The Trouble with Parris (MFM)

Grey River 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,901
8 Ratings (4.1)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Faced with her own mortality, Parris Church seeks out one of the only people in the world she can trust. Before Parris can get to her, the seizures that have been plaguing force her into hiding.
Jase and Rhys Wilson find a woman hurt and hiding behind their garden shed. Then their day gets a little strange. It turns out that she’s their mate, on the run from a mad man, and suffering from a medical condition she’s not interested in talking about. Despite her belief that there is no future for the three of them, Jase and Rhys are determined to give her a reason to live. 
When they are finally given a solution that might help, Parris is followed to Grey River by a friend in need and an enemy with revenge in mind. Parris, Jase, and Rhys must deal with both if they're going to have any chance of a future.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Trouble with Parris (MFM)
8 Ratings (4.1)

The Trouble with Parris (MFM)

Grey River 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,901
8 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I think out of all of the books in this series, this is my favorite so far. The ending just left me going......"nooooooooo"! Can't wait for the next book!




“What are you?” she whispered, her apprehension clear in her tone.

The brothers both seemed to wince and the blue flashing their eyes had been doing stopped. They shared an intense look, and Paris acted on a hunch and pushed into their minds. Agony ripped through her at the move, and she locked her jaw against the scream that threatened to let loose.

“So we are in agreement, we tell her the truth.”

Jase’s voice sounded clear in her head, each word like the slice of a knife within her skull.

“Yeah, Ty has already declared it legal to tell mates, so yeah, we should tell her,” Rhys answered.

Parris could hold the link no more. She disconnected and fell back against her pillows gasping for air, closing her eyes against the light in the room, and fighting a wave of nausea.

She could hear movement and voices around her, but she ignored them and focused her attention on breathing through the pain. After a few moments that may have actually been hours, she cracked her eyes opened and took another deep, shaky breath. The coppery tang of blood that tinged the air had her frowning.

“Parris, can you hear me?” Dr. Carson’s tone was calm and unhurried. “I need you to open your eyes and talk to me.”

Parris pushed aside nausea and pain and opened her eyes farther. She blinked rapidly to clear her gaze and slowly brought the doctor’s face into focus.

“That’s it, come on back to us, sweetness.”

Parris turned her head slightly and caught sight of Jase and Rhys standing close to her bed on the opposite side to the doctor. They stood with mirrored expressions of concern mixed with relief, no doubt from seeing her awake.


She turned back toward the doctor, thankful that the room was no longer spinning as fast as it had been moments before.

“Tell me how you feel?”

Parris sighed. “Other than a headache that could quite potentially put a hippopotamus on its ass, I’m just peachy.”

Chris grinned as he shone a small penlight into her eyes. She winced at the twinge of pain the light caused but froze at the sound of growling that echoed against the walls of her hospital room. Chris winked at her before he lifted his gaze to the two men growling—fucking growling—from the opposite side of the bed. “Ignore these two, they just don’t like the fact that you’re in pain.”

“No fucking kidding,” Rhys snarled, and there was a distinct distortion to his voice.

Again Parris found herself wondering what in the hell they were. And if Rhys and Jase were both telepathic and had powers that had their eyes changing colors, then perhaps Chris Carson did too. Melaina had told her she could trust everyone here and that they had nothing but her safety and best interests in mind, but did she know they were kinda possessed?

“You’ve had another seizure,” Chris informed her, and Parris knew it was a result of her using her powers. “You had a pretty severe nose bleed, that I figure was triggered by the blood vessel that was damaged during the seizure itself. Now, you need to make a decision, Parris. We’ve talked about this in private since I admitted you a week ago, and without any further incidents, I haven’t pushed you to let Rhys and Jase in on what is going on with you. However, this last seizure was a doozy, and without Melaina here, you are going to need the support I know these two growling knuckleheads can give you but only if you are open and truthful with each other.”

Chris looked up at stared pointedly at Rhys and Jase. “And only if all of you are open and honest with each other. That means you two bastards are going to have to man up and tell this woman what she needs to know. Now, I’m going to head out and grab some of the test results I’ve been waiting on. I will be back here in about fifteen minutes.” With that cryptic message to the room, he swept out the door.

Jase reached over and clasped her hand in his. When she met his gaze, she felt a connection within her start to pulse.

“Sweetheart, are you okay? You scared the shit out of us.”

Parris looked between him and Rhys and could read the fear they had for her clearly in their expressions. Before leaving, Melaina had told her to trust these men, and Chris had basically just said the same damn thing. Taking a breath, she opened her mouth and took a chance. “I’m dying.”




“Jase and I are going to make a meal out of you, Parris. And all you have to do is lie there and enjoy it.”

Rhys leaned down, and Jase could see the two of them exchanging a passionate kiss. While she was distracted, Jase gently nudged her thighs apart, and Parris, lost in Rhys’s kiss, immediately complied, dropping her knees wide open. Where ordinarily she might have been a little nervous at showing him her pussy in all its swollen pink glory, right at this moment, she didn’t seem to care, at least not until Jase placed his mouth against her pussy and licked her.

“Ummmph!” Parris yelped, or at least she tried to. The sound was swallowed by Rhys.

The sounds she made had his cock hardening even further, and Jase was determined to drive her over the edge as fast as he could. He swirled the tip of his tongue around her clit and loved when she whimpered at the sensation. When he pressed a finger into her pussy, she pulled her mouth from Rhys, arched her back and cried out.

Jase began to gently fuck her with his finger, sliding it in and out of her. With each movement, he felt her body tightening in preparation for release.

“Jesus,” he heard Rhys growl. “The look on your face, darlin’, makes me wish I were the one with his mouth on your pussy giving you all that pleasure.”

“You-you’re part of it,” Parris managed to squeak out between gasping in great gulps of air. Jase flicked her tongue against her clit, and she arched her back again.

Jase stayed with her, a constant growl rumbling in his chest as he licked her through her orgasm and back down to just a simmering arousal. He pulled his mouth from her and stalked his way up her body. When he reached her mouth, he leaned down and kissed her hard, no doubt sharing the taste of her arousal with her.

He pulled back slightly and then pressed his forehead to hers. “You taste so goddamn addictive, sweetness.”

Jase could hear the harsh arousal in his voice, and his breathing was choppy. Parris look up at him, and the smile she bestowed on him made him feel like he could leap tall buildings with a single bound. Unwilling to wait another moment, Jase gently rolled his hips against hers, and she lifted her legs to wrap them around his hips.

“Take me, Jase,” Parris whispered as she reached up to place her hands on his shoulders. “Make me yours, my wolf.”

And that was all it took. Jase growled as his control cracked, and he flexed his hips, pushing the head of his cock against her swollen pussy. He gritted his teeth to remain in control as much as he could. He groaned as he slipped passed her entrance, and the head of his cock was surrounded by her wet heat, he pressed in a little more, before he withdrew. Parris inhaled sharply, and Jase froze.

“Damn, Parris, have I hurt you, baby?”

Parris frowned as she opened her eyes and locked her gaze with his. “No, I–I’m fine. I just need you to…um…well…”

Jase hesitated and mentally prepared himself to pull out completely. He was nowhere near to being buried as deep as he longed to be within her, but he would pull out and work with her through whatever was holding her back until she was as needy as he was.

“Jase…I’m not sure…screw it! Jase, I need you to move. Harder and faster. Baby, I know you are holding back for fear of hurting me, but I’m feeling nothing right now but need. Please!”

Jase growled as her plea spurred him into action, and he thrust forward, burying himself to the hilt with one quick jerk of his hips. He held still for a moment, waiting for her to give him a sign that she was with him, and he didn’t have to wait long. A few moments later, Parris was rolling her hips as much as she could against him, and sliding her hands over his shoulder. At the slight sting of her nails pressing into his shoulders, Jase knew she was very much with him.

Jase started a slow and steady rhythm that soon had her panting. He felt her pussy quiver around his cock, and he moaned at the rippling sensation of her inner muscles.

“Fuck, Parris. You feel so fucking amazing beneath me, around me.” Jase started to lose his rhythm, and try as he might, he could get it back. Soon he was simply slamming into her in hard and fast jerks of his hips. Parris started to cry out and sob as her climax approached. Jase gritted his teeth in determination to see her go over one more time before he gave into his own powerful release.

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