The Wilde, Nevada Complete Collection (MFM, MFMM)

Wilde, Nevada 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 214,014
3 Ratings (4.0)

In Her Twin Wilde Cowboy Masters, Mackenzie works undercover as a waitress searching for her brother. She has no time to be distracted by the sexy Masters twins, no matter how appealing. Wade and Wyatt discover her secret and vow to help her find her brother. Will evil win, or can true love save them all?

In Her Three Wilde Champion Men, Shelby is from Wilde. She’s grown up in a poly family. The three Champion brothers are outsiders. Her ways are foreign to them. When the sexy submissive is accused of murder, their prejudices are challenged. Will they choose love and save her? Or will the killer gunning for Shelby send her to an early grave?

In Her Two Wilde Billionaire Bad Boys, billionaires Lance and Charles have been jet-setting around the globe. In Wilde, they find Danielle, whom they’re both attracted to. Their games turn serious when a drug cartel begins gunning for Danielle. To protect her, they try to win her love. Trust has never come easily for Danielle, but her heart wants to surrender.

In Her Wilde Marines, hoping to quiet the voices haunting her mind, Emma returns to Wilde. Coming home from their tours of duty in the Marines, twins Bane and Adam find Emma, a former high school classmate, who has grown into a gorgeous woman. Whenever Emma is in the presence of the brothers, the voices are silent. Why?

In Her Wilde Bodyguards, Gya is at the top of her singing career when a gunshot changes everything. The Strait brothers are hired to protect her. Aaron’s dark secret and Gya’s intrinsic distrust keep the three apart, but Kyle knows she is the one for them. Isolated away from Gya’s fans, the trio is unaware her stalker is close.


A Siren Erotic Romance
Chloe Lang is a Siren-exclusive author.


The Wilde, Nevada Complete Collection (MFM, MFMM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

The Wilde, Nevada Complete Collection (MFM, MFMM)

Wilde, Nevada 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 214,014
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Mac thought the past twenty-four hours had been quite a roller coaster. She felt like she might be losing her edge, her investigative detachedness—hell, even her hope that her brother might actually be found.

Wade squeezed her hand. “You stay close to me, Mackenzie. Understand?”

She nodded, happy to remain next to him. The Masters’ Chambers was more theatrical than she’d imagined it would be. Also, she’d found it odd she had to fill out paperwork at the reception area. The rules, better known as “protocols” here, were strict, and management expected them to be followed. The giant bouncers around the place didn’t help to make her feel any better. Not a single one had a smile on his face. Fierce was the best way to describe them.

“Keep your eyes off of other men. Don’t look them in the eye, sweetheart.”

“That wasn’t one of the rules on the form, was it?” she asked her guide.

“It’s my rule. You’ll follow it and anything else I say to the letter.”

She nodded, though he didn’t seem to expect her to respond, just to obey. Best to shove aside her overactive imagination, which was being magnified by the dim lights of the club, and take notice of what might help her find her brother, or at least get some clue on how to find him.

Wade placed his arm around her shoulders and an electric heat shot through her. The back of her knees weakened, and she leaned into him instinctively, relying on his frame for balance. She wanted to blame it on nerves, but that wasn’t entirely true. Everything about this cowboy called to her body, to her mind, and to her very core. His brother, too. The two had invaded her dreams, delivering erotic pleasures that had her waking up soaked almost every night since meeting them for the first time at the café when she’d first arrived in Wilde.

Her nerves were getting the best of her. Had agreeing to come to the club been a mistake? Wade seemed at ease here. All the smiles sent his way from the women amazed her. Clearly he was a regular at The Masters’ Chambers. It pleased her to be on his arm.

“You ready to see more of what the club is about, sweetheart?”

“Yes. Please.”

Knowing Austin Wilde owned this place gave her more reason to keep her eyes wide open. Many residents of the town visited the sex club from time to time, but much of the clientele were from far-flung places around the globe. Wherever they came from, their pocketbooks and bank accounts had to be bursting at the seams. Outside in the parking lot were the priciest luxury vehicles in the world, including Rolls-Royces and Maseratis.

“I’m taking you over to that area.” Wade pointed across the large room that held both stages and a large dance floor. “They’re setting up a demonstration for newbies and tourists like you.”

“Okay.” She had a sudden thought to run out of the place.


Bolstering her courage and clinging to her curiosity, she told herself that she’d been in some much tougher spots tracking down a lead. This was going to be a piece of cake. Deep down she knew it wasn’t.

As they got closer to the stage with the “scene,” which Wade had told her these things were called, she had to stifle a nervous giggle.

Wade guided her to the front row and the center seats. “You sit there.”

She bit her lip and sat, unable to resist him. “What can I expect from this?”

“Don’t expect anything, Mackenzie. Just watch and learn. Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

“You’re leaving me.”

He placed his thick index finger to her lips. “Quiet. I’m just going to talk to the Doms who are running this class. I won’t let you out of my sight.”

“Really?” She clasped her hands together in her lap. Her normal calm seemed absent here at the club.

“Yes, sweetheart.” He didn’t leave her. In fact, he sat down in the seat next to her and took both her hands. “Relax, Mackenzie. I’m not going to let anything happen to you. Got it?”

She liked hearing his words. They steadied her nerves a bit.

“I’m going to give you your first lesson.”

Her temperature rose, and her heart raced. “B–But you said we were only here to watch.”

“And that’s what we will do, but you’re out of your comfort zone here. I want you to feel safe, and I only know one way to make that happen. You’ve got to trust me.”

“I do trust you, Wade.”

“That’s not true, sweetheart.” He sighed. “God, how I’d like to really train you tonight, but that’s not what you need.”

Train me? He wants to train me. Since learning about Austin’s sex club, she’d done more than a little research on the various kinds of kink the place delivered up. She shivered imagining what kind of schooling Wade wanted to give her. Would he take her up to the stage for any who wanted to watch? Shivering from a mix of unease and excitement at the prospect, she looked down at her outfit. Most of the women wore miniskirts. Not her. She wore jeans and a green top that currently felt tighter than it had been when she’d put it on.

“I’m not going on that stage, cowboy. I just can’t.”

“Cut the ‘cowboy’ here, sweetheart. It’s not appropriate. Best to call me ‘Sir’ or ‘Teacher’ but not anything else. Got it?” Wade cupped her chin and kissed her cheek.




“Bench or cross?” Wyatt asked.

“Bench,” Wade answered. “Good place to start.”

“Agreed. Color, slave?” Wyatt’s icy, calculated tone sent another shock through her that settled deep in her pussy.

“I am green, Master.” Her clit throbbed madly, her need for relief rabid.

Four big Dom hands grabbed hold of her, lifting her off her feet. Together, her cowboys carried her to the bench. In no time, she was facedown, her arms and legs tied to the thing with ropes. Being on the bench in this position, with her ass jutting out, helped her understand why it was used for spanking.

“Let’s paddle her a few times with the green one before we put a plug in her ass.” Wade’s big hands cupped her ass, making her squirm on the bench. “That’ll get our slave really warmed up.”

“I like where you’re heading, bro. We’ll have our pretty sub insane with desire.”

Their depraved talk was working her into a frenzy of arousal. They’d promised to get in her head, and boy, were they delivering. But it wasn’t just her mind they had taken control of, it was also her body—head to toe. Skin. Arms. Legs. Stomach. Mouth. Tongue. Nipples. Clit. Pussy. Every inch of her was under her two Masters’ power.

She yelped when the first sharp slap of the green paddle landed on her ass with a loud thud.

She saw Wyatt out of the corner of her eyes. He was bent down, so she was certain Wade was the one who had thwacked her ass.

Wyatt touched her cheek gently, though his words were clipped. “Color, slave?”

She inhaled a gallon of air into her lungs, then answered, “Green, Master.”

“Go, bro. She’s quite the sub, isn’t she?”

“You’ve got to stop, Wyatt, with all the compliments. You’ll ruin her for us.”

He sent her a sweet wink that made her tingly all over. “I think she’s the one who is ruining us, bro, if the truth be known.”

“Maybe so, but let’s keep our heads, okay? We promised to teach her. That’s what we must do.”

“Agreed.” Another wink, and she was completely undone. “Give her ten more, then we’ll get her pretty bottom plugged.”

A rain of whacks landed on her ass, one after another, each taking her to a dizzy state.

“One left,” Wade said from behind her. “What color, pet?”

She could feel wetness rolling down her inner thighs. “Green, Master.”

She took a deep breath before Wade slapped her ass with the paddle. The last sting was a tinge harder and definitely hotter than the earlier ones had been.

The heat he ignited in her channel inflamed her. Her nipples were crushing against the rubber of the bench, making them throb like mad. Need, crushing need, unfurled like giant hungry sails inside her.

“Please, Masters. I’m dying for more. Please.”

“Now that’s begging.” Wade rubbed her back gently. “Love the sound of that on our slave’s sweet lips, don’t you?”

“You know I do, bro.” Without her realizing it, Wyatt had moved behind her. He spread her thighs, and though she tried to not fight back, her worry about the plug they meant to put inside her ass caused her to try to pull her legs back together.

“It’s okay, pet. Trust us.” Wade’s words helped to vanquish her resistance.

“Bro, keep her distracted for me.”

“Will do. You’re going to see how skilled we are in the life, sub. We are quite the Dom team.” Wade stroked her hair, and her tension backed down even as her trembles stepped up. “Don’t hold back anything from us, love. You trust us, don’t you?”

In her gut, she trusted them with everything. They loved her, most definitely. And she loved them. “Yes, Sir.”

She could feel Wyatt spread her bottom cheeks and apply lubricant to her tight opening. She got even wetter as he pushed his fingers into her constricting anus.

Wade nuzzled her neck, scraping the skin there with his teeth. “Almost there, sub. He’s getting your lovely ass ready for the plug.”

Her backside clenched tight on Wyatt’s fingers. The sting was gone, and taking its place was an urgent need.

She whimpered when she felt Wyatt’s other hand on her pussy’s swollen folds.

“Wow, she’s soaked.” Wyatt’s throaty words pushed her, though she hadn’t thought it possible, even higher and hotter.

Mac whimpered when the plug nudged against her anus, slipping past the tight ring. “Oh, God!”

“Damn, she’s killing me. I would love to roll her over and fuck her senseless right now.” Wade’s barely controlled lust for her made Mac want him even more.

Wyatt chuckled wickedly. “I know what you mean. You should feel her pussy.”

“Oh, I will. Trust me.” Wade’s hot breath on her neck was so intoxicating and dangerous. “We made a plan for tonight. This is her lesson, not ours. We have to stick to the plan.”

“Right. Paddle. Plug. Paddle, again. Whip. Clamps. Then we can fuck our slave.”

“Too much, Masters,” she pleaded. “I can’t. I just can’t.”

“There is a little spoiled submissive inside her.” Wade sighed. “I hate to admit it, but I can’t hold out for the entire plan, bro.”

“Damn, what kind of Dom are you?” Wyatt laughed. “Me either. I swear she’s going to ruin us both. Okay, modified plan. Let me get this plug inside her ass, another paddling, and then we fuck her.”





Tossing the package over to him, she let her mind roll over the idea of what kissing him would be like.

Justin winked at her. “Good job, Shelby. Very good job.”

Another tingle. He’s not a Dom. He’s not from here. He’s from Elko. I need to get a grip.

She loved Wilde. The folks here might be odd to the outside, freaks even, but they were absolutely wonderful. She wouldn’t change a thing about any of them.

After consuming two crackers, he finally asked, “Shall we split this?”

“No. I’ve got another one.” She pulled out the other package identical to the one she’d given him from the same emergency snack drawer in her desk. Holding it up for him to see, she said, “I only want a couple. If you’re still hungry, you may have the rest of these.”

“You’re too good to me, darlin'.” Justin stood and got right in front of her. Then he cupped her chin. “Those fools eating that barbeque at the ground breaking ceremony have nothing over on us. This is fucking fine dining if you ask me.”

She grinned. Justin was definitely no pushover, and like it or not she was responding to his blatant come-on. “I agree, cowboy. Still the Wilde men do put out the best ribs in the state.”

“Ribs?” His voice trailed off for a moment, then he shook his head, releasing her chin. “You’re bad, Shelby. Really bad. I think this break is over.”

He sat back down and finished his last cracker. She moved next to him, inhaling his scent of leather and wood. As promised, she handed over the majority of her snack to him.

“Thanks, darlin'. What about something to drink?”

“Sorry, just these. There’s a water fountain in the hallway.”

“I saw it, but it can wait. Besides, I have an idea for later for the two of us.”

Two of us? Damn, this isn’t good.

He wasn’t making this easy for her. She needed to finish this task, thank him, and say good-bye. It would’ve been best if she had not brought him here. Why had she? Because she was a lost cause, always searching and hoping for the impossible. As Justin devoured the last cracker, she realized he did seem to enjoy the snack more than most. He’d eaten them fast.

“Better?” she asked.

“Much. Thanks.”

As they began working on the project again, she turned to him. “Alex is your brother?”

“Uh-huh,” he said, his mouth still full from the last cracker treat. “Him and Brandon.”

“The guy standing with you and Alex before you came over to me with your tired lines?” she asked, teasing him.

“Tired lines? Shelby, those are some of the best lines in the rodeo circuit. Ask anyone?”

“You mean ask the women, right?”

Justin shrugged. “Straight as an arrow, darlin'.”

The man oozed of sexuality, hot male sexuality. “Ditto here, cowboy.”

It was time to change the subject. This was her home, not his, not Alex’s, not their brother Brandon’s. Sure Alex had moved here but he was still an outsider. You could see it in his face whenever he looked at the families in Wilde—not quite a look of judgment but definitely not understanding. She loved Wilde, but realized for most it was too much to take in.

“All done.” She stood. Time to end this now before my heart suffers again. “Thank you so much for your help.”

Alex had more than piqued her interest, and she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Now, she was in her office with his brother, a sexy beast. She’d grown up in a poly family. Two dads and one mom. It made sense on every level for her. Alex and Justin? They were from Elko. And they had another brother, too. Three dreamy men for a Wilde girl like her, but most certainly a nightmare for anyone from Elko like them.

Justin got to his feet and moved right in front of her. On the floor, he didn’t seem like such a…a giant. Now, he towered over her.

“I’d like to collect my pay, sweetheart,” he said, seductively.

“Pay? There’s no pay, cowboy.”

“Yes, there is.” Without warning, he pulled her into his muscled frame and captured her lips with his. Instinctively, she melted into his dominance. Her toes curled as she felt one of his big hands on the back of her neck and the other on the curve of her waist.

Idiot. This will never work. You’ve tried this before. Why go down this path again?

She brought her hands up to his chest and pushed slightly.

He released her mouth. “What, darlin'?”

“I can’t do this,” she confessed and tried to twist free from his hold.

His dark eyes narrowed. “Do what? Kiss me?”

Why had she said yes to Justin coming to help her? Because deep down she dreamed of it leading to Alex and a life, a future, she hoped for.

“Any of it, Justin. You’re from Elko. I’m from Wilde. You and I both know what that means, don’t we?”

He took a step back. “Fuck the old ways, baby. Today, you and I will broker a new path for our hometowns to get along. What do you say? How about we discuss this over a meal at the diner?”

“Yes,” she said, unable to help herself. “When?”

“Now,” Justin said like he’d been a Dom his entire life. “Let’s go, sweetheart.”

Justin certainly wasn’t a Dom, but he sure did have the DNA to be one.




Every possessive urge inside him exploded in response. Shelby was the kind of girl a man should fall in love with and marry. He’d never been in love before. Lust? For sure. Not love. Was this love he was feeling for her? Couldn’t be. Not this quick. Whatever it was, he needed her in the worst way, needed to feel her, to hold her, to pleasure her.

He kissed his way down her neck to her shoulders to her breasts until his lips were feathering her nipples. Then he kissed them, one after the other, before devouring them into his mouth, sucking on her delicious breasts.

Hearing her moan, he felt her fingers in his hair, pulling his head in tighter. The more she moaned, the harder he got between his legs, harder than he ever thought possible. Continuing to suck on her gorgeous breasts, he moved his hands down her body until he found the top button of her jeans. She writhed under him, which urged him forward. He unsnapped the clasp and sent his fingers over the denim’s waist, and felt the silk fabric of her underwear. He pulled down her pants, leaving her with only her panties.

“No fair,” she said.

“No fair, what?”

“What about your pants, Alex?” Shelby giggled, sending a new wave of molten heat through his body and down into his cock.

“This night is about you, sweetheart.” In a flash, he ripped off his jeans and underwear. “My briefs are gone now. So, fair is fair.” He smiled and saw her eyes widen. Then he pulled her panties all the way off. “Better?”

“Let me see.” She moved her hands down his body and then he felt her wrap her fingers around his shaft. “Yes. This is better.

“Fair is fair.” He began kissing his way down her body. Her perfect abdomen was so soft. Coming to her sweet navel, he kissed it. His fingers trailed behind his lips as he dotted kisses over her skin until he was positioned perfectly hovering over her pussy. It was the sexiest, most enticing thing he’d ever seen in his life. He licked up her cream and pressed his fingers into her swollen folds.

Shelby trembled underneath him, and he knew there was no one he would ever want to be with more than her ever again.


* * * *


Shelby’s body and mind were on fire. She’d played at The Masters’ Chambers many times, but no Dom had ever reached her like Alex was right now.

Control? He was in control with every caress of his fingertips, every lick of his tongue, every kiss from his lips—and she was happy to surrender to him. Whatever he asked her to do she would do it. For him. For her. For both of them.

As his hot breath skated over her pussy, Shelby felt tingling lines zip through her body from her swollen lips and nipples to her clit and even deep into her womb. The pressure was building more and more. Everything was firing inside her. Everything was alive. Everything was hot. Everything was uncontrollable. Her body writhed as if it had a mind of its own.

With his hands, Alex urged her thighs wider. She complied instantly, spreading herself for his mouth, for his tongue, for him. She felt him press on her clit and more quakes erupted inside her. She got wetter, which seemed to delight him as he continued to lap his thick tongue over her moist folds.

Crazed and on the edge, she felt him send his fingers into her pussy hitting that just right spot. She scraped her fingernails on the back of his head, as the release he’d given her sent a sea of sensations through her body. Hot. Molten. Her moans morphed into pants as her orgasm swept through her again and again. Alex captured her clit between his lips and delivered the perfect amount of tightness that multiplied the electricity she was already feeling. Then she screamed, lost to the climax, the pleasure, the bliss he’d created for her.

Before she could catch her breath, he moved up her body, again kissing her everywhere along the way, until they were face-to-face.

His eyes were narrowed with lust. She could feel his cock on her mound. He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. Lost to his every whim, she closed her eyes, moaning into him. She could tell he was reaching for the nightstand next to the bed. When she opened her eyes, she saw Alex’s wicked grin.

In his hand was a foil condom package. “You put this on me, sweetheart.”

God, he seems like such a natural Dom. Unable to resist, she said, “Yes, Sir.” Taking the package from him, she ripped it open and pulled out the rubber. He rolled to the side of her, clearly taking care that their bodies continued to touch. She could feel his heat and it was reaching into her like a runaway fire. With her free hand, she wrapped her fingers around his thick, long shaft and squeezed it. The deep growl that came out of his mouth made her tingle with pride.





The bell on the entrance door chimed.

“Have a seat anywhere. I’ll be with you in a second.” She looked up from her work and saw Michael with two very handsome men.

Although she wasn’t interested in any man, she did appreciate a good-looking guy, and lucky for her, there were two delicious pieces of eye candy right in front of her.

They took a seat at one of the tables, their eyes locking in on hers.

She walked over to them. She knew Michael was wealthy, and by the look of the other two men’s clothes and the Rolex’s on their wrists, she bet they were, too. She handed all three of them menus. “What would you gentlemen like to drink?”

“You know me better than that, Danielle. I’m no gentleman,” Michael teased. “And I can assure you that neither are these two.”

The one with the dimpled chin and blue eyes spoke first. “I really don’t care what I have to drink if you’ll join us.”

“Thank you, gentlemen, but I’m working.”

“Danielle, be careful with these two. They bite.” Michael pointed to the one who had invited her to sit. “This is Lance Archer, and this is Charles Covington.”

I’m the one who bites. She held up her ticket pad in one hand and her pen in the other. “Now, what can I get for you?”

Charles had dark eyes and the cutest grin she’d ever seen. “I’ll take a glass of iced tea with lots of your sugar in it.”

Lance and Charles were barking up the wrong tree.

“Iced tea it is.” Without waiting for a response, she turned on her heels and headed to the drink station. A glance back at their table, her eyes locked in to the hungry stares of Lance and Charles.

She shook her head. Just because they are rich, I guess they think they can have anything or anyone they want. I’ll show them a thing or two.

Bringing the three glasses of tea back to their table, she looked them straight in the eyes.

“Don’t we get our sugar, sweetheart? That’s what I ordered.” The one named Charles winked.

This is the last straw. Pretending to stumble, she tilted the tray with the glasses, sending them and their contents to the table. The tea splashed, covering Lance and Charles, with a few drops hitting Michael.

“I’m so sorry, gentlemen.” She was unable to hide her smile. “Let me get something to clean up this mess.”

Michael burst into laughter. “You don’t mess with Wilde women, guys. I warned you.”

Justin came up behind her. “Everything okay, Danielle?”

She giggled and nodded. “I’m fine.”

The looks on the faces of Lance and Charles were priceless. But their shock quickly turned to laughter, too.

Justin turned his attention to the two new arrivals. “And you gentlemen are?”

Michael slapped the table, lost to his hysterics. “The cavalry has arrived.” He turned to Lance and Charles. “I also told you how protective the men of Wilde are about the women around here. Now, you’re in for it.” Another round of laughter from Michael sent her into a fit of giggles until tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Justin didn’t laugh.

“I guess we got what we deserved.” Charles stood and extended his hand to Justin. “I’m Charles Covington, sir. This is my friend and business partner, Lance Archer. We are friends of Michael.”

Justin shook hands with him. “I’m Justin Champion. Looks like Danielle has everything under control here. That is, if she can stop laughing.”

“I-I…I can’t breathe,” she said, trying to stifle her giggles.

Lance stood and walked next to her. “I guess we got started on the wrong foot.”

“Let me help you clean this up,” Charles told her.

“We’ll both help her, Chuck.”

“Chuck?” She grinned. “That’s the name of our cook. Perhaps you can handle the kitchen, too.”

“I’ve got it,” Michael said. “You two should talk to Carlotta about getting jobs at the diner. I’m sure you would make excellent waitresses. That way, you could spend time with Danielle. That’s probably the only way you’ll get to.” Once again, he burst into laughter.

“Shut up, Chamberlain. Tell him, Chuck.” Lance smiled. “This is ridiculous.”

“My name is Charles, not Chuck.” The brown-eyed hunk glared at his friend.

“I actually like the name Chuck,” she confessed.

“Then I’m Chuck from now on.” He grinned. “After we help you clean up the tea, may we stay and order something to eat, miss?”

“I think that will be just fine, but keep in mind, I’m even better with mashed potatoes.”




She felt their hands roaming on her body, causing her temperature to rise higher and higher.

Chuck sucked on her nipples, creating a line of tingling sensations that went from her breasts all the way down to her sex.

Lance moved between her legs, his lips a fraction of an inch from her dampening pussy.

“Please, Lance. Please.”

She felt his fingers thread through her folds, sending a wanton shock through her entire body. When he kissed her mound, she fisted the sheets. The dream had been like no other, but now, being with them here, on her bed, in their arms, was so real, so intense, so passionate.

Everything inside her exploded. Her body was responding in ways she’d never experienced before. With Lance’s mouth on her pussy and Chuck’s on her breast, she writhed on the mattress. Her vibrator had never given her this kind of orgasm.

“Oh God. Yes.” Sensations soared through every fiber of her being. She couldn’t control her body. It had a mind of its own, shaking violently from head to toe.

Lance and Chuck caressed her tenderly as her trembles subsided ever so slightly.

“I’m going to take you now, sweetheart.” Lance crawled up her body until she could feel his cock pressing on her pussy. “It will sting for a moment but I will be gentle.”

Chuck lifted her up slightly and moved behind her on the bed. She rested against his chest as he whispered in her ear. “Just go with it, baby. Feel the intimacy we are sharing.”

“I’m so ready. I want this more than anything.”

Lance smiled and pressed his mouth to hers. As he intensified their kiss, she felt the tip of his cock slip into her pussy, taking her breath away. She clutched his back as he slowly went into her body.

His unblinking eyes held her captive. “Take a deep breath for me, baby.”

She did and she felt him thrust his cock into her pussy, delivering a sharp sting. Lance froze in place, his dick deep inside her, capturing her with his eyes, which were full of kindness and concern.

“Breathe, honey,” Chuck’s hands massaged her breasts, driving her crazy.

Not realizing she was holding her breath, she let out a lungful of air.

The pain quickly subsided and transformed into something new, something strong, something amazing—an overpowering need. She had wanted them more than anything she’d ever wanted in her life. Now her dream was coming true.

“Yes. God yes,” she panted over and over.

Lance renewed his thrusts into her body, sending his cock deeper into her burning flesh. He began to go faster, and she wrapped her legs around his back, desiring all of him.

Her body kept climbing into a state of dizzy passion. “Oh, Lance.”

“Come for us, baby,” Chuck whispered in her ear. “Feel every cell in your body on fire.”

Like a match to a fuse, his words and Lance’s thrusts sent her over the edge into a sea of release. So many sensations rolled through her, each more powerful than the one before.

Lance’s gaze locked in on her, but the passion in his eyes could not be missed. “I’m going to come.”

One last deep plunge of Lance’s cock into her pussy and she felt his body stiffen above her. He groaned and his eyes closed. Her body responded, tightening on his shaft again and again as he shot his seed.





Emma felt the heat in her face and knew it had to be as red as her hair. She turned to her friend, who was about to become a new mother. “Oh my God, Shelby. I can’t believe your brother just said that about me to everyone here.”

“Adam is the vocal one, but seeing how Bane is looking at you, I know he’s just as interested.” Shelby grinned. “You better run or get ready for a double Marine attack from my brothers, Em.”

She Emma remembered Adam and Bane quite well. Shelby’s brothers had been the big men on campus at Wilde High when she had been a freshman. She’d secretly had a crush on them, like every other girl in school. Of course nothing had ever happened between her and the Taylor twins. She’d only been a freshman.

Life after that year had taken a completely different turn. A summer romance while visiting her grandparents’ farm had ended in her getting pregnant at sixteen. She’d run off and married Larry, though she’d never loved him, thinking it was the right thing to do. When she’d returned to tell her mother and grandparents, she’d seen the look of concern in their eyes, but they’d still been so loving and supportive of her decision.

“I think running might be the best choice.” But before she could turn to seek out the nearest exit, Shelby’s two brothers approached her.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you, miss. Permit me to introduce myself. I am Adam Taylor.” He grabbed her hand and brought it up to his lips, as if he were from the Victorian age. Just as she remembered him. Adam oozed of charm that was making her weak in the knees.

He and Bane were identical in every way. She even recalled their scam back in school. Adam was better in history and English. Bane was a master at math and science. Since none of the teachers could tell them apart, they would switch classes. They had incredible grades because of the deceit, but were eventually caught and forced to make up all the work.

Devils. Beautiful devils.

I need to remember Adam is wearing the red shirt and Bane the white one.

Six feet five inches of pure muscle. Light brown hair, Marine cut. Dark brown eyes that reminded her of chocolate candy.

“Milady.” Bane bowed in front of her, took her other hand, and kissed it just like his twin had done. “How may I make up for my brother’s faux pas?”

“That won’t be necessary. I was just taken a little aback by the attention.” She smiled but wanted to find a quick exit from these overly attractive soldiers. “Again, it was nice seeing you. Thank you for your service to the country. I’m sure you have lots of people who want to talk to you. If you’ll excuse me.” She turned back to face Shelby.

“Please hold on, miss.” Bane touched her elbow, and she felt electricity shoot up her arm. “We didn’t even get your name.”

“Besides that, this is our party.” Adam moved to her other side, offering his arm. “We are the guests of honor. We get to choose who we talk to, and tonight we choose you.”

“I can’t believe you two don’t remember her.” Shelby shook her head. “Typical. Guys, this is Emma Harris.”

“Emma. Yes. I remember. The cute freshman that just disappeared.” Bane’s stare gave her a little tremble.

“I remember, too.” Adam winked. “So cute. What happened to you? Where did you go?”

She’d never returned to high school, to the two boys whom she continued to dream about until this very day. Now, Adam and Bane Taylor were men, soldiers, standing right next to her. “North Dakota. I got married and had kids.”

“Married?” Bane asked, his face clouding with disappointment.

“She’s not married now.” Shelby seemed to want to play matchmaker. “Hasn’t been for over ten years. Maybe the three of you should find a quiet corner and get reacquainted.”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

“You’re right, Emma.” Adam smiled. “It’s not a good idea. It’s a fantastic idea.”

Bane nodded. “How about we grab some drinks and sit and talk for a little while.”

That does sound wonderful.




“My God, Emma, you are perfect.” Bane removed his shirt and jeans. The two men were mirror images of each other in every department. She couldn’t help but look between their legs. Their long, thick cocks were erect.

“So are you and Adam. In every way.”

Bane and Adam moved onto the bed, one on each side of her. They caressed her gently, each massaging a breast. Adam pinched her nipple, delivering a sweet sting, as Bane kissed her deeply. Tingles started swirling inside her. Their touches were overwhelming. Lost to her desire, she reached down and took hold of their cocks, which were massive and warm.

“Yes, baby. That feels so good.” Adam growled.

“Squeeze our cocks.” Bane kissed her neck, delivering a delicious shiver throughout her body. “Tighten your pretty little hands around our shafts.”

She obeyed, rubbing her hands over the head of their cocks. She felt the slipperiness of their tiny liquid pearls on the tips of her fingers. Her need to have them inside her body grew and grew.

Bane placed one of his hands over hers, slowing her strokes on his dick, and moved the other one to her pussy. He threaded his thick fingers through her swollen, dampening folds. Her pussy ached and her clit began to throb. Adam swallowed her nipple, capturing the tingling bit of flesh between his teeth.

She didn’t realize that sex could be so wonderful. Bane and Adam were tender, forceful, and attentive. She was amazed how her body was responding to them, reacting to their touches on so many levels. Heat rolled through her and she squeezed her legs together, trying to find relief from the growing pressure, but none came.

She’d never experienced real release. Would she climax tonight? Could I actually have an orgasm? With Bane and Adam, she thought she might.

Bane shifted down the bed, coming up between her legs. She could feel the heat of his breath on her pussy. He grabbed her legs and placed them on his shoulders.

Oh God. No man has ever done this to me before.

He kissed her inner thighs, and she got even wetter.

She wanted his mouth on her pussy, needed his most intimate kiss there. “Please, Bane. Please.”

Adam laved her nipples until they were throbbing like mad. “Baby, keep begging like that and you’ll get anything you want.”

“Nice and wet with sweet cream.” Bane sent his tongue through her moist folds, licking her into a state of delirium.

Her body had never felt like this before, so on fire. She lifted her hips off the mattress, needing to feel more of his hungry mouth on her pussy.

“You’re so fucking hot, baby.” Adam reached under her and fingered her ass.

“Oh God. Oh yes. God. So good.” Her breaths were so shallow, coming faster and faster. The pressure grew and grew.

Bane continued lapping up her juices, driving her to the edge of sanity.

“That’s it, baby.” Adam’s hands and mouth expanded the crushing need inside her. “You’re almost there.”

Suddenly, she reached a peak she’d never experienced before. Every cell tingled in her body.

Something amazing occurred, something she’d only imagined, something she’d believed would never be hers.

It’s happening. Oh God. I’m having an orgasm. Oh my God, so this is what it feels like.

Her entire body united into a giant explosion of release. Shivering sensations shot through her, and her pussy began to spasm again and again. She clawed at Bane’s shoulders, lost to the climax he and Adam had given her.

She had uncontrollable trembles, something she’d never felt before. Her body wouldn’t quiet down. “Am I going to be okay?”

They laughed and held her tight.

“Yes, baby.” Bane sat up and put on a condom. “We’ll make sure you’re okay.” He crawled up her body.

She could feel his hard cock pressing against her pussy. “I can’t believe this. It’s so incredible.”

“Yes, it is, sweetheart.” Adam kissed her shoulder.

“But it’s amazing. Don’t you understand?”

They laughed again.

“We do, honey.” Bane smiled.

Suddenly, the pressure returned, but now it was twice the intensity as before. “Oh my God.”

“What? Are you okay?”

“I know this might sound crazy, but I’m feeling things that are completely new to me. Can we do this again? Right now?”

Bane nodded. “Before this night is over, we’re going to pleasure you over and over, darlin’. You’re going to experience things that will blow your mind. I’ve got to get inside your gorgeous body. I need to feel your pussy on my dick.”

Adam rolled a condom down his shaft. “And I must send my cock into your pretty, sweet ass.”

Their lusty words were like gasoline on the fire already burning inside her. “Can we start now?”

“Yes, baby, this is all about you,” Adam ran his hand down her body and stopped just above her pussy.

“You’re starting the tingles to come again.”

“That’s what we intend to do. Just let your body go and enjoy each and every touch.”





“I made some calls to Dallas PD about the shot fired at your concert.” Aaron opened the file he’d prepared on Gya. “No one has been arrested and they have no viable leads. Whoever fired at you, Miss Gaynor, is still on the loose.”

“You have the job, Mr. Strait. Please cut the sales pitch.” Gya folded her arms over her chest in a clear act of defiance, which only made her look even more gorgeous. She was the most beautiful creature he’d ever laid eyes on, though clearly quite the bratty diva. “Stephanie has convinced me that you are needed, but I want to make sure we’re getting our money’s worth out of SCSS. Tell me what you and your brother can do for me that local officers aren’t already doing.”

Stephanie leaned forward. “Gya, don’t be rude. These men are here to help.”

“I’m not being rude. I have a right to know what I’m paying for.”

He saw Kyle smile. It didn’t take a mind reader to realize his brother was attracted to Gya, too. No wonder. Despite her sour attitude, she was stunning. “My team of investigators is already checking every possible lead to identify the shooter. We already have a short list, which includes some pretty shady characters. I know you are aware of Vincent Scarpelli. He’s just one of several of your fans that needs to be checked out thoroughly.”

“We’ve read the message boards on your fan page, Gya.” Kyle pointed to the dossier. “We need to dig into the people who posted some of the more delusional sounding ones. Seems you have quite a number of possible stalkers.”

“I’m famous. All of us have stalkers, Mr. Strait. Just ask Selena, Taylor, or Uma.”

“Maybe so, Miss Gaynor, but this isn’t something to take lightly.” Kyle was being too soft with her. “Please call me Kyle.”

Gya rolled her eyes, making Aaron want to flip her over his knee and paddle her ass.

It’s time for this little diva to get the message. He stood, gathering up the dossier. “Perhaps this isn’t the job for us. It’s clear you do not have confidence in SCSS’s abilities. I’m sorry about that.” He turned to her agent. “I can suggest some other agencies that—”

“Hold on.” Gya jumped up to her feet. “I didn’t say that. I’m sure you are quite capable.”

“Are you sure?” He loved the fire in her eyes and the red in her cheeks. “Because if we do this you will do exactly what I say when I say it. There will be no questions or arguments.”

“I thought I was the client, not the other way around.”

“You are the client. If you’re not willing to do what I know is best, then it’s time for us to go. If I stay, it’s my job to keep you safe. So let me repeat how this will go down. You will do what I say without pushing back, complaining, or trying to get your way. I know what’s best. Always. Am I clear?”

“Very.” Her eyes held defiance but her arms fell to her side, a sign she was beginning to surrender.

He knew he hadn’t won the war with her but he had won the battle. For now. “You’ll be getting twenty-four hour protection from two of my agents.”

She shook her head. “Before I sign on the dotted line, I have one request, if you don’t mind, Mr. Bodyguard.”

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Kyle grin again, which kept him from walking out the door at her insolence.

A million thoughts rolled through his head. The news that he’d learned at the appointment with his doctor this morning. Kyle’s face at their mother’s funeral years ago. The promise he’d made to Maude after her hotel burned down. His brother’s future hung in the balance of what he did next.

So instead of leaving, Aaron turned to the sexy celebrity. “I’ll give you one request, Miss Gaynor. That’s all.”

She sighed and the anger in her eyes softened. “Thank you.” Even her tone mellowed. “Let’s see. How can I phrase this so I actually get two requests in one.”

Resisting the urge to smile, he looked directly at her. “I’m waiting.”

“Okay. Here it goes. Please call me Gya, and I want you and your brother to be the ones guarding me. You said it yourself. This is serious. Who better than the owner of SCSS and his brother to protect me?”

Kyle laughed. “We have to sleep sometimes, Gya. We’re not superhuman.”

“That’s fine, but I want you with me.” Gya’s face got even redder. “I mean…I think Stephanie would feel better if you were close at all times.”

Aaron held up his hand. “Sit down.”

Gya planted her pretty ass back in the chair. God, she would make the perfect little sub with the right training.




Gya gazed at Aaron, who stood and slowly, methodically removed his black boxers. He’s giving me a show, and what a show it is.

Sitting up in the bed, she grinned. “I’m glad you finally got naked.” She glanced down at his monstrous, hard cock.

He sent her a wicked wink. “Tell me what you see.”


He pulled his boxers back up to his waist. “I expect you to listen and to obey when I speak. Remember what I told you?”

She nodded. He’d made it very clear in every word, demand, and caress that he was fully in charge in the bedroom. Something inside her responded to him, allowing her to just be and let go. I don’t have to worry about a thing for the first time in my life. It felt amazing and safe.

“Okay. If you take them off now, I will tell you what I see. I swear.”

“Excellent, baby.” Unlike earlier, this time he quickly shoved his boxers to his ankle.

Her eyes zeroed in between his legs. “I see the most gorgeous dick in the world.”

He laughed. “Well that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Nobody’s dick is gorgeous.”

She giggled. “That’s what I said before. I guess I understand what you mean now. In fact I think your cock would be award-winning if there were that kind of contest.”

“I thought men were obsessed with their own cocks, but you, my dear, seem completely smitten by mine.”

“I am,” she confessed. “Don’t most men name their cocks? Does yours have a name?”

Laughing, he shook his head. “I’m not like most men. My cock is nameless.”

“Not any more. I think we should call it…umm…Atlas. Yes. That’s it. A Greek god. That’s what your cock reminds me of.”

“Okay, baby.” He smiled broadly. “Atlas it is.”

“Seriously, I can’t take my eyes off of you.”

“You mean you can’t take your eyes off of Atlas, don’t you? My beautiful, gorgeous cock. Keep going, baby.”

“I want to put my mouth on you. May I? Please.”

His eyebrows shot up and his breathing deepened.

“Did I say something wrong?”

He shook his head. “No, baby. You said everything just right. Come here and bring a pillow with you.”

Obeying him, she crawled out of the bed. She handed him the pillow.

Even though they were both naked, standing next to him she felt completely exposed and so very feminine, while he appeared powerful and so very masculine.

He placed the pillow at her feet. “On your knees, sweetheart.”

Tingling like mad, she nodded, dropping to the floor. Though she was thirsty to taste him, she didn’t make a move, believing he wanted to give her his permission first.

“Damn, Gya. You’re a natural.”

She wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but his tone told her whatever he saw in her he liked, which filled her with pride. “Thank you. So are you.”

He laughed. “So am I what?”

“A natural born lover. I’m burning up inside and you’re responsible for all of it.”

He bent down and touched her cheek. “My God, where have you been my whole life?”

“Waiting for you, though I never knew it.”

He inhaled deeply and then pressed his lips to hers, making her dizzy and causing her toes to curl.

With her lips still throbbing from his kiss, she looked into his blue eyes. “Not that I’m trying to take charge, Aaron, but isn’t it about time you let me touch you?”

He smiled. “Knock yourself out, baby. Be my guest.”

She giggled. “Thank you.”

Wrapping her hand around his shaft, she licked the tip of his cock. “Mmm.” Tasting him on her lips gave her a nice little shiver.

With her other hand, she explored his body, moving her fingertips over his muscled thighs and six-pack abdomen. She bathed his cockhead with her mouth, stroking his shaft up and down. He grabbed her by the hair, tugging on her locks just right.

She parted her lips and slid them down his shaft, taking in as much of his thick cock’s length as she could. He’d given her an incredible orgasm with only his mouth, and she wanted to do the same for him.

Sucking hard until her cheeks hollowed out, she bobbed up and down his dick several times. She could hear his breathing deepen. Her desire for him to be inside her was exploding throughout her body, and her pussy got even wetter.

She wrapped her arms around his legs and increased her tempo on his cock.

Suddenly, she felt a quick tug on her hair.

“Stop, Gya.” Aaron’s voice sounded more like a growl than words, and the impact on her was instant.

She obeyed, waiting for him to tell her what to do next.

“I want to come inside you.” He grabbed a condom out of his nightstand and rolled it down his shaft.

Mesmerized by him, she felt the pressure inside her expand and multiply. She desired him, needed him, had to have him.

He picked her up, placed her back on the bed, and got on top of her.

Being underneath him was exactly where she wanted to be. He was in control. She was his to do with as he pleased.

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