love. Show me more. Slide three fingers of your other hand inside you.”

Thick with desire, Tallon’s voice wove through her consciousness, sweet and enticing like warm honey, yet frustrating her. She needed his touch.

Her need so great, she disregarded the slight embarrassment, and complied. Her fingers mimicked, yet provided a poor substitute for, the intimate touch of one of her men. As she worked toward her goal that which Tallon desired, she closed her eyes and pictured him naked, cock rampant and just about to mount her. He would slide into her, stretching her to accommodate his width, and Danar would be there, too… Another wave washed against her and she soared free, crying out to her lovers. The spasms shook her as she lay upon the sand, shuddering in the ecstasy of her peak.


The rough voice reached through her dimmed senses to curl about her in hot, smoky waves. Danar. Her eyes flew open, to see him standing beside her, shedding his kilt. How much had he seen?

He chuckled as he took his engorged cock in his hand. “Yes, love, I saw and enjoyed the entire experience. I’m pleased that you obeyed Tallon in my absence.” He exchanged a glance with his Co-Consort. “Roll over onto your hands and knees, my Oracle.”

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