The Two Younger Men Complete Collection (MFM)

Two Younger Men 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 84,845
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In Embraced by Two Younger Men, 42 year-old Izzy investigates a discrepancy uncovered by billionaire twin brothers Clay and Jay. In a month, they will turn 30. Izzy tries to keep things professional but just cannot resist the handsome men. As Clay and Jay continue to pursue Izzy, a killer is bent on ending their investigation before the truth is revealed.

In Seduced by Two Younger Men, 42-year old Camille doesn’t trust love. When she’s set up with two young chefs, her resolve begins crumbling. Roberto and Miguel whisk her away to Spain, hoping to win her heart and to keep her safe from an anonymous caller, who is watching from the shadows, waiting for just the right time to destroy her.

In Adored by Two Younger Men, Toni can’t say ‘yes’ to the two handsome pilots. She’s ten years older than they are and afraid to trust anyone. When one of her twin sons comes up missing, she has no choice but to rely on Zane and Maddox. Can they save Toni and her son as well as win her heart?

A Siren Erotic Romance
Chloe Lang is a Siren-exclusive author.


The Two Younger Men Complete Collection (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Two Younger Men Complete Collection (MFM)

Two Younger Men 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 84,845
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Clayton Gibbs stood in front of the CEO, the twelve directors, and his twin brother, Jaydin Gibbs. His audience sat around the large mahogany table that his father had purchased just three weeks before the tragic triple homicide that changed his and Jay’s lives forever.

The plush boardroom was on the fifty-sixth floor of the headquarters of Gibbs Worldwide Investments.

Clay pointed the laser creating the red dot on the screen. “This portion of the report highlights what Jay and I have been researching.”

“Clay, are you actually suggesting that we are missing over a million dollars of revenue each and every quarter from both our Chicago and London offices?” William Moody, his and Jay’s uncle, was CEO of the company.

The three of them were connected by the tragedy they all shared. Despite their many differences of opinions, he and his brother felt they were duty bound to their uncle for all he’d done for them.

Jay leaned forward. “It’s possible, Uncle Bill. What we do know is at the very least there is an accounting error that has continued occurring for the past five years, maybe going back even further.”

One of the longest serving members of the board and a dear friend of their father, James Sullivan seemed concerned. “If they are right about this, Bill, it would mean that someone high in the organization is either dropping the ball or is dipping into the till. I believe we should hire an outside accounting firm to check into this.”

Clay braced for his uncle and James to lambaste each other, which was typical for most board meetings. They were like oil and water and had never gotten along. Very few got along with Bill, whose surname fit his personality perfectly. Moody. He and Jay thought of James as their uncle, too, but they tried to never call him “Uncle James” in front of Bill. Whenever they did, Bill would lose his temper. Not surprising after all the difficult history between James and Bill. James had fallen in love with Caroline, the only sister of Clay and Jay’s father. But Bill had swept in and tore them apart. How? No one really knew. Bill married Caroline, and James was left with a broken heart.

Bill tapped his fingers on the surface of the table for a few moments, a habit of his that he and Jay had grown accustomed to. “I agree, James.”

That calm response surprised Clay and seemed to have the same impact on everyone else around the table.

“You do?” James’s eyes narrowed.

“I’ll get that set up immediately. Only board members should know about this. Let’s keep it confidential until we are certain what we are dealing with.”

“And I would like to recommend that Clay and Jay spearhead this effort, since they are the ones who discovered it.” James was pushing for more from Bill.

“Good idea.”

The congeniality remained, which was remarkable. Clay turned to his brother and saw the same look of shock on his face as the others. Very strange.

Bill wrote on his notepad. “I know just the firm we should engage. I’ll set up the meeting. Good work, boys.”

“Thanks.” Clay gathered up his papers. He wondered if his uncle would ever stop calling him and Jay “boys.” Doubtful. After all, Bill was twenty-five years older than they were. “You ready, Jay?”

“Sure.” His twin brother left his seat.

“Wait, fellas,” James said and turned to their uncle. “They should stay.”

“Why?” Bill’s unblinking eyes seemed to dare James to defy him. “We’re moving into executive session now.”

The earlier consolatory exchange between Bill and James was clearly over. They were back to their verbal barbs and blows.

“Next month they will be able to vote their own shares.” James’s edgy tone told everyone he wasn’t going to back down.

The others around the table looked at their files in front of them. They didn’t want any part of what was about to happen. They’d seen it far too many times.

“Clay and Jay will be part of this board,” James said.

“That’s true, my friend.”

My friend? No two words could be further from the truth.

In charge of his and Jay’s trusts since their mom and dad’s death, Bill cast the votes for all their shares. But on their thirtieth birthday, which was in less than three weeks, in accordance with the will, Clay and Jay would have complete authority over their own inheritance and would no longer need Bill to be their trustee.

“Unfortunately, James, they cannot remain,” Bill said with a grin. “They are management. And since we are discussing executive bonuses, it’s best they leave.” He stood and came over to their side of the table. Shaking their hands, he winked. “I’ll make sure you get compensated very well, boys.”

“Like they will even care about a bonus, Bill.” James glared at him. “Clay and Jay own fifty-two percent of this company, and on their birthday they will have the right to sit at this table as much as any of the rest of us, including you. More even.”

“They’re my nephews, not yours. Now have a seat with the rest of the board while I take a moment to speak with them out in the hallway alone.”

James didn’t move but remained standing in obvious defiance.




“I’ve never had two men at once.”

“You’re about to, angel,” Clay said. “Just relax and let us show you how pleasurable it can be.”

When they removed her bra and panties, Jay smiled and in a tone of awe said, “Look at this gorgeous body. Izzy, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.” He leaned down and kissed her, tracing her lips with his tongue. “I can’t get enough of you, sweetheart.” He deepened his kiss, and she melted into him, feeling her toes curl and her desire ramp up.

When Jay released her mouth, she turned to Clay, who was completely naked, having stripped out of his clothes while they’d been kissing. He reminded her of a Greek god, with his chiseled frame and six-pack abs. But there was no fig leaf hiding his desire for her. His thick, long cock was hard. Without a word, he climbed in next to her, devouring her mouth.

His kiss was potent and caused her temperature to rise. She ran her fingers over his hard muscles, as their tongues tangled together.

Jay was naked and climbed in on the other side of her, running his hands down her back and sides. His body was the mirror image of Clay’s. Even their cocks seemed identical. Male beauty at its finest in visual stereo, right in front of me. I have two Greek gods. There was a primal ferociousness to his and Clay’s lovemaking that every inch of her seemed to be responding to.

I can’t believe I’m really doing this, but I can’t stop myself, nor do I want to even if I could.

Jay kissed the back of her neck, producing gooseflesh all over her body. Clay massaged her breast gently, continuing to kiss her into oblivion.

Feeling Clay and Jay’s caresses and kisses took her to a new level of foreplay she’d never experienced before. Her body was responding in ways that were new and exciting. She wanted more, needed more.

And they pushed on, increasing the pressure that was growing inside her. Clay sucked on her nipples and fingered her pussy, while Jay began licking her anus, something that was completely new to her. They were driving her wild with desire and she loved every second of it.

She moaned. “So good. More. Please. More.”

“That’s what we love to hear, angel,” Clay said, kissing his way down her body until she could feel his hot breath on her dampening pussy. “I want to taste you. Every drop.” He raked his tongue over her wet folds, and she felt a vibration that shook her entire body.

He and Jay licked her most intimate flesh, her pussy and ass, provoking a scream from her. She grabbed the pillow and placed it over her face to stifle the sound.

“Yes, baby,” Jay said. “Are we sending you to the moon yet?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” She yelled into the pillow. “I need you both, but how?”

“Don’t worry your pretty little head about that, angel,” Clay said. “We’ll show you.”

Jay began applying lubricant to her anus. Where he’d gotten it, she had no idea, but she was glad he had. The more he fingered her ass, the closer to the moon she got.

She heard foil ripping and knew they were putting on protection. Still, it was obvious they were planning this, but she didn’t care. She was glad.

She moved the pillow to the side, though keeping it close and ready should she feel the urge to scream again. She didn’t want anything to ruin this glorious feeling she was experiencing, like Anne knocking on the door concerned that something was wrong.

Clay moved up her body, again dotting kisses all over her skin. Once they were face-to-face with each other, he rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him. She felt his cock rubbing on the folds of her pussy.

“Please. I need you inside me, Clay. Please.”

“Yes, angel. I want to be inside you. I want to feel your pussy tightening on my dick.” He pushed into her slowly, inch by inch, stretching her more than she’d ever felt before.

“Oh God…feels so good.”

“Yes, you do, Izzy. You feel perfect.” Clay’s words were laden with hunger and vibrated against her flesh.

Jay’s fingering stretched her ass, inducing delicious trembles inside her. He kissed his way up her back, and she could feel the head of his cock pressing where his fingers had just been.

She was so hot and out of her mind with desire that this new experience took her beyond any doubt or hesitation of having Clay and Jay simultaneously. The feeling was out of this world.

“Ready for the moon, baby?” Jay whispered.

“Blast off. Please. I can’t bear much more.” Once again she grabbed the pillow. “Oh God, how can I use this without smothering you, Clay? I’m afraid I will scream.”

He grinned. “I’ll help you, angel. We don’t want you to hold back. Scream as much as you like.”





Roberto watched Cami turn around slowly. Her face was flushed, enhancing her already incredible beauty. Her long auburn locks hung past her shoulders. Her gorgeous blue eyes were wide.

This angel thinks Miguel and I are hot as hell. Wanting to keep her on her toes, he smiled and waited for her to respond to his question.

But Miguel spoke first, giving her a way to save face. “Muy caliente, señorita. Especially in the kitchen. ” With a sly grin, his brother wiped his brow. “We’ll get Diego to check the AC.”

Toni and Izzy covered their mouths, turned their heads, and began giggling.

“Stop it, you two,” Cami said, fanning her face with her hands. “It really is warm.”

He grinned. “Hot as hell, as you already pointed out.”

She squirmed in the chair.

“When we found out you were coming, we prepared some special dishes for you,” Miguel told them. “Diego is bringing them out now.”

“Who let you know we were coming?” Cami asked, glaring at her two friends.

“It wasn’t me,” Toni said. “I swear.”

“Me either,” Izzy added, looking confused.

“Who, then?” Cami demanded. He liked her fire and couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

“We can answer that,” Miguel said. “Isabella’s husbands called us about an event they wanted the restaurant to host for their company in a couple of weeks. They happened to mention that the three of you were having lunch here today.”

Clay and Jay had tried to pass it off as just a casual comment, but he knew them better than that and so did Miguel. They’d all been friends for years. Clay and Jay could have called any time to set up the event. It was only an excuse to give him and Miguel a heads-up.

“I should have known.” Izzy smiled. “I love those two knuckleheads, but they don’t know how to keep a secret.”

“Why was it a secret?” he asked, continuing to stare into Cami’s baby blues.

Her face turned red again. “This was their idea. I just wanted to have lunch. That’s all.” She pointed at the two other women. “You should ask them. They’re the ones who dragged me here.”

Although enjoying watching her squirm, he planted a fake frown on his face. “They had to drag you here? We really do have good food, Camille.”

“I didn’t…mean it that way. I’m thrilled to be at Dos Hermanos. This is very special. I’ve always wanted to come here, especially since everyone says your food is so delicious. I can’t wait to try it, especially today, since you made it special for us.” She turned red again. “Well, I guess the words of the day are ‘especially’ and ‘special.’ At least for me.”

“It’s special for us, too,” Miguel said, “to have you in our restaurant. And here’s Marcos with your lunch.”

Marcos placed the dishes in front of the three women.

“We’ve prepared a trio of enchiladas for you.” Miguel moved closer to the table, standing next to Cami’s chair. “The first is a chicken breast with our signature mole that has been featured in D Magazine as the best in Dallas three years in a row.”

As Miguel continued describing the dishes, Roberto took a step closer to the other side of Cami. He inhaled her fragrance, which he could not recognize but was so delicious it made his mouth water.

“The final enchilada is filled with three cheeses we import from Spain.” Miguel grabbed Cami’s hand and kissed the back of it. “Enjoy.”

Roberto took her other hand, pressing his lips to her delicate skin. “Once you taste our food, señorita, I am certain you will not need to be dragged here next time, and let me assure you that we will make the temperature to your liking. Cold. Warm.” He grinned. “Hot.”

Toni and Izzy started giggling.

“Will you two please stop it?” Cami grinned and turned to Diego. “I’ve changed my mind. Could you bring us another pitcher, please?”


* * * *


Before going through the swinging doors back into the kitchen, Miguel took another long look at Cami. He liked everything about her. Smart. Funny. Gorgeous. She was the kind of woman other women eyed with envy. Since meeting her at Jay and Clay’s birthday bash, he and Roberto had been planning on asking her out. Now was their chance.

He followed his brother into the kitchen, where their staff was putting together the last of the meals for the lunch hour. Soon, they would begin prepping for the dinner rush. He and Roberto moved to the baking station to finish the dessert they’d made for Cami and her friends.

“Do you think this would be a good time to ask Camille out?” he asked Roberto, who was piercing the cooled cake, readying it for the milks.

“What better time, hermano? She called us ‘hot as hell.’”

He grinned. “You like pushing her buttons.”

“And you don’t?” Roberto poured the heavy cream over the cake. “You’re the one who kissed her hand first.”

“That is not exactly pushing her buttons. That was a sweet gesture, trying to show her how romantic we can be. You, on the other hand, kept teasing her.” He grinned. “That comment about setting the temperature to hot if she wanted it almost caused me to laugh out loud, which would have ruined the romance.”

His brother shrugged. “But it didn’t ruin it, did it? And besides, I kissed her other hand. You have your charm and I have mine. If we’re lucky, when we take the cake out she’ll say yes to both of us.”

“Let’s hurry and get it out to their table, then.”




She allowed her body to completely relax to their caresses, urging them on with her own intimate touches. She ran her fingers over Roberto’s jawline. He was so strong, so confident, so sexy. Her lips landed on Miguel’s, and she loved the taste of him on her tongue. Like his brother—strong, confident, sexy. The differences between them were small and endearing. Roberto had an edge that she was attracted to. Miguel, quite the opposite, embodied a gentle strength that also called to her.

Together, they helped her out of her dress. Thank God for the privacy screen. Still, she felt reckless and excited about what she was doing with them. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Good,” Roberto said in a tone that was primal and full of passion. “We’re your firsts.”

“Yes, you are.” And not just in a limo. Having sex with two men. She kept the rest to herself but had a pretty good idea they likely knew. How could they not? She was sitting between them in nothing more than a bra and a thong.

His and Miguel’s eyes ran up and down her body, as if they were trying to memorize every inch of her, bringing a sea of shivers that spread out inside her.

“Damn, you are beautiful,” Miguel said. “I want to see the rest of you.” He unfastened her bra, while Roberto slid her thong down her legs.

Now completely naked, the shivers increased and she felt wetness pooling between her thighs.

“Fuck, you are gorgeous,” Roberto said, staring at her pussy. “The most gorgeous woman on the planet.”

“Yes, she is.” Miguel took her hand and kissed it, like he’d done since their date had begun. But then he fondled her breasts, biting down on her nipples. The tiny sting from his mouth on her sensitive buds created sparks that ignited all her nerve endings.

Roberto gently grabbed her legs, swung her around until she was lying out across the back seat with her head in Miguel’s lap and her pussy positioned just inches from Roberto’s mouth.

Feeling his hot breath skating across her swollen folds drove her mad with desire.

Miguel massaged her breasts tenderly, whispering sweet things in her ear. “This is all for you, sweetheart. Just go with it. We want to give you a night full of pleasure.”

Roberto lifted her legs over his shoulders and began lapping up her pussy’s cream, sending a bolt of electricity through her body. She arched her back off the seat, pressing into his hungry mouth. He swirled his tongue around her clit, coming so close but never touching. It was driving her insane and she grabbed his head and pushed him into her more. An uncontrollable, loud moan escaped her mouth. “Ohh.”

Miguel pinched her nipples with the perfect amount of pressure that flipped an invisible switch inside her, creating a link between Roberto’s sweet licks on her wet pussy and his delicious pinches on her throbbing nipples. Her clit began to ache.

“I can’t take much more. Please. I need to feel you inside me.”

“My pleasure, mi amor.” Roberto pulled a condom out of his pocket and slid his pants down to his knees. His dick was thick and long—and erect.

He was inside her before she could blink. Feeling his cock stretching her insides took her breath away. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs dangling behind his back, Miguel’s fingers on her breasts taking her higher and higher. She was totally lost to them, all of her. Her body vibrated like mad and her moans came quicker and louder. She was out of control and loving every second of it. The pressure they’d built inside her was more than any she’d ever felt before. She was close. So close. So very close.

Roberto’s thrusts into her ignited more hot vibrations that ran up and down her body, swelling her need more and more, until an explosive burst of electricity swept her entire body. Tingles spread out along every inch of her skin, up and down her arms and legs, and through her, inside and out.

Roberto’s face tightened and she could feel him come inside her. “Fuck, yeah.”

“Oh, God. Yes.” Sensations shook her core. She didn’t want the feelings to leave her, but could feel them subsiding ever so slightly.

Again, as if they were inside her head, he and Miguel switched places. Miguel had removed his pants and his hard, thick cock was already wrapped in a condom. “Mi amor.” With those two words, he sent his cock into her body, and the sensations, which had been subsiding slightly, erupted to a dizzying state of pleasure once again.

She ran her fingernails over his chest as Roberto continued lovingly torturing her nipples. Miguel’s thrusts sped up and she tightened her pussy’s walls around his driving shaft.

“God, you feel so good, baby,” he said in a deep, sensual tone. “So fucking good.”

Another orgasmic blast radiated through her body. “Ohh. Mmm. Ahh.” She couldn’t form words, so taken by her climax. All she could do was moan as deep shivers took over her entire body.

Miguel kept plunging into her pussy as Roberto caressed her breasts and sucked on her neck.

“Going to come.” Miguel’s eyes narrowed and he let out a big sigh of release. “Fuuuck!”

As he came inside her, Roberto reached down and pressed on her clit.

Another wave of climatic, blissful sensation swelled inside her, and she came again and again and again.





He and Zane had been completely drawn to Toni the very first time they’d met her at Clay and Jay’s penthouse. For several months, he and Zane had been trying to get her to go on a date, but so far they’d had no luck. Why does she keep turning us down? I wonder what her story is.

He was fairly certain that she was attracted to him and his brother. One clue was how often he’d caught her glancing at him and Zane. And when their eyes did lock, the cute, shy smile that appeared on her face was another clue.

But was his belief that she was interested in him and Zane just wishful thinking? If she was attracted to them, as she seemed to be, what could be holding her back?

Could it be their age differences? He didn’t give a damn about that. Toni was the sexiest woman he’d ever known.

Was there another man in her life that she was keeping secret even from Cami and Izzy? He doubted that. Those three were tight. It didn’t seem likely they would keep anything from one another. If there had been another man, Cami and Izzy wouldn’t be so insistent on trying to fix him and Zane up with Toni.

Or could it be Toni just didn’t want to date anyone until her boys were out of college and on their own? She loved Joel and Restin, so that seemed possible. But wouldn’t this be the time, while her boys were away at college, for her to start dating? Perhaps it was because Joel and Restin were only ten years younger than him and Zane and she might feel her boys wouldn’t approve.

No matter what her reasons might be, Maddox believed he could convince her in time the excuses shouldn’t keep her from going on a date with him and Zane. One date. Once she agreed to that he felt like Toni would finally relax and start to enjoy herself with them. It would be smooth sailing from then on. He and Zane would pull out all the stops to make sure she had a good time. And there would be many more dates after that.

But what if the real reason Toni kept refusing was because she was nervous about being with two men? That made sense. The lifestyle was unusual. Sure, she seemed happy for Izzy and Cami but maybe she was hesitant about it for herself.

Maybe Zane and I have been going about this the wrong way. Maybe we should ask her out individually first.

“Here we go.” She pointed to a shelf with neatly folded cloths. “This is what we need.”

“Yes, it is.” But he needed more than just something that could dry him off.

I need to wrap you in my arms. I need to taste those sweet lips.

One thing she might not understand about him and Zane was that they would never give up. Each time they asked her out, she seemed more interested in them, though so far she still had not accepted their invitation, which made them more determined than ever.

He wanted to get to know her better. Could she be the one he and Zane had been looking for their whole lives? Maybe. Jay and Clay had found Izzy. Roberto and Miguel had found Cami. He could imagine spending the rest of his life with Toni and his brother, building a future and family together. But before they got to do that the three of them needed to spend time together. Perhaps a good first start to getting there would be one-on-one dates. Me and her. And then Zane and her. Get her comfortable with them before moving to the next phase—a date with all three of them together.

“You know, Toni. This is the first time you and I have ever been alone.”

She didn’t respond, but grabbed several towels, turned and faced him, tossing a couple his way. “What a mess I made. Just look at your shirt. If you need it dry cleaned I’ll be happy to pay for it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. It was just an accident, an accident we both caused. Not just you.”

She looked at him with her big blue eyes and shook her head. “It was me. You just called out my name.”

“Okay. If you insist. It was you.” He tried to put on his most devilish face. “And there is only one way you can pay me back. You have to go out on a date with me and Zane.”

“You’re very nice, Maddox, but that’s just not possible.” She smiled weakly. “Not possible for me.”

He grabbed her and pressed his lips to hers. Kissing her he could sense she was responding. “You can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that.”

“You kiss fantastic, Maddox, but that’s not the problem.” And without another word, she turned around and walked out of the kitchen and back to the party.




She was deliciously dizzy, burning up inside. She wanted more. Needed more. The pressure they were creating in her was growing and growing.

“I love your cream, sweetheart. So sweet and hot.” He captured her clit between his lips and sent two fingers into her pussy.

She exploded and came. The orgasm sent a wave of wild spasms through her entire body. She tugged on Zane’s hair as he continued sucking on her nipples and Maddox’s tongue lingered on her pussy.

The sensations shot through her, and she pleaded, “Please. I beg you. I need you inside me. Both of you. But I have to confess, I’ve never had anal sex before.”

“That’s fantastic.” Zane leapt from the bed. “We will be your firsts. Trust us, sweetheart. We’re going to pleasure you until you are out of your mind.”

“Oh God. Yes. Please.”

“Back in a flash.” Zane rushed out the door.

Maddox removed his clothes. Getting to enjoy his naked body with her eyes thrilled her. He was a muscled god with a thick nine-inch cock.

Zane returned with a bottle of lube in one hand and several packages of condoms in the other. He tossed all of them to Maddox and stripped. His body was a mirror image of Maddox’s. Muscles. Cock. Everything.

“You are both so gorgeous.”

They smiled.

As Zane lifted her off the bed, Maddox ripped open the little package and rolled the condom down his cock. He then moved to the center of the mattress and Zane lowered her face down onto him.

Feeling Maddox’s dick press against her pussy’s lips and clit she gasped.

She needed them inside her body. “I want you both now.”

Maddox kissed her lightly. “Not so fast, sweetheart. We need to get your ready to take Zane first. Trust us.”

She did trust them. She trusted them with everything. She would always remain a strong woman who had a mind of her own, but here, in the bed, right now, she was glad to surrender to them, to let them take the reins. “I do trust you. I trust both of you.” She kissed Maddox as she felt Zane began to slick up her ass.

Her temperature rose higher and higher.

Her pussy got even wetter when she felt Zane’s fingers press past her anus’s tight ring. A shameless shock shot through her entire body. When he kissed her ass cheeks, she clawed at Maddox’s shoulders. Her body was responding in ways she’d never felt before.

Zane continued fingering her ass, making her writhe like crazy. “You’re ready for me, sweetheart.”

“Take a deep breath, angel,” Maddox said, thrusting his cock into her pussy.

“Oh God. So good.” She inhaled, filling her lungs to the max.

“Hold that breath, baby,” Zane said.

She could feel his dick pressing against her anus.

“Good. Now let it out, nice and slow.”

She closed her eyes and exhaled. When the last ounce of oxygen left her lips, she felt his cock plunge slowly past her tight ring and into her ass.

She gasped, feeling both of them inside her was like nothing she’d ever experienced before. So full. So completely full. They had taken her utterly. She was theirs. They were hers. This connection was deeper, more complete than she’d ever felt before.

Electricity shredded every fiber of her being. She was out of control and lost to unbelievable pleasure. The pressure inside her blew her mind. She trembled violently from head to toe.

“You okay, sweetheart?” Zane asked, his body motionless with his dick fully seated inside her.

“Yes. God, yes. Please. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.” She felt herself moving higher and higher into a state of dizzy passion. “Oh, God. Yes.”

Zane’s and Maddox’s thrusting rhythms were synchronized perfectly for her. Maddox’s shaft slid over her G-spot, sending her to the moon and back. Zane’s pounding of her ass multiplied the pressure to a level she’d never felt before.

“Come for us, sweetheart,” Zane whispered in her ear, holding her thighs tight. “Ride the pleasure all the way.”

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